Smack / Oct 4, 2010 / 1:37 am

The Italian Job: Amar’e and Gallinari lead Knicks to win

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. King Lawrence)

To somebody who knew nothing of the NBA and just happened to catch yesterday’s preseason opener, they would’ve thought the New York Knicks are really named the New-Look Knicks. As Amar’e Stoudemire and crew struggled to put some distance between themselves and Armani Jeans Milano in Italy, NY announcers Mike Breen and Clyde Frazier made sure to note about 150 times that this Knicks team is still getting used to each other. Valid excuse on paper for why you committed 27 turnovers, but let’s be real: The best players on Milano were “Buckets” Pecherov — whom Breen admitted “wouldn’t play a lot” on an NBA team — and former Temple star David Hawkins, whose game is a cross between “Baby Shack” and “Helicopter” from the defunct AND 1 tour … It was a single-digit game until the Knicks finally put it together and started to blow AJ Milano out in the second half, highlighted by an off-the-glass ‘oop from Toney Douglas to Anthony Randolph that stretched the lead to 20 midway through the fourth … BREAKING NEWS: Amar’e (32 pts) isn’t going to stink without Steve Nash feeding him the ball. Shocking, we know. Of course you have to take the level of competition into account, but Amar’e complemented his usual power dunks with a nice off-the-dribble game, soft touch around the basket, and court vision. After one of his dunks, Frazier said, “The crowd is still AROUSED after that dunk.” … Gallinari (24 pts) got the rock-star treatment, posing with Giorgio Armani before tip-off and getting a huge ovation from the crowd. Gallo was given the green light by Mike D’Antoni (a celebrity in his own right in Milan) and it seemed like every time you looked up he was jacking a three … Breen asked Frazier if he’d ever been to Paris. “Only in books and movies,” Clyde said. Apparently the tons of French girls he’s been with doesn’t count, either … While Breen was giving the Knicks’ players leeway for their mistakes, he didn’t give the front office any breaks. Breen said this is the first Knicks team in a while “that was put together to be a team, not to collect expiring contracts.” … The Nets didn’t have any trouble with Maccabi Haifa (Israel), leading by 10 at the end of the first quarter and coming two points shy of a 40-piecing. Anthony Morrow (14 pts, 4 threes, 4 stls) and Derrick Favors (14 pts, 9 rebs) led a balanced offense, while Kris Humphries, starting in place of Troy Murphy (groin), pulled down 12 rebounds. Sylven Landesberg led Maccabi with 24 points … Just when you thought Carmelo Anthony wasn’t getting traded, ‘Melo threw some more uncertainty and speculation onto the pile. Asked by reporters if he’d be with the Nuggets come opening night, ‘Melo said, “I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I’m taking it day by day. It’s possible that I will be here opening night.” Asked to clarify, he said, “Possible means 50-50.” If you just want to play ball and not be bothered with trade talk, why even give a vague answer like that? … Good and bad news Bulls: Joakim Noah has agreed to a 5-year, $60 million contract extension, but Carlos Boozer broke his hand and could be sidelined until December. Booz will miss Chicago’s national-TV games against Oklahoma City, New York, Boston, San Antonio and Dallas, plus a crucial 2-week, 7-game West Coast road trip that covers the latter half of November … According to Indiana Pacers beat writer Mike Wells, the team’s starting PF job “is Josh McRoberts‘ to lose.” According to us, about 50 games are Indiana’s to lose … We’re out like Booz …

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  • control

    I think that’s bad news and bad news for the Bulls. How is vastly overpaying for Joakim good news? There has been a crazy shit tun of overpaying this summer, but how is a guy who really doesn’t do anything but hustle and play decent defense really worth 60 mil?

  • yoda

    which one of dime’s journalist said once that boozer is durable?
    as far as knicks. i’ve seen only first half, but if they played good team, like barcelona, they would lose. unless they started to play really good in second half. knicks are mess :S

  • Stunnaboy09

    The last jab at the Pacers was BRUTAL. But when McRoberts is your starting 4 you can expect jabs like that. whatever happened to Psycho-T?

    Noah IS NOT WORTH 60 mil in 5 years. This is going to bite Chicago in the ass when they are stuck in that 50 win-2nd round exit funk and have no idea how to break lose. Should have traded Noah fr Melo when they had the chance. Noah is a better rebounding version of Varejao. Tough break for Chicago though, least they got Taj Gibson.

    Stoudamire is going to have a down year without Nash, everyone does. It may not show though if he is jacking up shots in D’Antonis offense though…

    Melo is pissed off that the spotlight isn’t on him haha. No way he is getting traded before opening night.

  • joross
  • alf (from melmak)

    My first reaction to the Carlos Boozer injury? Laugh so loud. Everyone knew it would happen. Then, I felt bad for the Bulls and the $75 million they invested in him.

    Injuries will be the story of Boozer in Chicago over the next four years. It would only possibly change when he is playing for a new contract.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    47. Just like Andrei Kirilenko when he is on his game, I could post 5x5s while working for Dime — Research, cover events, write, edit, and promote.

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    So 1st i had to read that the overpaid dukie breaks his hand and it was NON-BASKETBALL related. Maybe he broke it while giving Jay Williams and reach around while they were at a duke frat party. 2nd i had to watch the Giants treat J.Cutler like he was Floyd Mayweathers BM, then do the same to the senior citizen backup QB and we lose horribly. Then if things couldnt get worse we go and sign Joke a him Noah to a 5yr 60mil contract! The only thing that cud make it worse is NBA 2k11 somehow sucks and is full of bugs and glitches.

  • NYK

    and boozer said bulls will win championships. i dont think they can win if he is so injury prone

    man, this sucks, and i thought the east would be fun to watch. now bulls are going to get a few less wins. but they’ll still probably beat out the bucks for the division lead, i bet.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Man, I really was looking forward to seeing how the Bulls would be with Boozer. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, but we’ll see. And I’m not sure that the Noah contract is that terrible (Gay’s is far worse) but it would be nice to see if he could hold it together for a full year without having coaching or maturity issues.

    I need to see these Knicks play. Relying too much on a guy like Stoudamire just seems like a really bad idea.

  • control


    That youtube video was the funniest shit I’ve seen since I was reading dontevenreply.com. I don’t know why though, just how that dood was talking I guess, guy was fucking hilarious. It’s also funny seeing Rondo being covered, completely wide open, even by the fucking computer in a demo of a fucking game (and he missed his wide open jumper too, damn these games realistic).

  • john

    So its :

    Rose – Brewer – Deng – McRoberts – Noah

    Mehh …

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    LOL @ the Pacers remark. Cold, guys.

    1.) Stoudemire’s ability to score has never been questioned. His defense and rebounding were, and probably still are, his issues.
    2.) If you think that Stoudemire is going to be a beast based off of this game, then you must also think that Danilo is going to put up 20 a game.

    I like both of those players, but let’s not get too carried away here…

  • Justin g

    McRoberts plays for the Pacers ….The bulls are going to wear out D Rose like N.O. did CP3 …..Boozer shouldn’t get paid for the games he misses it should go to charity

  • http://www.fukoff.com Chicagorilla

    Actually the Bulls should void Boozers contract and fluck him like he did the blind owner in Clev a few years back. And we should take that money and throw some of it at the 6’7 283lb 36inch verticle Julious Peppers and ask him to be the first ever two way basketball and football pro.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Why am I not surprised. Effing mercenary. The ultimate opportunist. Brand new contract. Of course, he’s gonna take it easy. Boozer only gets healthy during a contract year…


    Anyone know HOW booz broke his hand? wasn’t it on an off day? Noah probably did it to force the bulls to pay him. or else he did it to himself to get a few weeks off. it sounds like one of them snowboarding/moped riding mystery injuries.

    What are the odds that the Knicks win more games than the Bulls this year, its a slim chance but id definitely take that bet, make a nice profit.

    @Dagwaller, you got any reason to think Gallo wont put up 20 a game? he put up 15 last year with No PG and black holes like Harrington and Tmac on his team.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chicagorilla

    Finally, we agree on some ish:
    “Actually the Bulls should void Boozers contract and fluck him like he did the blind owner in Clev a few years back. And we should take that money and throw some of it at the 6′7 283lb 36inch verticle Julious Peppers and ask him to be the first ever two way basketball and football pro.”

    @ John – Rose, Brewer, Deng, Gibson, Noah

    @ Ian
    lol so it’s just Laker fans pickin Kobe huh?

    Here’s one for you:

    Timmy vs Dwight Howard. To 11.

    Who you got?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Just for the fun of it. Here is the actual quote from Boozer on the injury he sustained:

    “It was just dark, my doorbell rang and I tripped over a gym bag, tried to brace myself and it popped,” Boozer said. “I jumped back up, opened the door and my hand was still a little numb.

    “I am 265 pounds, five percent body fat. I am heavy, man. I guess I had to brace myself and my weight just collapsed the bone. If I had landed with an open hand, I would have been fine. But somehow my right hand got turned over and that is what caused the break.”

  • M-Intellect

    LOLOLOLOLOL @ Boozer Quote

  • chris ballz

    Rose is a loser and a wannabe,
    cats need to jump off his dik and relize he is a over hyped stevie franchise impersinator!

  • Knicksfan84

    All the Knick hate is always warranted. But seriously, this looks like the beginnings of a slight above .500 team. I might be the only one on the planet that feels they better NOT trade for Melo and just wait until offseason. Knicks need to let this current roster play at leasst close to half the season to see what we’ve got.

    All these pieces on the roster truly do fit in terms of giving the team depth. As long as you view Chandler as the SF and Gallinari as the SG on offense, you’d realize they aren’t hurting at SG as much as people want to make them out to be.

    This team will become a lot better if Mozgov can become the starting Center at some point during the year. Every other position is looking good.

  • superfreak

    co-sign LMNOP about gallo

  • JA

    Funny Smack today.

    We’ll see how the Bulls situation develops. Sadly to say, this could be good news. When he’s playing, Booze is a lock for 20-10 … not having him for a few months will mean that the team will be forced to develop and gel without him, and it will allow Gibson the extra PT needed to further develop.

    Its not like the Bulls were likely to have a better record than the Bulls, Magic, Celtics in any event – so homecourt advantage really isn’t up for grabs for them anyway. So assuming Boozer is healthy come playoff time, having a more cohesive/deep team as a result of the injury can only help.


    Fuck that clip was funny

  • JA

    sorry – I meant the Heat, Magic and Celtics of course

  • gilford

    @chris ballz

    And Steve Francis has like 7 rebs in one season, you think Rose can top that?

    Also Steve Francis has the prettier crossover as compared to Derrick Rose.

  • Mess

    All you bulls fans get an early start with what jazz fans experienced for the last five years. With Boozer, an 8-week recovery = 16 weeks minimum. At least this is a “known” injury rather than a mystery knee injury that needed three doctors opinions before someone finally agreed to do surgery, or some hamstring injury that takes 5 months to heal…

  • hooper5013

    The answer wasn’t vague the obvious issue here is the NUGGETS entire roster played like pussies in the series outside of Melo. Chauncey was getting BODIED by D. Will (the best pg in the league by far so its not so bad) so anything he did was nearly nullified. The front office holds the keys. He hasn’t signed the extension because he wants to see if the team has any life. The decision isn’t in his hands its in the hands of the Nuggets front office. Either they can wait and see if he stays or they can ship him.

  • gilford

    LOL @the NBA Elite 11 vid, never have laughed this hard on a basketball related thing in a while.

  • control


    Who would you take between Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard? That comparison is very close to the LeBron vs Kobe thing…and I think Dwight would beat Tim just because of the huge physical mismatch, despite Timmy being WAY more technically skilled than Dwight. Timmy might be the best power forward ever, but he’s getting long in the tooth and his body just ain’t what it used to be.

  • dagwaller

    @ LMNOP – I like Gallo as a player (never met him or anything).

    15 ppg last year is great to build on. With a BIG scoring threat added, plus an upgrade at PG, no reason to think he won’t have some easy looks this year.

    That having been said, there were only 16 players to top the 20 ppg plateau this past season! Harder to do than you might think. Additionally, no two of the players on that list were on the same team.

    Gallo wasn’t even on the first page of NBA’s scoring page. He was @ #56. Do you guys really think, as nice as he is and as much as his chances improved this year, that he’s going to leap 40 players? I’m skeptical.

  • slick ric

    C ballz & gilford are losers. Rose does not play nor have the the F’ed up mentality dude had.

  • King

    60 million for Jo Noah…. Really

    Well done Chicago

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com/ Chise


    i swear to god that youtube video had me rollin.. i literally started cryin i was laughin so hard

  • JAY

    The 60 Mill doesn’t surprise me. Everyone in the league, except for maybe 15 guys, are overpaid.

    Rashard Lewis and Joe Johnson are max players. Bananas.

  • NTstateOFmind

    not sure why all the hate on the Noah contract. chicago fans be happy they still have him on the team.

    in this league, in most cases, you have to overpay someone to keep them on their current team. (see rudy gay).

    its so rare to find someone who accepts a contract on what their actually “worth”. you want a player to stay? overpay them.

  • JH

    Boozer injured? Newsworthy but not exactly unexpected.

    I just hope he’ll be in uniform when the Bulls come into SLC Feb. 2011…gonna be a great reunion game…not like LBJ in Cleveland…but great nonetheless.

  • ManilaFTW

    hahahaha. that Elite11 video was hilarious.

    Elite11 should use this slogan next time:

    2K11 got Jordan? We got Jesus.