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Kenyon Martin: Denver gave Al Harrington my money

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

Contract disputes amongst teams and players this NBA offseason has created turmoil throughout the league, especially with the impending possibility of a lockout. Kenyon Martin seems to be heading down the same path.

K-Mart is the second highest-paid player on the Nuggets — scheduled to make $16.5 million this season — and is entering the final year of the $90 million contract he signed back in 2004. Throughout his career, he’s never shied away from speaking his mind, and now believes that the Nuggets gave new signee Al Harrington his money:

“I have no problem with Al. I love Al. We’ve known each other for 10, 11 years now,” Martin told the Associated Press. “Me and that man play the same position. I just feel they could have extended that offer to me. I feel with what I’ve done and what we’ve accomplished as a team around here got overlooked.”

Harrington agreed to a five-year, $33.4 million deal with the Nuggets this summer. But can you really blame Kenyon for wanting an extension, or for being upset about not being offered one? Injuries aside, Kenyon had his best season as a Nugget last year with 23 double-doubles in 58 regular season games, and went on a two-month stretch with 19 double-doubles in 25 games. He has averaged 12.8 points and seven rebounds per game in the 323 games he’s played with Denver, all the while being the heart and soul of their defense.

K-Mart’s versatility on the defensive end is perfect for a team like Denver. If they had more defenders with his attitude, they would never give up more than 100 points a game. Defenders who body up, talk trash, and physically and mentally wear a player down over the course of a game are hard to come by these days. Last season, Kenyon created 2.8 Defensive Win Shares along with a Defensive Rating of 104 — which puts him in the mix with Kevin Garnett and the Tim Duncan just to name a few — and the Nuggets gave up almost a full 10 points more per game when Kenyon was out of the lineup.

He’s been down before, and many said his career was over. But with averages of 11.5 points and 9.4 rebounds this past season, he’s far from done. This will be his third knee surgery in four years, and at 32 years old, that isn’t exactly enticing to a team looking to rebuild. Every team needs a veteran player, and without Kenyon’s defense, the Nuggets seem to forget how to play it. Let’s just hope that this time around, the third time’s a charm.

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  • http://www.edthesportsfan.com Ed The Sports Fan

    For what goes up, must come down. Even for Kenyon Martin. He probably would’ve scoffed at the deal they offered Harrington if they offered it to him, and even then I don’t know if you can find someone else for a cheaper price to do similar work. Time will tell, but Kenyon’s done in Denver after 2010-11.


  • derik

    he was always injured and overpaid at the first place, it’s karma time, eat it!

  • LakeShow84

    Overpaid and a douchebag..

    I could care less.. Talks way more than he plays..

  • s.bucketz

    “He has averaged 12.8 points and seven rebounds per game in the 323 games he’s played with Denver, all the while being the heart and soul of their defense.”

    You are aware that his tenure as the “heart and soul” of their defense coincides with Marcus Camby winning DPOY for the same team…as well as the Birdman being the main defensive player…and billups coming in and steppin up the perimeter D….
    but yea your right..K-mart, who doesn’t play more than 50 games a season is the heart and soul of the defense

  • Young Gunner

    Its simple: He doesnt deserve it

  • Showtime

    There’s like 50 forwards that can get you 12.8 and 7. Easily …

  • control

    12.8 and 7…haha

    People were just saying Greg Oden is a bust for getting numbers like that, and maybe only coming up with 12/12/4 in his career if he’s healthy. Fuck being a bust, give the man a 90 Mil contract!

    When Al signed with Denver, I said that it’s the type of move that will only hurt the team. Now look how shit going down, Melo wants out, Billups wants out if Melo goes, Kmart whining about money, Chris Andersen probably back on drugs…all because Al Harington signed with them.

  • Ian

    lol in the garnett duncan class gtfoh. check out tds stats in the03 finals vs kmart and he also had mutombo helpin out.

  • Dick Vitale

    Can you say overrated since his days at Cinci?

  • Sporty-j

    I feel your pain K-Mart and thats just wrong how they are doing you, J.R. Smith, and Melo in Denver. I think you should just “take your talents to south beach” along with Lebron because these franchises nowadays just dont appreciate there players and plus you “spoil those Denver fans with your play anywaz. Plus your girl Trina is down here and sure that would make here very happy, but you will have to “SACRIFICE” because we can only offer you minimum wage…

  • http://www.more-sports.net andrew macaluso

    @ Ian

    Just going by the defensive statistics. I never said he was better than them.

  • Stunnaboy09

    Hahaha @control I’m sure its all Al’s fault ;)

    But nah, he doesn’t deserve it, fuck no. Giv him like 15mil/3 years. He’s had 3 knee surgeries in 4 years. Fuck that.

    Besides I think Camby, Birdman, Jones, and Affalo could each have been considered “heart and soul” of the Nuggets “defense”

  • http://www.more-sports.net andrew macaluso

    @ s. bucketz

    Kenyon became the heart and soul after Camby left. Birdman is not known for his defense, only his shot blocking. You can’t honestly tell me that his defense doesn’t make a differnce for this team.

  • Alex ROBOCOP Murphy

    FUGAZI! Where is Tim Thomas when you need him.

  • MattO

    as soon as I saw the title of this article, I knew the author had to be macaluso…

  • Joe’s Momma

    Defensively he should be compared to Duncan and KG. He is very good defensively.

    But him talking about getting a MLE exception deal as an extension? First it is against the rules to offer him that, second he would complain about that deal and pull a Sprewell. And how does that help Denver?

    I get his issue, but he sould be quiet right now. Denver got enough problems and no one is beating down the door to trade for Kenyon unless they are offering a whack contract in return.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    give me Kenyon Martin over Carlos Boozer any day. Martins ability to play post players and perimeter players one on one without help is very undervalued by Den(and apparently some readers). Now would i have given him 90mil…fuk no! But he shud have been resigned be4 Harrington.

  • showydisplay

    To sum it up Kenyon Martin pretty much sucks! Dude already got paid! Deez millionaires be greedy mayn!

  • asmatic asiatic

    I gotta give Kenyon respect for being to ball and elevate like he does after all those knee surgeries………

  • andrew macaluso

    @ MattO

    You must’ve misread the title then because I never said Denver gave Al Harrington his money, he did.

  • the cynic

    This guy has stolen millions and he is still bitching about money. He has the right to feel this way, but keep in inside your circle dumbass

    This guy gets paid 15 mil a year from the nuggets for 5 years and he only plays 50 games a year like he is Shaq. Kenyon Martin can only hope for Drew Godden money next year

  • the cynic

    Also i just want to say that Kenyon Martin’s rotations are some of the worst in the league; his one on one D is solid though

  • jawjack

    He must be hanging with Sprewell & AI. Real Screw the Fans Tude for sure.


    Wrong again, K-Bust, Denver gave your money to Shelden Williams.

  • sydz

    Money for nothin’ (in return) and our Melo for free (draft picks)… ;(

  • Hydro

    Lol @ Chris Andersen probably back on drugs. Good ****

    Not a K-Mart fan at all. Or Melo.

    Chauncey I like. I hope K-Mart gets signed next year by the worst team possible. For vets minimum.

  • MattO


    actually, KMart said “I just feel they could have extended that offer to me.”

    but of course, a title like “Denver gave Al Harrington my money” (just a slight twist on his words) would elicit a lot more attention.

    just sayin’…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    @ MattO

    Isn’t that a writers job?

  • MattO


    sure, and different writers have different approaches. My point was that whenever I see an attention-grabbing headline on Dime, I know that you’re the author…

    Not judging whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, but you seem to take it as a bad thing, seeing as how you’re so defensive about it.