College, High School / Sep 28, 2010 / 3:18 pm

Texas, Duke, Kentucky are salivating over Julius Randle

When it comes to ranking high school basketball players, opinions can run all over the map. One analyst may think a certain kid is Top-10 nationally, while another thinks that same kid isn’t even Top-5 in his own state. And because there’s no solid criteria — much like the NBA’s MVP award — it’s a system built to create varying opinions and lengthy arguments.

Except when it comes to Julius Randle. The sophomore 6-9 power forward at Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas) is indisputably a top-three talent in the Class of 2013. The 15-year-old interior beast only has real competition from Rodney Purvis, the North Carolina point guard who is already being compared to John Wall, and Kuran Iverson, the bouncy wing from New England who is A.I.‘s cousin.

Over on High School Hoop, Jason Jordan got up with Randle for a 1-on-1 where he talks about his summertime explosion with the Texas Titans AAU program (featured in Dime #50), the long list of colleges after him (Duke, Kentucky, Ohio State and Texas are up there), and how he plans to dominate the prep scene for the next three years. Check out highlights of Randle doin’ work below, and read the exclusive interview HERE.

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  • Roc1980

    Look at his competition! He has no choice but to dominate them! I like his drop step, but i hope he works on his midrange game. He can get away w/ overpowering his comp at this stage, but I would have liked to see something that resembled a jumper… At 15 he’s a beast tho!!!

  • spike

    looks liek the next greg monroe

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    Just a dominant force, he’s got game.

  • TripleDouble

    beast for a 15 y/o… but that jump hook / floater thing he has is fugly… it’d get blocked 98% of the time by legit comp…

  • Mobetforu

    I will take Kuran Iverson over him. 6-9 with all the tools of a point guard and range out to 20 feet .. The kid is going to be a problem on the prep scene!

  • MasculineshadeofBlue

    ahhh.. nice. Julius Randle is a southpaw! If he continues to grow physically and build up his strength, he
    ‘ll continue to dominate in NCAA and professional level. Nice man.