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Top 5 High School Dunkers in the Country

Arizona's Jahii Carson

Arizona's Jahii Carson

Once upon a time, high school basketball players were generally not as athletic as the pros. Back then, if you went to a high school game you were significantly less likely to see players go above the rim. Not anymore. We’ve come a long way since Hoosiers, to the point today where kids in the 15-to-18 year old set are unleashing the same — and sometimes better — level of vertical leap and style on their dunks as the grown-ups who get paid to do it.

Case in point: At the Elite 24 dunk contest at Venice Beach a few weeks ago, high schoolers like Deuce Bello, Nick Johnson and LeBryan Nash were jumping over people, going between-the-legs off the glass, and throwing down windmills with ease. On an annual basis, events like the Elite 24, the Jordan Brand All-American Classic, and the McDonald’s All-American Game produce dunk contest and in-game aerial antics that can rival the stuff we see in the NCAA and NBA exhibitions.

Over on High School Hoop, Jason Jordan ranks the Top 5 high school dunkers in the country heading into the new season. How good are the kids nowadays? Below you’ll see a highlight mix of Bishop Daniels, a rising senior (no pun intended) at Word of God Academy in Raleigh, N.C. Check out some of the stuff Bishop is doing, and keep in mind he’s not even No. 1 on the HSH list. Matter of fact, Bishop wasn’t even the best dunker on his team last year, ranking behind All-American forward C.J. Leslie, who is now at N.C. State.

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  • Trey bing bay

    Lebryan Nash!? Seriously….that’s his name? Lebryan Nash. C’mon.

    If dude isn’t 6’7, 230lbs, a beast, doesn’t have crazy handle and doesn’t lead the league in assist every year of his pro life then i’ll……get someone to eat their hat.

    Lebryan Nash….talk about destiny hahaha.

  • it is i

    that’s not funny

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    I dig the Bishop Daniels name. Sorta Xman-ish.
    My name is “Max Powers”- Homer Simpson.

  • jace

    damn man.. his teammates like…. tried to beat him up afterwards.. hahah. celebrating with a punch in the gut.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@JAce yeh i peeped that too.

    I saw Bishop on some of the BallisLife mixtapes/youtube vids. Kid has crazy bounce but no style. I can’t believe some of the stuff these kids can do now. Makes me want to go back to highschool and slap myself for not working on my legs more hahaha.

  • ay yo..

    Nick Johnson is probably the best. Kid has style with it.

    Bishop, & Jahii have crazy bounce 40+ ” verts.

    Deuce gets away with having long arms sometimes.

    I like Amir Garrett’s dunks too. He reminds me of Elliot Williams.