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Dime Exclusive: Vashtie Kola On Her Air Jordan 2 Collab

Vashtie Kola

Without a doubt, a true sneakerhead’s dream is getting the chance to collaborate with their favorite brand on a shoe of their own. This fall, that’s exactly what happened to New York’s creative visionary and all-around trendsetter Vashtie Kola. Becoming the first female ever to collaborate with Jordan Brand, you can understand just how awesome this is.

Lending a fresh take on the classic Air Jordan 2, the limited edition sneaker brings a lavender and deep-purple colorway to deliver a more feminine style. And since it’s the 25th anniversary of its original release, the details didn’t go overlooked either. For example, take notice of the hints of silver integrated into the laces to complement the metallic midsole. So seeing as how the shoe releases this Saturday, October 2nd, we figured it was as good a time as any to get an exclusive interview with the brains behind the shoe.

Dime: How did the project come about?
Vashtie Kola: It happened very organically and by way of an accidental conversation over a year ago. I ran into Astor [Chambers] from Jordan Brand, whom I’ve known for years, and we were just catching up as usual. The topic of me designing a Jordan came up, but I thought nothing of it going past our initial conversation. The next day I was on the phone with Jordan Brand discussing the details for the project. The rest is history.

Vashtie Kola

Dime: What was the hardest part of the process?
VK: Working with the brand was great; I listened to their ideas and they listened to mine. It was maybe the smoothest collaboration I’ve had thus far. The hardest part of the process might have been keeping that major secret for over a year!

Vashtie Kola

Dime: Talk about the color.
VK: The color is representative of me, my brand VIOLETTE and the females that would wear the shoe – so the deep purple and lavender made the most sense. I also wanted to stay true to the silhouette since the Jordan is a man’s shoe, I wanted to balance those two worlds of masculine and feminine. Since it’s the 25th anniversary of the 2, it was important to pay homage which you traditionally do through giving the gift of silver. You’ll notice the silver accents throughout the shoe.

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

Dime: I know you’re a Jordan head, but how deep is your collection?
VK: I’m actually a “quality over quantity” kind of gal, so the size of my collection is not jaw-dropping. I have about 10-12 solid pairs. They don’t go past the 7’s, since 1-7 are my favorites.

Vashtie Kola

Dime: What’s your all-time favorite pair?
VK: By far the 3’s. Check my birthday cake from 2009! I’ve worn them so much there is hardly any tread on the bottom and it looks like I kick rocks in them all day.

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

Also, check out the props she’s getting from Rajon Rondo and Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose

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    Wow I feel like worlds are colliding. The world is freakin small.

    She was in my HS graduating class. There were only 62 people in it. Go Vashtie.

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    Wow. Those shoes are nice, but she is DOPE.

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    Im with yall on this one, shorty is a ten! at least a 9.5 lol. Tell her to swing by the CHI and ill show her the town. Then we can collab on a baby. LOL

  • ab40

    MJ is rollin overin his grave right now..
    oh wait he’s gettin some royalties over this so he doesn’t care.

    seriously those new jordans with all the colours of the rainbow in female sizes make me sick

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    shoe s ugly.

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