NBA / Oct 7, 2010 / 12:00 pm

NBA GMs predict Lakers will three-peat, Durant will win MVP

Kobe Bryant, Dime #55

Remember what I said about the importance of a co-sign?

Every year the NBA takes a survey of its 30 GMs, asking them to forecast the upcoming season. This year, the 28 GMs who responded to the survey gave the majority vote to the L.A. Lakers to pull off the three-peat, and Kevin Durant to win MVP.

The Lakers got 63 percent of the vote when GMs were asked who would win the 2011 championship, while Miami got 33 percent. The Celtics got the remaining 4 percent. Durant got 67 percent of the “Who will win MVP?” votes, while Kobe Bryant got 26 percent. LeBron and Dwight Howard got just one vote apiece. Durant was also picked as the player with which most GMs would want to start a franchise.

John Wall was the overwhelming pick to win Rookie of the Year (68 percent), Deron Williams was chosen as the NBA’s best point guard (60 percent), Kobe as the top two-guard (86 percent), LeBron as the best small forward (68 percent), Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol tied for best power forward (29 percent), and Dwight was named best center (96 percent). Asked which player they’d want to take the last shot with the game on the line, 79 percent took Kobe.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. All year long — through the Draft and free agency and the trade deadline and when contract extensions are handed out — fans and media won’t hesitate to tell the world how stupid NBA GMs are. And it’s not just guys like David Kahn (Minnesota), Chris Wallace (Memphis) and whoever is making decisions for the Clippers. If championship-ring-rocking Mitch Kupchak (Lakers), Danny Ainge (Boston) or R.C. Buford (San Antonio) makes a bad move, the people will call them out and submit public applications for their jobs.

And yet, watch how many times the GM poll will be utilized this season as argument ammo:

* “You’re crazy, the Magic aren’t going to win the championship. Not even one NBA GM picked them to win it!”

* “No way LeBron wins MVP. Only one GM said he’d get MVP.”

* “You want Paul Pierce taking the game-winning shot? You know the asked the NBA GMs, and like 80 percent of them said Kobe would get the last shot, right?”

Again, it’s all about the co-sign. Apparently no matter where it’s coming from.

Who do you think will win the 2011 NBA championship?
Who will win MVP?
Who will win Rookie of the Year?
Who is the best PG, SG, SF, PF and C in the League?
Who would you pick to start a franchise around?
Who do you want taking the last shot?
And while we’re here, who is going to win the World Series?

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  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Are there any stats that show how often these yearly polls come close to being right?

    Might make it a bit more interesting.

  • WinDelRoj

    If Dwights offense really has improved then I think hes being overlooked as an MVP candidate. Hes too good to be called a dark horse candidate but thats who I feel is going to get it. Last shot goes to Kobe or Melo.

  • Dick Vitale

    Who do you think will win the 2011 NBA championship?
    Gimme the Lakers

    Who will win MVP?
    Gimme KD

    Who will win Rookie of the Year?
    Gimme John Wall

    Who is the best PG, SG, SF, PF and C in the League?

    Who would you pick to start a franchise around?

    Who do you want taking the last shot?

    And while we’re here, who is going to win the World Series?
    Anyone but the Phillies.

    I realize my picks are pretty much the same as those listed by the gm’s but I think they nailed most if not all these picks.

  • LakeShow84

    Champions this year?? Is it really even a question??

    MVP?? Without everyone blowing LBJ?? WHo they blowin nowadays?? Oh yeah that Durant kid

    Rookie of the Year?? From the windo to the WALL

    PG: DWill
    SG: KB24
    SF: LBJ
    PF: Timmay
    C: DHoward

    Start a franchise?? Dwight Howard

    Last shot?? Stupid question

    World Series?? Giants all the way baby hahaha

  • Jah

    Championship: Boston Celtics

    MVP: LeBron James

    Rookie-of-the-Year: John Wall

    Best PG: Chris Paul
    Best SG: Kobe Bryant
    Best SF: LeBron James
    Best PF: Pau Gasol
    Best C: Dwight Howard

    Franchise Player: LeBron James (surround with scorers)

    Last Shot: Kobe Bryant

  • Shady

    Someone post the 2010 GM survey so we can see how accurate they were last year…

  • WinDelRoj


    Seems legit to me.. funny that it was on a Lakers fan site

  • i am a witness

    championship – MIAMI HEAT barring health to the big 3

    ROOKIE of YEAR- Blake griffin / or Demarcus cousins


    Franchise: LEBRON

    Last shot: Paul Pierce


  • i am a witness

    MVP : LEBRON or D WADE….( they gonna ahve the bes record in the leage… and since the award normally goes to the best player on the team with the best record… i think one of them will win it….) Pleaseeeeeee get off of Kevin durant’s dick guys….. he great but real talk i just see another tracy mcgrady when i see kevin durant………

    just like when eryone was trynna compare tmac to kobe and manyy said TMAC was better…….. same thing goin on now with people comparing durant to lebron and dare sayin that he bettter(LMAO)

  • control

    People sleeping on Blake Griffin for rook. If that guy goes beast mode, and carries the Clips somewhere, he has a better chance than Wall at ROY.

  • money

    Who do you think will win the 2011 NBA championship?
    Who will win MVP?
    Durant (Not who should, but who will. My personal vote might go to either kobe or lebron, depending on their team’s success)
    Who will win Rookie of the Year?
    John Wall
    Who is the best PG, SG, SF, PF and C in the League?
    PG: Dwill
    SG: Kobe/Wade
    SF: LBJ
    PF: Dirk
    C: Howard
    Who would you pick to start a franchise around?
    Who do you want taking the last shot?
    And while we’re here, who is going to win the World Series?

  • K Dizzle

    Lebron or Wade can’t win mvp now cuz much like Shaq/Kobe, they’ll lose votes to each other leavin the teams with one alpha to get the mvp: Kobe, Durant, Dwight, Melo, Roy, DWill

  • danocasa

    @ witness

    whoa whoa whoa….you think Durant is comparable to TMac? You realize the kid is like BARELY 22 right? And ALREADY has a scoring championship. And besides the C’s, the Thunder gave the Lakers the biggest test in last year’s playoffs. AND KD just led the USA to its first win at the world championships since 1994. Keep in mind that TMac STILL hasnt made it out of the first round of the playoffs, is made of glass, and is only like 30 years old but plays like he’s 40 (it’s not like he has more miles on him than say, Kobe, KG, Duncan, Nash, Ray Ray, JKidd, etc.).
    And when was the last time TMac was the favorite to win an MVP?
    Gimme a break, TMac scored a bunch of points for crappy Orlando and mediocre Houston teams, and thats it.

  • i am a witness

    @ danacasa …. I aint hating I love KD’s game and i am a big fan….. but all im sayin is go back and look up alla the articles like in 2000-2003 when the media was all up on TMAC’s dick(like they are durant rite now)WRITERS LITERALLY HAD TMAC was BETTER than KOBE……….. I see the same hype tmac was gettn that durant is gettin right now….. all im saying is durant is purley a great scorer, not a great player in my opinion, he just scores easily….. for instance bron is a great passer and literally makes people around him better, hese not only a scorer. Kobe is a GREATT Defender not only a scorer….. when i think of durant he is only a scorer nothing more…probably the best scorer in the nba, but nothing more…. think about it what makes him so great other than he scores probably the easiest in the nba.Im not sayin that he cant develop these other things but he just isnt at that level rite now that everyone is hyping him up to be “at the moment”… for instance how in the blue fuck can KENNY SMITH open his mouth to say DURANT is better than DWADE rite now?!!! is he serius?? I wuld expect a jack ass like chuck barkley to say that shit, not kenny! THE media just hatin on BRON now that he joined wade and bosh and now they lookin for another MEDIA DARLING” which is where durant” comes in. and remembeer like i said I aint hating, I am a big fan, I just think he is way overated.

  • George W Kush Sr

    NBA Champs? Its either the East AllStar team: Miami Heat or the Western AllStar Team: LA Lakers.

    MVP? Lebron or Howard
    ROY? Griffin or Wall
    Last Shot? Melo

    PG: DWill
    SG: KB
    SF: LBJ
    PF: CB4
    C: DHoward

    6th man: Kleiza if he don’t start or Terry

    Scoring Champ is Melo or Durantula

    Yankees are taking it again.

    Lol at whoever thinks Durant is better than LBJ.

  • karizmatic

    Lakers win the ring
    Durant get MVP
    Rookie of the year is John Wall although I’m really interested to see what happens with Cousins or Favors, I think one of them is going to be nasty.

    PG- I think this is the year Deron Williams snatches it.
    SG- Kobe
    SF- Lebron
    PF – I’ll take Pau quite frankly this is a toss up to me I think most of the elite PF’s in the league are right about the same level.
    C – Dwight Howard

    I’d still start my franchise with LBJ
    Kobe’s got to have the last shot

    World Series? Yankees.

  • Banga

    Championship: Laker over Boston

    MVP: KD edges out D12

    R.O.Y.: Blake Griffin beats out John Wall

    The Best at their respective position:

    PG: Deron Williams
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Tied KD and LBJ
    PF: Pau (than Dirk)
    C: Dwight (followed by Brook Lopez)

    Who would i pick to build my franchise around: Kevin Durant

    Last Shot – Kobe

    World Series – Philly

  • Ian

    i thought it was the celtics that gave them the biggest challenge.

    Who do you think will win the 2011 NBA championship?
    Who will win MVP?
    Who will win Rookie of the Year?
    Who is the best PG, SG, SF, PF and C in the League?
    PG: nash
    SG: Wade
    SF: bron
    PF: td or pau
    C: horford
    Who would you pick to start a franchise around?
    lebron easy choice
    Who do you want taking the last shot?
    And while we’re here, who is going to win the World Series?

  • RC

    I don’t like predictions.

    Let’s just sit back and enjoy the basketball season.

  • slick ric

    Chris Paul is still the best to me. Deron is real good but he not on Chris Paul level. Chris does everything better and he’s more efficient. the only thing Deron has is size over Paul.

  • Rick James

    Champion- Heat in 6 over Lakers
    Mvp- Baby Ice aka Kevin Durant (D-Wade and Lebron will cancel each other out)
    R.O.Y.- John Wall
    Last Shot- Joe Jellybean Bryant’s son
    Franchise Starter- Lebron he’s 25 and look what he did with the Cavaliers

    P.G.- Deron Williams
    S.G.- The Black Mamba
    S.F.- LeBron
    P.F.- Wth knows
    C- Dwight Howard (by default)

    T-Mac shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Kobe or K-Smooth. Durant is able to mesh with good players with efficiency without slowing down his teammates. If you took Durantula off of OKC they wouldn’t go to the 2nd round like Tracy’s team.

    World Series- The team that wins the most playoff games

  • hooper5013

    @ slick ric What exactly does CP3 do better than D Will. Not shoot, or score, or run a team. he is isn’t more clutch and he damn sure doesn’t play better defense. So What does he do better?

    D Will best PG (BY FAR)
    Kobe best SG
    LeBron best SF
    Chris Bosh PF
    Dwight Howard C

    Lakers for the title

    Start my franchise around LeBron or D. Will

    Carmelo for MVP this year

    Blake Griffin definitely rookie of the year

    Last shot kobe or melo

    YANKEES win the world series!!!!!