NBA, Video, We Reminisce / Sep 17, 2010 / 4:00 pm

We Reminisce: K-Mart Gives Jermaine O’Neal The Business

Is there anyone in the League that goes harder in the paint than Kenyon Martin? The former consensus National Player of the Year and No. 1 draft pick was arguably one of the best big man dunkers in the early 2000s. I’ve seen a fair share of facials throughout my years of watching the NBA, but there isn’t one I love more than this. K-Mart and Jermaine O’Neal were at the top of their game, both young and highly athletic dunkers before knee injuries slowed their careers. Kenyon started last season off slow, but don’t get it twisted – he’ll still bring the thunder on you like Zeus.

What do you think? What’s your favorite NBA facial?

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  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I was the biggest Grand Kenyon supporter back when he was at Cincy. Hugs Thugs!!! He used to bang on cats like this all the time. That broken leg he suffered his senior year ruined what could have been the best defensive presence in the 2000’s. He still has the D and the intimidation, but there is something missing.

    As for this dunk….it was Cheetaliscious!!!! lol

  • Heckler

    damn, i’ll be typing here forever talking about my fav NBA facial. how many can I list?…just 1?

  • thenatural23

    K-Mart is the best example of a guy in the NBA who is not a great basketball player but a great athlete playing in the NBA.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Really? so his defensive positioning has nothing to do with skills. His mid range jumper? If he is only a great athlete playing ball, then why did he give Tim Duncan the business in the NBA Finals back in 2001 (maybe 02′ can’t recall). You think Tim Duncan and Popovich don’t know how to stop a superb athlete? See what they did to Lerbon in 04?

    Kenyon is no Kevin Garnett skill wise, but also isn’t James White.

  • QazQami

    his midrange J? kenyon martin? O_o wtf

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    I personally like Vince dunking on Alonzo Morning
    Vince dunking over Tim Duncan
    Lebron on Damon Jones
    Nate on Yao
    B.Dizzle on Kirilenko
    McGrady on Bradley
    Pippen on Ewing

    My personal fav because it is ridiculous and I was there.
    Reggie Miller (headfake and taking it to the hole with a two handed slam) against NJ in the playoffs to send the game to overtime.

  • thenatural23


    K-Mart has never had a dependable jumper and his post moves are average at best. I’m not saying he’s not good, I’m just saying he’s a guy who depends on his athletic gifts as opposed to raw basketball skill.

    He gave Tim Duncan the business because he’s a better athlete, but Duncan is still the better basketball player – anyone can be a good defender (see Rodman, Dennis).
    As for your argument regarding Lebron, I don’t think it’s fair to compare a guy who’s every team’s public enemy # 1 with a guy like Martin.

    Also, who won that series? Ahhh, the better basketball team did, that’s right…

  • rapTOr

    now THAT was a facial

    this shit is cathartic man…

  • MattO


    wow, really? anyone can be a good defender? Rodman was one of the greatest defenders of all time, he wasn’t just anyone. If anyone can be a good defender, why isn’t Lebron a much better defender than he is?

    And why are guys like Matt Barnes, Raja Bell, Ron Artest and Shane Battier so valued if ‘anyone’ can be a good defender?

  • the truth

    Amare goes the hardest in the paint and its not even close. That guy has viciously posterized almost every big man and shot blocker hes ever faced.

    Pre-knee surgery Amare gave Kemp a run for his money.

    Post-knee surgery Amare is still giving guys the business (see tolliver, josh smith, gerald wallace, jeff foster, Prizbilla, Howard and on and on and on), but he just doesn’t get up as high as before.

    Hands down, he has the most body-contact facials

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I don’t think you remember how smart Rodman was. He had a very high basketball IQ. Just because he didn’t care for offense doesn’t mean he had no IQ. Rodman is very similar to Keyon on defense because they can cover all positions (Rodman of the 80’s and Kenyon of the Nets).

    As for his jumper, from 18ft he was pretty good. He wouldn’t drop 20ppg from there, but you had to cover him which opened up his driving ability. Kenyon had NO POST game what so ever. All he did was face you up looking for the drive or the short jumper. He may have used a jump hook from time to time.

  • thenatural


    Those guys are successful because they’re willing to take a backseat to the offensive end of things… and what I meant by “anyone” is that most players care more about offense. Scoring takes talent beyond that of just practice, while defense can be taught and it’s a very attainable skill if you work at it.

    Lebron’s a great defender but because he has to be so offensive oriented, he can’t necessarily be the stopper for the team.

  • the_don_mega

    @thenatural23 –

    “anyone can be a good defender (see Rodman, Dennis).”

    i dunno bruh, but Worm had one of the best basketball IQs in the game

  • M-Intellect

    He gave Timmy the business? The same series NJ got swept and TD had a near quad double on K-Mart’s face?

  • the_don_mega

    @Chicagorilla –

    cosign that bruh

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    Keon Clark used to go harder into the paint than Kenyon. Sadly, Keon decided to go harder to the bottle as well.


  • Promoman

    People forget what did Jermaine did to Kenyon after that dunk in the same game:


  • superfreak

    amazing what nba players can do with 2 good knees

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    @17 — unless they changed arenas and jerseys at half, the martin dunk and the j’oneal dunks are from different games. maybe you mean that the jermaine dunks are from the same game. that i can believe. it just means that i don’t know how to read.

  • Seven Duece

    that was viscious

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Yeh that wasn’t the same game, but that was still pretty nasty by JO. That’s how you redeem yourself

  • Ric Hardwood

    kinda mean how the announcer gotta mention KMart’s stutter… hehe

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ Ric Hardwood

    Yeah, it’s easy to do it high up in the announcers booth where Kenyon can’t reach him lol.

  • Ian

    sorry bro but he didnt give td anything duncan had one of the greatest games ever in finals history not only against kmart but mutombo was there also (rose killed mutombo with a dunk on that series).
    game 1
    td 32 and 20
    game 2
    19 and 12
    game 3
    21 and 16
    game 4
    23 and 17
    game 5
    29 and 17 (kmart 4pts)
    game 6
    this is where the magic happened
    21pts 20rbs 10assists 8 blocks
    (kmart 6pts)

    dont know chicago but kmart got destroyed and out everything in all the games. and yes i dont have much to do im on vacation.

    oh the years where 03 nets and 07 bron (cant say cavs it was just bron and clowns).

    someone mentioned a sweep nope the spurs won in 6.

  • Detroit Dave

    That was pretty damn violent.

  • JAY

    @thenatural23: “Scoring takes talent beyond that of just practice, while defense can be taught and it’s a very attainable skill if you work at it.”

    Wrong bud… Scoring does take more than practice, but don’t write off defence as something anyone can practice till you’re good at it. It takes more than skill AND practice to be good at it. It takes attitude and the desire to stop someone.
    You can learn to side shuffle all you want in an empty gym, but if the desire isn’t IN you to stop somebody, odds are you won’t. THAT’s why K-Mart and Rodman were dominant defenders.

    “Lebron’s a great defender but because he has to be so offensive oriented, he can’t necessarily be the stopper for the team.”
    2 things wrong with this statement.
    1)Lebron ISN’T a great defender. He gets beat regularly but his athleticism allows him to contest shots from behind.
    2) There are other players, current and past, who are great defenders while being “offensive oriented” at the same time. It might make them tired to have to chase their guy around but fatigue won’t deter their effort.

  • derik

    3 really underrated facial

    1. Stromile Swift over Tyrus Thomas:

    2. Tyrus Thomas dunks on Josh Smith:

    3. Travis Outlaw posterized Rodney Carney:

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