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Dime #59: Kevin Durant rules the world. Imagine that.

Sometimes, when we’re putting together an issue of Dime, it develops its own in-house nickname during the process. When we had Rajon Rondo on the cover of Dime #56, for example, along with features on Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, we started calling it the “Point Guard Issue.” Or way back in Dime #29, when Gilbert Arenas graced the cover in his chip-on-his-shoulder prime and the perpetually underrated Shawn Marion was also featured, we called it the “Respect Issue” amongst ourselves. Dime #59, on newsstands now, could have been called the “Quiet Storm Issue.”

Kevin Durant makes his third appearance on our cover, the third time we’ve caught him exactly at the right time. First it was at Texas, when he was stepping into the spotlight as an NCAA rock star. Then it was last summer, when he had his NBA “breakout” in front of a small audience during USA Basketball’s training camp. Now, coming off KD’s MVP run at the FIBA World Championship, he gets our front page just as he’s about to take over the NBA full-time.

But even when you couldn’t turn the volume down on the hype surrounding Durant this offseason, you also couldn’t get Durant to add to the noise. Dime’s Aron Phillips had no problem getting an All-Star collection of NBA players to gush about Durant’s talent, potential and personality, but as usual, getting KD to self-promote was tough. He’s a quiet storm like that.

Then there’s Tim Duncan. In 8-9 years of building this magazine from the ground up, we’ve never done a proper feature on the man who has been arguably the best basketball player in the world over that same stretch. Duncan’s resume speaks for itself — four championships, three Finals MVPs, two league MVPs, etc. — which is good, because Duncan rarely takes the opportunity to do the talking. Dime’s Austin Burton goes in search of a way into Duncan’s mind.

Not that everybody featured in this issue is the quiet type. Carmelo Anthony is all over the place, with a reality TV show on the air right now and trade rumors making him one of the biggest stories of the summer, and took some of the time to sit down with us for an exclusive Q&A. Diana Taurasi plays, leads and wins like the female Kobe; we also got up with her for a Q&A. You can also learn how to pull off a crossover from Jonny Flynn, how to silence your haters from J.J. Redick, how to avoid blowin’ money fast from one of the NBA’s financial advisers to the stars, how to get in shape for the season from Tyreke Evans, O.J. Mayo and Derrick Rose, and how to dominate your fantasy league with our blowout 2010-11 NBA Fantasy Preview.

Pick up Dime #59 on newsstands nationwide.

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  • control

    How about updating that “Read The Latest Issue Online” picture with this one, so I don’t have to see Rondo’s ugly, alien crackwhore looking face everytime I load the site up. Shit has been on there 3 months guys, quit slacking.

  • sweetv0mit

    How much did Nike paid you guys for the cover? Lol

  • GREG_in_OKC

    YEEEEAH! My boy KD looking real serious on the cover. Good looks, Dime

  • ET

    Sick cover. Durant MVP in 2011.

  • Nacho Cheese

    I like it. Now when is D-Will gonna get some love?

  • Wisewords

    Durant’s gonna kill it this year. Lead the league in scoring for the 2nd time in a row and be in the mix for MVP. I wonder if KD will start in the All-Star Game since Duncan, Melo, Gasol and Dirk will get a lot of votes.

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics GreenMachine

    Dope cover.

  • Lacey

    Nice! (But I know yall were sweating it out praying Team USA won the gold.)

  • I’m In The Building

    Love the cover for KD. My prediction for the next Dime: Kobe.

  • Phileus

    Wow, Taurasi-Kobe? Not only a white-black comparison, but a white female-black male comparison? Nice… society is moving forward little by little.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    @Philues, yeh i peep that too but she is nothing like Kobe on the court. I hate to say it but she is more like Larry Bird in his prime with her 3pt shooting stroke, attitude to kill anything, and great def awareness but lack of elite speed or quickness. Plus she is a monster in the clutch. And she is always up for best in the game discussions.