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The Eastern Conference Title Runs Through Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (Photo. Gary Land)

He may be older, he may a step slower and he may even have to adjust his displays of emotion on the court; but one thing Kevin Garnett is not is done.

His journey as a Celtic has been quite an interesting one over the course of his three seasons in green – from reaching the mountain top in 2008, to suffering a serious knee injury which prevented the Celtics from repeating in 2009 to fighting his way back and helping put the Celtics within four minutes of a championship last season. One thing certainly has not changed, regardless of whether or not the Celtics were dominating opponents or struggling to regain their championship form, and that is Garnett’s determination to do whatever it takes to win.

While there are so many storylines going into this season, which was headlined by Tuesday night’s Miami at Boston matchup, one thing that is not being talked about all that much is Garnett being healthy again. A healthy KG, with the vision and feeling of losing Game 7 in L.A. in the back of his mind and in the pit of his stomach at all times, makes him a very dangerous player for opponents to have to deal with.

One of the most motivated and passionate athletes that has ever played in the NBA, who throughout his career has been loyal and unselfish to a fault, is back. And now it’s time to “check ball.”

Between his workouts, his love of competition and the fact that he spent some serious time sitting in a dark room following the finals heartbreak, I would be shocked if Kevin Garnett did not have an impactful season for the Boston Celtics on their journey towards Banner 18. Some nights he will be the mismatch the Celtics go to in the post, and on others it will be the pick-and-pop game, but one thing the basketball universe can bank on is that he will be bringing it every night on the defensive end and on the glass.

KG knows where the Celtics came up short last season, and as along as his knee stands up to the pounding, he will do everything and more to make sure the Celtics get one more shot at the title.

What do you think?

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  • Steve Nash

    He might not be in the top ten forwards of all time… but whenever I put an all-time NBA squad together he is always in it… can’t top his hustle drive and motivation…

  • s.bucketz

    how is he not in the top 10 forwards of all time??

    knicks are takin the atlantic division this year..but the celtics are goin further in the playoffs and i couldn’t care less…its all about denying the miami flamers a ring

  • ENEW

    That is an interesting discussion to have, top ten forwards of all-time, here is a long list to start with:

    K. Malone


  • Steve Nash

    Top 10 Forwards –

    Dr. J

    I say Garnett is at the same level as Shawn Kemp

  • Bizz

    Are you on crack? LeBron is on the list but not KG? What has LeBron done to be a top forward of ALL-TIME…when KG already has the ring that LeBron does not?

  • Money

    what?? absolutely no way garnett is same as shawn kemp. I love shawn kemp and dude was fun to watch, but garnett was a beast on both ends of the court and revolutionaized the position. I’d say he’s arguably the best power forward of all time. I don’t think he is (duncan), but it’s certainly arguable

    Dr J

  • Promoman

    I can understand being competitive but KG acts like a fucking ass. You’ll notice he acts out with guys who’re smaller than he is or who are the type of people who have longer fuses before they get to the point of looking to beat the shit out of you. He also isn’t somebody who jumps out as a clutch performer either. Despite all of that, he rightfully should be one of the all-time guys. I wouldn’t say he’s Tim Duncan or Karl Malone but he’s close or at least mid-level. I think he’s better than Barkley since Kevin Garnett would at least play consistent defense and until recently, showed up with shit together come camp time, unlike Sir Charles.

  • LakeShow84

    I remember McDyess walked up on him when he was on the Pistons i believe..

    KG didnt want non of that lol

    But i will say the man has earned his due.. A true example of “WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN”.. His #’s are NOTHING compared to what he used to drop..

    And hes fine with it..

    Only problem is.. There are so many elite forwards who have played.. but id say hes top 10 PF all day..

  • Steve Nash

    LeBron as much as i’m not a fan of his… is an all time great forward already… has the MVP and the wins to back it up… might not be a championship… but lets be real… NOT EVEN MJ COULD WILL THOSE CAVS TEAMS TO A RING!!!

    Garnett got his ring with PAUL PIERCE and RAY ALLEN… yes he was a huge part of the team… but put LBJ on that Celtics team and no question they win as well…

    YES if you remember Kemp was an amazing player… he was intense on the court and changed the game like Garnett does… But Garnett CAN NOT carry a team…

    THAT IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE!!! KG needed Spreewell and Cassell to make it to the Conference Finals… LBJ and KEMP made the FINALS!

  • WARCHIEF5000

    I could be biased because KG is my favorite player in the league… All top 10 anything is always debateable.. but for my money I’m def having KG in there.. he is the engine that makes the Celtics defense relentless. As far as top 10 fowards I’m putting KG in and taking out Dr. J. .. Now before people go crying bloody murder… I know he was a helluva ball player and a cultural icon.. but the man couldn’t shoot for shit.. KG got a great mid range jump shot and prolly the best back to the basket game in the league in terms of footwork and go to moves.. I don’t have a problem with LBJ being on the lists because with or without a ring we’ve never seen a guy his size and build that can do the things that he can do at that level…

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    D@mn u mfers are killing me with the lack of bball knowledge and history of the game. For the record: Kemp had Gary Flukin Payton who LED the team along side Kemp and he also had G.Karl for several yrs. KG had nobody near Paytons level, and when he did (Allen and PP) he won the chip; also Dr. J was a man child before the term was invented he is top 10 no question anyone who says diff kill yourself; Tim Duncan is not a forward by any way shape or form. His game resembles that of a classic center sprinkled with new age face up jumpers but he is a center carbon copy of Brad Daugherty(who’s he?).

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    @DIME, didnt forget bout u guys. You must be on that Cali kush if you think KG will have any kind of impact individually. He is the coach on the floor (yes him not Rondo) who studies the opposing team to the point where he runs the game from PF position. And since Doc Rivers is all about TEAM ball and no one person doing it alone, they run their offense with extreme balance. Going inside then outside and morphing into whatever off they need to win the game. Which is why they lost game 7…they needed KG to takeover but he was stuck on team ball. KG will lose his personal legacy because of this (as shown by the readers dumb enough to say Kemp is even close to KG) but he will be looked at as the ultimate role player and teammate because he sacrifices the most on that Celtics team (he and Shap are the only HOFers on the team no way Ray and PP get in).

  • ricky ross

    all you faggots shut the fuck up. kg is going to the hall of fame hes one of the top pf for many people.

  • Steve Nash

    Seattle had a well built team… Perk bringing the big man out cause he could hit the three… Kendall Gill when he wasn’t depressed was a great slasher finisher… Detlef and Nate McMillan were great bench players…

    Maybe put KG on that team and they win it all… which is why i say they are on the same level…

    AND YES TIMMY D IS A FORWARD… DR.J although I never saw play in person… controlled the league for years and thats all I need to know!

    KG will not replace DR.J on that list and YEST LeBron is better than KG at ANY AGE…

  • Bill

    @ Chicagorilla

    Really? The all time best shooter and soon to be three point record holder isn’t going to make HOF?

    And Top three Celtic of all time isn’t going to make it either?


  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    @Billy, all time best shooter? Ray Allen? Are u flucking high? Like right now…u must be sitting there in your giant meth lab getting flucked up! Sure Ray is a great shooter, but he aint no where near the best. He is more of a scorer than the other shooters (which is a good thing) but not the best. And FLUCK NO the drama queen isnt a HOFer. Hes had a Mitch Richmond type of career while being overrated because he is a celtic. So much so that idiots are actually suggesting he is a better scorer than Bird and Mchale. KG and Shaq are the only HOFers on that roster. Unless the Cs win 2 or 3 more chips be4 PP and Ray retire.

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    @Steve Nash, Shawn Kemp was a superstar type player from 1994-1998. Thats it. KG was a problem child from 1997-2008!!! As much as he has eased off the gas his per 48 avgs are still tops in the L. Rather you like KG or not you have to respect his legend. He was better than ANY PF at the peak of his game. He controlled the game to the point where he actually spent time RUNNING POINT! KG may be a dyckhead now(perhaps then too lol) but he is in the top 5 forwards of alltime. I would take him before Scottie Pippen and thats my fav all time player not named MJ. U better hit youtube and check out the damage the kid used to bring.


    Don’t you mean The Eastern Conference Title Runs Through Kevin Garnett’s Knee..?

  • unlucky mascot


    Stop over emoting about how nice KG is. His lack of gonads knocks him down a few pegs, on the all-time list. From purely a talent standpoint, Dirk ” the German Luger” Nowitzki, which most omitted on their lists, is just as nice, if not nicetier.

    Bruh, the Cabrini Green or Robert Taylor Homes “slag” you are ingesting has your brain scrambled, like LeBron in the 2010 Playoffs knowing that DWest was going East on his moms.

    Ray Allen is a certified HOFer, too. He is one of the greatest pure shooters eva, eva in the L. He will retire as the 3-pt king, with more points and rings than Reggie Miller, who is certifiable HOF.

    Scratch and Sniff cards are available at O’Hare. I suggest you take a few and jet to the Carribean, for sanity sake.

  • Steve Nash

    I know all bout KG… i thought him and Marbury were gonna shit on the League… they did but not in the good way…

    Like i said in my first post… i put KG on my all time team before ANY of those Hall of Famers… But individually NO WAY… sorry

    My All Time Team – not because best at their position but cause they will WIN

    Steve Nash
    Kareem (led the league shot blocking 3 years in a row people forget)

    put that against any ANY team and they take it home all day…

    Although i believe Stockton is a better PG
    Pippen is a better SF

  • ENEW

    Great chatter before the insults.

    @chicagorilla you started to make some great points and then you began contradicting yourself. You say KG will not have an impact on the game individually and he is also the coach on the floor, well tell me how that works?
    I think one of the reasons KG was not on that post where he needed to be last June was he simply did not believe in his knee to do it consistently. In 2008, he was on the post whenever they needed to go there. Obviously, Rondo’s growth has changed the way they run their offense a bit. I definitely think KG has to be in the post when Shaq isn’t to a certain extent, but remember, he makes life easy for Rondo when he spaces the court when they run pick and pop.

    I don’t know how Shawn Kemp entered this discussion, but lets take him out and never bring him back because he doesn’t belong, thanks.

    Insulting the other readers and then saying Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will not be in the Hall of Fame is beyond insane. I am not even going to debate it, it is so crazy.

    Dirk has had a terrific INDIVIDUAL career thus far, but when these lists are put together I think team results and raising the level of the players around you needs to be considered, hence KG in the conversation, not Dirk.

    The Lebron debate is interesting, but I am already on Lebron overload and we are 4 days into the season.

  • unlucky mascot


    Dirk led his team to the chip, with no other HOFers around. He had no one the caliber of a Sprewell or Cassell. He obviously elevated the play of those around him, JTerry, Stackhouse, Van Horn, Josh Howard. He definitely merits conversation based on his consistency. He did more with less. You place Dirk with two other HOFers and he gets busier.

    KG needs to ride, while Dirk is comfortable driving!

  • Steve Nash

    Well put – KG is great at getting the front seat but Dirk is great behind the wheel

  • unlucky mascot


    You take KG before Pippen? Havlicek? McHale? Malone? Bird? or Doc? Vancouver has you pixilated like Sara Palin.

  • Steve Nash

    absolutely… Pippen, Malone, Bird, McHale were all much better players than KG… but if you have MJ Duncan and Kareem there is no need for them… maybe Bird for his outside shooting and passing… but besides that I rather have KG for the other roles he plays besides scoring…

  • ENEW

    Great stuff. Dirk was awesome in 2006, and I must say he impressed the heck out of me with how tough he played to get Dallas to the finals. Because of his skill set he is a very tough #1 guy to build a championship caliber team around. I guess the finals collapse after being up 2-0 and the first round exit the following year has me feeling like he doesn’t belong on the list. As far as who I would rather have on my team Dirk or KG, no contest, KG because of all the things he brings to the table.

    Comparing KG to Pippen and Havlicek is very difficult because the skill sets at both ends of the floor are so different.

    Karl Malone was a truck with a very strong skill set, but I would have been very interested to see him play with someone other than Stockton.

    Bird has his own category.

  • Hucklebuck

    all these arguments you guys have are dumb. just watch the game and enjoy it for what it is. None of you guys are gonna win the argument.

    Kevin Garnett is a great player.

  • ENEW


    The discussions are part of the love of the game, no winners and losers. If you don’t like it then just read the box scores, so many damn haters.


  • Bones

    It’s sort of true KG picks on the “lesser players”…but dont we praise guys like Varejao for being hard nosed and relentless? KG is the same way, except he’s makin 20M a year. We knock superstars for their indifference to winning and this guy wants to win no matter what the cost.

    Lets not forget he’s mixed it up with Dwight Howard…and has a history of bad blood with Amare Stoudamire as well…