NBA, Video / Oct 4, 2010 / 10:45 am

Kobe Bryant says he’d beat LeBron James “in my sleep” 1-on-1

If you missed it over the weekend, Kobe Bryant made international headlines when he basically drew a line in the sand in his “rivalry” with LeBron James that has really been more media hype that anything else. The Lakers are in London to play the Wolves in today’s preseason opener, and on Saturday Kobe was at a kick-off event for the London School of Basketball. During a Q&A he was asked who would win in a 1-on-1 game between him and LeBron:

Who do you think would win 1-on-1?

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  • the_don_mega

    just a cat speakin’ the truth…

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Just some real talk; nothing to see here, move along….

  • that dude

    Why sugar coat it if you know somebody can’t beat you “pause” then why fake. Say NO he can’t win and keep it moving

  • Ross


  • George W Kush Sr


  • daghost

    wow. bold statement. I wouldn’t doubt that he can beat Lebron, but “in his SLEEP”? Wonder how LBJ is gonna feel about that one when he hears it (and you know he will. I think Bron would give him a go though. Won’t be that easy of a win for Kobe due to Bron’s size advantage.

  • ricky ross

    just saying the truth. its true though lebrons more of a playmaker

  • JAY

    Bold statement?? Hardly. Lebron can’t stay in front of anyone… and Kobe is too crafty to be blocked from behind.
    And in a 1-on-1, Lebron doesn’t have anyone to pass to, making him much easier to guard since his playmaking ability is a huge part of his game.

    If it went to 21… 21-14 for Kobe.

  • derik

    cocky bastard, Lebron post Kobe up all day all night

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    @derik: If Lebron had a post game I could see him doing this. But he looks so uncomfortable in the post and his foot work is bad.

  • SJ

    Talking about two of the best players in the league and you think it’ll be an easy win? That’s plain dumb. Kobe has always been a cocky dude, so you expect him to say he’d win. And he’s 100% right in doing so. You can’t have a top player say “well, it’d be close, but he might win or I might win…” He’s gonna say it firmly he’s gonna win. That’s one of the reasons these guys are at the top of the league. But honestly, it would be a great matchup (duh).

  • Dagger

    Sorry, Lebron’s just too big, too strong, too fast. Neither Kobe nor Lebron can be covered 1 on 1, but Lebron has a big advantage. Still like that Kobe said this though.

  • nella

    Cosign on Nodizzel.

    Lebron doesn’t have a post game. If anything Kobe would be posting up Lebron.

  • http://www.myspace.com/slickaman1 slicka

    are you kidding>>> kobe would smash on that pussy…..kobe carried his team for all those years….lebron couldnt even do it in 1 season with the cavaliers…..thats why we went to play with dwayne wade because he can’t handle the game by himself. Get the fuck out of here with all that bullshit talking about lebron…he’s good don’t get me wrong but 1 on 1 kobe would dominate his ass…………

  • Showtime

    @ #9

    Every fuckin’ night Lebron has the size/strength advantage and how often do you see him post up? Exactly …

    Y’all really think Lebron is the better scorer? Because that’s what’s gonna decide this 1-on-1. Lebron is good for some spectacular chase down blocks but 1-on-1 defense? He’s decent at best and Kobe has way more moves and the best footwork in the league.

  • http://www.nba.com Justin

    Once again, I’d like to say that Kobe never said he’d “beat LeBron easy” or that he’d “beat Lebron in [his] sleep” as you guys at Dime like to put it. Saying one on one is natural to him is very different from saying he would smoke LeBron.

    What Kobe said is enough of a statement as it is, no need to try and manipulate his words.

  • Clement

    Nigga’s just spittin the truth here.

    LeBron’s size, strength and speed advantage are negated in one-on-one, because he’s a natural playmaker but won’t have teammates to use as decoys in that type of situation. Size doesn’t matter if u can’t use it (no post game). Same with strength. As for speed, Bron really can’t use his speed properly unless he gets a running start, he really doesn’t have much of a first step which is why u see him charging at the basket from thirty feet out.

    As for Kobe, he was made to be a one on one player no lie there. Kobe’s got all the moves in the book, mid-range, long-range, post game, fadeaway, jumpshot, leaners, floaters. Kobe can hit any shot from anywhere with two or more people on him, the most advanced shot-maker in the game right now. Kobe can’t be guarded, even at age 32. I dare anyone here to search on youtube. You won’t find more vids of LeBron hitting ridic shots over Kobe than vice versa. One-on-one, advantage kobe.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    This would be fun to watch. But id take Lebron. Not because he is better. But because in a one on one its too hard to beat someone who is as athletic as LBJ. Kobe would score with ease for the first half of the game (to 21 of course) but LBJ would wear him down with that athleticism. If the game was one on one to 7 or 11pts (like most ppl do) then Kobe wins because he can hit 7 shots in a row no problem.

  • MFreezy

    They shoulda asked him who would win in a 1 on 1 game between him n Dwyane Wade! Kobe being the guy that he is probably woulda still said him but I think a 1 on 1 between Wade n Kobe would be more exciting.

  • MrFreezy

    They shoulda asked him who would win in a 1 on 1 game between him n Dwyane Wade! Kobe being the guy that he is wouldve probably said he’d win but if he said he’d beat Wade in his sleep, no contest then THAT would be reaching!!!

  • Sporty-j

    You people are crazy who think that this late in Kobes carreer, that he would beat Lebron 1 on 1. Yeah Lebron does not have a post game and he does not use it in a game, but 1 on 1 against Kobe. He would just back him down easily until Kobe screams mercy… HOW ABOUT THEY DO IT ALL-STAR WEEKEND BECAUSE THAT SOUNDS LIKE A CALL OUT TO ME. Would love to see Lebrons response to this and he should call Kobe out 1 on 1. Wade would buss that a$$ to. Easy money and we can even make it there big 3 vs our big 3.

  • Stunnaboy09

    I love how people think its so clear cut, smh.

    LeBron’s offense comes from layups. Kobe’s from jump shots. Guess who is the more efficient scorer?

    Anyone who thinks Kobe keeps Bron in front of him every time needs to get his head out of his ass.

  • Colton

    Lebron is bigger stronger faster. But Kobe is a better all around basketball player… Better shooter, defender, an he is crafty In his court game and his mental game. Best out of 5 to 21. I would pay to see that. Tough matchup. But I think kobe would take him.

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe


    I’m sure if the idea were proposed to LeBron he’d agree to play Kob’ 1-on-1 at ASW. Unfortunately, he’d back out of it quietly like he did the dunk contest and once again Kobe would prove he’s the Alpha Male of the NBA right now.


  • Sporty-j

    lol i knew somebody would say that he would back out like he did in the dunk contest. If he does than Wade will take him 1 on 1. Same results for Kobe either way and an embarressment on all-star break for people to say that they would have not beaten Kobe in his prime and that they are beating up on old man Kobe instead of 25 year old Kobe.

  • wathelmet

    you know what’s funny.

    wade and lebron now that they are on the same team, probably practise playing one on one at least once every few weeks. i think the matchup between them would be close, but lebron would edge wade out.

    as for kobe and lebron. kobe is both better offensively and defensively in a one on one setting. lebron ain’t no lockdown defender.

  • Dre

    How is size speed and strength negated in 1 on 1… that sounds stupid. It is a huge advantage and yes Lebron is a playmaker but he lead the league in scoring the year before last and was 2nd in scoring last year. That sounds like a player that can score to me.

  • Dre

    Not to mention he leads the league in and1s and he shoots a better percentage. Yes, he shoots less jumpers then Kobe but no one can keep him from the basket and the rule in basketball is you play the percentages. If you can shoot a two foot shot why would you shot a 18 foot shot. There is no way Kobe could keep Lebron from the basket.

  • jonas

    lebron would totaly cruch kobe lebron is way better