College, High School / Oct 21, 2010 / 5:15 pm

Quincy Miller, Deuce Bello put Baylor in 2012 National Championship picture

Quincy Miller with Team USA

Arguably the best player in all of high school basketball and the (confirmed) best dunker in the prep ranks just announced they will team up to play college ball together.

Quincy Miller, a 6-10 forward from High Point, N.C., and teammate Deuce Bello, a 6-7 wing, verbally committed to Baylor University live on ESPNU. Bello took the crown at the Elite 24 dunk contest this summer, while Miller dominates all over the floor as a do-it-all forward. Miller is ranked No. 2 in the High School Hoop Top 50, a ranking done regardless of class.

Bello and Miller were expected to pick the same college, and the only schools on both of their lists were Baylor, Oklahoma and Louisville.

After falling just short of a Final Four berth in the 2010 NCAA Tournament, Baylor’s incoming recruiting haul is headlined by McDonald’s All-American center Perry Jones and point guard Stargell Love, who will contend for a starting spot this season. Miller and Bello give coach Scott Drew a killer class for 2011, and Baylor already has a verbal commitment from 2012 big man Isaiah Austin.

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  • Boston 2011

    New power is among us.

  • BaylorBearsFight!

    Gotta love Coach Drew!

    Sic’em Bears!

  • AT

    I also heard Marshall Hooper may commit as well

  • grinandbearit

    Sic em Bears!

  • Baylor Dan

    How much do they weigh?

  • Nish Shah

    Scott Drew’s tireless efforts have paid off once again!

    Sic ‘em bears!

    I can’t wait until the NBA is full of top talents from Baylor U!

  • Ben1en

    I hate to rain on this Baylor parade, they’re basketball program is about to go under a major NCAA investigation because one of their coaches sent some demeaning texts to one of their recruits. Seeing as that Baylor has had NCAA troubles in the past (a player murder), Baylor’s punishment might be harsh, i.e. no Big Dance for x amount of seasons or no in-conference games, things like that… Seems like a risky decision for Miller and Bello because it would be a waste of college for them if they can’t even make the Tournament. Hopefully this choice works out for them because they are two very talented basketball players…

  • hatersgonnahate

    Ben1en… you habe no idea what you’re talking about. Major investigation for an inapropriate text message? I think you’re confusing this situation with Bret Favre. The NCAA might give a slap on the wrist or address the text issue here, but surely you can’t miss the forest for the tree on this one… there are programs in far worse states than Baylor. And, oh, classy move bringing up the murder.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Not exactly a possible major recruiting violation, Ben. An assistant coach allegedly sent a text to a coach when he wasn’t supposed to and he joked about deportation if the kid didn’t commit. Baylor self reported back in July. Don’t think it will amount to much. Drew is a class act who works very hard to sail straight with his program. His players GRADUATE too.

  • The Rooster

    Baylor might have a dirty program – but I hope they don’t. Shit, everyone’s breaking the rules nowadays. If you’re gonna keep looking the other way when Calipari, Calhoun, and Heath cheat (I know for a fact that Heath paid Durand Scott to get him away from Pitt), then why beat up on Scott Drew?

  • http://www.gotohellBET.fags.net Chicagorilla

    Where in the fluck did all these Baylor fans come from? Anyway good luck to these two kids, hope Baylor wins big with them. Would have been nice to see them at Georgetown though, or even Mich State with proven great coaches who will make them better.

  • The Rooster

    What has John Thompson III proven he can do, besides teach seven-footers to hit jumpshots and get owned on the glass? Without his father’s legacy hovering over the program, do you really think he’d be so entrenched at G-Town?

  • Dos XX

    Just like Obama preaching his ‘Change’ methodology, Scott Drew is doing the same thing, but actually walking the walk before talking the talk. Drew has been a top recruiter for the past 15 years (you haters should learn to google before spouting ignorance). You should just sit and actually listen to the man talk and you will see why he can get these recruits. The most positive, upbeat individual you will ever encounter.

    Someone please provide hard evidence that Baylor is a dirty program under Scott Drew. And Rick Barnes dirty tampon is not evidence…that is just his normal self. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and buy those NCAA tourney tickets.

    Georgetown…HA! it’s not the 1980’s…just like NC State, you are no longer relavent. But we did have fun punking you in the NIT a few years back.

  • K.I.R

    Perry Jones – center? Bell 6-7, hmmm

    That incident with L..Dunn and his chick doesnt help the programs image at all either tho

    Gotta like quincy Acy tho

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Dos XX — Whoa whoa, settle down. Georgetown was just in the Final Four in 2007, and in 2008 they lost in the tourney to a team led by Stephen Curry. 2009 was a down year (NIT), but last year G’town at least earned a 3-seed and went deep into the Big East tournament. That’s not a bad year. Don’t act like the program sucks all of a sudden. The Hoyas are still very much relevant and will be one of the best teams in the Big East this year. And don’t act like Baylor didn’t JUST become relevant.

    @The Rooster — Compared to Esherick, JT3 has done an amazing job. Getting to the Final Four (and even the Sweet 16) isn’t easy. Earning high NCAA seeds out of the Big East isn’t easy. And Thompson has had two guys picked in the Lottery (Green and Monroe), plus Hibbert got picked in the 1st round and Dajuan Summers is in the NBA. Jon Wallace probably had no business being near the NBA, but he’s doing well now in the D-League, just at the cusp of the NBA. Thompson has done a good job developing players.

  • Ross

    Gotta wonder…? Nothing against Baylor but you normally don’t come out of anywhere and start landing top recruits. Especially in Texas, where the horns are King.

  • http://www.gotohellBET.fags.net Chicagorilla

    @AB, thanks i didnt have the time to do that from my phone. @Ross maybe they went to Baylor to hook up with Brittney Griner!

  • Balanced thoughts

    Baylor? bhwahaahahahaahahah

    Who have they produced to be good players in the nba?

    Brian Skinner? Bhwahaahahahaah!!!!

    Clowns….Baylor fans never existed until now! It’ll be soon (really soon) when they’ll go back to being doormats of basketball!

    I have to agree with chicagorilla on that aspect go to a school where you’ll flourish on and off the court! (Gtown/Mich State)