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Allen Iverson Arrives in Turkey Like a Rockstar

In true Allen Iverson style, The Answer may or may not have missed his scheduled flight to Turkey. Once he did show up though, it was pure madness. See the video below:

Video posted on The700Level.com

How do you think A.I.’s stint in Turkey will go? Will he be a superstar or a bust? With Allen, there’s no in between…

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  • yoda

    too bad that such passionate fans are getting such selfish player. i wonder how long till he starts making problems there….

  • JAY

    Iverson = Greatest player 6-foot or shorter.

    Fuck what the books say. I’m 5’10” and I’ve stood side-by-side with Iverson before. He’s my height… MAYBE a whisker taller than me. It sucks that a lot of people will only remember how Iverson’s career ended.

  • Bunnies…

    SMH… It’s crazy and sad at the same time that this guy who will eventually reach the hall of fame has to go out like this while bums are filling up NBA rosters all over the country. I know he’s had his fair share of problems but this is bananas… it’s like seeing Mike in a Wizards uni for the 1st time.

  • Darko

    he’s gonna play in front of maybe the best fans in the world (they are in same category with partizan fans Grobari).
    i hope he delivers them good basket!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAao3IkDvqI …some scenes from besiktas football fans!

  • control

    Iverson = One of the most underachieving players ever, one of the most selfish players ever, and the one player who had the worst influence on basketball ever.

    I just wish AI goes away, forever.


    You are right about his height, I’ve been face to face with him, and though I’m about 6’8, I thought I was damn near a foot taller than him. I thought he might have been about 5’10 or so. Guy looked like a child, and frail too.

  • jwhit45

    Iverson deserves better from the NBA.

    This video is pure culture shock. I am not so sure this Turkey stint will go well.

    IVERSON belongs in NBA. He can still hoop good enough to be in NBA and maybe even start for some teams. You mean to tell me the Raptors couldn’t use AI just to have a face of the team? I don’t get it.


    NICE!!! STarbury should go there as well and they can have some PG battles and both be hyped by the TURKEY media…BALL!

  • JAY

    “Guy looked like a child, and frail too.”
    I just posted that AI is my size. I guess you’re calling me a child and frail too. Lol! Well, fuck you, you overgrown mutant basturd!!

    ^^^ like everyone else online, i throw insults when I have nothing else to say.

  • QQ

    Can’t hate in AI in his prime.. But dammmmn…. how the mighty has fallen… A perfect example of self destruction though. He brought upon himself his own downfall.

  • control


    Height doesn’t necessarily mean you are or are not frail, I’m just saying that he’s such a small person that it’s hard to really imagine him as a basketball player. It’s sort of like watching MMA ringside, and you see these lil’ 5’4 120lb super light weight fucks out there, and you have a hard time seeing them beat the fuck out of anything. Of course, underestimating someone like that is what gets ya KO’d (or burnt playing basketball) but it’s an easy thing to do.

    If you are a skinny lil’ fuck, and only 5’10, I would probably regard you as frail too, but you’d have to be really skinny and weak looking (like AI is) ;). Unless of course you are a chick, which I don’t think you are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chick within 6 inches of me height wise, so I tend to regard them all equally, once you are over 4-6″ taller than someone, it’s all the same.

  • Promoman

    Well, Iverson did it to himself. He has/had the athleticism and talent but not the attitude. He got passes for so long that it went to his head. Hell, even Stephon Marbury handled himself better than AI. The only difference is that Steph couldn’t get people to drink the kool-aid like Iverson was able to for so long.

  • stefan

    I don’t get you guys, why do you think this is a bad way of going out? AI is doing what he always loved to do, for some it doesn’t matter if it is on the big stage or whatever. His image may be ruined and the status of selfish is already on his head, but why don’t you see that he didn’t quit, he still follows his passion. For that, for the awesome skills and for the reputation he brought to basketball, that David Stern still tries to change, I admire AI, and maybe you should too and stop hating!

  • daghost

    damn control,
    your 6″8? i don’t know why, but that surprises me a little. Why the heck you wasting time typing, you should be tryna make it on somebody’s roster. if i was 6″8 boi….

    (side note, i’m 6″2 hahahahaha)

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Sad to see, and the reason is that Iverson doesn’t strike me as a “world traveler” who is doing this not just for basketball and experience but for the money. Hopefully, he gets something out of the experience and doesn’t just lock himself in a 5 star hotel room for the year with an xbox. The people obviously look DAMNED excited to see him, dunno if he looked as excited to see them though.

  • S-SiN


    I’ve been AI supporter off the bat, but u might be right with your “world traveler – xbox comment 100%. throw in skype, occasional bar/club visit of course, and that’s what your 95% of US ballers are on while overseas. Those five percent that do dip into culture, food, music, history etc. are the true winners and sure as hell got more to tell.

    I hope Allen makes the very most of his stay there in every sence. He’s an emotional guy and a change in culture might be very good for him as a person and his fam. Hope I’m right about this and he does “recharge” and “re-invent” himself for the NBA.

  • QQ

    Reading these comments makes me think: Do yall REALLY think he’ll return to the NBA again????

    Cause cat has been given chances. When no one signed him a year ago, yall scream ‘GIVE AI A CHANCE. HE CAN STILL PLAY!’. Memphis signed him, and he destroyed his chance there. Then yall come and say, ‘TRADE HIM TO PHILLY WHERE HE BELONGS’. Then AI destroyed his chance AGAIN.

    Seriously people. I’m not gonna trash cat’s game. But this cat has been given enough chances to redeem himself in the NBA? The game has never been bad to him. But it’s him that crushed all hope for himself. It’s him that always thinks it’s 2001. It’s him that cannot adjust to the role the coaches gave him. It’s not the game, it’s him.

    And seriously now, isn’t it just fair that right now instead of AI helping a contender and finally win a chip by accepting a lesser role, he’s in another country still acting like he’s the best 2 guard in the world?

    Cause for yall people saying its unfair that he isn’t in the L, maybe yall just have to think and look for a second.

  • Cash
  • sunni

    First off..stop hating on AI;;ya’ll dont know what heart is and probably were in your diapers when he was diving on the floor and taking it all the way to the finals against the mighty lakers with matt geiger as his second best player..

    second off, those jerseys are gonna sell like gravy in turkey..hes probably gonna double his salary just off jersey sales…my man is makin money moves as he ends his career–showin up to the airport in his new jersey…

    john thompson is right–theres still only a handful of players in the world who actually want the assignment of guarding iverson…hes still better than baron davis and all these other bums in the league who got bailed out with contracts…andre miller probably shit in his pants every time ai was on the schedule..

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/11/daily-fantasy-diagnosis-11-10/#respond Mike

    Well maybe he did ruin it 4 himself in Memphis but in Philly C’mon he played decent last year, Maybe not by A.I. standards. I love how the haters say he’s washed up but still expect 30 PPG. Last season his season ended because he wanted 2 spend with his sick daughter, I think ppl forget that

  • Khine


    LOL “andre miller probably shit in his pants every time ai was on the schedule..”, I think he probably do that every time he hears AI’s name!!