DimeTV, Featured Gallery, NBA, Video / Oct 6, 2010 / 9:45 am

DimeTV: Dwight Howard On Durant Over LeBron, Playing With Michael Jordan & The NBA’s Best Dunker

You can’t talk about the NBA’s best players and not mention Dwight Howard. It’s that simple. So while Dwight was in town to help launch NBA JAM, we got up with him to talk about why he picked Kevin Durant over LeBron James, his All-NBA starting five and the who he thinks is the NBA’s best dunker. You might be surprised.

Do you agree with Dwight? Would you pick Durant over LeBron? Who makes your All-NBA staring five? Who do you think is the NBA’s best dunker?

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  • JA

    What’s one on-court skill you wish you had?

    How can this guy not say FT shooting?

  • http://www.runninglikwidworks.com MrRLW

    “What’s one on-court skill you wish you had?”

    His answer should have been: Our (Orlando’s) asst. coach’s face up jumper.

    If he had Ewing’s face up game, he’d be a complete offensive player from the 5 hole.

  • Miami6

    Cos he knows he never will JA

  • bobby stew

    So he would choose KD over Bron yet he picked Bron over KD in his starting five? That’s like your favorite food being a hamburger when you are a vegetarian

  • RC

    Gotta love Dwight, very funny and easy going but a beast on the court. I think it made sense for him to pick KD as a team mate than Bron because KD operates outside and can clear up the block for him which would work better. Although Lebron is one of the best passer in the league and can give him nice open looks too.

  • ecco

    #4 so true i went like “wtf” when he picked lebron on his starting five SECONDS AFTER he said he pick durant over lebron?! XD

  • Dagger

    Wow guys, saying you’d prefer to play with Durant doesn’t mean you think Durant is better than James. It’s not exactly difficult to understand.

  • Orange

    the reason dwight would pick KD over LBJ might be personality. i could be wrong though.

  • S.A.C

    I like Dwight Howard. He seems like a smart, nice, personable clean cut guy. But how can he not say he can’t think of a skill he can improve on? Unless he’s got a surprise for us this season and in the future, couldn’t Low post moves, Free throw shooting and a consistent intermediate jump shot be mentioned? Maybe he’s just stubborn from hearing the criticism, and just doesn’t want to fuel anymore.

    And does he really think his prior experience playing other positions relevant now in the NBA? At most, Dwight Howard can only play 2 positions at this point in his career, maybe (Center and Power forward) effectively. That’s it! is he delusional?

    Also; he’s obviously entitled to his opinion, whether it makes sense or not. But I could never have a All NBA team that has Carmelo (who I love) on it and not DWade. If you say it’s positional, then I’ll take DWade over Kobe.

    And yes; Lebron is better than Durant! But like I said, he’s entitled to his opinion!

  • bobby stew

    I see what ur saying

  • Ryan

    Dwight hit 2 banks shots at last night and a few new moves I only saw 3 clips two were new moves I haven’t seen him do. Thanks Hakeem for helping him out?
    I wish I had arcade machine of the first NBA Jam I’d probably buy the new one too. Also NBA 2k11 is a really cool game. I played an exbition game as the 1996 bulls vs miami heat and I beat them by 22 and MJ got 40 and Pip outscored all 3 of them not combined.