NBA, Video / Oct 28, 2010 / 10:00 am

Kanye West Wrote “Monster” About Blake Griffin

We told you Blake Griffin was going to have a lot of highlights this season! About five minutes into his official NBA debut, Blake had already threw down two MONSTER dunks against the Trail Blazers. He finished with 20 and 14, and I think it’s safe to deem Kanye West‘s “Monster” as Blake’s official theme song.

How good can Blake Griffin be this year?

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  • Nigel

    I was real surprised at how he could bring the ball up the court and make some nice passes. He had a nice pass in transition to Eric Gordon.

  • follow through

    easy 16 and 10 with all those ESPN highlights….

  • Dr. Jumper

    That boy plays too hard. He’s going to hurt himself like that if he keeps it up. I have had knee injuries and you learn that once you have once bad ACL, Meniscus, etc, it means you have genetically bad knees and will have more issues at some point. I’m going need him to play more controlled. Love his game though.

  • derik

    what a great way to starts his NBA career!

  • Man1


  • http://www.wohoo.co.uk Megan

    Kanye is my favorite rapper I don’t care about the album cover.. Art only has to make sense to the artist and it brings different emotions from the people seeing..All I care about is what’s on the album if you don’t buy it I doubt it will hurt him that much…People saying he sold his soul I don’t see him promoting violence like the rappers who haven’t “sold their souls”..People saying Eminem didn’t sell his soul, Its funny the white rapper was the only one that didn’t..Its like people saying the only way for a black person to be rich is if they sold thier soul…smh