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Best NBA (Preseason) Team Ever

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

Stan Van Gundy needed to kick the Miami Vice look. Last night, he went conventional with a coat and tie. And his Orlando squad went atypical, even for their own lofty standards, and destroyed New Orleans 135-81. You had to know the Magic were going to come out inspired — the unveiling of their new arena even had the owner crying pregame — but still that’s no excuse for the Hornets to lose by 54. Rashard Lewis led the way with 23 points, hitting all five of his triples, J.J. Redick and Ryan Anderson also had 23 points apiece. This was like a lot of Orlando’s preseason games last year; super-balanced scoring and huge blowouts. Van Gundy might not have a ring, but he’s the greatest preseason coach ever … Don’t look now, but somebody is coming from Tim Duncan‘s crown. Kind of. Dwight Howard, who had been rumored to be working on his jump shot but had everybody in “We’ll believe it when we see it” mode, hit one mid-range J off the glass last night and is shooting with more confidence at least. He’s not gonna pop up on anybody’s Better Basketball DVDs like Redick yet, but it’s a start … Chris Paul (7 pts, 10 asts) says he’s very happy in New Orleans and doesn’t want to go anywhere. Is he still happy now, having seen Joe Alexander and Marco Belinelli starting beside him … So Pete Mickeal is now talking junk on his HoopsHype blog after he got into it with Kobe and Ron Artest? Mickeal did go to work when his Barcelona squad upset the Lakers the other day, but c’mon son. When was the last time anyone heard from you? 1998? Sit down, MC Hammer … Word on the street is a Denver Nuggets scout has been in New Jersey for the last couple of games. Scouting Derrick Favors, perhaps? Don’t go and buy that new #15 Nuggets jersey just yet … Speaking of the Nets, has Jordan Farmar been practicing his answers for the 15,000 times he’s going to be asked what it’s like being on a rebuilding (to put it nicely) squad when the Lakers are stampeding toward another championship run? It’s gonna be like when Tiki Barber left the Giants the year before they won the Super Bowl and he had to pretend like he wasn’t hating … Other stat lines from Sunday: J.J. Hickson put up 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead Cleveland past Houston (Yao Ming was given the night off); Jarrett Jack led all scorers with 18 points, but his Raptors were edged by Boston; and Monta Ellis had 18 points and 6 assists, and David Lee posted 13 points and 13 boards as the Warriors beat the Kings, while DeMarcus Cousins had 17 points and 11 boards … Marcus Camby said he might retire once his current contract is out in 2012, depending on how his body feels. “If I’m in the rotation, then I’m fine with that,” Camby told NBA Fanhouse. “I think I’ve got too much pride to be the 11th or 12th man.” Given his history of injuries and the way things are going in Portland these days, Camby had better get out before he loses a limb … We’re out like the Frail Blazers …

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  • D


  • That’s What’s Up

    who the fuck is Pete Mickeal ? ? ?

  • i luv ur mummy

    sum1 tell me wat p mike said tho.

  • yoda


    well, at least he’s talking smack after he won. and kobe gave no excuses why they lost, which i think is great thing. suck it up and go on. everyone knows that lakers are better team and that they would beat barca 10/10 if they are in season shape. i think only one who took that game really seriously was kobe and he’s a freak.

    dwitgh needs to take some meds to relax his muscles (i’m missing a word i want to use, not native english speaker…). every time he tries to shoot, he looks so tight. he needs more flow motions…

    go lakers!

  • Kingralf
  • alf (from melmak)

    Miami Vice? MC Hammer? Dime is in retro mode today. All good to me. A lot of good music and television shows came from the 1980s and 1990s.

    Which leads me to my shameful plug — All You Need Is Now, the new Duran Duran album produced by Mark Ronson will be out late this year.

    Wait. I think I am forgetting something. This is a basketball site. Oooops.

    Seriously though,I believe Al Jefferson better get himself in shape or he might find himself in Jerry Sloan’s doghouse.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    45. I am a loaded gun. Dime has nowhere to hide. No one can stop it. I will be working for them. (Just sing this the way a certain New Jersey band does it.)

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    hi hi from jurg.

    and mr alf is still my fave smacker. and i dance so much to mr mr simon le bon and duran duran. ha ha ha. what is your fave song alf. and mine is planet earth. ha ha ha. you can like in europe and love the clubs with big jurg.

    and i count it down to this friday when jurg yahoo draft is on. and i will let you know how i nail draft.

    thank you today to helena.

    from jurg your great dane. hi hi.

  • http://www.shwholesale.com shwholesale

    Laker, i am still believe Laker is the best team in NBA as long as Kobe Brant still stay at Laker.
    Alought Miami Heat recruit in James and Bosh,so that become the best opportunity to get championship,
    but i still belive laker will win championship next season.

  • sh!tfaced

    Typical Coach Stan Ron Jeremy – always iffy on the costume and great with the preseason foreplay but can’t finish for shit…

  • K Dizzle

    Great work by Fox Sports to completely butcher Nick Anderson’s first half interview. They showin tape of Otis Smith, the jersey says “SMITH”, the digits are 32 not 25 and the commentators are rollin out the “How did your first game feel?” as the tape rolls with the Otis Smith hilights. Nick had that look like he was about to shoot free throws LOL

  • vince

    I’d say most people in Europe have heard about him, since he’s been the starting SF on the EuroLeague championship team.

    Oh wait… Europe doesn’t count? Right… right?

  • Basketball Spew

    Ez on the Pete bashing. Now we’re beating up guys for being competitors.

  • vince

    BTW. Just read his blog, and I don’t see this ‘junk’ you’re writing about.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Jurg

    Rio and Skin Trade would be at the top of my list. They have tons of hits but there are treasures from their vault that is just waiting to be discovered by new listeners.

    I have not yet been to Ibiza. Let us party there Jurg. Bring Helena too.

  • jzsmoove

    i just seem to think that the Lakers will 3peat. injuries and complacency will play a factor. I dont wanna jinx anybody on the squad though cuz i appreciate a champion going down swinging instead of being ravaged by player injuries (and PJ’s health issues) and cant defend themselves. But i see this version of the Lakers relying to be able to turn the On/Off button a little more than they should this year, believing they can coast thru some parts of the season (esp. in the West). Then in the end they find themselves trounced.

  • jzsmoove

    hahahaha …i meant to write, NOT 3peat.

  • cb4

    Who cares if anyone in North America has heard of Pete Mickeal (he’s probably a rock star in Spain). He schooled Kobe and Artest, so he has a right to talk.

    In case you tendentious Lakers and NBA fans already forgot.

    Mickeal had 26 pts 13 rebounds 7 assits , 1 steal and one block.

    Kobe had 15 points on 2 of 15 shooting and 0 of 6 from 3, 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 25 min of pt.

    Artest had 10 points 1 rebound 1 assit and 4 steals.

    In that game Mickeal dropped a near triple double, while holding Kobe to an abysmal 13% shooting. Dime you guys are too quick to ride a bandwagon (e.g Rose) but fail to give credit where credit is due.

    Kobe took a serious L that game, and got abused by a so called “unknown” player. end of story.

  • RC

    As long as Kobe is not injured during the playoffs and the finals. Lakers are still the favorite to win the whole thing. Boston would be my second choice. Heat would be third. Sorry but as much as I like the Magic they come in fourth.

    Preseason team this year though goes to Magic for East and Rockets for the West.

    If Yao Ming stays healthy the whole season, watch out for the Rockets they have a solid team.

  • spk2629

    “Frail Blazers” —– Love it!

  • K Dizzle

    @ cb4

    Are you seriously comparing Kobe’s career to Mickeal’s career based on a preseason game?
    Just wonderin…

  • Stunnaboy09

    @ Dizzle

    Nah he’s not and I kinda see where Mickeal is coming from.

    He’s an unknown who had the game of his life (26/13/7) against the Lakers while out playing every Laker not named Pau Gasol. He knows he is never going to see them again, so why not talk smack? I’m sure the fans in Barcelona are eating this ish up. Hell the news even wound up in America and we are talking bout it. You see, smart move.

    Don’t think for a second anyone (well anyone with a brain) thinks he is on Kobe’s level. I mean, he IS in the Euro league…

  • nckdmss

    Did anyone actually read Mickeal’s blog? He doesn’t say anything ridiculous. I’d hardly call what he writes “talking junk.” The man played a great, competitive game and blogged about it. Let the man enjoy the limelight for a few minutes.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    Pete Mickeal #32 from Cincy BearCats early 00’s? He was real nice in college but didnt have the J to be in the L. I think hes from Chicago. I remember him being a jr. college transfer. Had nasty Defense and a crazy verticle. This might be the thing to give him another shot at the L so yes he should boast a little. Ron Jeremy is the worse coach in basketball. I would love to see him coach a team like the TWolves or Cavs.

  • NYK

    i think Chris Paul thought he was playing along with Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis in his own twisted version of the big 3.

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/10/the-best-nba-preseason-team-ever/ Mike

    Why aren’t the Hornets starting Marcus Thorton?

  • arisloco

    Dime office seems to be very busy doing other stuffs today. It’s been over an hour since this last article.

  • That’s What’s Up

    DIME has an All Hands On Deck meeting to discuss how to bring Alf on board.

    they’re working in shifts to sort out their top priority

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 27

    @ stunna

    I read Mickeal’s blog n he wasn’t even talkin reckless. Basically said, he played well against good competition, which he did and he was gettin some love for it.
    Not bad for a 32 year old gettin paid to ball in Spain.
    Life could be worse.
    He’s unknown but dude was drafted and got shots with 3 squads. He just couldn’t stick. I think he’s probably made peace with his situation tho.

    By the way, looked on the preseason sched on NBAtv and today’s feature is Cleveland vs Dallas…..weak

  • Sonic Reducer

    LOL @ “let us party there and bring Helena too”! Alf and Jurg you guys are hilarious and really contribute to my enjoying the comments section on this site! :)

  • ShowKase

    Maybe they took Columbus Day off?

  • DNice

    Pete Mikeal went up against Kobe (1)in the Pre-season, (2)coming off knee surgery (3) possible jet lag going from LA to Barcalona (4)didn’t practice, and (5)only played 1 quarter against the Timberwolves the nite before and still only won by 4 points.
    Thats like saying I beat up a bear, with the bear in a bear trap, shot 3 times in the face with a shotgun and the bear was 100 year old. Yeah I beat up the bear but so could a 13 year old middle school ball player. Pete Mikeal ain’t S&!t.

  • Vince

    At leaSt he’s getting paid to do the stuff you like to read and post about it. In one of the nicest cities on earth. And he does it well. If that ‘ain’t shit’ I don’t see why you got sand in your vagina over it, d-nice.

  • sh!tfaced

    Oh shit. DIME taking the day off on National Coming Out Day?!


  • darkness

    Hey DNICE, your arguments might make a little more sense if Kobe didn’t play more than half the game and attempt 15 shots.

    1) pre season or not, NBA teams consider it an embarrassment to lose to “inferior”(according to you) European teams. In this case, it wasn’t a regular NBA team that lost, but the NBA CHAMPIONS. Talk about letting the rest of the league down league down. Even the Knicks held their own.

    2) Knee surgery, broken finger, loss of vision in one eye? The real question is does anyone believe his excuses anymore? Him and Phil Jackson have always made these types of comments because they can’t take losses like men. They make these excuses so that when they win they can use them to emphasize how great they are, and when they lose that it wasn’t really their fault.

    3) Jet Lag, really. That’s reaching. And so is (4)didn’t practice. Are you telling me that if you miss a practice with the same team you’ve been playing with for 3 years, you are going to completely forget how to play with them. Pleaaaase.

    5) Your last point doesn’t make sense. If he only played 1q the night before, he should have been fully rested, which would have improved his performance, not hindered it.

    Trying to understand the rationality of your arguments is like going to a preschool and selecting a kid, a kid with a serious learning disability, who only has three fingers, and asking him to write a 100 page essay on the philosophy of law. Yeah, the kid may produce a text, but it will be completely nonsensical.

  • DNice

    Wow didn’t know we had so many Pete Mikeal lovers. Yes my argument may have been way over the top. What I was trying to say, in a sarcastic way, that Pete Mikeal compared to Kobe ain’t S#!t. If you read his blog he said that he would put his 10 mil over Kobe’s 100 mil. He even recognized that Kobe is on another level.

    There is a reason that only 8 teams have ever won an exhibition game against NBA competition. If the lakers were at full strength, Barcalona would not stand a chance against them. I’m just keeping it real. If you had to pick between a Kobe coming off knee surgery after playing over 100 games in an NBA season against a healthy Pete Mikeal. I’m picking Kobe, and so would anyone who knows anything about basketball.

  • mo.B.bad

    to be fair to ol’ bean, he took the loss very gracefully and showed a good sporting spirit with his post-game comments.

    now, it could be that it’s easy to be sporting when it’s a pre-season game, but it’s not like he didn’t give it 100% (moreso, really, no way he should have played that much) he really went for it, and still had the decency to not make excuses when asked about the L.

    he’s gone up in my estimation.

  • mo.B.bad

    also, the gargantuan flaw in the “FCB would bomb in the NBA” argument is that if FCB were actually in the NBA they’d have access to NBA players for trading, signing, and drafting. so if they wanted to address their size deficiency (especially on the front-court) they would be able to. they’d get rudy for sure, and a motivated rudy at that.

    but even with their current roster, they could still compete. as bean said, they play like a team, and that’s what basketball is all about.

  • DNice

    Anything can happen in a basketball game. We have seen that when a more talented US Team lost to Greece at the 2006 Worlds.


    that 2006 team sucked and totally deserved to lose. the 2004 olympic team stank too. it wasnt like an epic upset, those teams were shit

  • scalabrine 4 mvp

    where is Dime today? what am i meant to do at work!?