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Top 5 NBA Players I Want To Follow On Twitter

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

When NBA players first started really using Twitter, it gave the media, fans and everyone else unprecedented access into to the lives of the best ballers on the planet. But even with the countless number of players that takeover our timelines, there are still some holdouts. Remember when LeBron jumped on right around his big announcement? Now he has 820,116 followers and counting. With that said, here are the Top 5 NBA Players I Want To Follow On Twitter.

5. Josh Smith
Maybe he’s worried that his name is too common and that @JoshSmith is already taken? Maybe not. But I know after watching the new NBA 2K11 spots, that I want daily humor and one-liners from J-Smoove.

4. Tim Duncan
Everyone that knows TD really well always says that he’s hilarious. I remember one time talking with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili back in 2006, and them telling me that he was seriously the funniest guy on the team. While we know Timmy isn’t really trying to put himself out there, I’d love to know what he’s doing – especially in the offseason.

3. Matt Bonner
If you didn’t already know, Bonner has a blog on the Spurs’ NBA.com page called, “The Sandwich Hunter.” As he visits 29 NBA cities, who wouldn’t love to follow him one sub, hero and hoagie at a time. Someone needs to make this happen.

2. Dirk Nowitzki
Of all the NBA’s elite, I don’t know why, but I wonder what Dirk is doing throughout the day. Is he G-Chatting with Hasselhoff? Is he BBQing with Cuban? I feel like tweets from Dirk would just simply be awesome.

1. Kobe Bryant
Come on. Who wouldn’t want to follow @KobeBryant or @BlackMamba24? He’s the greatest in the game. And even though he’s part of the old school right now in the League, you know that Kobe would be tweeting at his guys like Ron Artest and Derek Fisher to get up for the game. Plus, owing to his competitive nature, I think he’d like to see if he could get more followers than Shaq.

What do you think? What NBA players would you like to follow on Twitter that aren’t currently on there?

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  • Roc1980

    Probably ‘Melo (if he doesn’t already have one). Maybe we could get actual the real scoop instead of make believe stuff and rumors…

  • IGP

    @Gilbert Arenas:

    I have the greatest idea in the world twitter family. I’m going to bring guns into the stadium and play a joke on my teammates! It’s going to be hilarious.

    @ Javaris Crittendon:

    Dude I’m in. I have some guns too. This one will go down as the best joke ever.

  • dmitry of jersey

    nitpicking ….
    there are actually 29 nba cities since LAL and LAC play in same place

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Roc1980

    ‘Melo is already on Twitter

    @dmitry of jersey

    True. I’ll change it!

  • thrillah

    Dirk Nowitzky ? Seriously ?

  • Kevin

    Shaq, Ron Artest, Kobe, B Jennings, Arenas

  • Sporty-j

    What type of faggit stuff is this. I dont want to follow no dudes on Twitter and if i did it would be Beyonce, Rhinna, or Nikki Minagatwa to find out what clubs there fine rich a$$e$ are coming to down here on south beach when we play L.A. in the championships. Only way i follow a dude is if im following Wade and Lebron because whatever club there at(CLUB 400) thats where all the celebs and fine females are going to be at and thats the only reason why i would follow. I guess theres nothing to do in NEW YORK dimes since the knicks still suck and the partys will be in L.A. and Miami for the next 2 to 3yrs but what real MAN wants to know if DIRK is fishing with a CUBAN or if he BBQ with 1??? Everybody in New York must have said F it we are going to suck for the next few years and the Superbowl is always in Miami and now the championships will be so let follow people are Twitter since we are in a sad state of mind up here. At least you guys have the YANKEES…

  • IGP

    @ Sporty-J

    You spelled faggot wrong.

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    @ Sporty-J
    Might be on of the dumbest things I have ever read in a while.

    I enjoy comedy, so if any of these ballers were dropping jokes and some ball information on twitter consistently I would follow them in a second.

    If Phil was dropping hints and coaching techniques or Dwight with training info, why wouldn’t I follow them on Twitter.

    Signing up to find out where they are, bleh no point. But for some good jokes or training from the pro’s, coaches and trainers why not follow them to learn something?…

  • chichindo

    Sporty-J sounds like someone who’s uncomfortable with his masculinity. What’s so faggoty about following a guy on twitter?

  • http://www.weallscheme.com Jeff Chen

    what about Delonte West?!

  • JAY

    Cosign on ur thoughts.
    Guys are trying to be so macho they don’t want to even read what a next dude is up to. Heaven forbid you do that…. it might make you gay. Lol

    What’s more gay? Being a dude’s follower on twitter? or a bunch of sweaty athletes bathing themselves in a communal shower.

    BTW, “poking” a dude on facebook doesn’t make you gay… however it does give your buddies ammo to tease the shit out of you.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I’m still LOL-ing at IGP’s posts. Favorite Dime poster of the week.

  • Daniel

    @Sporty-J dude seriously like you could actually get somewhere with Beyonce, and Rhianna got herpes anyways.

  • sh!tfaced

    Arenas, Artest, Delonte, JR Smith, Birdman, Shaq…

    it ain’t gonna be boring for sure…

  • Sporty-j

    Could you imagine sitting with your homeboy and dude busts out with. Eew, i wonder what 50 cent or Dwyane Wade is doing right now lol… That sounds like some creepy stalky sh!t. Unless you are a female and like those dudes or know those dudes personally(friend that actually hangs out with them) or a relative. Those dudes went to high school just like the rest of us but just made it in life and it doesnt sound right. My mind jumps to texting a female or wondering what a FEMALE is doing right now. Not Micheal Jordan and etc but to each his own…

  • J 694

    Sporty J sounds like a pretty gay name.

  • OneZero

    was gonna say Steve Nash, but seems like he already have one

  • ab40

    to the person who wrote this article.. you sir are a fag.
    why are you obsessed with what other grown men are doing?
    get a life.. twitter is for sad people