NBA / Oct 15, 2010 / 11:15 am

The Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Trade That Could Have Flipped The NBA

Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul

Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul

While Carmelo Anthony is doin’ work this preseason still in Denver, that doesn’t mean deals aren’t being discussed behind closed doors. According to the Bergen Record‘s Al Iannazzone, there was a blockbuster trade being discussed that would have sent Chris Paul to the Blazers and ‘Melo to the Nets.

The Blazers tried to include New Orleans in a mega-deal that would have sent Chris Paul to Portland, Devin Harris, Kris Humphries and a host of Blazers to the Hornets, [Derrick] Favors to Denver and Anthony and Andre Miller to the Nets, league sources said.

While Iannazzone noted that “the talks didn’t really go anywhere,” the fact that the Hornets were even mentioned makes you think that CP is not untouchable.

What do you think? Would you make this deal? Who wins?

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  • Steve Nash


    Nuggets only get Derrick Favors??? yea i see why Denver said no…

    Hornets would of probably gotten Devin Harris, Rudy Fernandez, and Greg Oden

    Nets would have stolen Andre Miller and Carmelo Anthony EASY

  • J

    No, that logic is pure silliness. The fact that portland made an offer doesn’t say anything about New Orleans’ willingness to trade CP. If New Orleans offered some cheezy poofs to LA for Kobe, does that mean he is tradeable. This is the kind of thing that gets small market fans defensive. Peopel are actively rooting for the Hornets to lose their franchise player, and honestly it’s unfair and it sucks.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Not at all. I want CP to stay in New Orleans – as long as his contract has him there – and flourish. Clearly not everyone agreed, but the fact that CP’s name surfaced in these talks does say something.

  • andres

    I’m a Nets fans, and Iasnazzone (Nets beat writer) is not very reliable. I always have the impression he’s way too speculative.

    This doesn’t matter anyway even if it were true that Portland tried to this, because there was zero chance somthing like that ever happened. So who really cares? This holds no importance, if it’s even true.

    Some writers just want to get some attention. You know, Iannazzone posts this garbagewhich is absolutely intrascendet, (or the Ken Bergers of the world post their garbage), and it gets echoed all over the net. That’s all most writers want.

  • J

    I still don’t understand what that means? Someone offering something to you is not proof that you considered accepting it. The only thing this story proves, if it is true, is that the Blazers want Paul, which we’ve known for a long time.

  • Nizzio

    It would make more sense if andre miller is sent to the nuggets, but remember that he played there before.

  • Hot Fiyah

    Kind of wish this trade went down…