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Kevin Garnett On Playing Kevin Garnett: “I’d Think I Was An A**hole”

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

If you’ve ever met Kevin Garnett, you know he’s one of the most intelligent guys in all of basketball. A smart player on the court, and even smarter off of it, when he talks you should listen. Last Wednesday, KG joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan in Boston to discuss going to a dark place after losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals, what he would think of himself if played for the other team and when he will decide to retire. Oh yeah, and his swearing problem.

On the off-season after losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals:
“Very dark, to be honest, dark. ‘Just leave me alone, let me be my myself. I don’t want to deal with anything right now. Let me just be in a dark place.’ Just the way I replay the game over and over in my mind, trying to get a resolution to some type of place to where you can settle with it. I never found it, but that’s what it is. I say it’s fuel to the fire. [Expletive? Bleeped completely out].”

On if he would like him if he were on the other team?
“I’d think I was an asshole, because I’m misunderstood. I’m serious. I’m not out on the court making friends. I’m not out there patting guys on the back. I’m trying to bust yo’ ass, period, point blank. When I hit the floor, I’m a certain kind of way, and I never have any excuses for that.”

On if he feels old in the league:
“I feel older in the fact that I’ve played for multiple years. But when it comes to competing, being in shape, passion — none of those things are lacking, not with me. When I get out on the floor, man, I’m going to compete. I wear my heart on my sleeve with anything that I do, anyway. Basketball is one of the things I enjoy in this world, so it’s like I’m having a tryout here. When I work out, I work out to better myself, to better my craft. Basketball is pure enjoyment for me.”

On when how he will know when it’s time to retire:
“I think it will be physical. When I retire, it will probably be because I’m hurting on a regular basis. I’m a passionate guy. Anyone who knows me or hangs out with me, they know that if I’m playing a video game or telling a story or something, I’m passionate about it.”

On if he is shy:
“I wouldn’t say shy, I’m just private. I think to get to know anybody is a moment. I look at life like, guys get to see me perform, play ball, a lot of things that we do are on blast anyways. So, the little private life that I do have I like to keep it private. I don’t have a Twitter. I don’t have a Facebook. It’s not that I’m not social. I’m social, but I like to be social with the people I know. I just feel like everybody out here is not for you. If you let everybody in, you let those people in with that. I just prefer to have my circle tight and have my family and friends close to me. That’s how I like to interact and be around people. Shaq has the personality. His personality is so big that you can’t really withhold that. Ray (Allen) is a good golfer. I guess he likes people to see his swing or whatever. I’m just to the back. If I go out and go somewhere, I like to sit down and chill. I’m not a rah-rah guy. I’m rah-rah when I’m on the court. I’m pretty laid back.”

On if he is going to cuss around the house as his daughter grows up:
“Cuss words are a part of life, let’s say that. You know what, I always said if a kid has never heard of cuss words, they don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t promote cussing, but it helps. I look at it like it’s straight to the point. It’s nothing that I’m proud of. If I could stop, I would. But [expletive completely bleeped out]. This is me. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to like it. This is who I am, though.”

On what Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh need to learn that he, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce figured out:
“I don’t know. We haven’t seen them play so we don’t know what their style is. We don’t know what they look like. When they go through something we don’t know how they’re going to react. When they lose or when someone gets hurt or when someone goes down, or when someone didn’t get their shots their night, there’s a ton of stuff that you can point at. But the true essence in a team is when, can you bring something else to the table vs. what you’re known for. Can you impact the game a different way? Are you actually enjoying the experience? Sometimes you get caught up in the bigger picture that you need to get some small detail that makes your team in the first place. You know, I’ve known Paul since I was 15 and I’ve known Ray since I was 14 and we’ve known each other and I felt like for the most part we had all been established in what we had been doing. And the time when we met up it was perfect, I felt like we were more established players. Everybody coming to Boston at the time we were coming was focused on one thing. It wasn’t about all the stars. It wasn’t about placement over here, first team, second team. We just came to Boston to win.”

And on if he views the team as having a two-year window:
“I look at this as just that — two years and who knows after that. Hopefully there won’t be a lockout next year and we can better our game and get the finances or economics part out of the way, and it can be two solidified years of basketball. But, yeah, that’s how I’m looking at it.”

What do you think?

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  • i luv ur mummy

    i think when you’re first to comment you should get a t-shirt from dime. eh?

  • Ross

    What happen to the term franchise player. KG hung around and never once cried about it. Just got better and grabbed an MVP. Made it through marbury,sprewell,joe smith,malik sealy’s death. I don’t personally care where he is ranked amongst the greats. I just respect his hunger, his love for the game of basketball. No one cared about him being the highest paid player in the league because of what he stood for. Now clowns make “decisions” at the expense of the game.

  • Promoman

    When I read Kevin Garnett being smarter off the court, I had to laugh a lot. That may be the case in terms of not getting into stupid shit, doing stupid shit, or possibly being smart enough to not get caught but that dude isn’t extraordinarily intelligent.

  • thenatural

    His loyalty (to the TWolves) was great but he’s the exact reason one could argue in favor of LeBron’s move to Miami.

    KG never won a championship in 12 years with the Wolves. Then he goes to Boston with two other great players and wins one.

    Cleveland should be thankful Bron stayed 7 years there.

  • balllin


    Apparently you haven’t seen too many interviews of him. Believe it or not, he’s usually incredibly insightful and a totally different person than you’d expect.

  • Boston2011

    @ PROMOMAN How the hell would you know where his intelligence level is? You need to slap yourself for that comment. He has to be smart to manage his career on and off the court, be the FIRST high school to NBA player and overcome all the doubt and criticism that came his way and become a future hall of famer an champion. And you NEVER have heard of Kg being involved in some Tiger Woods Pac man shit off the court that embarrassed him his family organization and the league as a whole. Keep that negative shit in your world, give the man his due, he has EARNED IT! KG keep doing your thing!!! Bring another ring to Boston.

  • danocasa

    KG is an enigma. I remember hating on him after the C’s won that championship when he started hounding rookies, and barking like a dog and walking on all fours during games. Funny thing is, he did all that same shit in Minnesota. I didn’t care then though. I know I wasn’t alone on that hate bus either. So should we as fans have the right to change our opinion on someone even though that player hasn’t? All that changed was that KG was finally on a good team. Does winning really make someone go from “loyal, passionate badass” to “frontrunning, arrogant bully”?

  • LakeShow84

    Sorry will always be a douche to me..

    As long as he wears that ugly green..

    But bigups as a person.. i could kick it with KG forsho.. Just couldnt talk bball with the man lol

  • ricky ross

    straight up KG is a beast. you dont find players like him. he would be a great coach after he retires. tough coach

  • me

    so why do you say he’s even smarter off the court? Has all his NBA experience and travels made him more educated, or was Farragut Academy THAT great of a prep school? It’s not like dude has a degree, or even does anything that truly matters. I mean he plays basketball. BASKETBALL for a living. Explain how he got so smart.

  • tony

    Love him or hate him ,its passion when he steps on the court. His passion is just as strong as the greatest player of all-time. You don’t find many players with that make-up. I like how people label what smart is or isn’t!

  • switchbeetz

    Just because one has a degree doesn’t make them smart. And just because he plays basketball for a living does not make him unintelligent.
    The intelligence aspect I believe comes from a comparison between him and other typical NBA players or athletes in general, and his persona on the court.

  • JD

    @ October 5th, 2010 at 8:37 pm – me:

    some people are just smarter then the others – it might have had something to do with how they were raised. They know how to live life without getting into troubles, and Education doesn’t always makes people smart. I don’t know why they say KG is smarter off the court – but I can tell you this much, Ive never heard KG got into any troubles off the court, he stayed off troubles and all the attentions off the court unlike some other superstars – That is smart enough to me.

  • Zeitgeist

    If any of you have clicked on the link in this article then you would see the basis by which DIME has called Kevin Garnett smart..

    .. and then you can stop all this nonsense talk about which degrees he has or does not have or which high school he went to..

    .. and before you even go there, I am a holder of three degrees.. book smart and street smart are different things..

  • rathauneak

    .. and before you even go there, I am a holder of three degrees.. book smart and street smart are different things..

    Well said my friend…well said

  • air99

    one of my favorite nba players of all time!

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    Um im pretty sure KG took college courses over the summer while in MINN. And if u cant tell he has intelligence then i guess that shows how smart you really are. As for the article this is the kind of ish that makes me respect KG. Which also pisses me off when i see him playing for the celtics. One of my fav players of all time even though he is with gang green now.

  • ab40

    KG never won 66 games with the timberwolves either. so that argument is kind of wack.

    KG is a man in my book. Great player hard worker. Keeps his business to himself and is a huge asshole and aggitator on the court and can most of the time back up all the talking he does. Great to see him play and I hope he’s healthy this season.

  • S.A.C

    @ Boston 2011, good comments to promoman. I agree with your comments!

    But also keep in mind KG wasn’t the first high school to NBA star. He was far from it (Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins, etc.had done that in the 1970’s). But he was seemingly the first in a long time. But I know what you meant though.

    He had to be smart to come out of high school, make the professional decisions he’s made and stay in the game this long. A lot of guys in his position, who many of us can’t even remember just crashed and burned, never to be heard from again.

  • ENEW

    Great chatter on this.

    A few things: KG is an all-time great player, champion and teammate, nothing anyone can say can take any of that away from him. As was stated above he was playing with the same fire, talking the same sh#t, and going at people while in Minnesota, but because of the level of the team and the lack of national attention only a small percentage of the masses that see it now watched him with any consistency. Anyone who questions his intelligence, or any individuals intelligence based on their degree needs to check themselves out of the conversation. Again, as stated above, book smarts and street smarts are two completely different things. Stanley Kubrick one of the worlds greatest filmmakers before he passed in 1999, whose films include Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, and Clockwork Orange grew up in the Bronx and barely graduated high school, NO DEGREE.

    Lakeshow84, is he a douche or do you want to kick it with him?
    Interesting you chose 84 next to the Lakeshow, 84 ended in a beautiful way for the Celtics.