Smack / Oct 22, 2010 / 2:40 am

Joe Johnson hands LeBron James a primetime loss; More ‘Melo rumors

Joe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

They don’t jump like that in Raptors practice. (Well, unless your name is DeMar or Vince.) In Atlanta, Chris Bosh got scalped by Marvin Williams last night during TNT’s Heat/Hawks broadcast, as Marv follow-dunked right on Bosh’s head at one point. Bosh should have just left the building after that one. But at least Bosh got crowned in ATL, where people care more about Dem Franchise Boyz than they do about the Hawks … Despite LeBron going off for 38 points (13-19 FT) and 11 boards, Miami left with another preseason loss, but this time they had their big guns on the floor in the fourth quarter. Joe Johnson gave us his clockwork 27 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, including the cold-blooded “just because” three-pointer before the final buzzer. Atlanta also got huge second half buckets from Jamal Crawford and Mike Bibby … We know it’s just preseason, but did anybody predict Miami sporting a 2-4 record right now? Minus Mike Miller and Dwyane Wade, their squad looks very Victoria Beckham-ish … Live on ESPNU yesterday afternoon, prep stars Quincy Miller (ranked No. 2 in the country by High School Hoop, can play almost any position) and Deuce Bello (the No. 1 dunker in the country) announced they will both attend Baylor. With last year’s Elite Eight berth, the arrival of future Top-5 NBA pick Perry Jones this year, Miller and Bello’s commitments, and another verbal from 2012 stud Isaiah Austin, Baylor is suddenly a national powerhouse to be reckoned with … Ramon Sessions filled in for Mo Williams (death in the family) and promptly lit up his and Mo’s former team (Milwaukee) for 26 points in a win. Is the fact that Cleveland is 6-1 in the preseason more or less surprising than Miami being 2-4? … Adam Morrison was released by the Wizards yesterday, as was Darius Miles by Charlotte. Are those two the worst No. 3 picks ever? … Shockingly, the Hornets struggled without Chris Paul. They did get 24 points out of David West, but the rest of the squad played like garbage. On the flip side, the Thunder had four guys hit double figures, led by Kevin Durant‘s 19 … No matter the uniform, whenever DJ Mbenga gets minutes, he gets a facial … Denver and Portland must’ve forgot we’re still in preseason mode, playing most of their starters big minutes. Brandon Roy had 23 points and Marcus Camby added 17 rebounds in Portland’s win, while Carmelo Anthony went for 21 points in the loss … Can we just get this trade talk done with and out of the way? This isn’t a civil case — enough with the he said/she said. Let’s just make a deal. The New York Post is now reporting Carmelo is being persuaded by Knick fanatic Spike Lee to come to New York. Can he promise ‘Melo the lead role in He Got Game 2? … One day after being named San Antonio’s youngest opening night starter since Tony Parker, DeJuan Blair took over the fourth quarter against Houston, scoring 11 in the final frame to lead the Spurs to a win … And the Lakers ran all over Golden State, 120-99. With Kobe sitting out to rest his knee in preparation for the opener, everyone on L.A. stepped up it up. The Warriors got nothing out of the game besides Stephen Curry getting hurt; Curry left late in the fourth with what looked like an ankle injury … Well, at least Ron Artest wore clothes this time … We’re out like 5X white tees …

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  • http://www.gotohellBET.fags.net Chicagorilla

    These are the kinda games that will get Eric Spolestra fired. Every game vs the top teams will be statement games for MIA, and seeing as how both sides played their starters like it was a real game, Spolestra was attempting to make a statement. Also these games will be the ammo for LBJ haters whenever MIA loses them.

  • Miami6

    Michael Jordan is the worst 3rd pick ever. Discuss.

  • kevin

    No hops in Canada??

    You know Justin Darlington, aka. Jus Fly, aka. The GOAT, is from here, right?


  • me

    editors. wake up. read this article. repair.

  • chance

    @ miami6 – yeah don’t know what those guys in chi town were thinking… they could’ve had Alvin Robertson or Lancaster Gordon… sheeeesh…

  • ab40

    miami’s defensive rotations are slow. and since mike miller or dwayne wade don’t play the four and five positions that’s gonna hurt them. especialy against teams with great ball movement like all the other contenders. whoever said this team is going to win 70 is dumb as a motha. that bulls squad was together for a long time. they just added rodmann to the mix. most of their pieces were in place. they knew what to expect and whenever times got rough they knew they could rely on their main weapon which was jordan. this team doesn’t even know what’s their main weapon yet. their D is slow. their post defense sucks (weakside blocks are nice but they shouldn’t be your main defensive weapon) they are short. besides z there are no real big men (jamal magloire walks with a lump in his back which makes him 6-6 haha) they lack shooters.

    Don’t get me wrong I understand the hype but all these greatest team ever talks are crazy and dumb. That team will go in lebron/wade watch every fourth quarter and that’s not how you win games when your D sucks.

    So miles and morrison are coming to europe now. I think morrison can make his mark. So can that new zeelander kirk penney. Miles.. not so much he’ll be one of those athletic fours that can shoot a little there are a lot of guys like that overhere. I wish em the best.

  • Dunks by Dre

    Don’t worry about MIA. U guys spent the entire time since The Freakin Decision sayin this is Wade’s team. He ain’t on the floor for the moment, so wait for his come-back, and after u can start arguing…

  • TripleDouble

    i dunno with DJ… either he’s got a running bet on the number of dunk attempts he’d block, or the number of posters he’d be in for his entire pro career…

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi today from jurg who have last holiday in Greece on mikinos before gets cold. And I say guys you love this so many tits ha ha ha

    a big hi hi to Helena who I hope not read today

    I can be so happy for mr ab40 who is euro and where at mr ab40 in Europa? I hope mr Adam Morison come to Europa with great hair lip and long hair. I will watch

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  • Larry

    Melo to the blazers

  • Melly
  • Diggity Dave

    Miami is 2-4, Cleveland is 6-2. OMFG, Miami sucks! You Dime boys know just as well as I do that preseason doesn’t count for jack shit. Have fun making something out of nothing, though.

  • Young Gunner

    I thought Spike Lee was a Lakers fan. Didnt I see him courtside during the finals last year? And who are Dem Franchise Boyz? Never heard of them so they mustve folded

  • http://www.gotohellBET.fags.net Chicagorilla

    @ab40, while i do agree that MIA isnt on the level of the 72win Bulls you are way off in saying that team was together for years. That team was only partially together that previous season when MJ made the comeback. Those werent the same Bulls players from when MJ retired in 93, the team was totally different. Only Pip and Phil were back in 96. So if ur gonna dump on MIA, at least do it with facts. Google is but a click away. And MIA doesnt have weak defense. That ATL team was just better last nite. Add Wade and the entire 4th qt changes. Also he helps slow down JJ since LBJ apparently gave up on the Pip/Def stopper role already. allowing JJ to rip 26 on your team in a nationally televised game is Bush League. If LBJ had the heart and the mentality of a true champ and competitor, he would have shut JJ down to a 15pt nite or bad FG% just to send a message. Kinda like Pip and Jordan shutting down Kukoc the first time they played in the 92 olympics just to show him whats up.

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    “their squad looks very Victoria Beckham-ish”

    Thin, with 2 big boobs (LeBron and Bosh).

  • K Dizzle

    1)In 7 preseason games, Byron Scott’s already outcoached Mike Brown’s whole career lol.

    2) Hawks look good. Their backcourt is sick wit the handles. I saw Teague, Crawford and Crawford break multiple ankles this preseason and Joe played like a franchise player vs LBJ. Dude was not afraid to play Lebron man to man. Guarded him tough and took it at him. LBJ did most of his work on Mo Evans.
    Is he overpaid? Yes. Am I mad at him? Hell no. Like they say, if some fool wanna give it to you, take it. Only problem is JSmoove takin that 3 at crunchtime. C’mon, man. 1 step forward, 2 steps back..

    3) As a Laker fan, I’m ok with Kobe in civvies til December. Lakers got a softass schedule to start the season and the team should be able to stack up wins even without Kobe. Get that knee right!

  • ball

    Its preseason guys so lets not get too worked up over Joe Johnson stepping up when in the playoffs he always comes up short

  • Bully

    Orlando is gonna put a 40 point win on the Heat for the last game of the preseason so these games don’t mean anything in the big scheme of things. I’m more intertested in how these contending teams look in april-may

  • That’s What’s Up

    get me wine bar bitchies…. I love that

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Is it me or does Joe Johnson need to steal J-Smoove from Josh Smith? Because he looks like he gives 50% every time he plays and its damn near effective.

    Bosh almost had the dunk of the year on Horford, that was siick. LeBron is still deadly in transition.

    Crawford is DAMN right playing for a new contract. And I think its working…

    Can Melo just get traded?

  • NYK

    This melo trade is hard to pull off, melo wants that 65m 3 year deal but not with the nuggets, while other teams rather wait till he goes into FA and let him rot another year in Denver (but seriously is playing with Billups, KMart, Lawson, Harrington, Afflalo, Nene THAT bad that he needs to GTFO now just because LeBron and Bosh and Wade are having their threesome down south?) come on play another year son and go to the Knicks with your buddy CP3. whatever paycut they take on by coming to NY will be offset by other marketing and ad/sponsors opportunities. just like the paycut Bosh and Lebron took is nothing since there’s no income tax in the state of Florida.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I’m sure if Melo is serious, then New York can convince him to take at least a LITTLE pay cut.

    So NY offering Azuibuike, Chandler and Curry and some picks for Melo + JR wouldn’t do it?

  • http://www.yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    Yo is Derrick Rose asian? He looks maddddd Filipino or something.

  • JAY

    Yo, anybody else want to join the Dime-regulars Fantasy league?? Click the league…


    Don’t worry, it’s not porn. If you want that link, ask.

  • JAY

    That’s D-Rose cousin in the background.

  • S.A.C

    Yeah Dime! Cleveland will have a better record than Miami.

    Hey! Atlanta won that game outright. Bosh and Lebron didn’t step up in the 4th quarter (though I feel Miller and definitely Wade would of changed the whole complexion).

    Note: Something I always noticed about Lebron’s game. He won’t last too long or be routinely effective in the 4th quarter if he doesn’t get some effective consistent post moves or jump shot. For such a big heavy body; he just works too hard and dribbles too much to score effectively down the stretch. As people have noted for years (and as he’s done a little in the preseason), Lebron needs to post up more.

    Now of course, with Wade back; that will help big time, cause he can always rest now, even when he’s on the floor.

    But either way; Lebron needs to make his game more efficient. But I guess when you’re 25 going on 26, you don’t really think about those things.