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Deron Williams hates the Lakers; Kobe says he’d beat LeBron “easy”

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Nobody told us beforehand that yesterday was National Talkin’ Reckless Day in the NBA. With the preseason getting underway in a few hours (Knicks vs. Armani Milano, 12:30 p.m. EST), guys are understandably getting antsy and competitive, and the League’s superstars weren’t immune to lapses in diplomacy … “I hate the Lakers.” That was Deron Williams, telling the Salt Lake Tribune precisely how he feels about the team that ended his championship chase three years in a row. “They’re so good,” D-Will added. “I hate them because they win all the time. They’re a tough team. We definitely talk about it. It’s not a secret. We hate the Lakers.” Hopefully the feeling is mutual. We’re not advocating on-court brawls or anything — although we could see Paul Millsap and Ron Artest swinging at each other while Sasha Vujacic does like Jeff Van Gundy and hangs on somebody’s leg — but the NBA could use a few blood rivalries these days … Kobe Bryant had his reckless ratchet aimed somewhere else, though. In London prepping for L.A.’s preseason opener against the Wolves, Kobe was making an appearance at a school opening when a fan asked who would win 1-on-1 between him and LeBron. “I’d win. I’d win,” Kobe said without a hint of comedy. “That’s what I do. One-on-one, that’s easy for me, you know? Playing 1-on-1 is how I grew up playing. It’s like my thing. LeBron is more like a Magic Johnson; he’s a great passer and plays and all-around game. At the core of me, I’m a 1-on-1. I’d do that in my sleep.” Whoa. Theoretically, Kobe is right. He’s a natural scorer, while LeBron is a natural playmaker. But damn, usually guys will dance around a question like that. Where are the people at Taco Bell to make this happen via pay-per-view? It could be the sequel to that Shaq vs. Hakeem thing back in the day … Rajon Rondo was feeling bold, too, declaring himself the best point guard in the world. “I play the game to prove to everybody amongst my peers that I’m the best,” Rondo was quoted by the Boston Globe. “Hands down. No speculation. ‘Oh, he may be top three, top five, top 10.’ No, I’m the best.” Well, he does have the ring — and it’s not like he was just standing in a corner, as he slapped up 21 points, 8 dimes and 6 steals in that ’08 title clincher — and will vie for the League lead in steals and assists every year. What do you think? … Maybe guys are just getting all the reckless talk out of their systems now, given the announcement that the NBA will start charging double what they have in the past for fines that come via technical fouls. A player/coach will pay $2,000 for each of his first five techs of the season, then $3,000 for techs six through 10. The 11th through 15th techs will coast $4,000 a pop, then it goes up to $5,000 with suspensions involved if they keep going past 15 techs. And seeing as the refs are supposed to crack down harder on post-whistle antics this year, basically Kobe and Dwight Howard (NBA leader in T’s last season) may as well axe that playoff bonus check out of their 2011 budgets … The Amar’e Stoudemire era in New York tips off today in a game that was originally designed to give Danilo Gallinari some shine. The AJ Milano (Italy) squad features Oleksiy “Buckets” Pecherov, former UPenn star Ibrahim Jaaber, and Temple alum David Hawkins. The Knicks will roll out the Ray Felton/Amar’e pick-and-roll combo for the first time, we’ll see if Anthony Randolph can start living up to his potential, and Gallo might jack about 25 shots … The Nets play Maccabi Haifa (Israel) at 7 p.m. EST. Haifa has Virginia’s Sylven Landesberg, Washington State’s Derrick Low, Indiana’s Marco Killingsworth, and Louisville’s Larry O’Bannon. The Nets won’t have Carmelo, but Troy Murphy is a solid consolation prize, right? Right? … We’re out like Shaq vs. Hakeem …

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  • lifep

    Nobody told us beforehand that yesterday was National Talkin’ Reckless Day in the NBA.

    Psych 101

  • Mr. TKO

    Don’t have a problem wit what Deron or Kobe or Rondo Said…. It seems like the right thing to say.

    Deron can like Kobe personally and hate the Lakers, cuz I don’t wanna see no nba players not giving a 100% just cuz they have friends on the other squad

    Kobe, I think that he laid out why he would win perfectly. a 1 on 1 game would play to his strengths perfectly IMO

    Rondo, personally I think Deron is the best but every top tier player should think they’re the best and strive to keep being the best. Plus if you’re gonna say that you’re the best have the hardware to back it up. Rondo thiks he’s the best and he has a ring, even if he’s wrong I’m sure every Boston fan is happy to hear that Rondo gots that fire in him.

  • ricky ross

    yes kobe what a bossman he said it. its true kobe is the best scorer lebron is more of a playmaker. as for rondo .. its tough definetly one of the top pg in the league top 3 for sure. i go nash, deron, then rondo.. that is my opinion.

  • Clement

    Agree with what Kobe and Deron said. Rondo must be on crack. How can you be best PG when u can’t even shoot.

  • Mtx

    Wow… talk about a sensationalist headline

  • Mtx


    Why can’t he be the best PG? all this talk about his shooting is pure hating. people hate him cuz he’s a winner. basketball isnt only about shooting

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    he can’t even shoot and he’s still a top 5 point guard, how damn impressive is that? that’s amazing all by itself.

    who we got in the Top 10 (order if you want, but I didn’t – kind of interested in what people think)?

    deron, nash, rondo, paul, rose, westbrook, billups, parker, kidd, gil?

  • http://dimemag.com tealish

    @MTX — uhh…how is it sensationalist? Those are exact quotes in their proper context.

  • mattress

    i normally don’t get involved in this point guard debate but here is THE top 5 pgs…

    1. D-will (More durable than CP)
    3.Derek Rose
    4.Steve Nash
    5. Rajon Rondo followed closely by russel westbrook and tyreke evans. John wall could crack the list this season.

    There it is ladies and gents.


    ROFL @ Sasha clinging to an ankle!!!

    He is SUCH a bitch

  • Soopa

    I watched Real Traning Camp: Heat today and i gotta get this out in cyberspace:

    Jamal Magloire air balled back to back free throws!

    How he keeps himself in the NBA is one of the most underrated stories this decade.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    The players must be doing everything to garner attention to avoid a lockout or something. CP3 and Melo askin for trades then reniging. The new 3 in MIA. Rose saying he wants to be MvP. Durant poppin ish about MIAs big 3. Now Deron, Kobe takin jabs. Rondo should be tested for drugs. Only coke can make u talk like that. Preseason coming baby! I been waiting on the 2011 season to start for 2yrs now. The new NBA is upon the horizon.

  • common sense

    rondo would and should be tops if not for the obvious but its such a big ‘IF’. Lebron would simply run through Kobe and dunk on every play whilst kobe tries to hit his impossible fade aways. Lets face it. Kobe is an all time top 10 talent but he has had stacked squads with the best big men, the best coach and good role players for almost all of his career. Put lebron and wade in the same situation and theyd have more chips by way of handling the Shaq/Kobe feud more responsilby and being more of a playmaker to the ultimate finisher which was Shaw Diesel.

    Kobe can talk all the smack he wants but he got lucky to be in the right place at the right time.. Look at Chris Paul.. thats called a bad situation.

  • ab40

    who is this shaw diesel you are talking about?

  • superfreak

    lol @ the machine, jvg line… cold..

    and rondo’s on crack.

  • john

    10 Best PG in the NBA today –

    1 – Deron
    2 – CP3
    3 – Nash
    4 – Rondo
    5 – Billups
    6 – Parker
    7 – Westbrook
    8 – Rose
    9 – Jason Kidd
    10 – Baron Davis/Jameer Nelson

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    Kobe rules.

  • Miami6

    I would also be the best PG if I was riding the coattails of 3 future HOFs. Rondo is def sippin that syrup or sumthin

  • control

    This really was National Reckless/Crack Addled Talk Day.

    Deron’s talk, that’s cool. It’s great to hate the champion an want to talk em out. That’s how you get into a position to be a champion yourself.

    Kobe…he might beat LeBron 1on1, but it would be close, not “easy”. I personally think LeBron would probably win, just because he’s faster and stronger than Kobe, and though he’s not as skilled, his brute force is just so impressive.

    Rondo, well, he’s purely on crack. Every time the guy opens his mouth, he’s confirming he’s a delusional crackhead. People have to quit saying “oh, he has a ring” as a reason why he can be justified in talking like that. Derek Fisher has a handful of rings, Tony Parker has rings, Billups has a ring (and Finals MVP), and who was the PG on the Heat’s championship team? Jason Williams? A team accomplishment doesn’t define you as the best player at your position. Trade Rondo for a solid 5-6 other pgs in the league, and Boston probably would have won the championship this year. Put 10-12 other point guards in Rondo’s position during the 2008 run, and they’d have rings too. Fuck Rondo, guy is a fucking crackhead. You can argue him out of the top 5 pgs easy.

  • Da Dajal

    I played mj vs kobe 1on1 usin mj on nba 2k11..it was close but mike is more accurate with his j..i used early 90s jordan..prime jordan..nba 2k11 all d way!!

  • Cha-Ching

    First, F da jazz, g state, portland, thuggets, the throw together heat, and especially the green garbage. LA baby! But thats just me. Kobe by 5 in a 21 vs. Bron. Kobe will make it rain on dude. Kobe in a varsity or 32 would hurt some feelings. I’m pretty even with Rondo, CP, and Deron running point. I would have Deron taking the last shot thou.

  • Cha-Ching

    Almost forgot. GO BEARS, 4-0 BABY!!!! Damn its getting cold again in the Chi.

  • silverselectjd

    seems like common sense has the special ability to see alternative history! You can’t say LBJ wasn’t in a good situation when he HIS teams had the best record in the L. If we are gonna hold having a good coach against a player than Jordan better return his 6 rings, same goes for Pippen and even Bill Russell. Cmon now, let’s not assume that LBJ is an all around good guy who when the situation arises will always do the right thing. Judging by the decision and him now trying to defend himself by playing the race card, LBJ is defo not a better person than Kobe.

  • RC

    Yeah Shaq vs Hakeem tv special back in the 90’s what happened to that?

    Rondo has a point on what he said. He was the best player on the best team in east last year and he is the only point guard in the top 5 who can say that.

    I think Kobe said it right he will kill Lebron on one on one. But on the other hand it’s interesting to know Melo would kill Kobe one on one. He did it in the playoffs in 08

  • kudos

    lebron could just run through kobe and dunk on him?? It hasn’t happened during LBJ’s ENTIRE career but you think it could happen now? That’s hilarious.

  • DNice

    Rondo would be the best point guard if the best point guard means, can’t shot for S*it and fighting Kirk Hinrich and being an overall B”tch.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I like Rondo, but I don’t like Rondo’s ego. If it was confidence, sure…great. But Rondo loves him some Rondo, and a bit too much.

    If he could shoot free throws and hit shots at a high percentage then I would probably not have a problem with what he’s saying. but he doesn’t

  • Rick James

    First off, Deron Williams is cool with Kobe because the were both helped the Redeem Team win the gold medal. Its a good thing that he has that fire in him to see the Lakers as the enemy because they sent him fishing the last 3 years.

    Second, Kobe is the most skilled/fundamentally-sound player in the league by far. LeBron is bigger/faster than almost everybody who tries to guard him, but Kobe is on a different level than LeBron. Kobe makes the most difficult/impossible shots and makes them look easy. He would’ve scored 81 points 3 times, but the other 2 games were blowouts after 3 quarters (1 against the Mavericks).

    Finally, Rondo is Crazzzzzzzzzzyyy!!!!! He was SELF-CHECKED in the finals! LMAO. If you swap out Rondo with about 5 point guards in the league they would’ve beaten LA in the finals even without Perkins being healthy.

    Top PGs
    1. Deron Williams
    2. Christopher Paul
    3. Steve Nash (he’s still nice)
    4. Rajon Rondo
    5. Derrick Rose
    6. Chauncey Billups (he shoots too many pull-up 3’s)
    7. Russell Westbrook

    Side Notes:
    Don’t let that championship that Rondo won 2 years ago fool anybody (he was the 4th best player on the team then).
    And Common Sense really, Kobe got lucky to be in the right place at the right time?? What about Jordan??? Dennis Rodman the best Shot Blocker/Rebounder of All Time!!!!! + Scottie Pippen the best 2nd best player EVER!!!! Most players would became the #1 for another team.

  • DNice

    I hate the Celtics

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    @Control, yeh many of these guys must not play or have played against supreme athletes like Lebron. Even with Kobe having an advantage in skill, in a one on one LBJ would get at him. The speed and strength would kill Kobe and even he knws that. But as an athlete and a competitor Kobe will say he can beat anybody in a one on one. And im not even touching that top pg list. I will say that Rondo WAS NOT the best player in Bos and anyone who thinks he was doesnt knw WTF they talking bout. Pierce, Kg, Ray THEN Rondo.

  • MrFreezy

    the fact that a bitch like vujacic is with a woman like maria sharapova makes me detest him that much more

  • 76ers fan

    Top point guards in order

    1.Deron Williams
    2.Chris Paul
    3.Steve Nash
    4.Jason Kidd
    5.Chauncey Billups
    6.Stephen Curry
    7.Rajon Rondo
    8.Derrick Rose

    To Rondo: Learn how to shoot than we can talk.
    If any of those other point guards were on the Celtics they would have won a ring too.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com/ Chise

    D-Will better beat the Lakers, how many times have they sent him home for the summer?

    Kobe would beat LeBron in his sleep. So would Melo, and maybe even KD.

    I love Rondo, nigga is sick. But best PG? Nah…. He’s got too much around him to just ignore that. Imagine if D-Will was in bean town? What about CP3? Steve Nash aint NEVER play a lick of D so I’m not even gonna mention him, but Rondo is top 5, he’s in that 2nd tier of superstar 1’s along with D-Rose and Russ Westbrook.

    I’m out like Timmy Hardaway…

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com/ Chise

    D-Will better HATE* the Lakers**

  • Stunnaboy09

    D-Will better say that, I wish every player hates every other team. Makes for some good basketball. I’m pretty sure Bird and Magic hated the Lakers/Celtics even though they were tight.

    Kobe saying he the best? I agree with him that a 1-1 game would cater to his strengths but LeBron is a physical BEAST and I could see him driving past him every time. I really think they should do a 1-1 tournament in the All-Star weekend.

    Rondo? I think we all know he aint the best PG in the league and maybe a top 5 (I’m not even going to bring up the lists)but if this is what motivates him (proving to everyone hes the best) then who am i to complain. More power to him I guess.

  • Dagger

    I love what Kobe said. I might not agree, given Lebron’s enormous advantage in size, speed, and athleticism (and the fact that Kobe has huge problems with much bigger players) – but I like that Kobe said it. I even like what Rondo said, except for his insinuation that rings are indicative of skill level, which is just stupid.

  • Conoro

    LMAO @ silverselectjd.


    James may have all the strength, speed, and athleticism in the world, but he is a very linear basketball player. Once Bryant would grab hold of his patterns, it would only be a matter of time.

    Kobe WOULD struggle against Anthony due to the size/creativity/skill aspect, but he would come out on top simply due to superior ability once again.

  • Conoro

    And for any trolls potentially disagreeing with the “linear” assertion, all I ask is that you watch Marv Albert nearly having an orgasm over LeBron jab-stepping at one point this year…

    And it’s not like he went anywhere. He just jab stepped. Over and over again.

    Lack of creativity.

  • nillio

    What’s to stop Lebron from just backing Kobe down every single time and just dunking it? Kobe would not be strong or big enough to stop it. Isn’t that one advantage alone all he needs to win?

  • NoComp

    @Nillo – Lebron backing down Kobe? It would be possible IF Lebron knew how. The dude has got little to no post game.

    Kobe’s creativity and skill set from the arc, midrange and post is far superior to Lebron’s.

    Now if we talkin’ Melo backing down Kobe in the post, different story.

  • Mtx


    lebron is bigger and stronger than a lot of PFs in the league, let alone the SFs and i’ve never seen him post up anybody. he doesnt have the footwork to do that

  • Stunnaboy09

    You think Kobe could stop Bron from driving down and just getting those crazy running back layups on him?

    I’m just saying it would be crazy to watch and extremely close. I would much rather see Kobe/Wade though.

  • slick ric

    People are getting out of control, no point in this league or for the last ten years has been better than CP3. I know he was injured last year but if he stays healthy he going to get that title back easily. the only thing with Chris is his size, other than that he has the total package unlike other point guards.

  • Ian

    rick james
    actually yeah jordan was in the same situation and rodman best shotblocker??

    i kinda agree with you

    nah bron doesnt have to back up kobe he would just run thru him and there is zero chance on kobe beating melo one on one.

    parker (yeah i said it he was injured last year but hes the one pg that has beaten all the others in the playoffs)

  • jnuh

    How is it that the ‘best point guard in the world’ can’t even make his own national team?

    Is Rondo holding out for Space Jam or something?

    The “I’ve got a ring” schtick only works in video game commercials.

  • K Dizzle

    Some of you posters need to grab a basketball and head to the nearest HALFCOURT catquick and play some one-on-one.
    I’m readin way too much junk like Lebron would “just run thru Kobe over and over”.
    Basketball, not football. Kobe’s a 1st team defender in a team setting. If he’s only focussed on Lebron with no picks comin and knowin Lebron gotta shoot? Pfft. You think he wouldn’t just just guard Lebron by makin him go left(he won’t) and sittin in the paint and let him shoot jumpers(he can’t). Rajon Rondo got some stupid quicks too. How’d he do in the Finals? No jumpshot and Kobe guardin him 10 feet away, chillin in the paint, but Lebron just gonna dribble twice and NBA JAM him…ok. I know lebron’s a sick athlete, but so’s Gerald Green and I couldn’t see him beating even Steve Nash in one-on-one. There’s more to basketball than running and jumping. Give some credit to playing the game, not just being a great athlete. Gettin a running start works real good in a full court game. Beatin your man one on one and getting layups ain’t that easy in the halfcourt . As it is, you gotta shoot for ball, so Lebron ain’t even gonna see the offensive end of the game…but at least he can run really fast and can jump really high…SMFH. Please.

    Props to DWill for being the man Laker fans know he is and just tellin it like it should be. Dude kills the lakers whenever they play and they always fall short cyuz his team really don’t step up. Hell yeah he should be like “F**k the Lakers. Kill em if I could.”
    Rather than being like certain other players and leaving your team to go play with his buddies, DWill would rather take HIS team to the top. As a Laker fan, nuthin but props for that dude.

  • darkness

    Lebron would beat Kobe quite easily IMO, as would Wade, Melo, and Durant.

    Kobe acting like he is the only NBA player that grew up playing 1 on 1 is ignorant beyond belief. Anyone who has ever touched a basketball has probably played one on one at some point against their friends. I guarantee Lebron has spent just as much time playing 1-on-1 in his lifetime.

    Wasn’t there a quote by CDR before he came into the league, saying he had never lost a game of one on one in his life. For all the Derrick Rose fanboys, that means CDR was torching their boy everyday in practice. Does this mean CDR is a better player than rose, hell no, it just shows how irrelevant 1 on 1 is when measuring a players skills, or how they contribute to a team.

    As for the PG argument, I think the top 5 are Paul, Williams, Rondo, Parker, and Nash, and that they can be ranked interchangeably, with Billups being a close number 6.

    Within these 5 I think you can make arguments for any ordering, as they all play different roles on their teams.

    I would be happy with either of them, and if I had to specifically choose one, my decision would be heavily based on which players I already had on my team.

    PS. Its funny how everyone is sleeping on CP3 because he was injured last year. In case you all forgot, he was the rightful MVP of the league the year Kobe won, and has been one of the best PG’s and a stat monster for the past couple of seasons. Stat wise CP3 is the best PG, hands down, but, he is injury prone and comparing stats is a stupid way of compare players would are close to equal.

  • Stunnaboy09


    You just described 2004 LeBron, 2010 LeBron is a different beast. His IQ is incredibly high now and his mid range J is solid. Besides play off him and all you have is Bron running at you at full speed. Scary.

    Also you think Kobe would simply score on Bron all day? He’s also All-D first team, don’t forget that.

  • s.bucketz

    dunno if any1 mentioned it…carlos boozer broke his hand is out for up to 8 weeks..

    knicks beat milano..stoudemire dropped 32 and gallinari had 24 and 7 boards…lets go ny!!

  • control

    K Dizzle

    Since you are a Laker’s fan, you are of course going to say Kobe would beat LeBron without any difficulty. You can’t be talking like LeBron doesn’t have any basketball skills at all. Basically, Kobe is like 10/10 skills, 7/10 physical. LeBron is like 10/10 physical (if not more) and 8.5/10 skills. It’s not like LeBron would just run all over Kobe, but he has so much athletic gifts over Kobe that it would probably give him the advantage. Kobe is a great player, but I don’t think he’s the best 1on1 player in the NBA.

    If you’ve ever played someone who you’ve been both stronger and faster than, then you know how much that counts for. I know I’ve played some 1on1s where I have completely raped guys who had more technical skill than me, just because I was both quicker and stronger than they were.

  • Sporty-j

    LETS SEE!!! Kobe has 9 fingers that work now. Has had to knee operations. Is 32 yrs old and has lost about 2 steps in my opinion. I like dudes Heart because he trying to follow in the footsteps Jordan with his toughness and ego. But Lebron will literally dunk Kobe in the GOAL. Kobe 7yrs younger and i would pay to watch them play. But right now it would be a waste of time. Of course D.Williams is not suppose to like the Lakers and unless Rondo develpoes a jump shot. He will never be considered the best PG even though he could be considered the IF he does develope 1. Kobe would have a hard time from stoping Ron Artest from scoring at will on him down low 1 on 1. Just imagine what “JUGGERNAUT” Lebron would do to SR Kobe and dimes need to start a who would win 1 on 1 forum going until the season start… Who would Ultimately be crowned CHAMP???

  • Conoro

    Well Ian, I guess if you say that you must be right.

    “Run through”? Have you ever PLAYED basketball before? Running THROUGH people usually constitutes a foul. Out-performing said people (ie, having a higher skill level)by out-maneuvering is something that will get you a win nine times out of ten.

    Kobe Bryant is the same guy who pulled Dwight Howard down the the floor during the Finals in 2009. Don’t talk to me about strength and running through, over, or around people and Bryant having any problem with it.

  • Mo

    “and it’s not like he was just standing in a corner, as he slapped up 21 points, 8 dimes and 6 steals in that ’08 title clincher”

    No but it’s not like teams don’t give him the room to do what he wants. They allow him to shoot because they’d rather focus on the Big 3.

    Rondo needs to shut up. He could never carry a team. He fits his role perfectly in Boston.

    #3 is on the way. Maximize your screen and turn your speakers up because it’s obvious some of ya’ll have forgotten. Chris Paul would avg at least 12apg playing with those guys.

  • Mo
  • Mo

    Figure this, I know a guy should think he’s the best, even if he knows deep down in his mind body and soul that he isn’t, if that motivates a guy then fine. But I also feel that if one is truly the best, they don’t need to say it. Because if they truly were the best, there would be the multitudes and masses of people out there saying it for them.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control – why’s it gotta be cuz I’m a Laker fan? It’s got nothing to do with that. Kobe would get worked by Melo, Durant and would have to be on his one-on-one game to beat Brandon Roy or DWade. I made an objective post based on the last time I saw Kobe and the last time I saw Lebron. Kobe wasn’t hittin his j, but was takin boards from centers and 4s so I know he can bang. Lebron claimed an elbow injury and faded into the night. This is the first summer Kobe’s been off his feet in 3 years and I never once used the word “easy”.
    Just like you’ve said that you’ve killed dudes because you were faster and stronger, you’ve also been beaten by guys who “fundamentaled” you to death, even tho you were faster and stronger Kobe/Tim Duncan styles. It’s the ability to make adjustments when teams figure out you’re more athletic that allows for either side to win on any given day.
    Basically, look at it from body sizes and relative stytle of play. If ’98 Michael Jordan played Karl Malone, but Karl has no postup and reliable jumper, but was superquick with hops and solid handles(think young Barkley), who would you pick?
    Either way, it would be close. I don’t like readin that Lebron would win cuz all he’d have to do is just run over Kobe and just dunk on him. That’s insulting to real basketball fans and players alike.

    @ Stunna – I’m gonna disagree that Bron’s mid range j is solid now. He’s still the same streak shooter he was since ’07. He’ll get hot like the one night in Milwaukee, but he still reverts back to 2004 Bron when he misses a couple in a row and then he’ll stop shootin. Real shooters “always know” the next one goin in. He might have that confidence now, but I haven’t seen it yet. And I wouldn’t be scared of playin off him in a halfcourt setting. How much speed are you gonna build up from the 3 to the free throw line? I’ll give you the IQ cuz that’s always been high.

  • Rick James

    Ok Ian i might’ve gotten carried away and said Rodman was a great shot blocker, but him and pippen were great defenders.

    Lol at Tony Parker being ur 2nd pick. The NBA needs to test Rondo for drugs for his comments and that guy who put Stephen Curry in the top 5.

    I’m a Kobe fan but Melo is the the truth!!!!

    I can’t wait for basketball season, I just wish the NBA League Pass was in High-Def!!!!

  • Rick James

    Ok Ian i might’ve gotten carried away and said Rodman was a great shot blocker, but him and pippen were great defenders.

    Lol at Tony Parker being ur 2nd pick. The NBA needs to test Rondo for drugs for his comments and that guy who put Stephen Curry in the top 5.

    I’m a Kobe fan but Melo is the the truth!!!!

    I can’t wait for basketball season, I just wish the NBA League Pass was in High-Def!!!!

  • chief youngblood

    kobe would send lebron into psycho-therapy

  • Stunnaboy09


    The space from the 3 point line to the free throw line is enough for a two step head start on Kobe. You really think Kobe is gonna catch up to an already moving Bron coming at him. I think not, Kobe would play him straight up and I think Bron would out muscle him there. On the other end Kobe is gonna be shooting jumpers all day long, if hes hot Kobe takes it if not Bron wins.

    Btw Bron shot a better 3 point percentage (.333% to .329% for Kobe)while shooting more (387 to Kobe’s 301). And remember most of them were off the dribble. His J has improved VASTLY in his time in the league.

    Now if only he could work on that post game…

  • Ian

    apparently you didnt get the point but its ok and if what i say its the final word then dont reply to my posts.

    rick james
    im sorry tell me what my pick should be?? dude without rings?? dude without a finals mvp?? dude who misses the playoffs?? before last season injuries he was considered a top three pg. goh. tell what i posted that was a lie about him?

  • dcope

    chicagorilla ur an idiot speed and strenght u bufoon one on one is half court that’s your hate talking. Damn this generation is loaded with haters. Yall can’t even recognize greatness. Kobe’s skill set and will to win far exceeds lebrons. Evidenced by Kobe staying in LA when times were way worse than anything Lebron has ever seen in the L. He was shouldering a team full of bums to 40 plus win seasons. Lebron has never had a team full of starters that consisted of the likes of Smush Parker(aint even in the league no more)Brian Cook,Luke Walton and Kwame Brown. Stop with the excuses for Lebron he’s not who you guys hyped him to be. Kobe wins that one on one game easy. Great point on that early post that Kobe would’ve have scored 80 points three times had those other 2 games not been blow outs especially that 62 points against dallas through 3 quarters. Never has there ever been a more prolific scorer than this cat and Kobe is a better half court defender.All NBA defensive team too many times to count.How many time has Lebron been?1 maybe 2 times

  • dcope

    Stunnaboy09 are you serious are you comparing Lebron shooting a little over a percentile better than Kobe from 3 while Kobe was shooting with 3 good digits on his shooting hand?LMAO.Yall cats are a mess…generation of haters damn…you know its bad when cats hatred drive them to say the most ignorant things. I was talking to my dude and we both are students of the games for quite a long time and its pretty obvious yall younger cats are quite the hating generation, anti-complimentary ass young cats.Even Bird who hated Magic during the midst of there rivalry after losing to the Lakers in the finals in Boston said Magic is the best player he’s ever played against.That’s respect for the game despite hate…this cat lost to Magic in college and at the pro-level and was one of the most competitive cats to ever play the game but he still gave respect. Yall cats need to get on that respect the game shit and stop hating so much. Especially you chicogorilla hating ass bitch.

  • control


    Yeah, you are right about being objective, you didn’t say it would be easy or anything. I still kinda disagree about Kobe winning though, I think it would be close but with LeBron having slight edge.


    Tony Parker is good, but he’s like 4 or 5, 2nd over Nash, Paul or Williams is being a homer pick ;)

    If LeBron plays PG this year, I think he will be the best PG in the league by far, no question. The guy has court vision and passing IQ matched only by Nash and Kidd.

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ dcope

    Your post is full of so much stupid its hilarious to me. I love watching Kobe cock suckers operate, always finding excuses as to why he is the best player. He is 32 years old coming of a season with horrible fingers, bad knees and a bag back. LeBron is almost at his physical peak and is top-10 fastest and strongest players in the league. So your willing to tell me you are 100% confident Kobe takes him every time.

    Yeah I did compare Bron shooting a better percentage than Kobe. Because he did, with hell, 50% off the dribble. That is crazy, and one thing he did better than Kobe last year.

    Why can’t Kobe fans admit that at this day and age he wouldn’t be able to handle younger quicker people. Bron aint no Gerald Green and is one of the most skilled people in the league. Most Kobe ALWAYS win?

  • Stunnaboy09

    Also adrresing 2 other points on your post

    1) Kobe DEMANDED a trade away from the Lakers. On national radio. He was about to go to the Clippers even, he wanted out that bad. LA gets Gasol and then BAM! he loves LA again.

    2)LeBron’s starting 5 in the 2007 Playoffs
    PG: Daniel Gibson (8.3/1.6/1.1)
    SG: Larry Hughes (Mr. 11.3/3.9/2.4 shooting .347%)
    SF: LeBron James (25.1/8.1/8.0)
    PF: Drew Gooden (11.4/8.0/1.0)
    C: Big Z (12.6/9.7/0.7)

    Ever since AI, has no one ever done more with less.

    Kobe is a PHENOMENAL player and I love him way more than LeDouche now (that’s a lie they pretty much tie) but the way some guys jock him is ridiculous.

    since 2007 LeBron > Kobe

  • basketball drugs

    Just wanna say Kobe is number #1. This dude went from rookie who warmed seats to a guy that dropped 81 on the overhyped Chris Bosh (or have you forgotten!), to scoring pure insanity against PHX this last playoff series where even Coach Gentry (and DWade in the audience!) couldn’t help but laugh, as well going for his second threepeat.

    There ain’t no denying Kobe is still hot shit and i’m gonna keep watching and going to parades because the team looks just as solid if not better than last year.

    As for the 1 on 1, being physical plays a huge part (I know, i’ve woken up feeling manhandled) BUT when it comes down the stretch of a game of 21, the game slows and skill, footwork and technique comes into play and takesover.

    Bron has had 7 years to learn something new but the dude believes his own hype. Even Durant has shown way more determination to win than Lebron, probably why I ended up being a fan of his this last playoffs (but Lakers for life YEAH).

  • http://www.nba.com Justin

    Wow Dime, way to manipulate words like typical media outlets. Kobe saying 1 on 1 comes easy for him isnt even close to him saying he’d “beat LeBron 1 on 1 ‘easy'” as you guys put it.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com/ Chise


    He said “I could do that in my sleep”

  • http://recoverthegospel.com Eddie

    i thought cats forgot about that taco bell thing, lol. They really should do that tho. It will settle a lot of disputes as to the “who’s better” arguments. But I think dudes have too big of an ego and too big of a reputation and paycheck to uphold to do that.

  • Ian

    hehehe i know its a homer pick (like the laker fans pic of kobe beating bron one on one right now)
    but no one has him on any list and they have guys like westbrook and shit like that that still havent won a playoff series.

    nash is 1 not williams for me and parker i have at 4 on my real list.

    dont waste your time the bron haters swear on their mother that bron has had championship quality teammates. give him kobes cast and they might win 84 games.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    lol so it’s just Laker fans pickin Kobe huh?

    Here’s one for you:

    Timmy vs Dwight Howard. To 11.

    Who you got?

  • Conoro

    What incredibly insightful point that I couldn’t possibly understand was it that you were trying to make, Ian?

  • Ian

    really you still on that??

    of course its a homer pick and i dont even think its gonna be close. how can kobe stop him?? with what??

    now to your question i have no idea how that game will play out right now but if td cant score on howard the game will last at least 4 hours cuz you ve seen howard on the offense end if he cant dunk right?
    now both in their primes td woops him 11-2 (2dunks)

  • KyBaller

    Wow. The hate on Rondo is tremendous on this board. He was doing what ANY pro athlete (or athlete in general) should do. Whenever I stepped (past tense…43 yrs old now) I felt like NOBODY on the court could do shyt with me. You don’t beat me…I lose! Again, I am biased as I coached Rajon in HS for 3 years. I will say he is probably top 5. I see most of you all post how KG is washed up and Ray-Ray is strictly a jump shooter now and PP cries to much. All Rajon does is play and win. The best is all relative to your team needs…Boston needed a distributing PG not a scoring PG and they got a very, very good one. If a team needed a scoring PG then he would definitely not be the exact fit although he scores very well and consistently). Williams is a much better scorer but thats what HIS team needs him to do. When KG went down Rondo damn near averaged a triple double. If he can’t “shoot” then why does he score so easily? There are a WHOLE of non-shooting scorers in the league they just get it done. On a team like the Celtics give me a REBOUNDING, distributing PG over a score first PG. I like all those other PG’s as well just I go by my teams needs not my personal wishes. #jmo# But I am looking forward to really good NBA seaason this year…should be fun to watch. And I LOVE the trash talk…now show the cohones to back it up!!!

  • CTP

    Not sure how Rondo thinks he is better than D Will or CP3… Rondo is sick, but like everyone else says, dude has zero jump shot. He cant even consistently shoot ft’s..

    I love Derons comments, and agree that the NBA needs more competitive rivals!

  • Nizzio

    Didnt rondo shoot like 12% of his free throws during the finals? He can pass and he can steal, but shit man get some of ur shots in!