Smack / Oct 21, 2010 / 1:41 am

Orlando runs unbeaten preseason streak to 21 wins

Funny how everybody looks at preseason differently. If your team is killing, the exhibition games only make you more optimistic for the season. If your team is getting killed (or if your rival is killing), you’re in full “It’s just preseason, it doesn’t matter” mode. However you slice it, the Orlando Magic have turned the NBA preseason into a Rookie mode dynasty on NBA 2K. Last night’s win over the Mavs was the 21st straight preseason win for the Magic, and it seems like every one of them has been a blowout. Does it mean anything? Dwight Howard and Vince Carter each told reporters it doesn’t, but at the same time, it can’t hurt the team’s confidence and chemistry going into the real season … Dwight posted 20 points, 13 boards and 4 blocks, and Vince scored 20 on 8-for-10 shooting in the rout. Dallas didn’t have Jason Kidd or Shawn Marion, but they would have needed those two plus the Cowboys’ kickoff coverage unit to stop the Magic anyway … Either Vince is playing mad right now, or he’s REALLY tired of playing games that don’t count. As he was dropping buckets he continually looked like he’d just ate a bad tuna roll … If Brendan Haywood beats out Tyson Chandler for the starting center job in Dallas (which looks likely), does that mean Jerry Colangelo and Coach K messed up by not taking Haywood as part of Team USA? … When the Orlando broadcast began showing its “NBA Cares” local spot, you just knew Daniel Orton would be involved. If you hadn’t noticed already, the rookies and newcomers on a team always end up doing that stuff … With just a few hairstyle changes, Marcin Gortat now looks like somebody Liam Neeson should be pummeling at some point in his next movie. They can even call the character “The Polish Hammer” … The last time we saw the Bulls and Raptors play, it actually meant something. A lot has changed since then: Chris Bosh is gone, Hedo Turkoglu is gone, Kirk Hinrich is gone, Brad Miller is gone, Leandro Barbosa is on the Raptors, and Carlos Boozer is on the Bulls. But one constant is that Derrick Rose still eats thunder and craps lighting. He put up 20 points, 8 boards and 9 assists, and held Jose Calderon scoreless. If Jarrett Jack finds himself starting on Opening Night, he should send D-Rose a “Thank You” card for exposing Calderon … Other stat lines from Wednesday preseason: Stephen Jackson dropped 25 points (11-11 FT) on the Hornets in a win, while Chris Paul had 9 points and 14 assists; Elton Brand posted 16 points and 11 rebounds in Philly’s win over New York; and Rajon Rondo had 8 points, 12 dimes and 3 steals to lead Boston past New Jersey … Landry Fields had a sick up-and-under reverse layup in the Knicks game that was made better by Clyde Frazier‘s call: “I thought he was going to run out of gravity.” … If you’ve been watching the Giants/Phillies NLCS, doesn’t San Fran’s Pablo Sandoval seem like the Big Baby Davis of MLB? And while the Giants are handling their business (up 3-1), we can’t recall seeing a pro sports team with so many guys who don’t look like pro athletes … We’re out like Oswalt …

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  • Mr. TKO

    You’re completely rigth about the opposing views on the preseason, as a lakers Fan I’m fully in my “it’s just preseason and games don’t matter mode” My boy who is a Laker hater and Orlando lover is fully into “my team is beasting already and this is their year mode”

  • me

    yeah baseball is the only major sport where you don’t have to be an athlete to make it, or excel.

  • Sambuu

    Jazz fans are pretty excited too

  • That’s What’s Up

    golf too.
    beer guts and man boobs are welcome

  • Jay Thrilla

    And Poker and spelling Bee’s. I mean ESPN shows it so it must be a sport with athletes right? And Tony Stewart doesn’t look like an athlete either…..layoff the baseball guys. Lol.

    Got my first look at D. Rose last night and DAMN! No limit to how good this kid can be.

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Good Smack today… that is all.

  • M-Intellect


  • common sense

    Yeah, Dime was hella funny today. Still think that the lakers might struggle. Kobes gotta loose a step sooner or later. Celts look good and is it me or does Garnett look refreshed. Baseball is like the equivalent of cricket here in the UK(no real athleticism needed), but over here they show stuff like Darts, google a guy called Phil ‘the power’ taylor, hes been dominating that ‘sport’ since i can remember, which says all you need to know about it.

  • common sense

    and ive always thought the reason why golf, cricket and baseball get so much coverage is because the rich white folk who predominantly cant relate to athletic freaks who play bball and football need their own calling card, so they promote their own sports that they have a legit chance at dominating since you do not need as much athleticism, sports like baseball, cricket and golf really are not spectator sports, but then again i know people who sit their for hours and watch these sports, but they’re mostly unathletic as well so my theory seems correct.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I agree with the pre-season views, but I am loving the Celtics right now. Looking sharp and Rondo is looking like he can run this team in his sleep.

    Shit, Rose just made Calderon look foolish and all with minimal effort. His J is also improving as well which is a good sign for him. I think this is the year he makes some ish happen.

  • karizmatic

    “I thought he was going to run out of gravity” is one of the best lines ever…is there a way to turn that into a nickname somehow? Zero Gravity or something? I don’t know.

  • dmitry of jersey


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  • dmitry of jersey

    btw sorry for spamming the board every day for the last week with ads to my fantasy team! i’ll stop as soon as it fills up… my bads.

  • http://www.gotohellBET.fags.net Chicagorilla

    “I woke up this morning, in some Japanese familys rec room. And they would NOT stop screaming.” ~ Champ Kind in Anchorman. What DRose did to Jose last night was completly overshadowed by the site of Jackie Moon playing for the Bulls. And they had the balls to put Scal on the court at the same time as the starters! Which he then promptly $h!t himself and had 2 traveling violations and made Amir Johnson look like Dwight in the post. On another note, this is not the same DRose from last year. His passing has greatly improved. Along with Westbrook, KLove, and Eric Gordan, im noticing a trend from Team USA players. I think practicing with/against those guys for a couple months improves some players greatly.

  • control

    Clyde Frazier is an idiot. He has to be the worst announcer I’ve heard, next to that idiot who is in Bawston. “I thought he was about to run out of gravity” just shows he don’t understand shit when it comes to those laws of physics things. All of the shit he says is just him making up long fancy sounding words to make himself appear as witty or intellectual, it’s funny how New Yorkies just eat that shit up.

  • Shakers

    I don’t think preseason wins show a lot about how a team will do in the regular season, but it does show how deep a team is. One of the main reasons Orlando is so good in the preseason is that their 6-12 guys are better than other team’s benches. Same goes for Boston and their 7-1 preseason record. Good benches win preseason games.

  • LakeShow84

    Well im in preseason mode cuz i aint even really been posting lol

    Once the season starts??

    Oh we all back in full swing.. And SHIT its ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!

    F@#k football, hoop is all i need :))))))))))))))

  • control

    Lakeshow, check email about that fantasy league foo!

  • b

    the frazier line was cool but then i realized everything he says sounds like he’s questioning himself because he doesn’t know if what he just said is absolute nonsense.

    i think both hof clydes need to hang up their microphones, especially drexler. didnt we learn how incompetent he was when he coached UH and only recruited iceman and calvin murphy’s kids? what a disaster that was.

  • Trey

    So, its the pre-season