Baller's Blueprint / Nov 12, 2010 / 4:00 pm

Baller’s Blueprint: Rajon Rondo puts Chris Bosh on a poster

With all the buzz surrounding the Celtics victory last night in Miami and highlights of Rajon Rondo‘s dunk everywhere — as well as the basketball world just killing Chris Bosh — we wanted to examine how that play developed last night in the first quarter. While Bosh was victimized, as he did not protect the rim this play had trouble written on it from the start for the Heat:

1. The Celtics spread the court with Ray Allen and Marquis Daniels in the corners while Rondo surveys the court in the center of the court. Eddie House, who obviously is following the “let’s lay off Rondo as much as possible” game plan, is just above the free-throw line, which allows Rondo to dictate where he wants to go at anytime. Glen Davis begins to rumble up the lane from the right block and KG simply goes left block to right block as he is going to be on the opposite side of where Rondo chooses to attack.

2. Davis is clearly setting up a ball screen so Rondo can attack the paint towards the left side of the court. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who is guarding Davis, is neither hedging the screen or on the proper side which is confusing unless of course the plan is for Chris Bosh to show and for Ilgauskas to then drop in front of Kevin Garnett.

3. Rondo uses the Davis screen and because of the room House gave him as a running start with the left hand dribble towards the paint. Ilgauskas is still above the free-throw line and Bosh is still hugging Garnett and not nearly far enough up the lane. With LeBron James playing off of Daniels in the right corner he is in position to cover for Bosh if he chooses to show more aggressively.

4. Rondo turns the corner and after his 2nd dribble and eyes the rim as Bosh is still standing flat footed and next to Garnett. Ilgauskas realizes he is late and attempts to recover but he is out of the play. Dwyane Wade is caught in no-man’s land as he cannot leave Ray Allen alone on the perimeter.

5. Rondo rises up to the rim like he is shot out of a cannon and Bosh does not even contemplate challenging him. James attempts to get into the play but Garnett shields him out of the play off the right block. If you look at the perimeter Allen, Davis and Daniels are all spread to be recipients if Rondo is challenged by a collapsing defense that never rotates or helps.

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  • JBaller

    Thanks for the blueprint again Dime! I’m loving this segment…

  • JBaller

    Oh yeah, I forgot, FIRST!

  • jimmythesaint

    there is no r in Heat .. especially in those “fan” seats

  • control

    Yeah, defenders don’t sag off Rondo at all…infact, he is the MOST closely guarded guard in the NBA!

    The only reason Eddie is not in the paint while Rondo is beyond the 3pt is because of the illegal defense. Of course, this doesn’t ever give Rondo an advantage when it comes to passing lanes or anything.

  • NYC Hoops

    Pick Your Poison!?

    Rondo Dunks on Your Head; or a pass to Big Baby, Daniels or a three pointer by Ray Allen?

    Choices, Choices!

  • ENEW

    Love the sarcasm control!

    It is amazing how easily he can pick you apart with the pass when there is NO PRESSURE on him. What amazes me is that no one even makes his choose a side, they let him dictate the speed, the side and give an open passing lane.

    If Bosh stepped up and LeBron rotated then at least it is Marquis Daniels forced to make the play coming out of the corner, but leaving a player like Rondo in the middle of the court with space is a BAD FORMULA.

  • BostonGuy

    @ Control.

    You can’t blab incessantly all day, that a player sucks, cause people lay off of him (because of a said deficiency), then complain that it offers that same player an advantage. WTF? If spacing offers Rondo an advantage, then defenders can just play up on him. Right? What’s the problem? Duh!! If Rondo blows by them; then you answered your own silly question/point.

    The irony is; you’re point makes no sense anyway. House played off of Rondo, and he still drove to the paint. Right? And the play was a pick and roll play any way; which Rondo would of received even if House played on him. Right?

    Just leave it alone man!

    You look like a demented, crazy, old, jealous fool every time you bring this sort of thing up.

    What did this man ever to do you? Such a Loser!

  • Miami Maven


    It’s funny. I don’t have the exact quote on me. But Eric Spoelstra talked about how, you don’t want to pressure Rondo, cause he can make a fool out of you and your team.

    That’s one of the reasons why he always seems to have space. I guess that’s why he’s rarely pressed or pressured in the back or front court.

    Coach Spo actually said this before last nights game and added how Rondo’s speed, quickness and creativity are so dangerous in broken and unscripted plays, etc..

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    Nice breakdown@Dime. What i really dont understand is why House allows himself to be screened when he can just slip under it and meet Rondo on the other side. Not only that, but why not lay off Daniels and make him hit a jumper consistently. Or allow Big Sh!tty Davis to take that heel clicking jumper from the key which leaves only KG to rebound vs Bosh Wade Bron and Z. And under no circumstance do you give up a uncontested dunk. Bosh should learn from D12, as ive watched him put DRose on his back pockets twice for tryin to dunk on him. These are the kindof things that make me think MIA is too soft right now. They need a true a$$hole bigman.

  • shuttles

    Control kinda has a point, in that it might just be better to actually kinda guard Rondo a little. He’s not taking the jumper regardless, and he’s not a guy you really worry about getting by you and getting to the hoop. Might as well play up on him a bit so he doesn’t have free rein to do whatever he wants.

  • sh!tfaced

    nice. love the breakdown DIME…

  • AirKaris

    rondo still had a cry when he landed and kg got involved also – i think he thought bosh pushed him?

  • JD

    Shuttles, there are two basic things wrong with your argument:

    1) You said Control has a point….. Control never has a point, he/she/it just has anger.

    2) “he’s not a guy you worry about getting by you and getting to the hoop” uhhhhh, i dk if you’ve been watching the past few years, but thats Rondo’s game. He scores most of his points in the paint. I would love to see guys body up on Rondo and then get torched. Rondo’s one of the fastest players in the league with or without the ball n his hand.

    So far the Lakers have figured out the best way to guard Rondo: put a biger guy on him, help off him when he’s weakside, and make him shoot the jumper before all else. Unfortunately, Rondo is making this defense a little harder to use because
    A) He’s an excellent, and sneaky, cutter.
    B) As many have said, Rondo has some more room to operate when you lay too far off him. So its really pick your poison, although I’d still lay off him and help off. Unfortunately….
    C) His jumper’s getting better. He is hitting that midrange jumper with confidence so far this year. Just needs to keep shooting it, although the way he’s carving up defenses with his passing, he doesn’t need to do much shooting. But he will soon enough.

  • JD

    He did push him AirKaris…

  • Brooklyn Bulls

    U dont have 2 worry about Rondo blowing past u??….craziest sh1t ive ever read here. As a Drose fan i have a hard time giving props 2 Rondo…but son is a stud. a stud w/ no outside shot, but his speed & control of the game r remarkable

  • RC

    The main point is Chris Bosh did not want to play defense in that particular play. And Rondo dishing to KG in the paint is not even a valid reason to use. When an opposing player is attacking the paint and you are a PF like Bosh. You have to attempt to stop that player, either attempt to challenge, block, swipe the ball or even foul. In that case Bosh just stood there like he always does in Toronto. I remember a similar play between Bosh and Rondo from way back in Toronto when Rondo received a pass going baseline and Bosh was there right in front of the rim. Bosh just stood there and Rondo had an open layup.

    Height and speed of a PF but body and mind of a SF. Plus the toughness of a cheerleader. Sorry Chris but in your commercial you said you’re tired of getting pushed around and you’d do the pushing. Looks like things hasn’t change.