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USA beats Turkey for gold medal; Miami/Orlando rivalry heats up

Lamar Odom (photo. Jeff Forney)

As much as everybody nit-picked and scrutinized along the way, when you look at what really matters, Team USA put together a pretty impressive performance at the World Championship. Bottom line: They took care of business and won the gold medal. Kevin Durant was dominant, Lamar Odom and Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala and almost every member of the team played their roles like they were supposed to, and the U.S. won each tournament game by an average of 24.5 points and only had one close call … Durant dropped 28 points (10-17 FG, 7-13 3PA) in yesterday’s gold-medal win over Turkey. In the first half he hit five threes while Turkey decided to try the “Let’s leave Kevin Durant wide open” defensive strategy, which surprisingly didn’t work too well, then opened the second half with back-to-back triples that basically took all the fight out of Hedo Turkoglu and crew … Derrick Rose was more scrutinized than any USA player in the tourney, but if you look at the numbers (thanks to Dime reader Chicagorilla for providing those), D-Rose wasn’t any worse than Chauncey or Westbrook, or any worse than Chris Paul or Deron Williams from the ’08 Olympics. Is he a great fit for the FIBA setting? Probably not, but it looks like not many American point guards are … Post-game tweet from Iguodala: “Word is turkey got 1 mil and a free condo(2mil) from gov’t for makin gold medal game! Obama gotta step his game up!!!” … In case you saw the ESPN announce crew and were wondering whether Fran Fraschilla is really short or if Marc Kestecher is just a giant, we’d say Fran is about 5-4 to 5-6. He’s like the same size as Joe Peschi … It was weird hearing Fraschilla describe Hedo as the “facilitator” of Turkey’s offense. We thought that term was reserved only for Kobe. Same for “closer.” Before he suffered a mid-game knee injury and Turkey started to fall too far behind, Hedo was playing like a Turkish Mamba. He was trading elbows with Odom and Tyson Chandler and not backing down. That’s Queens and Compton he’s messing with, and Hedo didn’t blink … Rolando Blackman is one of Turkey’s assistants. He looks like he could still go out and average about 11 or 12 points a night for a team like the Pacers … Forget Heat/Cavs as one of next season’s “rivalry” matchups. Those games are gonna be prison-movie blowouts and we all know it. Heat/Magic, though, will be good, and the bad blood is already building up. Over the weekend Pat Riley took some shots at Stan Van Gundy and Magic GM Otis Smith, who took shots at Miami earlier in the summer. Riley said Smith’s anti-LeBron comments were “absolutely stupid,” and even used the word “umbrage” during the process. Van Gundy answered back, basically saying Riley should keep his stones to himself when he has glass windows. Over the weekend, some of the Dime crew was in Chicago for a Gatorade event where D-Wade and Dwight Howard were cool with each other, but when the games tip-off this one will be intense … If you were neutral going into yesterday’s heavyweight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Samuel Peter, how could you not root for Peter after he came to the ring bumping Makaveli‘s “Hail Mary”? Too bad he got his right eye jabbed shut and then KO’d in the 10th round … We’re out like Peter …

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  • life

    USA!!!! LET’S GO!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    American PGs just get screwed up by the constant Zone in international play, it hurts a player like Derrick Rose in the half court set because it essentially eliminates one on on.

    Ok game, shame Hedo went out so early, Durant was a MONSTER.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Yo Dime I know its the stats and all but you gotta look at the bigger picture

    USA 2008 Olympics Team:
    CP3- All NBA 1st team
    D-Will- All NBA 2nd team
    J-Kidd- All-Star starter

    D-Rose- All-Star reserve
    Billups- All-Star injury replacement
    Westbrook – N/A

    So you see how comparing the 2008 Olympic PGs who had to split minutes between themselves and the FIBA team who had D-Rose play most of the game and Billups at the 2 is kinda shady.

    Also, 2008 had ‘Melo, LeBron, Kobe and Wade dominating the ball. No shots to go around for the PGs. Rose was suppose to be the teams 2nd option on offense after Durant. 2 different situations.

  • nola



  • IGP

    Also, stats don’t tell the whole story. I’m a big DRose fan, but he didn’t dominate like he could have here. I wouldn’t say he played awful…after all he was the starting point guard on the gold medal winning team. But he didn’t play as well as he could have.

  • IGP

    No need to nit pick now…it’s like saying what would have happened if Bynum scored 20 a game for the Lakers last year.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Check the stats again. Rose, Billups, and CP3 played the exact same minutes per. Westbrook and Williams were only a couple min behind them.

    Also I’d like to point out that I never said Rose was a legend. I don’t think he’s better than Nash, CP3, Deron or a healthy Baron Davis. He has the talent and tools to be better than all them (especially with the NBA Rules). As a matter of fact, NO ONE was really hyping him like that other than FRAN FRANSCHILLA. and who the hell listens to him? He still thinks Al Jefferson is playing in Denver or some ish.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 3.
    Exactly what I was gonna say, but probably better.
    Why are dudes comparing Rose to Kidd, Paul or DWill.
    CP3 was the 5th option whenever he was on the floor as was DWill and JKidd just fed everybody else.

    When this team was put together, Rose was the clear 2nd option. If Durant didn’t go off like he did, US finishes 3rd or 4th and hoops fans are shakin their heads at Rose, Billups and Iggy. Iggy gets a pass cuz his d was ridiculous.

    Like previously stated, I’m a Rose fan and he was disappointing. He wasn’t the only one tho. Billups was up and down and Rudy Gay disappeared after 1 big game. Top players for the US.

    My all tourney squad is:
    G – Delfino
    G – Hedo
    F – Kleiza
    F – Durant
    C – Scola

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    For those too lazy to look it up themselves (i had too much time on my hands after watching the Bears cheat their way to Victory lol)

    “13.September 12th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Chicagorilla says:

    Since no one else is going to do the research. I’ll finally shut some of these idiots up….then again, an idiot doesn’t know when he’s beaten.

    Chris Paul in 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/3.5rpg/4apg/1 TO per/2stls per/22 min per
    50%FG/28.6% 3pt

    Deron Williams 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/8ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/19 min per
    44%FG/37% 3pt

    Jason Kidd 08′ Olympics
    8 gms/1.6 ppg/2.6rpg/2apg/1.5 TO per/0.5 stls per/13min per
    85% FG/50% 3pt

    Derrick Rose 2010 WC
    9 gms/ 7ppg/2rpg/3apg/1.5 TO per/1stl per/23min per
    46%FG/28% 3pt

    Russell Westbrook 2010 WC
    9 gms/9ppg/3rpg/2.5apg/19.4 min per/1stl per/1.7 TO per
    47% FG/43% 3pt

    Chauncey Billups 2010 WC
    8 gms/9ppg/2rpg/3apg/23min per/1 stl per/1 TO per
    39%FG/32% 3pt”

    Again like I said before. Rose was under a more watchful eye because he was hyped to be Team USA’s 2nd best player and the light got brighter once Rondo was cut. But in FIBA play UNDER COACH K, the PG position is used very differently than in the NBA. That’s why all these guys have VERY SIMILAR NUMBERS. Rose’s play was more highlighted because the lack of star power on the team and for some reason he got stupid-crazy hate after Rondo QUIT/got cut.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    GTFOH, you been hating on Rose all year. Or was it just because I took shots at Kobe. Knowing damn well you don’t watch Chicago games.

    As far as comparing him to the 08′ crop…you have to start somewhere. And if you actually watched the FIBA games, you’d know like I stated above… the PG was never slated to score under Coach K. Rose could have scored more if he wanted. He was being very passive and trying to distribute and be a PG with all that talent around him, which i think will help his game greatly for the future. That’s not something he has ever been able to do.

  • common sense

    @Chicagorilla … ‘or a healthy Baron Davis’…. man, please leave Baron out of any converation about top gaurds.. that guy is a disgrace.. getting paid to play a game and showing no application, honesty and endeavour when he plays the game.. that guy is simply a bum who thinks he is a movie star/director.. definition of the ungrateful ahtlete.. and Fat Albert.. they the same..

  • the truth

    Stunna boy took the words out of my mouth.

    @chica, I think your the idiot for attempting to justify your position by posting meaningless stats when if fact you are actually hurting your argument.

    First, everyone of those point guard went into their respective tournament as the 4 and 5th options (in the case of kidd, probably last option) as stunna pointed out. Their job wasn’t to score.

    Rose on the other hand, was the designated second option and was expected to put up big numbers. Going into the tournament there was even talk of him dominating, and leading the team. He just simply couldn’t live up to expectations.

    You cannot compare a pg with a facilitator role to someone expected to score.

    How about this for a meaningless statistical comparison.

    Jaques Vaughn whose only goal was to bring the ball up and occasionally shoot when open, in 05 averaged 5 pts 2 assists and 2 rebounds,
    on the other hand, in 05 Mike James averaged 20 ppg 3 rebounds and 6 assits.

    Does this mean mike james is better than vaugh. NO. it simply means that their stats reflect the roles they had on their respective teams. Vaughn on a championship caliber spurs team, and james as the second option on toronto. In reality, these players are probably the same.

    Are you now going to start comparing rose’s stats to players like daniel gibson, or delonte west in order to try and make strong arguments.

    Stats are very deceptive, and usually a reflection of the ROLE a player has on a team. Basketball novices like yourself are the only people who rely on stats when making player comparisons.

    Also, in terms of “this” team USA, looking at the numbers, Westbrook significantly out played rose. His role was to come off the bench and play D. Not only did he do that brilliantly, but he also out scored the number 2 option.

    Other players that played better than rose, although their stats won’t reflect it were Love, Odom, Igoudala(even those his offense was horrendous, his defense made up for it, something that cannot be said for rose), and gordon

  • shuttles


    You can’t just put up stats from the entire tournament. The preliminary round was basically meaningless. I like Rose and thought he was the 2nd best player on the team in the early rounds but we were playing scrub teams like Iran and the good teams we did play weren’t really going all out (Spain, Greece). Brazil was the only good team that actually put forth some effort.

    And in these last few games against good competition he struggled and made bad decisions. The good international teams make it hard to score on penetration and the refs don’t call shit and that hurt him. And I think he compounded matters by overdribbling and shooting too many jumpers.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chicagorilla

    Stop embarrassin yourself. I could give 2 fucks about Kobe Bryant. I’m a Laker fan, not a Kobe fan. Don’t wear his shoes, don’t buy his jerseys. I won’t blindly defend him when he has a bad series or game like you doin with Rose. You actually believe I REMEMBER some stuff you posted about Kobe from whenever about whatever? LOL. C’mon, dude. I read a post, I respond, hope to exchange opinions and bounce. I got a life to live too. I’m glad Kobe didn’t stop reboundin in game 7 when his shot was off and he probably shoulda stopped shootin, but I take the good(championships) with the bad(occasionally forcing shots) for example. You need to go back and read how I was defendin Rose last season when dudes were shittin on him when he was startin off slow with the bum ankle.
    Don’t be one of those posters that goes crazy whenever someone voices an OPINION against your hero. You’ll never convince anybody otherwise. There r kids on here RIGHT NOW who still think Vince will still blow up or that they could take lebron in a one-on-one cuz he left Cleveland. If I say Rose played like shit over the past couple weeks, just brush it off. It’s an opinion. Like I said before, if you happy with how he played, that’s on you. I doubt if he’s happy with how he played.
    Be happy that those of us sayin Rose played like shit actually expected more than what he showed. He needs to improve decision making and his jumper left him this tourney. No disses, just what happened over 9 games.
    If I woulda told you Rose would average 7, 2 and 2 as the 2nd option to Durant before the tournament, you woulda laughed.
    Now, I got you on here talkin MUCH JUNK about games like you the only one with WGN or ESPN3 or you an Bulls analyst so you Red Kerr and your opinion means more.
    Why you think you got it in ur head that dudes r changin their names just to post an insult to Rose on this website.
    Everybody that posts so far been more than fair.
    Matter fact, all I read is dudes sayin Rose didn’t play up to his level, but they expect him to improve as the season starts so why you trippin on that?

    Why all these comparisons to DWill and CP3?
    Those dudes were the 5th and 6th options on an OLYMPIC team playin against THE BEST IN THE WORLD.
    This Fiba world Championship was other teams’ B and C squads.
    Try to relax. It’s only summer hoops. How you gonna make it thru 82 games when we know the Bulls ain’t goin undefeated and Rose gonna have 20+ subpar nights…

  • alf (from melmak)

    Stats does not tell the whole story. Here is my 10 cents question: Who had the bigger impact on his team? Eric Snow for the Sixers in 2001? Or JR Smith last season for the Nuggets?

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    53. If David Letterman can successfully persuade Oprah Winfrey to guest in his show, I can also convince Dime to take me in.

  • gilford

    Derrick Rose is overrated, he’s just the second coming of Steve Francis minus the attitude.

  • This_Will_Hurt

    I’d put Navarro on that team just because everybody on there would look odd running at point minus KD, even though . I know it’s from a games played and stats kind of thing, but that dude can play.

    But Kevin Durant just made all the hype worth it. I’m so effin excited for the next season.

    & 2K11 is gonna be off the rails, man.

  • http://www.qinzz.com qinzz.com

    In my room…on a Sunday.. one hand in my pants…other on remote watchn USA basktball and NFL football….waitn on this Eagles game!!!!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Come on cowboy. You frontin real hard now. Don’t pop that “i’m a laker fan first” ish now. That’s besides the point (and was a joke to begin with).

    While I have not bashed DRose, I have been very critical of him throughout his career as a Bull, Tiger, and Highschooler. So don’t give me that “Hero” BS line like I’m some lil kid who cant see past the blinders. As a diehard Bulls fan, I’ve been critical of Noah, Gibson, Thomas, Deng, Ben Gordon, and Hinrich. Because I’m a basketball fan first.

    And I ain’t trying to convience you fools who are saying Rose sucks, I’ve been on this site long enough to know that’ll never happen. I’m just giving an educated response to the BS I keep reading about him (and I have insomnia).

    Side Note: Where in the hell did anyone write Rose was the #2 Option on this team? Seriously, are you guys that stupid or do you just not understand how basketball works. The PG on a loaded team shouldn’t be the #2 option. Rudy Gay is 20ppg, Granger is 25ppg, Iggy is 20ppg, Billups is nearly 20ppg and is a better shooter than Rose (though everyone seemed to claim he was doing so well). So how is it that Rose (who’s game really isn’t fit for playing PG in FIBA because he prefers to drive and doesn’t have a high IQ with an Avg jumper) is supposed to be the #2 option.

    And just because you guys Expected him to be Allen Iverson this tourney tells me you have no idea what kinda game he plays. They literally have to force him to shoot in Chicago and the same at Memphis. He just wants to win so he does whatever the coach ask him to do. Hell he could probably avg 25ppg easy with the Bulls, but we’d probably lose more games if he does that. That’s the difference between he and Westbrook/Gordon/Billups. He plays for the team, not for the stats.

  • Showtime

    I don’t care about your love/hate affair of Rose but when you’re getting the Rondo treatment you definitely are not an average shooter

  • darkdefender

    @ alf

    I have followed your posts for a while and have seen enough. You have my vote to be a dime writer.

  • darkdefender

    also, im disappointed at the lack of FTs Rose took during the tourney. He should have made his living at the line.

  • Shiptar

    Durant is probably the best player in the NBA right now. And he is also well suited for the fiba game, unlike lebron…
    I would also like to see this usa team play serbia or spain, that would be much tougher test than any of the teams they played..

  • M Intellect

    That might have been Queens and Compton but Hedo is from the Heroin Gateway of the World.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Are we really arguing about this when they just won the freakin Gold metal in relatively easy fashion, obviously it didn’t matter that much. NBA, ok fine, FIBA, we won, drop it!!

  • JAY

    Wow…. unbelievable argument in here already.

    I guess we’re all moody to start the work week. fuck Mondays.

  • zalmat

    Rose is Rondo without bball IQ and body control

  • Dapro

    Congrats to the USA squad, they could have played better but the reality is they won! As for the Bears, damn we caught a break but that was payback for the bs td call earlier for the Lions!

  • Paul Wall

    Chigagozilla- so in your opinion Billups is a stats player and not a team player?

    Alf- How the fuck do you compare Eric Snow who went to the finals that year against the Lakers to Jr Smith who last year didn’t do shit and got knocked out in the first round?

    Never gonna happen Ald

  • Paul Wall


  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ 25 – I think that’s his point. They probably put up similar stats, but as Alf said – “Stats don’t tell the whole story”.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think the smartest thing OKC has done is not encourage Durant to bulk up. Too many players get jacked, get too big and then have knee/foot problems.

    He needs to keep his Iceman physique so it doesn’t mess up his silky smooth jumper.

  • Tega

    My,my a bit sensitive when it comes to Derrick Rose huh? Trust me, all those stats you’ve been bombarding us with are really quite useless. Just like you I watched EVERY Team USA game this summer. My final consensus, your boy Derrick Rose was a disappointment, most especially in the last three games.
    Like I said yesterday, I would argue that Russell Westbrook had a much better tournament than Rose, and if you really think about it, that shouldn’t have been the case. Westbrook used his athleticism to penetrate and attack the rim (without being a NUT by the way) and when he did usually good things happened. With his God-given abilities there’s not reason why Rose couldn’t do the same thing.
    Now I’m not saying Westbrook is a better NBA point guard than Rose, what I am saying is that Rose better watch his back and his status cause it looks like Westbrook is coming after that ass.
    This is just my honest opinion, as with any opinion Gorilla, you can take it or leave it, just don’t let it get your panties in a bunch.

  • Crew Dizzy

    @ Jay

    I second that. Fuck Mondays

  • Ekstor

    By those stats shared by Chicagorilla, Westbrook put up nearly 30% more points and rebounds in about 20% less time.

    Westbrook was by far the more effective of the two it would seem.

  • Sporty-j

    Guys to be honest i would take Brian Westbrook over Derrick Rose. Westbrooke is going to be the next Dwyane Wade and hes not even the face of the Thunders franchise. I would put him on the 2012 team over Rose and i love his aggressiveness on defense especially once he goes for those steals. 2012 will be Spain vs USA when Gasol plays. Will Durant start in 2012 over Melo and i believe Brandon Roy will be on the team as the #2 SG if Kobe opts not to play in 2012…

  • M Intellect

    Who the fuck is Brian Westbrook?

  • K Dizzle

    Lol You know who “Brian” Westbrook is.

  • Ekstor

    NFL running back… didn’t you know he could ball?

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Brian Westbrook..

    Made my brain jam up for a second lol..

    Oooooo Sport-J how i enjoy your posts now that the Heat are relevant.. im so looking forward to hearing your BS once the season starts..

    And the Bears aint cheat.. Calvin Johnson is a moron lol

    GO TEAM USA!!! I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but durant held it down.. Truly showed he BELONGS in the DISCUSSION for TOP FIVE lol.. thats about it tho.. still cant touch the top 3..

  • Qrentis

    Ok let me step in..

    I think y’all are really over reacting to a fiba tourney in which they won!

    Ok with me bein a big d rose fan and residing in chicago I’ve been watchin him since he windmilled on my highschool “proviso east” to go down stae his senior year.. he won two state tittles by the way with average talent on his team.. not to mention he went to oak hill that year and embarrassed that whole program..
    Then went on a lead his memphis tigers to the final for and championship game.. during his freshman season at Memphis he only averaged about 14 4 4.. but in the tourney he elevated his game goin up to about 20 5 5.. my point is he have done the same thing in both nba seasons so far.. leading his team to the playoffs and steppin up his game in the playoffs both years!!

    Now all of a sudden y’all wanna say he’s over rated?? Like it or not with him bein the 2 best player on the team they won the gold.. but everyone was doubtin the US befor the wc started..

    And if y’all don’t know anything bout ball u should at least know that coach K runs a system where everyone must play their roles to be successfull.. and a lot of the time your role limits your pro potential as seen at duke year after year..

    Not blamin the system for his “lack” of productivity just sayin if been watchin d rose for some time and I’m pretty sure he just did wut it took for them to get the gold.. he’s a special type of player and I’m glad we have him.. GO BULLS!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Qrentis

    Good post.
    That’s all people been sayin. Anybody sayin Rose overrated is an idiot, but there’s no shame in sayin he didn’t have his best tournament. I don’t care what system Coach K runs because when it comes down to it, Derrick Rose is a good enough player to do whatever he wanted out there to help the team win. Look at what Nolan Smith did last season for Duke, that’s kinda what I expected from Rose this tourney. Like Iggy, Chauncey and Rudy he lost his jumpshot on the way to Turkey, but that happens to everyone.
    Good to actually hear a Rose fan admit that yeah, he’s a good player on his way to greatness, but everybody got room for improvement…

  • Ekstor

    While Westbrook played better in FIBA competition, I still believe Rose is the better PG with better overall offensive skills.

    That said, one thing Westbrook has over Rose is that AI/DWade kind of fearlessness. He’s much more tenacious as a player.

  • Phileus

    Does anybody else think that Iguodala has been miscast in the NBA? I know a lot of people have been saying that he’s Pippen 2.0 but I only started to believe it in this tournament.

    I wonder if he is better suited to being the league’s greatest complementary player (or second-best, next to LeBron) than the star of a team that will never be more than mediocre.

  • D Roc

    You fools are still dwelling on Drose’s poor performance? Understand that Derrick is probably somewhere laying up with a bad chick thanking god that he finally has some time off for a change.Every player, and I mean every player has had a poor performance on a big stage. They called Magic “Tragic” johnson early in his career after a poor playoff performance. Kobe had the two airball performance against Utah. I can go on and on its just a minor roadblock to what’s shaping up to be a great career for the kid. Go chitown and go USA

  • Three Stacks

    You spelled Joe Pesci wrong, wouldn’t complain about a typo normally but a name is a name. Just google it next time if you are unsure, it only takes like five seconds.

  • D Roc

    Rose was a starting pg for two state championships, one national championship appearance where he was the best player that took a backseat and deferred to his upperclassmen teammates and two playoff appearances in two years for a team that had no stars(sorry ben gordon does’not count) all at the tender age of 21. Let the kid develop his game and stop with the premature comparisons to other pg’s

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I love when a person gets beat yet still don’t know they’re defeated. Even the DIME writers tried to explain it to you, but you all still refuse to listen. Instead you chose to label me, of all people, a fanboy lmao.
    And even better, you try to give the impression that I said Rose dominated. While I just pointed out that he was just the same as every other PG.

    On another note @DIME, whats up with Carmelo? Would love to see him in a Bulls Jersey. Would equally hate to see him in a KNicks jersey.

  • Mo

    Point guards were essentially role players in the 08 Olympics. Their roles was to get the ball to the go to guys (Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Anthony). The point guards weren’t there to put up 20ppg. Chris Paul holds the USA record in assists/avg with 4.9 in WCOB according to NBAHistory twitter. He did that in 2006. That means he fulfilled his role.