• John


  • jace

    he should just join NBC’s the biggest loser. i hear its life-altering.

    theyre prolly gettin ready to throw a parade when they get him off their books.

  • JAY

    Curry is a waste of height. He doesn’t enjoy playing basketball. If he did he would at least be in decent shape. Maybe not in elite-level game shape, but he would have decent conditioning. He’s a fatso.

    If Oliver Miller was overweight, then what the fuck is Curry??

  • jace

    oh and no.. i wouldnt want any nba team to pick him up for a veteran minimum… work ethic can sometimes be contagious. eating habits could be contagious too.. i mean.. if someone was always yellin out.. “who’s comin out to eat? its on me!” id be lookin like jabba.

    but then again.. maybe im just jealous… cuz me and eddy curry do the same amount of work but he gets paid 10 mil a year.

  • Taj

    Start sending out resume’s to night clubs to be a doorman, Eddy… Seems like thats where your headed!

  • control

    How bad do you have to be, both as a distraction and a player, that you are being paid 11M and people still don’t want to see you. I’m not getting paid 11M (or even 1), but if I am even 10 minutes late for an appointment, I’m getting called with a “wtf”.

    I once heard that Eddy Curry was one (almost) done with a Buffet. Of course, that was purely a straight out lie, he ain’t done with em until they are empty.

  • JAY

    Resumes??? This fatass never has to work ever again for the rest of his life. That’s what pisses me off. He “worked” for 6-7 yrs and now he’s set. <— of course that's depends on how he handled his money.

  • control


    He handled his money like he asked his driver to handle him…very poorly. Apparently he’s almost bankrupt.

  • Paul

    Mozgov only contributed 4 fouls in 7 minutes in his NBA debut??? You have your facts wrong–he had 10 pts, 5 reb and 3 blocks in only 19 minutes. He looked great, in fact. The guy is athletic and huge, and it looks like the Knicks caught the rest of the league sleeping on the big Russian

  • RC

    Knicks should not even bother wasting their time on Curry. Why bother? 11 million and guy hasn’t been in shape for years? That’s a shame to be called a professional and have this kind of work ethic.

    They have Amare now so they should just find a wide body intelligent 7 footer to give them length and size for the center position. Mozgov might not be NBA Starter level yet but at least he tries harder than Curry.

    I think Dampier is still on the market. They should let him tryout and see what happens. More bulk inside would help the Knicks.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Damp should fit in nicely with STAT.

    But that won’t happen, because both Walsh and Dolan and certified dumbasses.

  • Miami6

    Yeah at 33 or 34 he will stage a comeback saying he feels ‘great’ and ‘energetic’ or some shit

  • riccardo

    Mozgov had a huge impact vs. Armani Jeans Milano…do your homework…

  • Joe’s Momma

    I was actually thinking this guy finally got his head screwed on straight, but was I wrong. haha, he kept telling the Knicks he would be early to camp to show off his new physique. Too bad its similar to the last one, round.

    Its hard to feel bad for this guy after routinely coming into camp out of shape, which leads to lame injuries. Last year was the calf injury that kept him out at the start. Now its the hamstring. If he does some kind of normal activity he gets hurt.

    In 2 months he will get injured picking up a donut.

    At least after the trade deadline he will be gone. Damn sure D’antoni isn’t playing him unless they are showcasing him. D’antoni is a vengeful guy, but Eddy probably deserves it.

    Donnie, please cut this sap after the trade deadline if you don’t trade him, he makes me feel bad when I see a #34 Knicks jersey that doesn’t say Oakley on the back. You know he isn’t taking a buyout.

  • Paul

    @ #11 george W Kush–How is Walsh a “certified dumbass”?? He’s extremely respected as an executive, and he is responsible for lifting the Knicks out of their salary cap hell and bad organizational culture. You have no clue what you;re talking about. Also, bringing in Dampier is a stupid idea. First of all, Dampier is old and would steal minutes better used on developing Mozgov at center, and even Randolph, who could get some run at center as well this season. The Knicks are going young and athletic, and trying to develop their young talent. Signing Dampier is what the Knicks would’ve done 3 years ago, when they had no choice but to bring in mediocre players on the downswing of their careers. I think its funny that you advocate idiotic ideas, and then call other people dumbasses.

  • Knicksfan84

    This guy will be the starting Center for the Heat, mark my words. We will regret the day.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Do you think Indy might move TJ Ford for Eddy Curry?

    Ford gets no love in Indy, Curry gets no love in NY. It would be like trading trash for trash but one man’s trash is another mans backup point guard?

    Throw in some cash and Indy might bite. The next best option is trading for someone’s bad contract, and I don’t think Isiah will be back in time to pull that off, the trade deadline is Feb.

    I doubt Detriot would move Rip for Curry, even though Detroit needs some low post scoring.

    Maybe Maggette after Scott Skiles finds out Bad Porn plays zero defense. But Skiles didn’t really like Eddy back in Chi.

  • Paul

    @ #17 Joe’s Momma–Why on earth would the Knicks want to trade Curry for TJ Ford? The Knicks already have a young capable and athletic backup point guard (Toney Douglas). Also, Indy would have to take back salary by trading ford for Curry, and they can’t afford to do that–and Curry’s expiring contract is larger, and therefore more valuable as a trade chip than Ford’s, so it impacts the Knicks negatively in that way was well.

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    Maybe throw some limo drivers and cheese sandwiches out there on the court and that’ll motivate him off of the bench and to run

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    I honestly feel bad for the guy. I meet his family up in NY the day before the draft and his pops was cool as sh!t. Curry doesnt love bball he just happens to be 7ft tall with soft hands and light feet. He should have gone to Depaul like he was going to at first. Hopefully he takes that 11mil and goes back to school and makes something of himself. And while he is grossly out of shape, no way is he on Pig Millers level. Curry still has major game, but if he cant get into it mentally then he needs to retire and make a good life for his kids. Damn…retire at 28yrs old, That must be the life!

  • Sporty-j

    This is a DAM shame. Hes best friends with Lebron so i know his FAT A$$ is going to be down here next year for sure. Stay your FAT LOCKER ROMM CANCEROUS AT UP IN NEW YORK. Please dont do it next year Pat Riley and dont let Lebron convince. Remember we are changing our culture Pat of scrubs who dont want to work and just ride the cocktails of other great players instead of help them, like the scrubs that were on the team the past 2 years and just wanted to watch DWade do all the work as if there the freaking fans…

  • Sporty-j


  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I used to feel bad for the guy, but to make THAT much money to do almost NOTHING…impossible.

  • HeatWave4Life

    This guy is an embarrasment to anyone who’s ever played basketball.