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5 NBA Rookie of the Year Favorites Not Named John Wall

Greg Monroe at Georgetown

The NBA’s annual GM Survey was released earlier this week, and a lot of safe predictions were made. By overwhelming majority results that any politician would kill for, the GMs predicted the L.A. Lakers will three-peat as champions, and Kevin Durant will be MVP. They also chose Deron Williams as the No. 1 point guard in the League and Dwight Howard as the top center by wide margins.

When asked to predict the 2011 Rookie of the Year, 68 percent of the GMs named John Wall, the No. 1 overall pick of the Washington Wizards. But this group doesn’t have the best record of prognosticating that particular award. Last year’s Rookie of the Year, Tyreke Evans, only got 7 percent of the vote in last year’s GM survey.

There is a lot of talent in this year’s rookie class, but putting together a R.O.Y. campaign also depends on playing time, systems, teammates, winning (to an extent), and how quickly a player becomes comfortable with the professional game. So if John Wall doesn’t take the trophy, who else is in the running?

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DeMARCUS COUSINS, PF/C, Kings — This young man has proven to be a beast. Wall’s former teammate at the University of Kentucky showed flashes of dominance during the NBA summer league, and in his preseason opener dropped 16 points and 16 boards on the Suns. The Kings want to build around Evans and Cousins and don’t have any pressure to win right away, so the rookie will have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do. If he continues to show a good work ethic, the sky is the limit.

GREG MONROE, PF, Pistons — Like his Georgetown predecessor Jeff Green, Monroe is a very versatile player in the frontcourt. He has the skills to be a triple-double threat down the road. With Detroit forward Jonas Jerebko going down for at least 5-6 months with an Achilles injury, Monroe will get his chance in Detroit’s rotation.

ED DAVIS, PF, Raptors — I’m going to go out on a limb and throw in a surprise pick. Davis has a lot of talent with his combination of size, speed, and skills. And with Chris Bosh gone, there is a chance for him to step into a big role for Toronto at the four. Davis played well over the summer, and since the Raptors have very few go-to players, why can’t he step up and be a key player?

BLAKE GRIFFIN, PF, Clippers — Last year’s GM R.O.Y. pick is eligible for this year’s race after missing the entire season on the injured list. He is healthy now, and on an up-and-coming team where he’ll start right away and get the ball a lot. The GM’s may have been right about the player, just wrong about the year in Blake’s case.

EVAN TURNER, PG/SG, Sixers — He had a shaky summer, and hasn’t gotten off to a good start in the preseason. But Philly has faith in the No. 2 pick in the Draft, and it’s too early to write him off as an immediate impact pro. The 76ers are a great situation for Turner to showcase his skills.

Who do you think will win Rookie of the Year?

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  • Bizz

    I disagreed with Ed Davis big time. No way in hell will he even be close to a contender for ROY…then I realized out of all the players not named on the list, he’s actually the most likely to make this list, because the drop off is so great after Wall, Turner, Griffin and Cousins. That being said, Griffin is the most likely challenger, since they’re gonna throw him out there a whole bunch. I think Turner is gonna be buried in a depth chart, and it remains to be seen what they’re gonna do with Dalembert/Landry in relation to Cousins, while everything in a Pistons jersey is set up for disappointment.

  • S.A.C

    Okay. We’ll see. I’m sure they’ll be some sleepers.

    I know read what you guys said to excuse him. But did you really write Evan Turner here? I’m not saying he’s not going to be a good pro. We’ll see! But he hasn’t shown any signs or reasons that he’s going to turn it around any time soon.

    Wipe him off your list (for now), unless he’s your favorite cousin (no pun intended), uncle or nephew.

  • s.bucketz

    didnt read the article yet…jus watchin the Lakers(or LA Rollerbladers according to ur boy) vs Barcelona..
    Boniface Ndong sighting…and he jus got crammed on by gasol

  • S.A.C

    Oh PS.

    The Turkish Celtic Rookie Semih Erden, will be a sleeper for the all Rookie team this year, especially if he gets the time.

    He’s a legit 7 footer. And he can score, pass, set pics and rebound. He’s also getting great practice playing against Shaq and Garnett during practice (Jermine O’neal is out now with a hamstring). You’ll find out when Erden plays your team.

  • S.A.C

    PS: Erden’s also a good free throw shooter and shot 7/8 from the line vs Philly and scored 13 points on high percentage shooting in 26 minutes.

    I know it’s only a pre-season game and it was against the soon to be awful 76ers (maybe; Iggie didn’t play I think). But big men are usually the slowest to develop their offensive game and overall basketball nuances and IQ.

    This guy seems to have it all ready. When’s the last time you saw a rookie 7footer score hit 7/8 free throws anywhere in the NBA?

    We’ll see (especially if he gets the minutes). But this guy can really help the Celtics and give them more youth and set up a potential and legitimate twin tower set up with Perkins when Garnett and/or Shaq leave.

  • Mr. TKO

    I’m going for DMC for my Dark Horse candidate. John Wall will get all the hype, but DMC will put up numbers. I had Tyreke Evans as my ROY last year so lets see if I can be smarter than the GMs 2 years in a row

  • Mr. TKO


    I refuse to call Demarcus Cousins DMC, I’m sick and tired of these lazy weak ass nicknames, I can’t come up with anything better but I refuse to perpetuate this cycle.

  • control

    Blake is going to either win the ROY, or get injured again and take a nice walk along bust lane.

  • Ian

    splitterr roy

  • Beth G


  • cesar

    tiago splitter for ROY!

  • Nick


    I refuse to call Demarcus Cousins DMC, I’m sick and tired of these lazy weak ass nicknames, I can’t come up with anything better but I refuse to perpetuate this cycle.”

    Cousins’s other nickname is “Boogie”, if you want to call him that. DMC is just easier when typing.

  • Mr. TKO


    Actually I ended up finding that out like an hour after I typed that, but I don’t know how I feel about calling another man Boogie, My plea was in the hopes that the Dime Community would come up with a great nickname.

  • http://www.netshype.blogspot.com netstar

    tiago splitter

    derrick favors

  • vince

    Mr. THO, let’s not go there. Before we know it people will call him D-Cuz.

  • alex robocop murphy

    Evan turner is a bust in the mold of reece gaines

  • jace

    i dont think evan turners going to do anythign major this season. but im not gon call him a bust…. yet.

    greg monroe will probably not either.. his team is just a mess. although jerebko got injured so maybe he’ll play more.. but still dont think hes anythign special right now.

    i think blake griffin and john wall are head to head. it already looks like its the john wall show in washington.. and hes doin great so he’ll get most of the rookie spotlight since its already deemed his team.

    griffin isn’t the franchise just yet.. and hes definitely got great complementary players around him.. proven players.. but it looks like hes coming out with somethin to prove and he doesn’t look like hes been out for a year.

  • FreeSkita

    Don’t forget about Born Ready Lance Stephenson. Boy’s game was designed to dominate the league. Who knows a few breaks he may get a lot of action this year.

  • chris

    blake griffin, demarcus cousins, derek favors, tiago splitter. maybe greg monroe, but only if detroit is really bad and has a lot of injuries

  • Nizzio

    John Wall will win while averaging 18 points 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

  • Knicksfan84


  • Seven Duece

    after watching monroe play vs miami, i’m wondering if he’ll be more than a career back up. he was tentative, stiff and not nearly as athletic as i’d hoped. i think griffin has this all locked up anyway though.

  • Bigbone73

    If Avery gives him the minutes, Damion James will be a sleeper

  • http://www.iwishispitinyourfood.com Sucks

    Dmc but Blake killed dmc the last game.

  • Boofrog

    Don’t sleep on Larry Sanders of the Bucks. Although he’s still relatively raw, he’s a perfect wingman to Bogut in their front court. He has great athleticism and will benefit from Bogut’s double teams as well. He just had five blocks in a preseason game, too.