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31 for 31: Kevin Love vs. The New York Knicks

A lot of people have made jokes about Kevin Love. Slow. Chubby. Can’t get crunch-time minutes on the worst team in the NBA. Even Clyde Frazier said last night: “(Minnesota) didn’t expect this. I saw him play in college and wasn’t impressed.” But just a few days after he hung 23 points and 24 boards on the Lakers, K-Love outdid himself with a 31-point, 31-rebound effort against the Knicks … Trailing by 21 in the third quarter, Minnesota came back thanks to Michael Beasley (35 pts) canning jumpers all over the place and Love eating the glass — and killing Amar’e Stoudemire — to create putbacks. Love added a three from the top of the key to ice the win … Love might’ve been the best player, but the best game of the night was Oklahoma City’s swagger-building two-point win over Portland. It was basically Russell Westbrook (36 points) and Kevin Durant (34) versus the Blazers. The duo scored OKC’s final 18 points — Durant using his shoulder lean to set up fallaway jumpers, and Westbrook catapulting himself to the rim on every drive. The Blazers had a chance on their final possession, but Rudy Fernandez was short on an open corner three. You can’t complain about your minutes and then miss those shots … The Jazz really need to stop doing this to Jerry Sloan. For the fourth straight game, Utah rode a series of timely Deron Williams buckets in another fourth-quarter comeback win. This time in Atlanta, they trailed by 11 in the fourth yet still rallied to win by four. Al Horford should get the game ball from Sloan; he missed two free throws with 7 seconds left when the Hawks were down by two … After getting a lot of heat for not including Paul Millsap in his ranking of Top 10 NBA power forwards, Dime’s Austin Burton wanted to point out: “When I said the best PF’s today, I’m not just talking about the 8-9 game sample of this season alone. It’s the whole picture of how good a guy is period, plus how he’s playing now.” That said, Josh Smith (#10 on the list) kind of dominated Millsap in their matchup. Smoove was scoring in the post, cleaning the offensive glass, and even throwing cross-court dimes to ATL’s shooters. Smith finished with 20 points, 13 boards and 5 assists, while Millsap went for 11 points and 6 rebounds … With so much attention being paid to the Heat, nobody is talking about the Orlando Magic’s recent struggles. Dwight Howard and Co. were, if you remember, destroyed by that same Heat team, and earlier this week blew a big second-half lead to the Jazz at home. Then last night, Orlando dropped one to the Raptors at home … After Andrea Bargnani (27 pts) rained Italian Hell in the first half and DeMar DeRozan (26 pts) dominated the second, in the end it came down to the ratchet of Sonny Weems. Tied up in the final seconds, Toronto let Jarrett Jack go 1-on-1 against Vince Carter, but when he couldn’t get a shot, he found Weems beyond the arc for a too-open triple. Dwight got caught on a switch, didn’t close out on Weems, and paid for it. (“Frozen. Ya done!” cackled one T-Dot announcer.) Speaking of the Raps’ broadcast team, you’re not gonna hear anyone scream “Money shot!” with such emotion unless you’re paying a monthly fee … Orlando had one more shot, but Jose Calderon made a great defensive play — no, seriously, he did — and intercepted the inbounds before sealing it at the line … Other big stat lines from Friday: Charlie Villanueva scored 30 to lead Detroit past the Clippers, while Blake Griffin had 18 points and 18 boards in the loss; Gerald Wallace put up 25 points and 14 boards as Charlotte beat Washington; Steve Nash scored 28 in Phoenix’s win over Sacramento; Brad Miller dropped 23 points in Houston’s win at Indiana; and Jason Kidd had 10 points, 8 dimes and 4 steals and cracked 11,000 assists for his career in Dallas’ win over Philly … Did you see what Andre Iguodala did to Brian Cardinal? Ridiculous dunk, shades of Ricky Davis over Steve Nash back in the day. Although A.I.2 didn’t unleash an “OH SH*T!” after disrespecting Cardinal … Many of the top college programs opened up last night as well. While the competition wasn’t noteworthy, the freshmen talent was. The reigning Dime/2K Sports H.S. Player of the Year, Jared Sullinger, went for 19 points and 14 rebounds in Ohio State’s debut. UNC All-American Harrison Barnes contributed 14 points for the Tar Heels in an easy win. And at Freshmen Central, Kentucky unveiled its new stars: Brandon Knight poured in 17 points and 5 assists, and Terrance Jones went off for 25 and 12 boards in another win in Lexington … We’re out like doubting K-Love again …

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  • K Dizzle

    Damn! Kev Love got the crown right now. Baddest white dude in the league…

  • rapTOr

    get em Beas!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Stoudemire should be ashamed of himself, if someone has more Offensive boars than you do total that’s sad.

    31 and 31 is just a monster line, he was just snatching boards from out of peoples hands. That last 3 was a back breaker. Beasley is also coming along, finally finding his role in the offense.

    As Mark Jackson said, Jazz just pulled the best road trip in recent years with these wins. if they beat Charlotte it just confirms it.

    Pierce tweet was hella funny but Haslem needs to chill the fuck down. “Paul who?” yea Paul the nigga who kicked you out the playoffs last year, 8 time All-star NBA finals MVP future HOF Pierce that’s who. Don’t ruffle your panties Haslem.

  • Young Gunner

    Those OKC/Portland & ATL/Utah games were entertaining. Im sure some if not most of us knew Al Horford was gonna brick those FT’s.

    I didnt know Cardinal was still playing lol

  • Soopa

    Damn Love! Think Miami is on the phone with Minni asking for a Bosh/Love trade? The Wolves might now win much, but they are turning into an entertaning team at least.
    And good for Beasley putting to monster games together!

    Russ and Durant are baaaaaad. Best duo in the league? If i ran the Thunder i wouldnt even trade them for Wade/Lebron. They are both 22! They got 6-8 years before they peak! Scary what they can do then…


    Everyones gonna focus on Loves stat line.. but that game was the ugliest fucking brickfest of all time. If someone didn’t get 30 rebounds it would have been shocking.
    And i think that all the fouls Love drew on Amare did more damage to the Knicks than all of his rebounding (although they were a product of it). Amare got like 10 boards in hardly any time but they really don’t have any big men behind him, Gallo and Randolph are tall SFs, Timofey is shit and Eddy Curry cant fit in the garden anymore so he stays at home… The Knicks havnt looked this good in over 10 years.. and they’re still a fucking mess. how depressing is that.

  • Soopa

    *might NOT win much… Damn mobile keyboards!

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi


    the longer Pat Riley is NOT coaching that team the more silly it will be.

  • yoda

    after bosh, amar’e is getting exposed as overrated pf. at least both of them got money some stupid people gave them.

  • QQ

    I can imagine seeing Amare slapping himself while checking K-Love’s 31 boards:

    “Am I dreaming? Is this possible? I almost killed myself getting 7 boards most of the time, but 31??? 31????”

    Then his head explodes.

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    A win at last.. Go Raps :)

  • Sim
  • Mtx

    The definitive proof that Amar’e is one of the worst team players of the league. His only effort is when he has the ball in his hands

  • w1ndel

    swagger… new favorite word?

  • jzsmoove

    i already got K Love on my fantasy squad, maybe i should go trade for Amare, hopefully this lambasting will ignite a fire in him to gobble up boards. its frustrating cuz he can go for 20/20 on the norm but just lacks the willpower to do it.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Credit the Mimai Heat for Michael Besley’s play. Dude is playing with a chip on his shoulder and is out for blood.

    LMAO @ QQ Funny as hell

    Dime, why no mention of Blake Griffin’s steal and reverse dunk on Rodney Stucky? It was pretty nice

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi

    someone should say how sick Nasty Nash is still!
    oh and speaking of Steve, “hey Amare?”

  • Promoman

    That’s a bad look for Amare. Kevin’s not the most athletic guy in the world but he plays hard and you’ve got to keep the pace with those types of players to take them out, especially if they’re on a hot streak like the one Kevin’s on now.




    I’m very happy to see him finally showing what he’s got. A weaker man could’ve been destroyed by the shitting on he got from the heat.

    Do ya thang kid

  • DizzyDutch

    So why don’t we bring back the Amare- Bosh comparison that was here a couple of weeks ago. I’ll still stick with Bosh as the better player. Amare is not getting it done as the go-to guy

  • rryan

    So Millsap doesn’t deserve to be mentioned with the best power forwards because he got outplayed by the opposing pf (Smith) on the road in his 3rd game in 4 nights? Why the hell are you ranking Bosh? He has been outplayed by every power forward every night this season. Seriously Dime, after your articles about Deron Williams leaving the Jazz for the Mavs and this last one about power forwards, I’m starting to think that your writers and interns are in Jr. High.

  • RC

    Pat Riley looks like Magneto in charge of the bad mutants lol he has that look to him. Don’t worry about Riley firing Spoelstra when the Heat are doing bad. Be worried when the Heat are doing amazing, because that’s when he fires Spoelstra and takes over in the middle of the season. Remember the Stan Van Gundy incident back in 06?

    But yeah Amare should be ashame having Kevin Love done that to his team.

    Russell Westbrook is top 5 in my pg list… an amazing athlete and competitor.

    Toronto if you play hard like that every game, I would watch you guys play live in Air Canada. But 1 game does not prove anything. We’ll have to see…

  • LA Baller

    so a guy going against an amare led team has a history making rebounding night..why isnt that surprising?

    i think the blueprint to beating the jazz is obvious now..let them go into the fourth with a lead haha..they wont know what to do

    is zaza pachulia not the most fun name to say in the nba? i think its between him and hamad haddadi with nene hilario possibly rounding it out hahah

  • MSL

    Saw the Knicks, Utah, OKC, Orlando & Clippers game.

    Amare, so far is not the answer for the knicks. He’s not a true franchise, go to player, though he’s getting Franchise, Go To $$.

    Utah’s current run is incredible. But I guess their just balancing their poor start.

    Toronto was just incredible. Good for them. Dwight had some nice moves though. And Brook Lopez may have to pay now/2night?

    Clippers just suck, it seems; regardless of who’s the coach or players. Sad.

    Beasley was feeling it shooting it (last night) just as much as Love Felt it rebounding. Can’t wait till he plays Miami again.

  • MSL

    Oh. Rudt Fernandez should of hit that shot. He had a relaxed, clean look, with nice trajectory, that seemed destined to hit bottom. But it didn’t.

    Instead off putting OKC on the ropes and realling hurting their confidence some more, now Portland has to wonder how they gave up 8 points in a row in a loss, to a team they may have to face again in the playoffs.

  • Ian

    thas a month worth of rebounds for amare and an entire season for curry.

  • Ian

    best duo in the league?? chill out a bit
    wade bron
    kobe gasol
    td manu
    nash and a whoever can catch a pass
    or lets wait till they do something in the playoffs

  • Dagger

    Westbrook has been the Thunder’s MVP so far, and he’s become a really deadly scorer. Who knew Durant would have this much help, this fast? Derozan in TO is looking pretty good so far this year as well, though he’s got to become more consistent. Losing Bosh feels a lot better now, considering he’s basically confirmed what many of us Raps fans were saying for years – he’s no franchise player, and the team will always underperform with him at the helm. This year he’s not even a November MVP. Meanwhile, Amare’s getting exposed in NYC. It’s not that he’s playing horribly, it’s just obvious that Nash did more for him than he did for Nash . . . .

  • Ekstor


    You’re kidding right? You’re trying to say that Love getting 31 shouldn’t be a surprise when it hasn’t been done in nearly 30 years? And you’re going to excuse Amare saying, “Amare got like 10 boards in hardly any time but they really don’t have any big men behind him”

    What?!? Amare had 9 board in 28 minutes… about 1 every 3 minutes. Love had 31 in 41 minutes… almost 1 every minute…

    And to say Amare has no big men behind him? Who exactly does Love have? Darko?

  • Ekstor

    Sorry… correction: 30/30 hasn’t been done in nearly 30 years. 30 rebounds hasn’t been seen in 13 years.

  • S.A.C.

    Great games last night. I watched several myself.

    Has any one noticed the recent change of fortune/role reversal for Chris Bosh and Michael Beasley?

    Chris Bosh is now the predominantly jump shooting, 14ppg power forward who doesn’t get enough touches or understand his role, playing next to high scorer Dwayne Wade.

    And Beasley is the 20pt scorer (if he hasn’t gotten there yet, he will), go to jump shooting Forward that plays for the bad team that no one cares about (outside of a Kevin Love 30, 30 of course) in a very Morthern, Cold Town, no NBA player really wants to be at.

    My have times changed!

    @Ian Co-sign on The Westbrook, Durant stuff. Let’s see how these guys do during the rest of the season and the playoffs, if they make it. One game is nice, but means nothing.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Amare needs Nash, its kind of obvious. He’ staking to may jump shots and not being as aggressive as he should be. He can’t create, I mean he’s averaging like 4 TO’s to 2 assists.

    Amar’e Stoudamire
    2009/10- 23pts 8.9reb 56% 2 TO
    2010/11- 20pts 8.1reb 45% 4 TO (NY 3/6)

    Steve Nash
    2009/10- 16.5pts 11ast 51% 3 TO
    2010/11- 19.9pts 9.5ast 50% 4 TO (PHX 4/4)

    So yeah I think we all know who needed the other in that relationship.

  • Ian

    right? i mean shit comon its been what 9 games they are good and all but damn.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    While it is early, for the first 10 games I think we can all agree its Durant and Westbrook.

    Durant – 29pts 6.6reb
    Westbrook- 24.3pts 6.4rebs 7.8ast

    Only people I can see playing close to them now are Kobe (25/5/4)and Pau (22/11) but I hate the Lakers so :P.

  • S.A.C.


    Yes. It’s still early in the season.

    Let’s see if they can maintain that pace (particularly Westbrook, who can be very inconsistent) and win some games. This team has been very inconsistent so far.

    When they start playing tough games as the season progresses, let’s see what happens to those averages (since someone wanted to call them the best), and see how the team responds? And by the way, I still see K. Durant brick up too many back board breakers for a guy that’s supposed to be such a good shooter. WTF?

    But yes they are very good twosome

  • Nigel

    Dwight Howard’s gotta be feeling outshined right now. He’s a guy who we have dubbed the best rebounder now and fir the next decade plus. He was expected to get the first 30 board game since Barkley. Instead it goes to a guy who’s a good deal smaller and way less athletic.


    @Eskor, Chill out abit, i was exaggerating to make a point on how ugly the shooting in that game was.

    i wasnt excusing Amare, i was saying that Love getting him in foul trouble had more effect on the outcome than Love getting a million rebounds of his own misses. Hate Amare all you want, i could go into detail about all the things i hate about his game, but no one can say that the Knicks are better off with Timofey as the C and Gallo and Randolph pretending to be big men.

    i don’t know why you got ur feelings hurt, but that was a shit game that only made the headlines because Kevin Love took 2 tries to hit every shot he attempted.

  • Ekstor


    huh? my feelings are hurt?

    so, i’m an amare hater now for factually pointing out that he had 9 boards in 28 minutes as opposed to “10 in no time”?

    did i miss something?

    ain’t a love fan nor a minny fan nor an amare hater (though i think he’s overrated and has been for a long time)… was just absolutely blown away by your ridiculous comments.

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com Austin Burton

    @rryan — I’m saying my Top 10 wasn’t strictly based on the games that have been played this season. It also took into account overall talent, accomplishments, etc.

    Had it been strictly based on accomplishment/history, Duncan would be #1. Were it strictly based on talent, Bosh might be Top-3. Were it strictly based on games played this season, Scola and Millsap would be Top-5. The point is that I took into account all three.

    I’m not saying saying Millsap sucks or anything, he’s just not in my Top 10. And using last night — plus the last 3-4 years — as an example, it’s easy to argue the #10 guy on my list (Josh Smith) is better than Millsap, so obviously my list couldn’t have been that crazy.


    maybe after you got blown away you should have reread it a little more carefully.
    Im not sticking up for Amare. would it please you if i said he got 9 boards in hardly any time? or should i have been more specific and said, amare got 9 boards in 28 foul plagued minutes? or will you argue that he wasnt in foul trouble the entire game and didnt spend about 20 minutes on the bench?

    i agree, he is overrated as fuck and im a Knicks fan so i probably hate him more than you do, but him not being on the court, or being extra passive because of foul trouble, is huge because the Knicks dont have any alternatives at the PF/C position… so in my opinion, Love getting him in foul trouble had more effect than Love getting a fuck load of tip ins of his own misses and stealing defensive boards out of his team mates hands.
    is any of this ridiculous so far?

    now, the main point of my comment was that it was a shit game wish really shitty shooting from both sides… is that a ridiculous comment?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dime

    good wordplay on the smack title

  • the cynic

    Andrei kirilenko is on one of the best off-the-ball players in the NBA

    Amare and the knicks somehow made Love look like the second coming of Moses Malone

  • Nyeme

    Amare shouldn’t have said “The Knicks are back”. There is nothing in his game that justifies making that bold statement. Didn’t Love have like 20+ in the 2nd half? Depressing for a Knicks fan…should’ve kept Lee. Lee attempts to play def, will work hard on the rebs AND can pass out of a double team

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    I never thought Amare was all that, people STILL think I’m crazy and will probably hate on the fact that Im saying it again.

  • ab40

    charlie v had 30 points yeah and 1 rebound and 1 assist. how weak is that he’s 6-11.

    Klove still is a bad basketball player to me but it’s great he got his shine. beasly his head is almost on straight right now. and minnesota is fun to watch this year just as I predicted.

    And orlando losing to toronto. is it fire van gundy time? how the hell do they come out so soft when they’ve been together for two/three years now?

  • Fan

    Amare should be so embarassed he should never open his mouth again on the basketball court. Instead, let his game do his talking, oh wait. That won’t get him anywhere.

    KLove Killin. 30 REB? wtf, wow Amare. Keep focusing on those rebounds and max contract you just got.