DimeTV, NBA, Video / Oct 25, 2010 / 6:00 pm

NBA Rookies: My First Purchase With NBA Money

While I was at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot in August, I was able to get up with all 40 NBA rookies in attendance and ask them each five questions. All 30 first rounders were there (except No. 17 Kevin Seraphin who was getting his visa), as well as 10 second round picks and undrafted Jeremy Lin. Watch as they tell DimeTV the first thing they bought after being drafted.

What would be the first thing you bought after being drafted?

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  • Mr. TKO

    Poor jeremy Lin, lol

  • J

    Whats with the escalade craze in 2010, sure you can afford it and all, but aint it excessive? notice how everyone got their moms a house or a car or something practical and lance stephenson goes out and gets 13 pairs of kicks?

  • Big B

    Why the hell did everyone say food? Dumbasses should of thought a lil more about their answer. Funny how Jeremy Lin mentioned he wasnt drafted…haha…

  • TIP

    awww…they bought houses for their moms. That is so sweet.

    So adorable :)

  • David

    shoutout to jeremy lin for being mr. technically inclined asian.

    anyone else notice that in “gunnin’ for that #1 spot” and in this, lance stephenson sounded like the dumbest muh’fucker of all time? i mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to play ball, but daaaaamn…

  • Mark

    Aron! Nice! Great journalism getting all the rookies to share…and you spliced it all in a quick and entertaining video. Thank you.

  • Shiptar

    guess they were all hungry :D
    Lin’s answer is hilarious and Stephenson is an asshole… nevermind 13 pairs of sneakers..