NBA, Video, We Reminisce / Oct 15, 2010 / 12:45 pm

We Reminisce: David Robinson Drops 71 To Win The Scoring Title

April 24, 1994. Trailing Shaq by three points for the scoring title, David Robinson went out and obliterated the Clippers. He finished the game with 71 points (26-41 from the floor, 18-25 from the line, 1-2 from three) along 14 rebounds, five assists and two blocks in 44 minutes. The next highest scorer for the Spurs was Dennis Rodman with eight points.

How good was the Admiral? Would you feed your teammate to get him the scoring title?

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  • Promoman

    David was one of the better centers that reached the HOF-level. He wound up on the wrong end of highlights at times but he’s legit. He’s certainly better than Patrick Ewing who’s up there with Shawn Bradley on all-time dunk victims.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Yup, that was one hell of a performance by The Admiral. And yeah, I’d feed my center the ball all night if he’s on fire like that.

  • JAY

    I remember this game. Crazy. He was smiling the whole game. Lol. And to think there’s guys in one of the other articles saying the NBA was watered down in the 90s.

    @Promoman: You can only be a dunk victim if you go for blocked shots. Mourning has been posterized many times too but is one of the best shotblockers to ever play. Being dunked on means nothing if you have the ability to swat that shit away the next trip up the floor. No big deal to The Admiral, Ewing, Zo, Hakeem, etc… they brush that shit off the shoulder and will lay you on the floor next trip up.


    The Admiral is and will always be the poster child to The Dream Shake!

  • KL

    Ahh..not so many classy guys left like the Admiral. I recall the majority of the league supporting Robinson in winning the title, especially how Shaq was making crap up about how he was brushed off by Robinson. Utter crap.

    @Jay….his big smile still sits in my mind.

  • the_don_mega

    @JAY – “And to think there’s guys in one of the other articles saying the NBA was watered down in the 90s.”

    – lol! he gonna jump to this thread and continue them arguments with you JAY

  • JAY

    LMAO!!! I know. Whatever. Youtube is filled with players from the 90s. Kenny Anderson, Grand-mama-Zo-Muggsy, KJ… I don’t wanna drop a whole list. People who remember, know. Some people just forget.

  • Hot Fiyah

    The Admiral!

  • the_don_mega


    it’s either he was too young to have watch em play or he’s just too much of a kobe fan…

  • That’s What’s Up

    Admiral wanted it, but he didn’t want to be seen as greedy. He actually ‘took one for the team’ by doing this.

    Freak athlete. He could drop 60 on Opening Night 2010 if he wanted to. Dude is in great shape to this day.

  • JH

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  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    So it’s true, the Clippers have always sucked. I wonder how many assists the Spurs racked up as a team that night?

  • http://www.prohoopsjournal.com Justin Traub

    wow, i didn’t know D. Rob scored 71 in a game. I thought I already knew everything there was to know. thanks for posting this.

  • jzsmoove

    Shaq claimed afterwards that the Spurs forced-fed the ball to Robinson to capture the Scoring title. Well yeah, cuz the Admiral was a good guy and they wanted this for him. recognize that the home team was cheering for him at the end instead of their own, thats mad dabs, show respect for the dude. there was nothing easy for how he got his points too. double teams came , outside contested jumpers, wow just wow very nice.

  • Jade

    Dude…the league is full…anyone else creating ?

  • http://twitter.com/max_in_missouri Max in Missouri

    “Justin Traub says:
    wow, i didn’t know D. Rob scored 71 in a game. I thought I already knew everything there was to know. thanks for posting this.”

    That’s pretty common knowledge, brother. Even casual fans know of this….

    Shaq got screwed that year. I’m pretty sure the Clippers were all but complicit in Robinson’s 71 pts. He is absolutely wide open in a lot of these shots, yet there aren’t really great shooters on the floor with him to spread it? I realize the clippers are horrible (then and now), but it seems like they almost want him to win it. 41 FG attempts in an absolutely meaningless game on the last day of the season? That sort of cheap garbage wouldn’t have happened if Pop was coach back then….

  • doc

    He didn’t earn these 71. He cherry picked and was force fed by his teamates. I’d take Hakeem, Shaq, Wilt, or Kareem in their primes over him any day. One interesting thing I read in a book about the original dream team is that there was talk of trading him for Jordan at one point!

  • Yo

    Yo. D Rob was a class act, and led his Spurs team in to contention pretty much every year he was there! Hakeem, Shaq, Wilt, and Kareem. They might have been better 1v1 players, but DROB was the fastest and most athletic out of all of those players, and easily one of the most unselfish. Those aforementioned players are top 10 players of all-time. I wouldn’t fault david for not being better than those guys. He also sacrificed his legacy and his stats to shape Tim Duncan in to a top 10 player also! DROB = one of the greatest players and teammates ever!

  • three2juan

    not sure how you can have 71 unearned points? there were 11 other guys on the floor during a 48 minute NBA game!

    I was at this game, and it was pretty amazing. What made Robinson different from other centers was that he played facing the basket, and even in those days, it was very rare for a big to have such a pure jumper. Imagine how dominate Amare and Dwight Howard would be if they had an effective jump shot! That was David Robinson. And not only were the Clipper fans cheering him on, at one point Dominique Wilkins walked off the court in frustration.