Smack / Oct 27, 2010 / 2:35 am

Celtics give LeBron a Cleveland flashback; Lakers get their rings

Rajon Rondo (photo. Gary Land)

As expected, the majority of the mainstream covered last night’s Celtics/Heat season opener from the “Miami lost” angle more than the “Boston won” perspective. So rather than focus on what went wrong for the Heat — Dwyane Wade played like Dwayne Wayne, and the team generally played like they’d first met at shootaround that morning — show a little appreciation for what the Celtics did right. Like Paul Pierce (19 pts, 9 rebs) being clutch all night, or Ray Allen (20 pts, 5-8 3PA) hitting a huge three in the final minute to snuff out Miami’s late rally … The Celtics ran a clinic on ball movement, offensive spacing, and execution. And Rajon Rondo was the professor at the front of the classroom with the laser pointer. Remember how people used to say Rondo could average 10 assists just by bringing the ball up and handing it to one of the Big Three? Fools. Rondo was directing that offense last night, creating the passing lanes he wanted and passing out candy like it was Halloween. He finished with 17 assists … How many times did LeBron (31 pts) have to look down at his jersey just to make sure he wasn’t still with the Cavs? There he was again, trying to win the game by himself because his teammates didn’t show up. Really, the only other guys on Miami who played worth a damn were Udonis Haslem and James Jones. D-Wade (13 pts, 6 asts, 3 stls) looked every bit like a guy who hasn’t played against NBA competition since last spring, and Chris Justice needed to give himself a ticket … From now through Nov. 16, the NBA is auctioning off game-worn jerseys from the season openers. Anybody want Shaq‘s jersey? That thing was DRENCHED in sweat, and right now it probably smells like armpit and meat sauce … Shaq’s ex-wife was at the Lakers/Rockets game, sitting next to one of Diddy‘s cronies. Shaunie got a lot of face time during Jeanie Buss‘ mid-game interview, a.k.a. those five minutes when you might have fallen asleep … If the Lakers were ripe for a post-championship hangover, the Rockets ran it out of them last night. After Kobe and Derek Fisher picked up their rings for the thumbs, the Lakers got a scare from Houston before Shannon Brown‘s outside shooting and Pau Gasol‘s inside beast-ness helped them pull out a tough win in the second half … Sometimes we think Kobe (27 pts, 5 rebs, 7 asts) can hear the TV announcers. With under two minutes to go and L.A. clinging to a small lead, Reggie Miller noted that Kobe had yet to hit a field goal in the fourth quarter. Right on cue, Kobe blew past Shane Battier for a layup and-one … Houston had briefly grabbed the lead before Steve Blake knocked down a triple with 18 seconds left to put L.A. back up two. With 2.4 on the clock and Houston inbounding near their own basket, Battier hit Aaron Brooks (24 pts, 9 asts) cutting to the rim with a perfect pass, but Blake made Brooks take a tough shot, and Lamar Odom blocked it … On that disputed out-of-bounds call towards the end where Odom touched it last but almost got away with it, what are the odds L.O. did like that “Sportsmanship” commercial and told Phil and the ref that he touched it? … Yao Ming (9 pts, 11 rebs) played a little more than 23 minutes and fouled out. Though he missed a lot of shots, his moves still looked OK, but watching the guy run is painful. Yao moves with all the smoothness of a dry granola bar … On the NBA’s undercard, Portland knocked off Phoenix thanks to a huge fourth quarter from Nic Batum (19 pts, 11 rebs), who hit three threes down the stretch in an 18-1 Blazers run. Brandon Roy added 24 points, 6 dimes and 3 steals, while Steve Nash had 26 points and 6 assists in the loss … We’re out like 82-0 …

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  • Sambuu

    Lakers bench is good…

  • J

    Don’t forgets Nash’ 9 TO to boot. Anyone know why Luke was booed during the ceremony?


    Was not able to watch the games at home, had to settle for tntdotcom. Pretty cool experience!

  • john

    The Heat play probably the worst game that they will ever play as a team, yet , they were 1 Ray Ray 3 pointer of beating the East Champs in their home floor, scary.

  • Showtime

    @ #2

    Those weren’t boo’s they were screaming Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. Never heard that? You can hear that from time to time when he checks in the game or when he makes a good play (like twice a year)

    So, it’s the new big 3 versus the old big 3 and the best player on the floor is the guy who can’t shoot a lick. Talk about where amazing happens

  • drew

    i think rondo summed it up best.. “we’re the team to beat in the east”…. and i hate the celts.


    Excellent opening night.

    Didn’t expect Miami to win.

    Houston is for real. They were giving the Lakers BUCKETS especially in the first half.


  • Mr. TKO


    The Miami Haat may be the future but the future ain’t now.

  • drew

    more lbj quotes for all y’all….”When you have so many options it’s something I’m not accustomed to, having that many threats out on the court at the same time.”

    “rome wasn’t built in a day”

    until the miami hype realize their undoing will be a combination of poor pg play, the lack of size at center and a relatively weak bench, they aint winning squat this yr. and i havent even gotten to their cleveland cavs offense where everyone takes turns going one on one.

    jeanie buss and hannah storm haha.. ’nuff said.

  • Mr. TKO

    I’ve been telling people that Houston was gonna be a problem (they were causing damage last year, and now you add Yao to the mix?) that’s probably my new squad to run with on 2k (I just wish Yao wasn’t so damn slow)


    For a player with so many flaws in his game Rondo is impressive as hell as a playmaker, his gambling D and no jumpshot aside, he always seems to get the ball to the right player … conversely… LeBron might be the most complete player in the League and even top level players seem to struggle to be on his team. i’m sure they’ll sort it out, but if this keeps up will ‘Brons fans still be able to blame his supporting cast???

    Did the Lakers Rockets game feature the top two PFs in the NBA right now? 29/11 for Pau and 18/16 for Luis. its a lot to read into one game, but with how Scola destroyed the worlds in the summer its not that much of a stretch.

  • Robbin

    At least LeBron had a nice dunk on the fastbreak:


  • Brooklyn Bulls

    @ J….The LA crowd was screaming “Luuuke!” it does sound like booo with a few thousand yellinh

  • porkpiehat

    Miami is going to struggle (a bit) without Miller for the next couple months.Until he returns their half-court offense is always going to look clunky and their best lineup would feature LeBron at the four, pushing the tempo, and effectively making the Heat a small-ball team.

    I don’t see them being willing to do anything really unconventional early on, but with such an unbalanced roster it seems like the way to go. On the other hand, they won’t always have to play against the Celtics, so maybe they’ll look smoother in the next game.

    Yao and the Rockets looked good enough to win but apparently October 26th is Shannon Brown day. He and Blake snatched that game out from Houston’s grasp.Barnes also made an impact, making the lakers bench look better than last year’s already.

    With Miller clearly a nice fit, an improved Budinger and the return of Yao, the Rockets will surprise people all year. More impressive though was the Lakers missing Bynum against Yao, Artest and Fisher going 4 for 21 and getting outrebounded yet still winning against a Rockets team that played well. On the night when LA is healthy and clicking, they will be monstrous.

    I didn’t see the Portland/Phoenix game but nine turnovers from Nash seems like a good way to stymie the Suns. It also may be worth noting that the Suns sucked balls in the pre-season and that Turkoglu is a poor fit there as a starter. We’ll see what happens.

  • alf (from melmak)

    I hate Miami and how this current lineup was built. However, the scary part is they only lost by eight points to a deep and veteran team like Boston despite the poor play of Dwayne Wade.

    I pity the teams that would play them come January when the Heat figures out most of the stuff.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    39. I will only sleep when I am dead. That is major productivity at work.

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    Join my last-minute-yahoo-league:


    H2H, 7 players per team, 10 cats, lots of teams

  • common sense

    I co-sign #4, looked like they just met each other and were within a ray ray three, wades not gonna play that bad agaiin, neither is Bosh. but that being said the bulls 72wins is most def safe.

  • showydisplay

    The REFS owned the night.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    LeBron had a game 5 flashback for a while, then promptly tore that shit up with a monster second half.

    if a bad day for LeBron is 31/5/5 I wonder what happens when the Heat get going?

    Oh I almost forgot


  • JAY

    My girl and I were laughing at the Heat all night long. She doesn’t even like watching ball with me (or KNOW ball for that matter) but she was getting a kick out of watching the Heat big 3 look lost.

    The Heat will win less games this year than LBJ’s Cavs teams over the past 2 yrs. If you thought they’d win 70 games, I’m laughing my ass off at you right now.

  • Jay10do

    it was just one game, when wade and bosh get on track and miami find the flow of the game its on an popin very soon

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BANG OUT

    When the Heat get it together, I smell a 20 game win streak.

    I see that happenening.

    Boston’s brand of ball is so boring but the players in the system are so dynamic…makes for some entertaining basketball.

    I love watching Boston play!

    Houston looks legit.

    Crazy how Houston’s Big 3 SHATTED on Miami’s.
    Sciola, Ohio K-Mart, and Brooks totally outplayed the 3 future Hall of Famers. #Isn’tItIronic

    Good to see Yao back. Is it safe to say, he’s more suited off the bench? I mean, due to his lack of mobility and fragility…do you really wanna rely on him as your starter??

    Just saying….

  • Jay10do

    and SHAQ looked damn good last night, say it ain’t so big fella

  • King

    Met me continue just because he dominated the game


  • Notorious

    Do the Heat already regret signing Bosh to a (near) Max deal? He was getting abused last night and Big Baby D’ed him up something fierce. I thought this would be the kind of game Bosh flourished in, rebounding and easy put backs. But the Celtics werent having it and Rupaul was exposed again.

    Rondo is a beast, what incredible court vision he has and ability to create passing angles. Sorry Carlos, but Rondo destroyed the Heat PG early and often. While the Heat have major talent, they also lack some talent in key positions. PG and size, going to be hard to win in the playoffs without those 2 ingredients.

    The Heat/Celtics game took up the first 20-30 minutes of Sportscenter last night. Hypothetical question… If LeBron sent photos of his johnson via text, would the talking heads at ESPN simply combust and explode? I just envision a giant mushroom cloud over Bristol if that ever happens.

  • Kev

    Boston looks good. As long as they….

    -Stay healthy
    -Perk comes back from injury and plays at a high level.
    -Shaq gives them a flashes of old diesel.
    -Big Baby/Lil Nate give them solid minutes from the bench.

    I’m NOT expecting them to win 65-70 games since I’m sure Doc will be limiting guys minutes for the playoffs but come May/June I expect them to make a run.

    Miami will get it together. I didn’t expect them to win and actually expect some mediocrity for a few weeks. Scary thought…They played horrible and they still made it a game in the end. Once Wade gets his legs and they learn to mesh it’s gonna be fun to watch. I’m not a Miami fan(even though I like Bosh, Wade, and Lebron personally) but they’re gonna be a force for the next few years.

  • QQ

    Imma repost my last message:

    GOOOOOOOOOOD TO BE BACK….. Hey, the season’s here, the bullshit is over.

    DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMN. Just read fromm SI that a Miami bar would pay for everyone’s tab on the day the Heat gets the first loss. Hmmm.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Hey guys, didn’t realize it would be this early to pay up eh?

    Heat in the first half = Like a bunch of NBA 2k noobs trying to isolate every single time.

    Bron brought it on the second half though.

    But still…. OBVIOUSLY A LET DOWN. Don’t you bandwagon shitheads say it aint so, that it’s the first game. They were SUPPOSED to perform in the first game.

    And yeah, fuck the doomsayers saying ‘Heat WONT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS’. Calm the fuck down. They are 82 games left.

    But fact is, PEOPLE WERE ALL LET DOWN.

    Except me. WHY? It’s a team with Lebron. What the fuck would expect from that but a let down?

  • K Dizzle

    Lakers, baby! That bench is nice now. Houston gives the Lakers fits for some reason, their offensive system is murder. They played a great game, but it’s great for the defending champs that Steve Blake got us back into the game with his 3 point shooting then Shannon just goes off to take that lead with the deep ball. Beautiful ball.

    As for Rondo, nobody talkin about it, but what the hell he do all summer?
    Miami was guardin him like Kobe did in the Finals. Everytime Rondo got the ball, the defender dropped about 10 feet off him. Not a good look that DRose’s jumper is lookin so much improved early on, while Rondo still can’t shoot? He didn’t even look to shoot anything from 15-20 feet out. Nice that he was orchestratin like a maestro, but that just makes me appreciate how much better “basketball players” Nash, CP3, DWill and Chauncey are. They can all get those assists, but you even think about leavin those 4 open, they’ll murk you.
    The Heat will get better so I’m not touchin Bron’s 8 to’s, but I hope this slows that roll of the Heat fans thinkin 72-10 was gonna be a cakewalk…

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    So no mention of MIAs stand around offense? And i watched the entire game and didnt see Chalmers, is he injured? I sure hope so for Coach Spo sake. Add him as the first coach in NBA history to go on the hot seat after one game. If he makes it past the ASG ill be very suprised. Oh and please lets not over hype the 17 asst Rondo got by passing the ball to wide open Ray, Paul, and KG or standing nxt to the rim Shaq. anyone can do that, and stop lying about him CREATING LANES that happened like 3xs. Watch the highlights of his ast and u see him standing at the top of the 3pt line waiting for ppl to get free. Lastly KG fits in well as a role player but i hate him for bailing out with that. Dude still has game yet settles for being option 4 or 5? Thats BS.

  • Diego

    Miami is just horrible at the point and center positions. Solution at point is for Wade or LeBron to fill that spot. Only center worth beans is big Z. At tail end of season, Miami will have to pick up another center on the cheap to bolster that spot.

    Miami will get its share of losses. I second Jay’s post at 20: Miami gets less wins than LeBron’s last 2 Cavs games. Other top teams in the East can’t wait to play (and beat) Miami at home.

    Bosh is going to prove to be just an above avg. power forward this year. And he’ll get killed when he plays center. Might as well just start taking about Miami’s big 2.

    Pierce may be a whiner, but you got to love him taking on 2 full-blown LeBron freight train drives to the well. Both should have been charges. Most every other NBA player does a matador act, with a silly swipe at LeBron’s wrist for the and one.

    “[S]mells like armpit and meat sauce” and “moves with all the smoothness of a dry granola bar.” Funny stuff. I have got to start reading dime again on a daily basis!

  • B-Ball

    Couple of Notes on the game.

    D.Wade was Rusty
    Miami missed Mike Miller
    Lebron is not rusty

    Miami will get better (Celtics were a bad 1st game and they may blow out the 76’s tomorrow lovely)!

    Miami lacks size
    Eddie House may be the future Heat Point Guard
    Miami lacks a point guard.

    Rondo totally dominated Carlos Arroyo and continues to make all the Celtics (including Shaq) look great!

    For anyone who can’t see Rondo’s dribble penetration to Baby, Shaq, Garnett, etc. (and the 3-5 shots/assist they missed for him) is just blind or a hate (with all do respect for the quote above).

    Rondo was constantly directing traffic out there and totally controlling the Celtics offense setting up, and yelling to his team mates where to go and what to do.

    One of the reason why he had so many assist (especially in the first half), was because every time he penetrated and the Miami Did helped out, he found the open man. 3-5 of those assist would of been points if Miami’s D didn’t help out on him.

    Rondo had more assist (17) than the entire Heat team (15). That’s domination. And I gotta tip my cap to that.

    The Celtics would simply have no offense or win with out Rondo. That’s clear. And all the big three, Shaq, J Oneal and Nate Rob know/say it.

    Let’s give the Heat a few months though and revisit this.

  • C

    Maybe its time to start pointing the finger at someone other than Mike Brown, or all the other players in Cleveland for that crappy stand around offense..

  • Miami Maven

    Heat should just cut Arroyo and pick up another legit point guard or a big (though that would leave them with only 2 non-Wade/Lebron point guards).

    Arroyo got totally abused by Rondo and didn’t seem to play much in the second half (D.Wade was guarding Rondo then).

    Arroyo can dribble. But he can’t pass, play great defense, score or shoot. I know everyone plays help defense in the NBA. But what does Arroyo bring to the table, so all the Heat’s help defense last night led to easy Rondo assist?

  • Jay Thrilla

    LBJ in the first half reminded me a lot of his very first game as a pro. Not sure where to fit in…..not sure of when or when not to go to the hole etc… but he came around and I think the Heat will be just fine. The Bulls won with Luc Longley, Will Purdue, and Cartwright at center. Anthony and Z will be fine once Riley takes over.

  • tall order

    Whoa, Wade looked LOST on the court with LBJ dominating the ball

  • Miami Maven

    Not usually on this site; but wanted to see the feedback on the game.

    I saw someone above hate on Rondo (Kdizzle) and mention Derrick Rose shooting. Why even mention Rose?

    I’m not Boston fan. But I do watch basketball and them playing my Heat.

    Did he say Derrick Rose improved shooting? Based off of what? Has Rose played a NBA game yet this season? Cause wasn’t that the same guy that couldn’t shoot a lick with inferior competition in the World Championship? The same guy that lost his confidence and couldn’t hit a outside shot or buy a basket (with few assist or play making)?

    Not here to kill Rose. He’s kool. But Brother watch ONE NBA game and say that we should hold back on the Miami Heat obituaries for their poor play. But in the same post/game he wanna doom Rondo’s season after he obviously kicked our teams ass (while excusing Lebron for his flaws-8 turnovers)? Ok. I see your a fair brotha.

    I hear Rondo’s been working on and improving his shot to, just like Rose this pre-season. So what? The year just started. We’ll see.

    We can all love our teams, basketball and players. But let’s also be real and straight up, tip our caps, stop making excusing and being haters when we get clearly beat.

    Rondo Beat Miami’s ass last night! He had more assist (17) than our whole team (15). And Shaq, Baby Davis and Garnett missed a few of his passes in front of the basket. He could of had 20! I hated the way he killed us and Arroyo!

    I tip my cap to him, Lebron and the entire Celtics team!

  • QQ

    Bosh looked lost, too. The ‘What the hell is this sport, is this the one where I dribble the round orange thing’ kind of lost. As much as I hate Bron, he was the ONLY guy that showed a semblance of basketball among the _ig Three. ( I refuse to call them the Big Three until they win something)/

    Of course, it’s the fucking first game. But STILL, it IS a let down.

  • Miami Maven

    @ Tall order.

    Wade only played 3 min of the entire pre-season and had very limited practices. Of course he would look lost playing against a great defense like Boston.

    Lebron looked lost early in the game to. But he got better as it continued. Wade looked better as the game progressed as well, but he had farther to go/come from.

    They should blow out Phila today. And I’m sure Wade will do fine for Thurs game against Orlando.

  • nizzio

    I like how the Celtics are using Shaq. The Cavs never really gave him any good touches. Shaq can easily average 20pts/10rbs/2blks if he plays for over 35 minutes. Too bad he really sucks at free throw shooting and has some good centers to jack his minutes

  • JC

    Interesting that Steve Blake closed out the game. Funny how the Rockets didn’t appear to believe that they were going to win; the whole time it had this ‘too much, too soon” feeling. I thought Kobe was going to need a 5-7 more weeks. Dah well…

    As a few others have said, it’s also interesting that the Heat really weren’t that far off. Seems like that Heat have the ability to win or lose in spite of themselves. They can win in spite of a complete lack of chemistry and a lack of a PG. They can lose in spite of having an embarrassment of riches in Wade, James, Bosh. The Heat looked like what many thought the Celtics would look like after the KG and Ray joined the squad; they had some real questions at PG and C. However, I don’t think Arroyo or Chalmers are going to bust out anytime soon like Rondo did, and I doubt any of the Centers on the Heat are going to “emerge” like Perk did over time. Lastly, Wade and James play the same kind of ball. Allen and Pierce aren’t competing for touches in the same way. Allen prefers to move without the ball, whereas Pierce likes to pound it a lil more. It’ll be fun trying to watch the Heat come together. It’s either going to be a train wreck or a masterpiece.

  • Ekstor

    @39 (nizzio)

    Do you realize that the last time Shaq averaged 2 blocks was his first season with Miami and that the last time he averaged 36 minutes was his last season in Los Angeles.

    Truth is that Shaq is capable of neither the minutes nor the stats but can produce in limited time for only portions of a season.

  • drew

    @ jay thrilla

    one thing many of you are discounting when comparing the heat to the bulls. even tho the bulls had no true center, they had the worm, dennis rodman. arguably the best pound for pound interior defender EVER. the man could guard a prime shaq back in the day. bosh can’t hold his jock on defense. can you name another half decent big defender on the miami hype?

    big difference why the bulls were able to be the only team to ever win w/o a dominant offensive big.

  • http://gameplansportsinc@gmail.com VM

    The Heat looked lost because they ran no offense the whole nite. Every possession the Celtics had they ran something. With great players it’s good to run an offense cuz they will bust their butts to get there because they no they will get their shots in those spots. Spoelsta is over his head. Riley to return sooner than later.

  • QQ

    @ 39:

    DAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Shaq played well, but don’t go time machine on us,cat. 20-10-2? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.

  • Marc Polo

    Hey dime hire this Army guy. I’m an expert bball analysist.. Ok back to it. First, anybody ever heard of Harper, Jordan, and pippen?? They were the starting 1,2, and 3 for 96-98 world champs. Got me?? Mia
    I should put lebron at the one, Wade at the two and stackhouse at he three?? Sounds crazy?? But think about lebron guarding another teams point guard. It definitely would work. If Ron Harper could do it, why not??? Coach spoelstra I hope you have the balls to do so. Phil Jackson was smart Enough to go unconventional. Look where it got him, 11 bling blings, lol. You get my point though. Hit me up Dime so you can get expert analysis from this Chem Specialist serving your country at mrcsdms@yahoo.cm

  • SWAT

    one damn game and yall are writing off the heat already. wow…fickle fans.
    and i told yall htown is a problem. the backcourt of brooks and martin is going to be nice. the bullshit tech martin got tho was nuts. good ish rox…lets get tht W 2nite against GSW

  • LABallers

    everyone expected this..miami loses..people start acting like they arent shit..thing is..they kind of are even with their weak pg’s and horrible bigs (excluding z, who moves as fast as a turtle with broken legs)..wait till december/jan..when they are accustomed to playing with one another..they are gonna be scary

    but Boston is still the team to beat in the east..i hope rondo is never interviewed in life cause the little F^%( is annoying but his mind is on point..they have the right mix of players..the right system…the right coach..and they go way deeper than people think..any one of their three centers could start for miami..robinson/daniels/davis come in to give big sparks off the bench..they are gonna be real good

    we havent seen orlando play yet either..dwights supposedly got O now..no one on the heat can consider guarding him..

    i didnt expect the show to win that game cause of all the emotions and stuff..and sure didnt expect kobe to look better than hes looked all preseason and already hit big shots..but hey..thats the lakers..they win..pretty simple

    funny what a year can do..last year artest had to watch the rings being handed out to everyone but him..this year he’s right in the middle of it..hope barnes, blake, and ratliff’s ancient ass feel that same spark and want to get their rings next year too..

    its gonna be a FUN year folks..glad to be back!

  • LakeShow84

    Well people what did you expect??

    The Miami Heat said they are goin TO RUN.. What happens to a running team when they are in the halfocurt?? Foo’s make mistakes like last night.. Pretty cut and dry really.. And it was pretty funny to watch the Miami Cavalier offense develope last night.. Isnt this one of the problems many media REALISTS pointed too?? Lebron MAY just massage the ball too much.. Their best play was the kick out to Jones.. A KICK OUT LMAO sound familiar tho??

    ANYHOO it was just game 1 but like i said dont be expecting Lebron and Dwade throwin oops to each other in the playoffs.. it aint going to be beautiful unless they playin a bottom feeder team and how much pride you going to take woopin up on the Pistons??

    Anyways good win last night.. was there a doubt?? YEAH there was lol.. when Houston came out i was thinking “These foo’s been offered a sacrificial lamb and EVERYONE knows what happens when underdog teams are expected to lay over”.. they come out and hit EVERYTHING..

    But we all knew it wouldnt last forever..

    LOVIN Blake, Barnes and the new and improved Shannon Brown.. PLEASE keep that touch Shannon.. And PLEASE dont be afraid to shoot Blake.. Kid can splash em.. Loved him since Maryland..

    And anyone notice he lightweight cooled off Brooks when he came in?? Yea its lookin up alright..

    I say save AB until the AllStar break just so he can hopefully make it to April/May in good health..

    Oh and Houston is my dark horse team.. them boys got FIREPOWER.. Too bad Kevin Martin is injury prone but if he stays healthy they look pretty solid.. not too many weaknesses in that lineup..

  • Sporty-j

    Carlos Arroyo does not need to suit up for another game until playoff time Chalmers better have been hurt last night. Rondo was not even guarding Arroyo last night. Wade and Lebron will be playing the PG position most of the time so we dont need no more than 2 PGs(House and Chalmers) suiting up during the regular season especially since Arroyo cannot defend at all and cannot hit the 3 ball to save his life. Gasol, Bynum, and Odom and going to abuse Joel down low and thats why i wanted Pat Riley and Wade to end there little beef with Shaq and i still dont know why we did not sign Eric Dampier. I know Wade will be okay but Bosh was gettin schooled by Garnett, and Big baby down low. I dont want to watch us look like the Cavs offense with Lebron dominating the ball with everybody standing around watching and we did not push the ball at all last night. Spoelstra use to cry about how he had no talent besides Wade to work with and now he has all the talent in the world and does not know what to do with itjust like he use to have Beasley looking lost in this offense when he was here. We will also need Pittmans big body for teams like Orlando, Celtics, and Lakers so Wade needs to cut this buddy buudy sh!t he got going on with Magloire because we need Dampier ASAP to gel with these guys now or else i see what the EXPERTS were saying. We have enough vets on this team from Stackhouse, Howard, Big-z, Haslem, and etc so Magloire will not be missed. Wade wants Spoelstra to coach this team because he lets them out of practice 2 hrs early compared to Pat Riley who will keep there a$$ out there for 3hrs so they wont have any energy to go clubing and etc. Jeff Van Gundy and other coaches are already calling Pat Riley for Spoelstra job hes going to learn real fast what being buddy buddy with the players will get you because Wade will not even be able to save him once people start calling for his job…

  • bird

    Does Doc Rivers ever say anything other than “you must trust each other, if you trust each other you win”

  • CoolBreeze


    Must be a new basketball season with all these early post.

    Good game last night. Let’s see what Miami looks like 2 months from now. We already know Boston will be good.

    Concerning Rondo; the problem is you watched the highlights and not the game.

    About half of Rondo’s assist were off dribble penetration. And as a matter of fact, his first 5 assist were clearly off penetration. He even dribble penetrated on non-assist when Allen or KG missed shots.

    Don’t hate on the brother cause Miami closed up the paint in the 2nd half and he got several assist of of feints, fakes and slight of hands to the open man. That just shows how smart he is (and doesn’t take away or make one forget his dribble penetration).

    He just broke Miami down overall with dribble penetration (did you see that pass to Marquis Grissom late in the 3rd quarter for a layup) and then with motion, misdirection and smarts out top to Allen, Garnett and Pierce.

    Give a brother credit or don’t hate!

  • JAY

    In my opinion, Wade and Lebron will not gel like most people think. Reason being, they are both ball dominant wing players who aren’t exactly dead-eye gunslingers. (Kinda like AI playing with Melo).
    If I’m right and they can’t get it together on a consistent basis, what does Riley do?? Trade the new guy, Lebron?? or trade the guy who lured both Lebron AND Bosh???
    Can Wade get used to playing off the ball?? Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

    Here’s when some of you will call me crazy… The Bucks will beat them twice this year. Same goes with the Bobcats. And I think the Heat will go on to win 58 games this year. Definitely not more than 60. Cue the hate…..

  • JAY

    ^…and yes, I said Bobcats. lol

  • MSL

    Both Bron and Dwade need to play off the ball some.

    It will help both of them score and it will help Lebron’s big body and knees rest.

    Lebron should post up more and run and cut off of set plays. It will make him more dangerous and Miami’s scoring more efficient and un-predictable. The same goes for Wade.

    That’s how I think it will work. With neither of the dominating the ball (alternating), while the other works off of set plays or movement.

    Regarding your prediction (no hater here). Based off of last night. Yeah. They’ll win 58. But if they go out and start crushing people, are you gonna go back over 60?

    If Miami doesn’t get help down low; that could be a bigger problem as well.

    Baby Davis and Shaq had their way with us down low (though Shaq via Rondo).

    What happens if Garnett and j. O’neal got into the act?

  • MSL

    My above post was for you Jay.

  • control

    This is pretty fucking funny.

    One game. One game out of EIGHTY TWO. Already people have declared Miami a damn near lotto team, Celts the champs, and Rondo the best point guard in the world. Wrong on all accounts there…

    About Rondo, he ain’t going to get 17 assists many times this season, but he definitely will be shooting 2-9 most games of the season…

    I hope Miami plays James at PG…he’d be best point guard in the league instantly. That lets James dominate the ball, but as a facilitator, and not in a way that he’s trying to create his own shots and icing everyone else out. That plays to everyone’s strengths there.

  • QQ

    It’s not one damn game. It’s that if you’ll gonna carry the hype this was the best time to do it. The first game versus the East champs. That’s what cats are saying.

    Of course some fools it’s over for the heat. To that I say calm the fuck down.

  • jmg


    i feel you on the Bobcats being a nemesis to the Heat. if the refs let Stephen Jackson play D on LBJ without giving him all those touch fouls, they can hang with them. SJax isnt afraid of Lebron and they can put Wallace on Dwade or Bosh and he will give both fits.

  • MSL

    @ Control

    How’s Rondo not going to get 17 assist much? Can you predict that? 17 is not even his career high (while he’s increased his assist total by 2 every year in the league so far). Have you ever watched Rondo pass before?

    How’s Rondo going to shoot 2 for 9 most of the year, when he was a 53% shooter from the field last year (and over 50% for most of his career)? That’s right look it up!

    I know you kinda hatin and feeling yourself. But can you at least hold off, till it’s relevant? Rondo averaged 9.8 assist last year and will only get better.

    Lebron’s best position is not point. Because he’ll get to much wear and tear chasing the other teams point guard. And even if he doesn’t and Wade Chases the other teams point guard, he still spends to much time out top and dribbles the ball too much.

    Lebron needs to cut, play off the ball a little and post up more. Remember Scottie Pippen wasn’t a point guard, he was a point forward.

    We also can’t forget, Dwayne Wade’s career assist average is practically the same as Lebron’s (at 7 assist and Wade actually had 6 last nights to Bron’s 1, 2 or none). And Wade is quicker and lighter than Bron for the job as well.

    If Lebron wants to play the point (like you want him to); he should dedicate himself to it, and stop trying to be a scorer and handle the ball so much. Because his body is too big to take all that wear and tear I think.

  • Marc Polo

    Guaranteed celtics are champs.. Too big and too deep.. Jo, Robinson, big baby, daniels and west off the bench?? Please what other bench is better than that?? Please let me
    know.. Someone?? Anybody.. Much love to the bobcats even tho Jordan won’t spend any money

  • control


    LeBron will get too much wear and tear chasing another team’s PG? He might not be quick enough to keep in front of all the pgs in the league, but the fastest pgs in the league are so fast that NO ONE is quick enough to keep in front of them. LeBron is big enough that he can give them that extra step, because he’ll be able to snuff em from behind easy enough (it’s pretty much the only defense he has sometimes). What type of wear and tear to normal pgs put on other pgs? PGS like Nash, Billups, Fisher (haha) and Parker are old men, but still producing like beasts (cept Fish, he is just straight old, but he WAS the starting pg of the champs…).

    You telling me that Rondo is going to average 17 assists? I can easily predict he won’t…that would be breaking every assist record in history I think, I’m not going out on a limb saying he won’t do that. He might average 10-11, which will make my statement 100% true, he isn’t going to hit 17 very often (and for every 17 he has, to average 10ish, he’d have to have a few 4-6 assist games). Rondo is always putting up 2-9 and 2-12 and 2-xx nights…usually any team that just lets him have open space to jack away. He may have shot 50% from the field, but I bet he has one of the lowest fg%s from outside 10ft in the league (including free throws, haha). When you can’t shoot for jack shit, you put up a lot of bad shooting nights…or are you saying Rondo is a good shooter now?

    Rondo is a pro, he just got paid…I’m sure he can afford a jock…he don’t need you cupping his balls, so get off. It’s bad enough that Dime is being paid to put his image all over this site 24/7, like it’s a god damn Crackwhores Weekly Magazine, instead of a basketball joint.

  • Smitty313

    Lebron dominates the ball way too much. He made D-Wade turn into the new Mo Williams.

  • GenKnight

    Miami’s problem? Basketball is a five man game not a three.

    If you got ANYBODY open – pass him the ball!

    Early on Anthony was open for Miami on flashes thru the paint and what did he see – nothing. What did we see? Lebron looking for one of the other Big Two and throwing the ball away

    Bad rhythem occurs when the natural flow gets constipated.

    Doc R has got it right – “Learn to trust your team mates..”

  • AZ

    Wade looked LOST on the court with LBJ dominating the ball..Lebron dominates the ball way too much but i guess thats the only way he knows how to play. It won’t work against Boston D maybe other teams but not a laker, spurs and Magic team.

    “He made D-Wade turn into the new Mo Williams.” But with out the range on the j.

  • Tee

    Was that LeBron’s mom wearing the blinged out Ray Allen jersey? Looks like she might have moved on from Delonte to Ray Ray

  • sh!tfaced

    couldn’t tell if that was Bosh or Beasley playing for the Heat, looked like it was the same left-handed overrated bust out there…

    and shit, forget about the Lakers adding Blake and Barnes, how about Shannon adding three point accuracy to his arsenal?

  • LakeShow84


    I think CP3, Melo and Amare would mesh MUCH better than Wade, Lebron and Bosh..

  • AZ

    “Lebron’s points by Quarter: Q1-4; Q2-6; Q3-15; Q4-6. So other than the third quarter, when Pierce was out of the game, the Celtics were up 20 and resting the starters, In the fourth quarter,Lebron didn’t score a lot with the game on the line, he only scored 6 points. Like I said earlier, his stats are misleading. He played well…he wasn’t a beast.”

  • srb


    the lady wearing the shiny Ray Allen jersey was Ray’s mom, not Lebron’s mom.

  • MSL

    @ Control.

    Mmmhhhh. I see you a little angry and slipping Bro. Lol.

    I never said Rondo would average 17 assist. Remember your quote (“he ain’t going to get 17 assists many times this season”). Come on now! I just asked you how can you guarantee that? If he averages 10-12 assist he could come close again. But it was really the spirit of your post (what’s the point on you mentioning the total in the first place) more than anything else. He had a good game and he’s a top notch assist man. So what?

    The reason why he had so many assist (since you brought it up), is because when the Heat players went to help off of his penetration he passed it to the open man). Okay so he would of scored 6-10 more points and had 3-5 less assist. But the Heat knew Arroyo couldn’t guard him and try to help.

    As far as Rondo’s shooting %; Rondo shot almost 53% from the field last year. So how many 2/9 nights is he going to have, really? As a matter of fact; Rondo has been one of the best shooting fg % point guards since he’s been in the NBA. Check the numbers.

    I guess I’m riding Rondo’s nuts; as much as your providing mis-information and hate. Isn’t it obvious. Just relax Man it’s only basketball!

    As far as Lebron playing the point. I was clear. I don’t think Lebron can guard the Rondo’s, etc. at the point guard position. He’s fast running the court. But Lebron is not quick (at least for a point guard).

    And do you think that at this age/stage of his career, Lebron can pound the ball once past half court, set up his offense from behind the arc and try to dribble penetrate from 20 ft away (or more bull his way) into the paint repeatedly in his career and last long?

    Now, I know Wade is there to help that. But your post was about Lebron playing the point guard position.

    It’s a nice thought though. But why you think that practically every small forward and off guards that can dribble, set up and pass the ball either get moved to off guard or small forward? Cause it’s too much work. Same reason why a lot of soft centers don’t want to play Center. It’s too physical for them. Name me another Magic Johnson if you can? There are none (Maybe Michael J Richardson from the Nets at 6’4″+ and Robert Reid of the Rockets, who was 6’8″)! And you noticed neither Magic, Michael J or Robert Reid were big scorers? Too much work to do both (pass and score a lot of points, with true point responsibilities). Didn’t you get the memo? The NBA tried that in the eighties and early nineties after Magic.

    I think Wade and Lebron should share the ball handling, to enhance both players games off screens, cuts, motion, quick passing and running sets.

  • Sporty-j

    Its not that its just 1 game and who have 81 more to go. I have been watching Spoelstra closely for the past 3 years and im telling you the dude cannot coach. He was just throwing the ball into the post for Bosh to go 1 on 1. James looked like he was wearing a Cavs uniform again and he needs to learn how to play off the ball to and work on his post game and fadaway game. That was not coaching at all last night and it looked like street ball. Wade is the only player i will excuse since hes been out but there was no excuse for the rest of our players to look the way they did last night and its as if Spoelstra does not no how to create a play to get Beasley or whoever easy baskets. Spoelstra best play call since hes been the coach is to just give Wade the ball and move out the way. Thats not coaching and they can pay me to call plays like that. Spoelstra only had south florida to see his flaws as a head coach and now he has the whole world to see it magnified by 10. No way hes going to out coach Doc Rivers or Phil Jackson in the future especially since there teams dont have any flaws like we do at the 1 and 5 position. I know Wade is a loyal person and he loves Spoelstra to death. But dude has been out of his league for years. I know he also wants Magloire on this team but we have to make room for Dampier and groom Pittman for the playoffs also. He had a chance to make a first impress that he has what it takes to coach this team and if Pierce would not have gotten hurt. It would have been a blowout…

  • MSL

    @ AZ

    Good point on Lebron’s scoring. I just looked at it that the Celtics took it easy (and yes they did rest Garnett, Shaq and Pierce) and did’t want to blow out the Heat.

    No need to get those guys mad unnecessarily and give them something to shoot for.

  • NYC

    @ Sporty J

    I heard that!!

    Your comments/insight on Spoelstra and if Pierce didn’t get hurt, made a lot of sense (and me think).