NBA, Video / Oct 14, 2010 / 10:00 am

Paul Pierce’s Game-Winning Shot

With some of the Dime crew in the Garden last night for Knicks vs. Celtics, as long as Paul Pierce was playing, you just knew this was going to happen.

How clutch is Paul Pierce?

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  • control

    Why is that fool defender playing 6ft off him? When was the last time Paul Pierce burnt ANYONE off the dribble? He couldn’t burn someone with a fucking flame thrower…the ONLY move Paul Pierce does have left is his pretty nice pull up jumper from mid range, so the defender just decides to give Paul Pierce that?

    Is it just me, or do people who jump into Dantoni’s system just immediately start to suck on defense?

  • Shakers

    I love his old man run around after sticking the J.

  • K Dizzle

    @ control

    you need to watch that again.
    The d was as good as it gets. You can’t crowd Pierce cuz even if he doesn’t blow by you, he’ll get enough contact to draw a foul. He’s shown this repeatedly. Randolph stayed in front and got a hand up perfectly in the face.
    Unfortunately, great offense beats good defense everytime.

    As for the question “How clutch is Pierce?”

    Dude is gettin to that underrated stage of clutchness cuz as much as I’m a Laker and Kobe fan, P Double been doin it just as big for just as long.

    Inglewood all day!

  • control

    K Dizzle

    If the D was as good as it gets, then Pierce would have been blocked or something. I don’t know how allowing a player to do his best move on you, and barely contesting it, is considered good D. I agree that PP is good at that bullshit drawing a foul tactic, but it would be better to foul the guy playing tough D and closing on his best move, than letting him step into a rhythm jump shot. Honestly, I’m not disappointed about the Knicks losing, I hate NY slightly more than I hate Boston, and I’ve hated them longer…

  • srb

    mid-season form by control, I see. although I am shocked by the lack of the word “douchebag.”

  • control


    I filled up my douchebag quota in the Smack. You seem to be offended by the word “douchebag” though, you aren’t by any chance from Jersey Shore or something are you?

  • Hucklebuck

    The Truth!!

  • Steve Nash

    Pierce blew past Randolph twice in the fourth quarter… both times for an and1… i’m sure playing a step back off Pierce was a smart move… you have to be real good at dropping back if you going to play on your man

  • flavur

    Paul pierce looks real thin this year looks like he finally decided to hit the treadmill

  • ENEW


    Do you even watch the games or just make crazy assumptions?
    Pierce still gets to most place on the floor with the dribble whenever he wants.
    If you crowd him he is ripping thru and going past you, drawing the contact or setting up the crossover dribble. He got to the rim several times with ease last night, yes it was the Knicks, but STOP THE NONSENSE.

    @flavur-totally agree, it is obvious he trimmed weight, he looks lean and fresh. Going to be another exciting year for the Celtics.