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One player. Two free throws. Who takes the shots?

photo. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The greatest performance of the NBA preseason may have just concluded a few minutes ago, in front of a limited “crowd” in a gym in Charlotte.

As documented on Twitter by team employees, Bobcats guard Matt Carroll hit 184 straight free throws during today’s practice before missing one off the front rim. It’s not as bad as Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points with no video evidence, but it still would have been cool to see Carroll’s bong show play out on camera.

However, hitting free throws on auto-pilot is a completely different thing when the bright lights are on, the cameras are running, there are thousands of people watching, and an important game is on the line. All due respect to Carroll, but if it comes down to just two free throws instead of 180, he’d be far down on the list headlined by the likes of Chauncey Billups, Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant.

If you had to pick any current NBA player to make two clutch free throws to decide a game, who would you choose?

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  • LakeShow84

    Oooooo damn ima go with Steve Nash..

    dude hit his freebies this year with a mangled nose drippin blood everywhere..

    Cant argue against that..

  • james

    yup, nash all day.
    or ray ray failing that,

  • jimbo

    nash has to be 1 – simply because he has perfect form and is immune to pressure

  • JD

    Ray Ray hands down

  • i am a witness

    RAY no question

  • i am a witness

    never mind scratch that how bout sasha vujajic

  • charles

    has to be nash but ray is a close second

  • Mtx

    Why do you guys always have to ride kobe’s dick? of course he’s on hell of a clutch player, but when we’re talking about free throws in a late game situation, he is clearly one level below allen, nowitzki, nash and billups.

  • Detroit Dave

    Nick Anderson! yeeaaaaaaaah booooyyyyyy!

  • me

    of the names mentioned, ray and kobe are the last ones i’d want. allen has missed a few at the end of games since hes been with boston.

    in order:
    chauncey (wonder if anyone called him “faggot ass chauncey” back in the day?

  • That’s What’s Up


  • mike

    @me hahahahahha, i watched Menace II society last night, shit had me laughing

  • sweetv0mit


    @Detroit Dave – Learn how to read

  • Fan

    Steve Nash all the way

  • control

    Steve Nash is hands down the best, guy is just perfect at the line regardless of the situation. Kobe missed a few clutch ones in the play offs last year…so did rayray.

    i am witness

    I hope you aren’t serious about Sasha…

  • LakeShow84

    Some said RayRay but did anyone watch the finals??

    He had made ALL of his FT’s until the 4th quarter of game 7 lol neeeeeehhhh sorry pal lol

    @ MTX

    Id take Kobe 2nd.. Quit ur whining.. and of all the names listed Kobe is the only one to hit his much needed FT’s in the FINALS.. not the regular season, not the playoffs but the Finals.. Shit look at that game 7 everyone gets on him for.. horrible shooting night but still knocked his FT’s..

    So get over it lol

  • ricky ross

    id take anyone on that list. all have proved to be clutch all have hit big shots in their career including free throws. but if i had to pick one.. id go with ray allen

  • derik

    Dirk is really clutch in the 4th on the line, but I’d still go with Nash

  • Jah

    Shaq…because he hits ‘em when they count.

    Nah, I’m going with Ray.

  • jryu

    no mention of dwade at all? he’s not a great statistical FT shooter, but if the game is on the line, he’s not missing.

    as much as i dislike them, i’d take kobe and wade.

  • Brown

    I’d take Nash.

    So long as the announcers don’t jinx it by saying shit like “he’s made 26 free throws in a row…this guy rarely misses at the line.” As soon as I hear an announcer talking reckless like that, I know whoever is at the line is gonna brick at least one of them.

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Chauncey ain’t nothin’ to mess wit’ in the clutch. He’s a good bet with the game on the line.

    And true dat on the Kobe clutch thing…he’ll miss 50 shots in a row, brick 5 layups, and then break a finger on his shooting hand. And then step to the line with 10 seconds left and bury both free throws. No need to hate on that.

  • i am a witness

    @ contol
    lol shit no!! it was a joke lol but you gatta admit…. that lil bitch was hella clutch in da finals

  • karizmatic

    I really want to go with Ray but lately he has been missing some freethrows in the clutch. I think I got to go with him though…he’s got to be the one most probable to hit two freethrows when you really need them everyone else is like an afterthought to me. When I see him go to the line for a freethrow I just assume it’s going in…I’m shocked everytime I see him miss. So yeah Ray Allen.

  • karizmatic

    Can we use the argument that since Kobe is on a level lower than the premier clutch player in the league when it comes to freethrows, that he’s not as clutch as Jordan? Back when Jordan was in the league, Mark Price and Reggie Miller were water from the freethrow line, but would you have picked them over Jordan to for this same question? Just wondering.

  • cesar

    give me kid canada 10 times in 10

  • money

    reggie miller!!!
    If not, can’t go wrong with nash or jesus. Speaking of nash, I’m still astounded everytime I watch his i beat you 3 pointer video

  • Bizz

    Ray Ray is clutch, but if you’re banking on FT’s, and I’m a huge Ray Ray fan, I take Steve Nash on those freebies. Ray Ray is 2nd. Nash, despite the fact he’s not a Kobe Bryant “I’mma murder you in crunch time”…he’s a silent killer from the line, and 2nd to none on the free throws.

  • bballfan


  • George W Kush Sr

    Gotta go with Nash first, I’ll take Ray Ray and Billups, Kobe’s a killer too, as a young blood I like Reke Evans and Mayo seems to have a desire to be a cold blooded as well.

  • K


  • Ian

    isnt he the best with clutch freethrows dont remember if it was in 82games that i read that.

  • Tim

    Chauncey. Dude is straight up my hero.

  • follow thru

    pick your poison: nash, ray ray, dirk, KD, kobe

    all of these are automatic….it’s like you’re shocked when they miss

    definitely not lebron!

  • K Dizzle

    If my Lakers were playin the Rockets, I’d have to go with….Chuck Hayes

    I defy ANYBODY to watch Chuckie shoot with a straight face LMAO!!!


  • Rick James

    1. Steve Nash
    2. The PG from the Suns
    3. Reggie Miller (right now)

  • sh!tfaced


    … I mean Ray

  • jackass

    what you talkin nonsense for??? Kevin Durant gets it.

  • mytiman

    a toss up between ray allen and steve nash. dirk a close second.

  • alf (from melmak)

    No one mentioned him yet but Kyle Korver should be at the top three of that list at least. His free throw shooting under pressure is one of the reasons why Jerry Sloan plays him during the fourth quarter when he was with Utah.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Dirk, Nash, or Allen, in no particular order.

    …well, maybe Nash first.

  • RC

    Nash, Chauncey, Dirk, Kobe, Ray Allen

    Jose Calderon, Rip Hamilton, Derek Fisher, Paul Pierce

    Vince Carter, Kevin Durant

    But if I had to choose one it will be Steve Nash.

  • 808

    I agree with Lakeshow. There’s no way you can say Ray Allen. Yeah, dude’s percentage is way up there, but he misses a whole lot of free throws in the clutch. This year, last year. I don’t remember any big free throws he had to make back in the day at Seattle and with the Bucks. But with the Celts, he missed a lot.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    I got Dirk.

  • Larry

    Nash or ray

  • http://@yahoo.com.ph Aja Jr.

    Nowitski missed a freethrow in the Finals that eventually lost them game 3, and the series…

    Nash first
    Kobe second

  • ballin

    i would’ve gone with ray until that finals performance…

    now i might have to go with nash

  • none

    you guys are nuts, only one guy..KOBE …with two fingers…the man is an ice cold assassin.

  • Caderade

    Kyle Korver

  • Ernesto

    Steve Nash, then Kyle Korver, then Kevin Durant, then Ray Allen.

  • .mr

    Derek Rose…….oh, wait….

    Nash all day.

  • your momma

    I’d have to go with Shaq.


    But, seriously, I’d go for Ray Ray or Nash

  • flavur

    rick barry

  • Marcus

    Kobe Bryant no question about it. Kobe is clutch. How many game winning jumpers has he made in his career? 30 foot bombs son!

    You put him at the line, with no one guarding him and just a ball and the hoop. Money in the bank.

  • art

    Jamal Wallace

  • dlight

    I’d take CWebb or any of the (0″s Kings that missed 12 (TWELVE) against the hated Lakers! nough said! NOT!!

  • http://dime will myhre

    id go wit nash or ray allen

  • JBaller

    I was thinking Nash when I saw the question, even before I saw the choices. Those options certainly represent the best clutch freethrow shooters, but there’s no question.

    Now that’s Nashty!

  • Clement

    Nash or Ray Ray
    Kobe third
    Chauncey fourth

  • ab40

    yeah ray couldn’t hit his in game 7 of the finals.. dirk and nash have never been there so that’s a dumb argument.

  • southboy

    1. Nash
    2. Miller
    3. Mark Price

  • http://brutal... what???

    Nash all day…I cant beleive this is even in question…

    someone not on the list since hes not a star..but Calderon hit something like 96 straight a couple seasons ago…which is quite impressive! now he’s shit!!