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Top 25 Dunkers on the Planet, Pt. 2

Nate Robinson, Dime #46

Before continuing with the list of the Top 25 dunkers on the planet, some clarification is needed. I got a lot of negative feedback for writing, “Most of the game’s last four decades have been defined by men who excelled above the rim: e.g. Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.”

I wasn’t saying those five are the defining dunkers of the last 40 years, but that those five are some of the League’s defining players of the last 40 years. The fact that they also happen to be some of the most memorable dunkers only proves that the dunk is a universal symbol of the game.

Again, for this list we’re including NBA, college, high school, playground, overseas, everything. With such a large and diverse pool, rankings were based on a non-scientific combination of in-game, dunk contests, posterizations, level of competition, style, power, and simple aesthetic preference. (Also, this is for right now, not historically.) With that, here are Nos. 20 through 16…

*** *** ***

20. VINCE CARTER (Orlando Magic)
Probable cause: He’s about 1/4 amazing now, but it’s not like Vince forgot how to throw down.
Reasonable doubt: Let’s not forget, the Oakland dunk contest and Fred Weiss happened TEN YEARS AGO. Vince isn’t the same player, person or dunker.
Physical evidence:

*** *** ***

19. DEUCE BELLO (Westchester High School, N.C.)
Probable cause: Winner of this summer’s Elite 24 dunk contest, and a virtual shoo-in for the McDonald’s contest crown should he be selected for the 2011 roster. Has done a between-the-legs dunk in a game.
Reasonable doubt: He’s like 12.
Physical evidence:

*** *** ***

18. NATE ROBINSON (Boston Celtics)
Probable cause: Only three-time NBA dunk champion in history. At 5-foot-8, it would be incredible if he just did simple dunks.
Reasonable doubt: Understandably, his in-game list of dunks is about as short as he is.
Physical evidence:

*** *** ***

17. AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE (New York Knicks)
Probable cause: Very few PF/C’s can turn out a dunk contest, but Amar’e put on a show in 2005. Oh, and he dunks on people like it’s going out of style.
Reasonable doubt: In-game, he rarely goes beyond the simple (yet nasty) one-hander. His best contest dunk was more memorable for the alley-oop than the cram itself.
Physical evidence:

*** *** ***

16. DERRICK ROSE (Chicago Bulls)
Probable cause: It’s tough to decide whether D-Rose’s speed or his hops are more impressive. Most PG’s attack the rim looking for a layup; Rose intends to dunk on somebody.
Reasonable doubt: In his own words, Rose has only been in one dunk contest in his life, and won’t try it again.
Physical evidence:

Stay tuned for Nos. 15 through 11…


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    Vince should be Top 5, at least1

  • nizzio

    Nate Robinson is a Better Dunker than Carter today? Bullshit!

  • John Saschi

    I really hope you have Marqus Blakely on this list. If you have some high school and college players on here MB needs to be on it. He won the NCAA dunk contest and has had countless in game dunks that have been ridiculous.

  • Taj

    Yah.. I agree fellas. No reason why Vince shouldn’t be top 10 based on his entire body of work. Whether it was 10 yrs ago or now.

  • MiR

    I guess they think that he currently is. All time Vince is higher ranked than Nate NO DOUBT!!!

  • Bill

    James White better be top 10.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    This is currently, or else this would be filled with legends like MJ, Dr J and Darryl Dawkins. Hence the line he’s more 1/4 amazing now.

    No way 2010 Vince out dunks 2010 Nate. Shit no way 2010 Vince out dunks 2010 Kobe, well maybe that ones a tossup.

    Rose ahead of Wade is a lil suspect, nothing Rose has done is even close to Wade dunking on Varejoa’s soul…

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    Nice, DRose made it. But he should be a little lower. Unless Westbrook is somewhere on the nxt list. Vince still has the most style on his dunks even today. But he lacks vert and facials(LMAO@ the By Long ref in the 1st list). Nate Robinson is THE best athlete in the NBA, and one of the best ive ever seen. His tip dunk in college and the off the bounce between the legs are just plain sick for someone his size.

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    @Stunna, you got a point with with Wade on Vajayjay, but remember Rose has banged on Oden, Donte Green, Glen Davis, Dalembert, a few others i forget and the almighty dunk on Dragic could have been play of the year. But its debateable cause Wade lacks style. Rose got busy on a few breakaways and the Dribble course ASG dbl pump back dunk was crazy

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Most be feeling pretty fresh talking about to of Chitowns finest like this

    Yeah Rose double pump was nice, but are we really comparing the number of casualties Wade has caused to Rose, maybe its due to me not liking Rose that much or maybe I’ve seen Wade for 5 more years but I dunno I still think Wade > Rose right now.

  • ShowKase

    I don’t like the direction in which this list is going. Alot of uncertainty about some of these selections and their placements. (Pretty sure MJ and Dr. J could out dunk some of these guys right now…) But, it gets more clicks to the site, so do ya thing Dime writers.

  • where high ankle sprains happen

    one of the kids at the end of the video for deuce bello looks like the sherminator from american pie.

  • shuttles

    Man I would pay to see Rose do a dunk contest. Just seems like he has so much he could do that you don’t see from him in games. That said, I love his in game dunks. Love the way he goes off two feet, cocks that shit, and throws down with two hands.

  • raffi

    josh smith has got to be #1 on this.

  • Jazz

    Oh damn… I cant take this stuff serious if Vince Carter is no. 20… i mean c’mon and I’m even not a VC fan… I cant take your posts for serious…

  • Promoman

    It’s official, America has a drug problem. It’s already crazy that Vince isn’t at least top 5, let alone his rightful #1 spot, but Nate Robinson ahead of him? Nate’s dunk contest performances are the NBA’s answer to Barry Bonds’ HR record. He’s talented and athletic for sure, but that man has no business being ranked higher than last place at best. The rationale that Vince Carter has aged or expanded his game is sound but contemporary dunkers pretty much build their foundation on Vince. Vince is an architect on par with MJ, ‘Nique, Dr. J at his worst and the architect period on his average and best when it comes to dunking.

  • S-SiN

    Nate is dynamite but he ain’t over Vince, so is Amar?e, Vince ain’t over Wade NOW, cmon. 2011 damn near, as much as I love it.. time to get out the ’01 baggy sweat suit mentality already.

    and oh yeah Rose is gotta be higher.

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    Im starting to question the focus on comprehension of some of these DIME readers. Either that, or you havent watched an Orl game lately. As a tarheel fan myself i am one of VCs biggest supporters. He was the most exciting player of the decade. With that said, in the year 2010 he really could be left off this list and guys are complaing he should be num 1!?! The guy is gimping around the court and can barely get off the floor for layups let alone dunks. If not for his massive wingspan he might not get more dunks than Mike Dunleavy jr.! DIME clearly said this is a list AS OF RIGHT NOW, NOT HISTORICALLY. Come on fellas get it together. U guys are starting to find ANYTHING to b!tch about on every article

  • ball

    When looking at the Rose dunk on Dragic one of the SUNS bench players jumps up like he forgot for a second which team he played for, Hilarious……

  • Jade

    I loved Dragic’s reaction to getting banged by Rose….looking around wondering whether he forgot the keys in the car xD

    Vince in his prime is the best dunker ever !!! Just like prime T-Mac is probably the best SF ever, yeah…pips Pippen too !!! But both are crap right now…would be like looking at 1995-97 Dominique and wondering whether he’s still a beast !!!

  • ricky ross

    hahahha vince 20?
    dimemag u guys always find a way to fuck shit up. vc is one of the greatest dunkers all time. period

  • Clayton

    pppffffffftttt d wade is a way better dunker than all these guys

  • brandon

    i am a huge vince carter fan.but to be honest im not mad he is 20th.i mean all time he is number one but not now.i think he can still dunk better than most people on this list.but he doesnt dunk all that much anymore.doesnt mean he cant,