NBA, Video / Oct 27, 2010 / 9:30 am

Rajon Rondo Steals From The Rich, Gives Back To The City Of Boston

Rajon Rondo and Red Bull are teaming up in a big way to give back to Beantown. As part of their new Boston’s Got Wings initiative, for every steal Rondo records this season, Red Bull will donate $500 to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to refurbish basketball courts throughout Boston. Seeing that Rondo recorded almost 200 steals last year (and already two last night), the potential impact of this program on the city is monumental.

After Rondo’s first 30 steals, a donation is going to Washington/Malcolm X Park, a spot that was selected for being in an area of need, for being an historically iconic playground, and for its continued popularity amongst kids and playground players alike. After that, you will be able to vote on which Boston court gets picked next.

For more on Boston’s Got Wings and for information on how you can participate, make sure to check back with DimeMag.com, and visit Red Bull for more details and voting.

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  • Jo Dezzy

    For all the smack that gets talked about Rondo’s game, definately give the guy an all star nod for his off the court work. Props to REDBULL for teaming up.

  • shaw32

    Man that’s some cool stuff for redbull and rondo to do.

  • pH13

    cudos to redbull and rondo, but how about $500 for assists instead?

  • ENEW

    Great stuff for Rondo, Red Bull and the City of Boston!!!

    He had 189 steals last year… that’s going to mean a lot of positive things for the youth of Boston…

  • Jazz Man

    I’m A Lakers Fan, But Can Respect Anyone Who Gives Back And Give The Young Heads And The Legends A Nice Place To Play Again. The Stills Are Cool, But Maybe They Could Add $250 For Each Jump Shot Since Its Rare For Him To Hit One…Out Like The Miami Flames I Mean Heat….

  • stephanie b

    Rondo, that is sooo cool that u r doing that 4 the city of Boston. The parks definately need this. Thanks and I LOVE U!

  • http://viathesebrowneyes.blogspot.com Pamela

    good look!

  • chrissy

    So I see he’s showing some heart off the court as well. The sky is the limit for this kid and everyone better recognize. For an interesting article from a celtic hater giving rondo his props check out:http://www.lowpostnews.com/celtics/no-trace-of-doubt11012010/

  • Dave

    2002- Paul Pierce leads the C’s back from 21 points down to beat the Nets in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.