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Michael Jordan: If I Played Today, I Could Have Scored 100 Points

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Getting Michael Jordan on the phone for an interview is about as hard as sitting down for lunch with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So in a rare interview last Thursday with USA Today’s Game Hunters to talk about NBA 2K11, MJ had something very interesting to say about how the game has changed since his playing days:

“It’s less physical and the rules have changed, obviously,” said Jordan. “Based on these rules, if I had to play with my style of play, I’m pretty sure I would have fouled out or I would have been at the free throw line pretty often and I could have scored 100 points.”

For those of you that don’t remember, Jordan’s career high is 69 points in a 117-113 overtime game in Cleveland on March 28, 1990.

What do you think? If Jordan played today, could he drop 100 in a game?

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  • Tig obamo

    i agree dats da goat baby lol

  • KL

    Only way I’d see him ever hitting 100, if Pippen called in sick. otherwise, I call BS.

  • Jah

    Kobe came close with 81, so I’d give MJ the benefit of the doubt.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    I don’t know about this…first of all, it’s not like he never TRIED getting up in the 80-100 range…I think we all can agree he had some games where he was thinking “score” every time he had the ball. And in those games, he was able to get to the cup at will, and get to the free throw line at will, and drop fadeaways at will. And what exactly about today’s game would change that? He’d get to the cup even MORE often? Take MORE free throws than he already was getting? Hit MORE fadeaways? I think if he couldn’t do it then, he couldn’t do it now. Still the GOAT, but he’s bugging right there.

  • JAY

    I believe him. He’d get to the line 20-30 times at least a couple of times a year with today’s rules.

    @KL: Pippen average 17-20pts/gm. He had outbursts of 35 so that means he had paltry games of 11pt. If Pippen didn’t bring it, Jordan was always there to pick up any slack.

    BTW, has anybody picked up the new magazine with Jordan on the cover?? I won’t say the magazine title here because it’s DIME’s competitor but it rhymes with BLAM. Lol. There are some really good articles in there. Correction, amazing articles. I suggest picking it up. It’s totally dedicated to MJ. I grabbed 1, but I will grab another to put on my man-cave wall.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    “it rhymes with BLAM” hahaha! Nice

  • JAY

    He dropped 43 as a 40yr old on a defense-oriented NJ Nets team. You’re telling me you don’t think a prime MJ could drop 100 on a pathetic Raptors and TWolves team today??? the only thing that would stop him if his team blew out the Raps/Wolves cuz he’d be on the bench resting in garbage time.

  • KB8toSG8

    No offence MJ, but this is BS.

  • Notorious

    I am rollin’ with JAY on this one, I think he could have given some conditions… With the no hand checking rule in place and the disparity in the really good teams and the really bad teams.

    I think MJ could have had a huge game against a team like the “7 seconds or less” Suns from a few years ago, who pushed it constantly and didnt take much pride in playing defense. Or some of the low end teams like the Nets, Kings, Wolves, Raptors, etc…

    I dont think he could drop 100 pts anytime he wanted, as the top notch teams play better team defense. But if the conditions were right and given the new rules that make it easier for the offense, I think the GOAT could have had one of those memorable nights.

  • ricky ross

    yo some of you fools trying to argue with the goat? buddy if kobe scored 81 today you know jordans reaching 100. he used to get hackeddd in the paint when he played a small touch in the paint today takes you the the free throw line. all the big mans would be in foul trouble and then jordan would just get by his defender and grab a layup. he was dropping big numbers with the wizards and youre going to say the goat cant reach 100? by the way 13 times in the nba where a player has scored 50+ points shooting less then 50%. kobe is responsible for 6 of those. its all about jordan the goat

  • KB8toSG8

    Yeah MJ. Kobe could too if he was lights out. LeBron could too if he was lights out all 48 mins. Melo could too. Hell, any superstar can get 100 points if he plays all 48 mins and consistently is lights out. Hey, if Kobe killed the 1st half like he did the 2nd, he could’ve gotten 110. Its frankly impossible to match Wilt’s record.( If MJ can get 100, Wilt can surely get 120…)NO ONE can be lights out for 48min. No one.Your mind may think its possible. But your body doesn’t. For a good reason.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com/ Chise

    It’s definitely not out of the question.

  • Ekstor

    Could he have scored 100? Yes. Would he have scored 100? No.

    Kobe could have had 90 against the Raps had he played all the way to the buzzer… and 100+ had he started the game with the same mindset he had when his team was down by 18 (Kobe had 26 at halftime of that game).

    The only reason Kobe was even able to reach 81 was b/c his team was down massive and he had no other help.

    So it’s possible for MJ and even Kobe to score 100, but rarely will a game come up where that becomes a practical necessity.

  • KB8toSG8

    @Ricky Ross

    I’d love to see how MJ would fare on a crappy team starting Smush, Luke, Rad, Kwame with teams almost always double teaming Kobe. Yeah, I’d see that. Just to remind you, 2-3 players are gonna gun for you every shot. You think anyone can get a great shooting percentage? Haha…..Also, MJ used to go to work in the post a lot. A lot. I don’t think today’s athletes are just as weak as the old guys guarding Jordan were. Kobe operated mostly solely on the perimeter because PJax ordered him to do so. You did see last season at the start when he was averaging 28pts at 54% shooting without Pau in the lane right? Pretty much MJ stats don’t you think?? Or does your MJ glasses prevent you from seeing such stuff???

  • ManilaFTW

    Jordan could easily go to the basket at will with the PFs and Centers of the NBA today. Jordan developed his jumper to avoid driving to the hoop all the time as he gets manhandled every time he tries to go inside the paint back in the day.

    Just think of what the “Jordan Rules” Pistons team of the 90s did to a lot of players’ psyche in terms of scoring “easier” drives to the basket at that time.

    the GOAT will be getting too many free throws if he was playing in the NBA today.

  • LakeShow84

    Is this the same MJ who said he would get the Wiz into the playoffs??

    Just askin :)

  • LakeShow84

    Pride is a funny thing..

    I find it funny that Kobe has won his 2nd ring in a row and now all of a sudden Jordan makin all these comments and even, GASP, allowing himself to be in a BASKETBALL game..

    What a coincidence..

  • KB8toSG8

    These kind of statements really underrate the effort Kobe put to get those 81 points. Listen up MJ, you’re about 3-4 years late. I wish MJ wouldn’t say such things. Baylor could also get atleast near 100. But he doesn’t run his mouth understanding that its silly.

  • http://High High Release

    Think of all the rebounds The Worm could’ve had from all of Jordan’s missed shots!

  • eazy yeezy

    Jodan averaged 37ppg for a season while the bad boys in Detroit were literally kicking the shit out of him.

    Kobe dropped 35 for a season in a soft, no hand-checking league.

    I dont know if 100 is attainable. But he could of dropped 75-85 on a hot night.

  • wade next m.j


  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ JAY:

    I’m trying to have a balanced view of the whole thing, but I gotta say that there’s a couple assumptions made about Kobe’s era vs. MJ’s era:

    1.) All teams that MJ played against were better than all teams Kobe’s played against, just because the Pistons and Knicks used to be tough with MJ, and

    2.) MJ was a better overall player than Kobe, so that means he was a better SCORER.

    Kobe is the greatest scorer this game has EVER seen. He dropped 81 in that game, after not even trying to turn it on until the end of the second quarter. He scored 62 points in a game he didn’t even play the entire 4th quarter. He hits insane 3point shots that MJ could never DREAM IN A MILLION YEARS OF HITTING, and does it pretty dang often. Mike just simply is not the greatest scorer of all time, and just because Kobe hit 81 doesn’t automagically mean Jordan would’ve gotten more against the same team.

  • K Dizzle

    Hell to the No!
    COULD Mike get 100? Maybe but I doubt it.
    Should Kobe have gotten 81? Hell no!
    Some NBA coaches are just so stupid, it blows my mind.
    When Kobe started gettin hot with the Raptors up big double figures, all the coach SHOULDA done was scream, “DOUBLE HIM!!!”
    As soon as Lakers even thought about passin to Kobe, the defense should come with the big double team and make Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm or Smush Parker beat you(see how ridiculous that even sounds?) Kobe took 46 shots to get his. Most ballers I know can’t even put up 40 shots without needing timeouts.
    So Mike gets near 60-70 with one quarter left? Double team big and let Horace Grant or Wennington or Longley or Purdue or Cartwright or Scott Williams “go off”
    Shit, triple if necessary.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ K Dizzle:

    Dude watch the 81 game again, and see how many times Kobe was double-teamed. It didn’t matter, man…

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Same with Jordan’s 69 game…sometimes there’s nothing the coach can do but close his eyes and dream a dream of days gone by…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Kermit

    seen it enough times.
    I think you need a reminder.
    Raptors actually NEVER DOUBLETEAMED lol. I just watched the hilights again. They actually, not one time, brought help over…..damn

  • http://tolulope.edun@gmail.com Y.G.

    Sorry MJ, but I call bs on that. Your jumper & 3 point game wasn’t wet enough. After he got to 50 points, there would have been 10 feet in the paint. Kobe on the other hand, has no limits. The kid is dangerous as soon as he crosses the half court line.

  • Ian

    Don’t know if the man get 100 yes the league is softer but jordan didn’t go up against sgs and sfs as athletic as the game has today so I think it kinda balances things out.

    You said someone had jordan glasses because of a comment they made and you used the crappy team excuse for kobes percentages?? I’m sorry but how many seasons did kobe carry a bad team 2?? Jordan was hitting half his shots even before the bulls became great. Kobe is not as efficient as mj scoring.

    Besides he did say he might foul out with his style of play.
    It matters that type of shit doesn’t happen vs a team with a good coach.

    Pride?? I don’t like mj but compare resumes and see how far kobe is behind.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ K Dizzle:

    You’re BUGGING; really? Watch that 4th quarter again…you really mean NEVER?! I haven’t seen it in a while, but I distinctly remember them trying to bring help a lot in the beginning of the 4th…u SURE?

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    (I’d watch, but they got YouTube blocked at work…)

  • Boston 2011

    Ya’ll Mike would’ve got 100 in today’s game. No hand checking lot less physical play, the extinction of TRUE post playing big men and today’s game is a lot less competitive. In jordan era, on the court there were no friends, today every body is buddy buddy. The lack of commitment to playing defense in today’s game also. Jordan did major damage in the best era of basketball! Came back an did work in today’s era of basketball, which showed in his prime, it would’ve got. Ugly if he played today!

  • KB8toSG8


    I have officially become your fan lol :D

    @eazy yeezy

    Can’t you read? How in hell was Kobe gonna attain an awesome FG% if he had no guy who would drain it consistently? And how could he always drive into the lane when he was doubled team everytime he started iso-ing. See a few games. You’d realize what I’m talking about. That was the absolute low of the decade. Smush was freaking CUT from the RAPTORS squad. Raptors…yes. Smush was that unfit. Luke couldn’t drain anything. Kwame had bad hands ( feel sorry for him though…..) and don’t even talk about Vlad Rad. Ask Shaq whether iso-ing or zone is difficult. Just ask him. Hell, ask any superstar what he would prefer. Hand-check+Iso or Zone. I’m talking about a superstar with a bunch of stooges. 99% everyone says Iso. Why? Because a single guy would be enough to win it all. Zone? You’ll be forced to pass. Think this : Kobe taking a fadeaway jumpshot (probability of making: 40%) or passing to Smush for the 3 or Kwame for the dunk ( probability of success:20%) Yes, they sucked THAT much. And I don’t see Jordan being able to do anything much more than that.

  • KB8toSG8

    @Boston 2011….

    Best era? The 90s??? The talent pool was DILUTED. Totally diluted. The league was expanding. You got new teams which totally sucked. Go back to the 80s or the Wilt-Russell-West eras. Teams were waaaaay more stacked and physical. Lack of commitment to playing good D? Boston? LA? Mia? Bobcats? Rockets? Many players now are better defenders than those in the 90s. Name me great defenders during the 90s who guarded Jordan. Payton?!? We all know what happened to Jordan’s “efficiency” when he played against him.

  • KB8toSG8

    Maybe MJ was talking about NBA 2k11 :P

  • Carlos PR

    no he is just a competetive git, cause he wants to outdo everyone. Since Kobe scored 81 and passed his 69 points he just got jealous and angry he hadn’t scored more. Michael you are the GOAT and will always be, but there were some things that were not meant to be done by you. Respect other players as well and stop trash talking because you simply dont play NBA no more.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Kermit
    no joke, man
    Mike James pretended to come over one time, but mostly it was Peterson on an island…

    @ Boston 2011
    I see your username, but after reading your post, I can’t really take you seriously as a Celtics fan:
    “No hand checking lot less physical play, the extinction of TRUE post playing big men and today’s game is a lot less competitive. In jordan era, on the court there were no friends, today every body is buddy buddy. The lack of commitment to playing defense in today’s game also.”

    If you’ve watched the last 2 Lakers-Celtics finals, there is no way you would post that.

  • S.A.C

    What ever Jordan!

    Guess what? Your career is over now. Find something else to do and stop hating. Why is MJ always so bitter and dismissive every time he opens his mouth it seems. This is not your hall of fame speech.

    And by the way; both Kobe and David Robinson played in your era and scored more points than you anyway.

    Oh and about those 100 points. Wilt already covered that! Remember? He even averaged 50 points a game for a whole year to boot. Move on MJ!

  • George W Kush Sr

    I could have sworn Lamar Odom been playing with Kobe n the Lakers ever since Shaq left, hasn’t he?

    Kobe is bigger, stronger and has a better 3 than MJ, that about it.

    MJ is quicker, faster, smarter, mentally stronger, more creative and the ORIGINATOR of Kobe’s whole style.

    But the one thing that’s getting overlooked is that drive to win that essentially made MJ the best scorer of all time. I’ve seen MJ end games with a 3, its there when he wants it to be, I’ve seen him dunk, shoot, even pass to win the game.

    Could he have scored 100 points? Maybe, if all the circumstances fit to make a perfect storm. But there is no doubt in my mind Money would be averaging 40-7-7 in today’s game. I have to say, Jordan is a better offensive weapon than Kobe. If no other reason other than Jordan was wise enough to develop the style that Kobe plays today, if he came up with that then he could surely come up with more weapons in today’s game.

    The 69 point game with no hand checks?
    37ppg in a era completely more physical?
    How many scoring titles?

    There was a better scorer in the NBA? Who? Surely not Kobe. Kobe has all the physical attributes and tools to be, but so does Corey Maggette. Nobody filled the basket like MJ.

  • JAY

    I’m with Dizzle. The Raptors didn’t double team Kobe until midway through the 4th. By that time, Kobe had seen the ball go through the net, it was too late, he was on fire. Joey Graham, Jamario Moon, Jose Calderon <– Jordan would have scored 120 on those guys if single covered like Kobe was. Get real. Lol. Sam Mitchell is an idiot. His game plan was to let Kobe get his, and guard everyone else. He said it pre-game and admitted it was a bad idea after the game. Sorry Kermit, they may have adjusted to double Kobe but the game plan was to let Kobe score as much as he wanted… and that's exactly what happened.

  • Surgikal

    For the genius who posted the YouTube link for Kobe’s 81 point game-
    If you watch carefully, you’ll notice that those were only highlights of Kobe’s made baskets… Now, if you look even more closely, you’ll also notice that the majority of those made-basket highlights, Kobe is dribbling away from the potential double and triple teams.
    Just saying…
    26 points by halftime doesn’t call for the need to double a player; however, 50+ in the 3rd quarter might raise some concern for the opposing team’s coach.
    Just saying…
    Those highlights where Kobe passed out of a triple team, to his “wide open” teammates, aren’t included in the highlights., either. You should probably get your facts straight before you post links, claiming that people “need a reminder”.
    Just saying…

  • eazy yeezy

    Give me Jordan’s 63 against one of the greatest teams of all time (The 67-game winning Celtics), in the playoffs- over Kobe’s 81 in a meaningless, regular season game against possibly the worst statistically defensive team of all time.

  • JAY

    Mitch Richmond, Joey D, Ron Harper, Majerle…
    You diss the defenders back then because MJ made every single one of them look useless. Fact is even Craig Ehlo was a “stopper” but look what MJ did to him. MJ just steps up when the big challenge comes up. That’s his whole MO. He would go out and do something just because someone says he can’t.

    All I’m saying is this…. 43 on the Nets as a 40yr old with today’s rules. I don’t think he’d do that if RJ/Kidd/Martin were allowed to bump and hand check him all over the court. He was 40 people!! A prime Jordan would be straight up SCARY in today’s game.

    And this talk about Kobe being a better scorer. Fuck that. How many times has Kobe scored at least 50 in the playoffs vs the leagues best teams??? Check the playoff record books folks. Kobe’s name isn’t in there.

  • JAY

    @eazy yeezy #40 post
    Cosign with a Shaq sized marker.

  • Ian

    Hell yes the admiral had 71

  • eric

    And Wilt Chamberlain said he could have averaged 75 points a game in the 80’s. What the hell is wrong with these retired old fogies.

  • JAY

    @KB8: “The talent pool was DILUTED. Totally diluted.”

    Diluted?? WTF are you talking about?? LMAO! I hear this same argument from kids I work with. The 80s/90s was the golden era of the NBA. Guys played with their head back then. Today, kids see the athleticism and think today’s game is better. Bullshit. These guys today are all one-and-done collegiate players. They don’t learn proper defence or anything for that matter. Come on. Lebron was first-team all defence for god sake!! and he plays defence from behind. That’s the type of defence we’re rewarding today?? Back in the day the All-Stars were defensive players… todays stars, for the most part, can’t give two shits about defence. Today we have guys who can’t shoot but can defend.

    On a side note, today’s players complain about getting banged around without a foul-call, can you imagine them playing in an era where contact was actually allowed?? Perkins wouldn’t be in the league anymore, he’d be in a mental hospital somewhere.

  • JEAR18

    EAZY YEEZY i totally agree

    MJ’s 63 pts vs. a BIRD/MCHALE/PARRISH lead team in the PLAYOFFS .. oh and MJ just got back a month and half before that from a broken leg .. and i believe he was in his 3rd or 4th year in the L is way more impressive then KOBE’s 81 vs the raptors …

    just thought i would mention that game too .. since all the KOBE fans are all hung up on the 81 pt game.

  • JAY

    I believe it was his second year.
    Kobe’s 81pts on the Raps is fools gold.

  • JEAR18

    JAY – thanks for the correction .. yeah 2nd year coming off a injury broken leg .. drops 63 in the playoffs on BIRD and co. SIMPLY amazing .. haha ..

  • Ekstor

    You guys focus so much on the hand-checking rules of the day and forget that Kobe is REGULARLY guarded by players bigger than he… Jordan was REGULARLY bigger than the players who guarded him… this is despite the fact that both players are relatively the same size.

    Conclusion? While MJ is still GOAT, the hand-checking allowed back then is overridden by the fact that today’s perimeter players are bigger, taller, longer than before.

  • Ash

    i think he could.Plus the NBA did got SOFTER.

  • Dmoney

    everyone keeps talking about the good old days when teams were “tough as hell.” However, the main point these same people are missing is that players from the old days were way LESS ATHLETIC…watch footage of old games, nooo athleticism compared to today’s players.

    Jordan was simply ahead of his time – his style of play is more consistent with that of today’s players. When Jordan came out, no one knew what to expect, or how to defend him, because Jordan was leader of a new type of basketball, the kind that relied a lot on athleticism, similar to today’s players. The main reason why Jordan became the GOAT was because he was able to combine his athletic gifts with a cerebral game – this is the same reason why Kobe will be GOAT version 2 when its all said and done!

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    I blame this all on JAY right now…LOL…he brought up the Raptors, and I couldn’t help but take it as a shot against Kobe and now I’m sucked BACK into the Kobe vs MJ argument…why why why???

  • arjae828

    MJ vs. the trail blazers anyone? 6 trey balls in the first half. 35 points in the first half. with Clyde Drexler — who was every bit as strong, tall and athletic as MJ –guarding him. And he held drexler under 20 points ! And he shot over 50% ! This was the NBA Finals. You’re telling me he couldn’t pull this off in the regular season against an average team?!

    another instance: 55pts against the NY Knicks, in the Garden, one of the best defensive teams in the history of the League. Against one of the best coaches in the history of the League. He shot over 50% against a stacked Knicks squad. He could definitely have dropped 100.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    @ Arjae828:

    This is exactly what I’m saying…that “stacked” Knicks team (which had WHO on it, again? Oh Patrick Ewing and a bunch of nobody’s? They couldn’t even close out the Rockets Finals series, BAH) couldn’t do anything to stop MJ even with your holy hand-checking allowed. He put the ball in the hoop with ease. And the same dang thing would happen against an inferior defense; he’d put the ball in the hoop with ease, and end up with…100 points?? That doesn’t make sense. You can’t freakin’ DOUBLE the point output just because the team has less defensive intensity and they can’t handcheck anymore. You don’t get 45-50 more points from that.

  • Charles B.

    Maybe he’s right..but so can lebron, and so could kobe (a couple years ago) and so can D wade, and so can a lot of superstars. But its selfish. Its comments like this that make me dislike michael jordan

  • Phileus

    MJ could have scored 100, but he never would have needed to. He was never on as bad of a team as Kobe was on the 81 point game. Kobe will never get near 81 points again because his team isn’t god-awful anymore.

  • S.A.C

    @ Charles.

    Jordan’s just a bitter dweeb. You know, it was always said behind the scenes that Jordan wasn’t a nice guy and a jerk. And every time he opens his mouth, he just reinforces that.

    Why is this man so protective of his legacy and always seemingly bitter? Your retired and have lots of money, adulation, great praise and worship! What else do you want?

    Just please go away Jordan (unless this is a marketing opportunity to sell more of your silly new game)!

    Don’t you already own a team (sold at a 50% discount after your divorce settlement)? Go make them and Kwame Brown better please?

  • JAY

    Kermit, how dare you put all this on me. Lol. I’m not sure if I was the first to bring up Kobe. Lemme check…

    I just checked. Kermit, sir, you are a LIAR! lol. For the record, #3 brought up Kobe first.

    BTW Who said Lebron could score 100?? That’s ridiculous. He’s too busy coming up with dance moves, that dude isn’t driven like MJ was.

  • Ross


  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    This whole “transporting players to a different era” thing doesn’t work anyway. I mean, what if you took Shaq and put him in Wilt’s era? Does he get 1,000 points? No, because in the 50s he’d be arrested for dunking like a gorilla, and probably lynched at some point. There’s always something to make up for a loss of one thing on the other end

  • Ian

    When the best player on the team is patrick ewing you are not stacked.

    Ill give u the 80s but not the 90s it was diluted by then the only teams with 2 superstars were the bulls and utah then u had the others playin by themselves and scrubs. Today a lot of teams have 3 allstars.

    Who the hell said kobe was stronger than jordan??

  • arjae828

    @ kermit…so what about when he lit up the trail blazers?

    and that knicks squad had ewing mason oakley, starks…what are you talking about? they were one of the best defensive teams in the league. they changed they way they game is played to this day. slowing tempo to limit possessions, slow, grind it out games…all came from that Knicks squad. Get your facts straight.

    Suppose 60 against the Celts was easy too.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Ah DAG you’re RIGHT!! Hahaha my bad Jay…Dime, please have my comment stricken from the record.

    And how come Ross was able to say “100!” and nothing else? I thought we were still getting “your comment was too short” messages. Bout time! I can say WAY more sarcastic things with less wording LOL

  • karizmatic

    Maybe not 100, but he could have dropped at least 90. And I like how he added he might have fouled out. He came from an era with different rules and his game was molded for that time period.

    As was pointed out on this website yesterday MJ was 40 and still able to drop 43 with the new rules in effect when all he had was a high basketball IQ and a nice fadeaway. I’m sure he could have put up at least 90 in his prime.

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    Gotta chime in here since I’m tired of seeing the public be brainwashed on the different eras.

    First of all, as someone I think mentioned, the talent pool in the 90s was diluted. In the 95-96 season, the Bulls beat up on some of the worst teams of the last 10-15 years. 2 expansion teams first season, it just wasn’t a great time in terms of that. That doesn’t really matter since MJs biggest scoring seasons were in the 80s but just wanted to point that out.

    Also, ask ANY great player about a choice between the two:
    1) iso against one very physical defender
    or 2) match up against 2 or 3 guys, much less physical, but basically zoning up your side of the floor

    They would all rather face the former… Defense is played differently now- Kobe can’t post someone up and shoot a wide open seven-foot turnaround the way MJ could. Just doesn’t happen anymore… Coaching/scouting reports/defensive principles have all advanced…

    One final note that no one ever talks about is the charge call- that has more of an affect on inside scoring than a lot of people realize.

    MJ- GOAT- wouldn’t get 100

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington


    Whoa, dog…you didn’t just say that the knicks were “one of the best defensive teams”, you said they were STACKED. I fail to see how you could call a team with John Starks, Anthony Mason, and Charles Oakley “STACKED”. You’re on some “get your facts straight”, and “that team was stacked” in the same breath, ya lost me on that one brother….

  • karizmatic


    It wasn’t a practical necessity fro Kobe to score 81, I’m probably splitting hairs here but if I remember correctly by the time Kobe had broken 70 in that game the outcome wasn’t even in question anymore. The account of the game has Phil Jackson about to pull him out of the game when he had 74 or so, but one of his assistants let him know how many points he had so he let him stay in to break 80. I any case there wasn’t a real necessity for Kobe to score 81 points 60? Ok probably. 70? Maybe….but definitely not 81. There is almost never a reason that one player has to score 80 points to win in an NBA game.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    @arjae828 again:

    That’s why I’m thinking that the legend of MJ has gotten to y’alls heads. The teams he played against were all stacked, and there were no rules against hand-checking, which for those of you who are just joining us, hand-checking is a magical move invented by the gods, which makes you able to defend anyone no matter how sucky a player you actually are (ahem JOHN STARKS).

    MJ is a legend, but let’s not make him into this dude who never played against a sucky team in his life and therefore never had the opportunity to score 81 points like players have today. Gimme a break yo

  • Dayinho

    Kobe is good but:

    he can’t shoot at 50% or more
    he can’t average 50 pts against the better defense of the league

    Look at what MJ did against the C’s, the Knicks, Miami or the Pistons. Kobe can’t do it against the Celtics whereas it is the same defensive level…

  • Looooool


    Sorry Mike but your way off. Your ego has gotten the best of you. 100 pts? Sorry but NO!!!

  • http://www.glidehoyas.blogspot.com Kent

    If you weren’t back in those dayz watching and knowing then you probably really wouldn’t understand. JORDAN WOULD HAVE EASILY SCORED 100, YES, “EASILY”! 25 PER QUARTER!

  • Sacto_J

    Jordan is an ass

  • Ekstor


    You’re right that 81 wasn’t necessary. The game was done at about 70, but you are making my case. Even IF MJ could score 100, it’s very difficult to imagine a situation where that could happen.

    That said, even if Kobe scored an extra 10 points that weren’t necessary, he was STILL pulled early from that game (3 minutes left I think?) and at the rate he was going that 2nd half, could have reached 90 if PJ left him in there.

    Now if Kobe starts off that night with the intent of scoring 100, I think he could have done it considering how hot he was… but it’s an impossibility b/c no sane player starts off a night with that intention.



  • the_don_mega

    just noticed something while reading some of the posts here… i read some arguements that today’s players are more athletic than the ones MJ played against… true… but in case ya’ll have forgotten… MJ was f’n athletic as well… i say that balances out the argument regarding athleticism…

  • Stunnaboy09

    When Jordan is mentioned, Kobe most follow…

    Someone just said Kobe was stronger and faster than MJ, face palm.

    I think we are celebrating Kobe’s 81 too much, it was a once in a lifetime game but it was also the epitamy of all that is wrong with the league, selfishness, flashiness and scoring. Kobe had 1 assist, and did you see the way his teammates were giving him the ball. Putting I over team if you ask me. Still one hell of a game though.

    To people saying MJ’s league was watered, a quick rundown of people taken in MJ’s year of being drafted, Hakeem, Charles Barkley and John Stockton. With Bird and Magic still in their prime. And your telling me the league was watered.

    Back to MJ and a 100, if he wanted to I’m sure he could, he just wouldn’t. Why score a 100, you have teammates who need the ball for gods sake. Remember guys, this is someone who AVERAGED 28.2PPG 5.9 APG and 6.5 RPG in his ROOKIE YEAR (on 515% shooting) numbers Kobe never put up.

    For a guy who gets hailed as the greatest scorer of all time, kinda fishy to only lead the league in scoring TWICE in 13 years. MJ did it 10 times, AI 3, hell T-MAC twice.

  • chief youngblood

    MJ 100? sure he’s MJ


    No. Because he’d be ejected early in the game for arguing.

  • Chris

    Does anybody think MJ was using some hyperbole here? I think he was just kind of ballparking a numberj exaggerating for the sake of proving his point. Now, could he actually do it? If there’s one thing people should know by now, it’s not betting against this guy. If you look at the game where he scored 69, to me, it easily looked like he could have gone for more. Granted, it took some overtimes to get his, but he shredding Ehlo and the Cavs all night long. It looked very effortless. Heck, it looked like he put more energy into dropping 63 on the C’s and 55 at The Garden. I feel like if he really wanted to and the situation called for it, he could have gone for 70+ easy. Meanwhile, I’m not going to argue whether he could top Kobe’s 81 or who’s better, I just think we as basketball fans should sit back and revel in what great players and great scorers can do. Whether it’s 6 threes in a half, 81 in a game, 33 in a quarter, 100, whatever. Just enjoy it all.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Lots of LA fans here, I can see. Jordan put it best: he was a more physical player, so if he didn’t foul out, he could have scored a lot more in this era.

    So funny to think of all the people, even Lakers fans, that consider Kobe to be the greatest scorer “of all time”. Which really just means in the last 15 years, since that’s all they can remember.

    I mention especially Lakers fans, because someone that was considered a top 5 shooting guard of all time, Jerry West, seems to have been forgotten. Kobe makes lots of 3s? I guess, compared to West. West never scored a single 3 pointer. That’s because the shot didn’t exist in the NBA til 79-80.

    My point, besides taking a dig at Kobe, is that different eras produce different types of players. MJ acknowledges the differences in his statement.

  • Ab

    LakeShow84, you’re really dumb. They don’t make video games in 4 months so rest assured your MJ wasn’t jealous of your boyfriend Kobe. The same Kobe that missed the playoffs twice without Shaq.

  • Ab

    Only 2 players led the league in scoring AND won the title. MJ and Wilt. Wilt did it once, MJ did it 6 times.

  • jheck

    a lakeshow #16 comment…MJ is hurt for the two season of playing for the wiz…

  • http://www.youtube.com/hardtimeshardbodies Hard Body

    Mike would dominate today. Not sure about 100 points though.

  • Kenny

    Re: “He dropped 43 as a 40yr old on a defense-oriented NJ Nets team,” years ago, I took my daughter’s 7th grade bball team to see the “defense-oriented Nets” play MJ, and all my girls asked why NEITHER team played defense.

    The NBA has incredibly talented players, but they don’t play team-oriented, fullcourt basketball.

  • Ballerz1

    Stupid young kids know nothing about the defense back then. If you respond to this stating otherwise, it just proves how stupid you are again! Stupid Kobe fans! Get your facts.

  • arjae828

    @ kermit…are you 13 or something? The Knicks of the 90’s were DOMINANT defensive teams. You’ve got them confused with the Knicks of today. Going off for 50 in the garden was damn near unheard of. Not a nightly thing like it is now. Oakley and Mason were enforcers ! NO EASY BUCKETS. Xavier McDaniels?! Defensive beast ! you’re friggin delusional. it’s not even worth arguing. You need to go watch some clips…ASAP ! somebody back me up on this !

    and did you talk about how they couldn’t beat the Rockets?! You act like the Rockets were some slouches ! Clyde Drexler, Mario Ellie, Sam Cassell, Hakeem The Dream…TWO TIME CHAMPS…

    also, with the way they let traveling and carrying go MJ would be unstoppable !

  • Thetruth2010

    LOL! Wow! It’s amazing to see how many people doubt Jordan. Most of you are people and children of the people who lived in Cities that hated the Bulls. The majority of Jordan’s career was built on proving the critics wrong, which he did. It’s hilarious to see how many of you don’t think that a 28-year-old Jordan could have score 100 in today rules (placing him at the age Kobe score 81). MJ didn’t even mention Kobe and you idol worshiping Kobe fans are tearing your underwear apart in rage that MJ would even imply he could score more than your beloved Kobe Bryant did. The most saddest and miserable thing about you Kobe fan is that Kobe looks up to Jordan and said that he is the greatest to ever play the game. Do your research! Youtube it! Link Below:


    I’m a big Kobe fan and even Kobe and I know it’s extremely possible, especially when you doubt the man.

    If Jordan could go to the “fountain of youth” right now to get back 19 years, to score 100, you best believe I would be $100 million richer right now because I would bet against all you doubters! You’re telling me that Jordan couldn’t have been an estimated 12/16 from the field? You don’t think MJ could have attempted 20 shoots from the field and in the paint each quarter, making 13 or 14? Or even less than that with him going to the line? Kobe had 26 in the first half against the raptors and scored 55 in the second. You don’t think Jordan couldn’t have done that today? Come on kids, Dec. 29, 2001 when the 38-year-old MJ scored an astonishing 51 points against the Hornets. In only 38 minutes, Jordan set two records; the oldest player to ever score 50, and for most points in one quarter against the Hornets. Jordan became the only player over 40 to ever score 40+ points in a game against N.J. on Feb. 21, 2003. You doubters are hilarious! If he did all of that old and banged up with some of the new rules, what do you think he would do at 28-years-old today? Keep hating on MJ, calling him “old a grumpy”, because one day you will be old and young people will call you “old and grumpy”! Scary thought isn’t it? Age creeps up on all of us very fast!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Surgikal
    “For the genius who posted the YouTube link for Kobe’s 81 point game-
    If you watch carefully, you’ll notice that those were only highlights of Kobe’s made baskets”

    Do you know why they’re called hilites? Do I give a phuck about the 18 shots Kobe missed? What kinda soft ballplayer uses “you’ll notice Kobe was dribbling away from the double teams” as a legitimate excuse?
    Instead of typin up some shit you feelin yourself on, why don’t you watch the “hilites” and tell me how many AGGRESSIVE doubles the Raptors brought(it’ll be 0)
    Then put in a tape of the ’08 Finals and see how hard and fast the Celtics brought help. That is what I mean by double-teaming hard with size. Thanks for your time but you dismissed…..just sayin

    And why are dudes seriously proppin MJ’s 63 against Boston(playoffs or not) in DOUBLE OVERTIME in a game the Bulls LOST…
    Kobe put up almost 20 more points in like 10 less minutes. Do the math

  • Greg J Knox

    Come on Jordan, I don’t know if you really said this, but I am assuming you didn’t because 100 points? That is a dumb amount of points. Even though you, without a hand check would be nasty, don’t disrespect an era of athleticism you could not imagine playing against. 100? Your joking and would be over hyping yourself when it is not needed. BTW you fucked yourself by getting way too cocky and retiring, not enough comp? Hope your satisfied with your 6 rings instead of 8.

  • KB8toSG8

    Some guys here really make me laugh. I though this was about whether or not MJ can score 100. Not a MJ vs KB debate!!! For all the guys that don’t think the 90s were diluted, name me the guys from the top of your head that could actually ball…….seriously, some teams were absolute ish. And why doesn’t ANYONE understand that MJ can’t go iso now. Its a zone. You can’t just back your man up and shoot over him. Help defense would swat them away. AND WHY CAN’T ANYONE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: KOBE PUT UP THE SAME NUMBERS AS MJ WITH 54% SHOOTING AVG. WHEN HE WAS ALLOWED TO GO INTO THE POST EARLY LAST SEASON. HIS SHOOTING AVERAGE DROPPED AFTER HIS FINGER INJURY AND BY OPERATING SOLELY ON THE PERIMETER TO ACCOMODATE PAU’S GAME.CAN’T ANYONE SEE THAT??!?!?!(This was for the KB-MJ debate)

    Also, a fact for all you MJ believers: Getting a 100 implies draining shots consistently from 3pt land. Last time I checked, vs Portland, the 3pt line was 2 feet closer that today’s 3pt line. 2 FEET. To put it in context, Ron-Ron could’ve scored 6 more points last season and have an outstanding 3pt shooting percentage. 6 more points!!!! Also, without that 2 feet thing, MJ was a pathetic 27% 3pt shooter from 3 pt land. That won’t get you 100. NEVER.

  • karizmatic


    That’s the most ridiculous and factually flawed argument I’ve seen on this site in quite a while.

  • andy

    KObe is the best.
    MJ is scared to losing the throne… he say kobe is in the top 10 guards all time? really? where are you mike top 10 also? haha..

    if kobe is not #1 or #2 i iwll hang … comon mike you could at least say top 3 for that matter. ahah MJ brand is hurting once kobe retires..

  • the_don_mega

    @KB8toSG8 –

    “Also, a fact for all you MJ believers: Getting a 100 implies draining shots consistently from 3pt land.”

    you gotta be kidding me??? so you sayin’ wilt threw in some 3 pt bombs to get his 100 pts???? you trippin’ kid…

  • vdux

    KB8toSG8: About the dudes that could ball from the 90s? Off the top?

    Malone, Stockton, Hakeem, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Ewing, Pippen, Shaq, Penny, Kemp, Payton, Webber, Drexler, Sprewell, LJ, Mourning, Mullin, David Robinson, Dominique, Grant Hill, KJ, Dikembe Mutombo, Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Dennis Rodman, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson…

    Not saying that there wasn’t some dilution, but seriously, there were plenty of ballers.

  • JAY

    @KB8toSG8: “And why doesn’t ANYONE understand that MJ can’t go iso now. Its a zone. You can’t just back your man up and shoot over him.”

    MJ played with today’s rule bud. He scored 43 on a defense-oriented Nets team as a fukkin 40yr old and coming back from his 2nd retirement. He was old, injured and barely 50% of the condition he was when he won 72 games. Nobody on that team could guard him. Not RJ, not Kidd, not Martin. Not in single coverage, and not in this new “zone” of today. He scored 43 points bud against that team.

    You sir, are forgetting that MJ played with today’s rules and still put out 43 as a 40 yr old and 50 as a 38 yr old…. again, with today’s rules.

    Continue arguing, but your points about MJ having an easier time with the old rules are moot. That argument don’t hold water bcuz he still schooled the young cats, who were faster, and waaay more athletic than MJ was at the time.

    Think of arguments that make sense.

  • JAY

    It’s funny to me how some pro-Kobe guys are accusing the MJ-backers of “being caught up in the legend of Michael”. I could turn it around and say you Kobe guys have short term memories and are forgetting just how great MJ was. I watched both careers from the beginning and can say what MJ did was waaaaay more impressive to me, than what Kobe has done so far.

  • KB8toSG8


    Wilt’s 100 point game was a farce in the last few minutes. That’s quite widely documented. Without it, he would’ve probably gotten 80 points or so. Also, the speed at which they used to play is waaay more faster than today’s teams. That’s pretty widely known as well.


    Sorry for not stating clearly but I meant who Jordan went against in matchups while also being an ALL-ROUND player. In that list, I can only pick Ritchmond, Hill, Spreewell and Payton. ( Tim if you want to include more…..)


    43 Points in 18-30 From the Field shooting at 60% FG in 43 minutes at Age 40, 10 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 4 Steals, 1 Block 7-8 FT shooting at 87% FT

    Hmmmm…..he played for 43 min and shot 60% from the field. He played for 43 minutes!!! Do you honestly think that the old MJ could actually almost triple his productivity in the same time?!?! You my friend, need to think clearly.

  • KB8toSG8


    You also need to think about him doing this without shooting threes since he isn’t a great 3 point shooter. Also, he needs to do that in probably the same time as above. I don’t care if MJ is the GOAT, NOBODY, not even Wilt can triple their productivity just like that.


    Care to explain? Sure I didn’t use the best choice of words to describe by thoughts since I had very less time but I’m willing to hear why you think Jordan can score 100 without having a great 3pt shot in 43 minutes of play. Hmm…..

  • KB8toSG8

    In all of history, only one guy could do it. And he was a scoring freak who dwarfed even Jordan and Kobe. Baylor, Big O, West, Gervin (remember him?) and dozens of other scoring machines and only Wilt turned the trick in all this time. They all had hundreds and hundreds of chances and none could do it. Not even once. Not even come close. That tells you all you need to know.

    I wonder what MJ can’t do……..hell, maybe MJ can even go play on Pluto eh?
    MJ had his career. He didn’t come close to scoring even close to it.

  • KB8toSG8

    That was taken from another site…….and he summed it off perfectly.

  • Ian

    The rockets didn’t have drexler for the 94 finals.

    The truth
    You know kobe fans show up everytime someone mentions lebron or jordan.

    A farce?? Lol you copy pasted that from a yahoo article. Dude get your shit straight the knicks were foulin other players so wilt couldn’t get the ball back. Hey go play a 48mn game with 16 year old kids and see if u can hit a 100pts.

    Besides the man said had the threept line existed he mighta had 150 not 100 hehehe. Wilt is the only dude that if he said something he could do it.

  • KB8toSG8


    I saw that it was a farce on Wiki…..after I read up on Wilt’s 100 point game….what yahoo article???

    I’m not hating on Wilt. I’m actually saying that he was and forever will be the only guy who got 100 in 48 min. Knicks started fouling to prevent Wilt from getting 100. Warriors started fouling to get Wilt the ball. Both teams were continuously fouling in the last 5-6 minutes. A lot of chances can be gained from such play…. Also, Wilt himself was a little embarrassed at the way the game played out at the end. He says that quite clearly in his autobiography. But that’s not a knock on him. Hell, getting into the position of being able to get a 100 points itself is unbelievable……..

  • KB8toSG8

    I was just saying that in today’s league. Both sides wouldn’t foul like that. The tempo of the game is slower. MJ isn’t a good 3pt shooter. All these things aren’t favorable for MJ. That’s it.

  • the_don_mega

    @KB8toSG8 – “Wilt’s 100 point game was a farce in the last few minutes. That’s quite widely documented. Without it, he would’ve probably gotten 80 points or so. Also, the speed at which they used to play is waaay more faster than today’s teams. That’s pretty widely known as well.”

    thought i saw that same argument over at BDL today… farce or what… that’s still 100.. just like the argument that kobe drpped 81 on a shitty Raptors team… but it’s still 81… you contradicting yourself bruh

  • the_don_mega


    “I was just saying that in today’s league. Both sides wouldn’t foul like that. The tempo of the game is slower.”

    – you sayin’ today’s game is slower than in the 90’s???

  • KB8toSG8


    Nope. I’m saying today’s game is slower than the 60s. :| Wilt’s time……Waaaaay slower.

  • KB8toSG8

    However, if you consider the fact that he would continue to play under Phil, I don’t think the 90s or the 00s make much difference while on offence. While on defense…….. This could ONLY work if MJ was lights out for 48 mins at the “7 sec or less” Suns…….which now cease to exist anyways..So my point is moot :|

  • JAY

    @KB8: “43 Points in 18-30 From the Field shooting at 60% FG in 43 minutes at Age 40, 10 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 4 Steals, 1 Block 7-8 FT shooting at 87% FT
    Hmmmm…..he played for 43 min and shot 60% from the field. He played for 43 minutes!!! Do you honestly think that the old MJ could actually almost triple his productivity in the same time?!?! You my friend, need to think clearly.”

    Yes I do think he would. Why not?? That was his stat line as a 40 YR OLD against one of the league’s best defensive teams, and primarily against RJ who was one of the best defenders at his position at that time. Defense was their MO. They certainly didn’t win because Kidd and RJ were lighting it up from the perimeter. Put him against the lowly Raps and YES, I do think he could do it. The Raps haven’t played defence since Oakley was there.

    Thanks for posting the entire statline. Look at those numbers at 40. Lol! It’s crazy!! Now there’s no doubt in my mind that he would score 90-100 against today’s bad teams.
    In your words, “You my friend, need to think clearly.”

    Btw, in addition to the 43pts, he went out and grabbed 10 boards, 3 assists and 4 steals? CRAZY! You aren’t even acknowledging he did that shit at that age. Hardly anybody plays in their 40s, nevermind take over games like that against top-tier. I wonder how many guys played to 40yrs old. It’s gotta be less than 20 guys in the history of the league.

  • KB8toSG8


    I certainly respect MJ’s legacy. But this seems to be like a continuation of his HOF speech. Still bitter……

    He shot 60% and played 43 min and still got 43 points (think he shot 30….) How in hell can a player almost triple his productivity in the same time if he was 10 years younger? Its never happened in any sport and probably never will. History is on my side.

    Before I continue my debate, I’d like to know if MJ would continue to play under Phil or would he have a LeBron like offense. The Wiz had no advanced offensive schemes other than run the game through Jordan, who was their best player at that time (and rightfully so).

  • KB8toSG8

    Also, that was Jordan’s best night as a Wiz. The old MJ might’ve gotten a few more points but that would still put him at say 70-75. Nothing more. Nothing less. And those rebound stats are very misleading. Very……

  • JAY

    And to your point that MJ had plenty chances to score 100. Not exactly. His teams usually blew out bad teams. He was usually in 3rd gear against those shit teams and sat 4th quarters regularly.

    The stars aligned for Kobe’s 81. It was a crappy defensive team, whose strategy was to let Kobe “get his”, the score was close the whole game and the Raps were actually winning for most of it.

    If the stars aligned in the same way for MJ, I think he could do it. That’s why I think it’s possible. Kobe didn’t go out and just lay down 81. They “let him have” 70 of those points against single coverage with Joey Graham, J-Moon, Calderon, Mo-Pete, who i remember was hurt. and when Kobe beat them, Bosh and Araujo (yeah, him) came with the “help defence”. Lol.

  • JAY

    You just like to discredit shit left, right and center, huh?
    “The rebound stats are misleading, very”
    “Wilt’s 100pt game was a farce”

    “He shot 60% and played 43 min and still got 43 points (think he shot 30….) How in hell can a player almost triple his productivity in the same time if he was 10 years younger? Its never happened in any sport and probably never will. History is on my side.”
    Because at 40, Jordan was hurt, old, slow, couldn’t jump while Kidd/RJ/Martin were twice as fast, could jump higher and were much quicker, and healthier than MJ at the team. That’s how. I don’t think it’s so far-fetched to think he COULD do it against an inferior Raptors team. That Raps team was one of the worst defensive teams EVER. To think a prime MJ couldn’t score 90-100 against that team, facing the same defensive strategy Kobe faced, is funny to me. The only thing that would keep him from doing it is if his team blew them out early. Which is what usually happened to bad teams when MJ was in his prime.

    and bitter?? Haha! What does he have to be bitter about?? The dude has a statue in front of the building he built, 10 straight scoring titles in which he played the full season, 6/6 Finals w/ MVPs and is the GOAT?? Yeah, he must be bitter.

  • JAY

    and what do you mean “History is on your side??”
    We’re speaking hypothetically… or at least I am. Of course it has never happened because the time machine hasn’t been invented yet.

  • Rafa23

    lol@ kobe being the best scorer ever. you know he NEVER shot over 50%? amazing player? yes. but more like a great volume shooter than best scorer ever.

    @ KB8

    u have no clue whatsoever.
    from saying wilts 100 was a farce to stating the 3 point line was shorter in 92(if it were close ok, but 3 years off? awful), just a bunch of bullshit.

  • JAY

    Cosign Rafa23
    I don’t usually name call on here since everyone has a right to their opinion, but KB8, you’re an idiot. Everything you’re using to back up your arguments with are bullshit. I can respect arguments that are true but when someone starts spitting bullshit, claiming it as “fact” but turns out to be crap like the National Enquirer, it’s wack. Almost every post has an untrue comment. Lol. And then you write off other incredible accomplishments like it’s nothing.

    Weak dawg. Straight weak.

    Anyway, I can’t argue with a dummy anymore. Moving along….

  • HisAirness

    Sorry MJ, I have to strongly disagree.

    What rule changes is he talking about? The only major rule change that I can think of is No Hand-checking, and this was established in ’94, so he should’ve scored 100 then, right?

    There’s always gonna be rule changes, but I know for a fact that today’s Defense is better than the 90s. It more organized and players are more athletic today than they were when MJ was playing.

  • A.R.

    Sorry Mike but your jumper just wasnt nice enough to hit that many shots. In todays league your simply not getting to the rack that often with how athletic guys are now. Kobe dropped 81 (yes against the sorry Raptors) because he has a better jumpshot than Jordan. Now that’s not saaying Kobe is better but he undoubtedly can hit shots Jordan wouldn’t even take cuhz he knows they wouldn’t sink. Let’s not forget KObe knocked down 180 threes that year, not Ray Allen status I know but pretty darn impressive. Jordan only made over 100 threes twice in his career.

  • Karim

    If he says it, I believe it.

  • JAY

    @A.R.: “Kobe dropped 81 (yes against the sorry Raptors) because he has a better jumpshot than Jordan.”
    So if Kobe has a better jumpshot, it should be indicated in his field goal percentages, right??
    That’s not the case.


  • The R

    Jordan could NOT get 100 in a game. PERIOD. He has a good FG% (at 50) but, hand checking was NEVER a problem for Jordan because anybody within two feet of him would get a foul called. Seriously, after the Pistons leveled him and the Bulls (Pippen had a “migraine.”), the “rough” play of the 80s stopped. He is not a pure shooter. He IS a scorer. There is a difference. Shaq is a scorer while Reggie Miller was a shooter.

    Also, so we knock Kobe for getting 81 while playing the “sorry” Raptors (with Chris Bosh) but Jordan gets a FREE pass when the NBA picked up SIX expansion teams in the PRIME of his era!! (Charlotte Hornets, Vancouver Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Orlando Magic) Look at the rosters of these teams in their FIRST year. Each team in the NBA plays TWICE. If you are in the same conference, you play at least three times. Do the math on Jordan’s chances against these stiffs. Come on!!! Jordan is a great player but, when we start thinking he can do EVERYTHING… come on. Like someone said, “MJ is sounding like a retired Wilt… stating how he could do this and that.”

  • The R

    @ Jay

    “So if Kobe has a better jumpshot, it should be indicated in his field goal percentages, right??
    That’s not the case.”

    Uh, Shaq has a better field goal percentage than Kobe… does that mean Shaq is a better shooter?

    Check please.