NBA, Video / Nov 15, 2010 / 4:30 pm

Blake Griffin Should Get Tried For The Attempted Murder Of Rodney Stuckey

Thanks to Ball Don’t Lie, check out Blake Griffin‘s ridiculous dunk attempt on Rodney Stuckey.

What’s the best dunk attempt you’ve ever seen?

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  • hooper5013

    WOWZERS his athleticism is remarkable

  • Mink

    To bad he didn’t make it, that would have been one hell of a poster.

    This guy can hit shots: http://www.vkmag.com/videos/videos_hoops_koning_van_de_speelhal/

  • sweetv0mit

    Big sigh of relief from Clips fans lol

  • jace

    hoooo myyyyyy cot damnnnnnnnnnn

    i kno id like him to be more careful.. but cot damnn.. if i had the chance to see that every game.. that would be great.

    at least the clippers nation can suffer in style. they might be the most exciting bad team i’ve ever seen.

    and that is NOT an insult. rooting for them.. i actually like coach del negro. hopefully this is just a slow start.

  • Promoman

    This automatically tops Shannon Brown’s attempt from last season. If Blake dunked that, I’d have put that shit among the top 10 or 15 dunks that aren’t named The Lipton, courtesy of the G.O.A.T. of dunking, Mr. Vince Carter.

  • nawlage

    holy shittttt..

  • MSL


    He’s gotta watch out for wrist injuries when he lands off of shit like dat!!

    Incredible to watch though.

  • DNice

    If he would have dunked it, DUNK OF THE YEAR hands down!

  • mikehawk

    is he trying to mess up his knee again?

  • stefan

    on his next try he should just clear the guy.. and AI2 should, also

  • thedoc


  • DimeFaithful

    First, i love the headlines y’all put on dunk videos, and secondly deandre jordans face is priceless

  • IannyB

    Dude is a monster, he’s what I hope Bynum would turn out to be. here’s to wising him a long and good career.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Blake hits that it becomes my 2nd best poster of all . Holy shit that was ferocious.

  • Big Island

    I am man enough to say it: I have a crush on Blake Griffin. Good lord…

  • Ian


  • DizzyDutch

    EAT HIM!!!!

    that ESPN magazine article with Blake as the Hulk is dead on.

  • NYK

    he’s gonna get hurt before 2010 ends.

  • Promoman

    @ Big Island

    Damn, but I understand.

  • snook

    he needs a jumpshot

  • arno

    Of course, passing on his right would have led to 2 points ; but he wouldn’t be on TV. And being on TV is all what regular season is all about.

  • bing

    could have stepped around the Piston and made the bucket, instead he risks injury. idiot.

  • Quedas

    @22 Wow, you’re a dick…

  • RikkJames

    he wouldve nailed it if Stuckey didnt step forward into him.

  • Zeitgeist

    @ Number 22: yeah, he could have stepped around Rodney Stuckey, just like Vince Carter could have stepped around F.Weis instead of trying to jump over him or Scottie Pippen could have stepped around P.Ewing….

    bing, are you ‘hatin’? As you Americans would call it?

    The rest of the world just calls it jealousy…

  • WinDelRoj

    Stuckey really saved himself by bumping him. Im torn with whether that was a smart move or a douche move.. hitting a dude when hes up in the air could end a guys career but then so can getting jumped over and dunked on.

  • Kyle

    Seriously, that was a retarded dunk attempt considering he missed all of last season, and has had injuries in college. Apparently the league has a bounty on him, Devon Harris tried to murder Griffin last night.

  • Peter Griffin

    That was just dumb… not even close to call it a dunk attempt… that’s an attempt to put yourself on the IR

  • superfreak

    best looking miss i’ve ever seen