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Celtics/Bucks reaches playoff intensity; Baron’s last ride in L.A.?

It barely makes sense to think about the NBA playoffs in November, but try and tell us last night’s Celtics/Bucks game didn’t have the look of a postseason classic in the making. You want clutch? How about Paul Pierce dropping 12 of his 28 points in overtime and making a huge steal in the final 30 seconds to cover for his own critical turnover late in the fourth. You want history? During Pierce’s free-throw parade in OT, he passed the 20,000-point mark for his career. You want a random big-time performance from a random guy? Carlos Delfino morphed into Reggie Miller down the stretch. You want intensity? Kevin Garnett (surprise) nearly sparked a brawl after he crushed a dunk on Andrew Bogut‘s face and — intentional or not depending on who you root for — jabbing an elbow at Bogut in the aftermath … The Celtics were actually up six with about a minute to go before Milwaukee rallied, capped by Brandon Jennings‘ steal on Pierce and breakaway layup. Ray Allen split a pair of free throws to make it a two-point game, then Delfino tied it with his finger roll, and Rajon Rondo (17 pts, 15 asts, 8 rebs, 3 stls) bricked a jumper — pretty sure that wasn’t the first option — at the regulation buzzer … Pierce took over in the extra frame, but with four seconds left, the Bucks still had a chance, down three with the ball. Delfino made the worst pass possible in that situation, going for the home run to half-court that Marquis Daniels intercepted. Even Brett Favre was shaking his head at that one … Chris Webber said Rondo is the MVP of the league right now. Thoughts? … If you missed it, KG is at the center of another trash-talk controversy, this time for allegedly calling Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” during Tuesday’s Celtics/Pistons game. Normally a guy would just deny everything outright, but not KG. His response: I didn’t call him a cancer patient, I said he’s a cancer to his team and to the NBA. Wow … Speaking of the Pistons, we had a Tracy McGrady sighting in Atlanta. T-Mac logged actual crunch-time minutes (9 pts, 3 stls), as John Kuester is apparently trying whatever he can to get his team a win, but Detroit still fell to 0-5 while the Hawks remained undefeated. On a crucial possession with three minutes left, T-Mac got past his man and had a lane to the rim, but passed up the shot and turned the ball over trying to make the extra dish to an unsuspecting Greg Monroe. Josh Smith (22 pts, 11 rebs) made a spinning finger roll on the other end. Next possession, Ben Gordon‘s jumper hit all glass, and Joe Johnson answered with a fadeaway J plus-one. Camera cut to Kuester, who looked like he was about to throw up … The Nuggets were down one to the Mavs with eight seconds left, and you knew where they were going. Carmelo got the rock on the right wing, Shawn Marion all over him, and still got to his spot on the elbow for a step-back jumper. The shot looked good, but rimmed out. Carmelo later said he hits that shot 90 percent of the time, and he’s probably right … Monta Ellis is a beast. Forget the 39 points, 9 boards and 8 dimes he hung on the Grizzlies. Forget that he dropped 17 of those points in the fourth quarter in G-State’s win. But don’t forget the play Monta made where he stole a pass around mid-court and raced the other way in a 3-on-1 with Hasheem Thabeet as the only defender back. It never even crossed Monta’s mind to drop it for the trailer or toss it up to Dorell Wright for the easy oop. Instead Monta basically tried to dunk through Thabeet like that’s what you’re supposed to do to 7-foot-3 shot-blockers. He didn’t make the dunk, but the thought itself was pure fearlessness … Other big stat lines from Wednesday: Kobe dropped 30 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists to lead the Lakers past Sacramento; Deron Williams had 22 points and 14 dimes as Utah beat Toronto; Elton Brand posted 25 points and 12 rebounds in Philly’s rout of Indiana; Gerald Wallace put up 20 points and 11 rebounds in Charlotte’s win at New Jersey; Dwight Howard had 18 points, 16 boards and 8 blocks as Orlando destroyed Minnesota; Chris Paul put up 25 points, 7 boards, 8 dimes and 4 steals to lead New Orleans past Houston; Tim Duncan‘s 25 points and 17 boards helped San Antonio edge Phoenix; and the Clippers finally got a win behind Eric Gordon‘s 27 points against OKC … Honestly, Baron Davis may never see the floor for the Clippers after last night. Eric Bledsoe was everywhere on the court (including defense) and has turned the Clippers into super up-tempo team. They convincingly beat a good opponent, and the Bledsoe/Gordon backcourt combo looks unstoppable. Baron will probably be sent to Miami for whatever they can get in return as soon as they can get the deal together … We’re out like Boom Dizzle …

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    first and foremost!


    rondo is a beast. when he gets any type of shooting talent, he will be MVP for sure.

  • Jade

    Rondo is starting off great…so okay….he’s the MVP of the first week…just like Flip Murray was for Detroit back in 07-08, he averaged like 30 points for 7 games :)

    KG talking smack is nothing new and even if he did say that Villenuva has cancer, whats the big freakin deal :S Man up son !!! Having said that….if KG called him cancerous to his team….then KG will be jocking up with Sir Charles, Kenny and EJ soon !!!

  • the cynic

    The Bucks look like they miss Ridnour

  • Vince

    BD to Miami would require 8 Miami players to be sent in return. Plus, BD isn’t a pass first guard, and he needs to have the ball in his hands to effective. Not to mention 90% of Miami’s roster has trade restrictions.

  • MSL

    Interesting game. I knew it would be tough.

    Milwaukee may of been winless. But their a well coached team, that plays great defense with big men to bother the depleted Celtic front line (No Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal and Big Baby fouled out). Good for Milwaukee.

    Congrats on Paul Pierce getting his 20,000 point.

    LA still looking good. It’ll be interesting to see how they do, when the tough part of their schedule rolls around later this/next year? Could they be peaking early, or they’ll be the one breaking records this year? And Kobe had a triple double!

    Monta, Monta, Monta and more Monta.!

    Regarding Rondo; Kenny Smith, Brent Barry and others also said he was the MVP of the first week (if there is such a thing). Jalen Rose also called him the top current (at da moment) point guard in the NBA. We’ll see!

    The season continues. Next up for Boston is Chicago and Derrick Rose, Noah, Deng, etc.

  • MSL

    PS: Villanueva is a punk regardless of what KG said.

    He should of never posted that on his twitter. I assume, he felt real close to his followers, had a fleeting thought and posted it with out realizing what he was doing.

    But it was still a punk move. Don’t Ol Boy know, you can’t criticize a man for what he say in Congress and on the Hardwood? Lol.

    He should of found KG’s number and contacted him personally.

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Send Boom and Craig Smith to Toronto for Jose and Reggie Evans!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXWABBp_Ys0 Sabas Hibachi


    say something…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXWABBp_Ys0 Sabas Hibachi

    guys guys, WHO D F is Charlie Villanueva?

  • ManilaFTW

    @Sabas Hibachi

    No idea too but I think I heard someone say he’s a cancer patient or something.

  • alf (from melmak)

    So much for Ray Allen being a clutch time free throw shooter.

    Off topic. Anyone here can tell me what is a gastric distress? The term has been used too much when a player is not able to play.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    38. I will not do a Carlos Boozer on Dime.

  • Soopa

    “Say hello to the bad guy!” aka Kevin Garnett!

    If Charlie V is right, can you blame KG for saying what everyone been thinking?

    I love that the real quote, the one KG released, is even more evil then what Charlie V said KG said.

    KG will always be my favorit player. Hate that the league has become a place where everyone are best friends. RIVALRY is what Boston brings to the league everyone hates them and i love rooting for the bad guy!

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    KG and that elbow was intentional, even me as a Celtics man figured out that ish. But hey, he does what it takes to win and it resulted in a double tech. Can someone put out a milk carton for John Salmons? Dude really does need a new team to be effective.

    Damn, Rondo dropping 17/15/8/3 was pretty sweet and he was getting some quality layups. But I do have to agree with the people saying he lacks a J BADLY. When he made that mid range in the 4th I almost fell out the chair screaming.

    Is Houston the best 0-5 team like ever?

  • cdubb

    No love for Dirk’s 35 and 12? c’mon DIME

  • control

    Charlie V is a puss, normally I’d side against KG, just because he’s a flaming bag of douche, but who the fuck cares if KG said he looks like a cancer patient, he kind of does…and half the time he’s on the court, he plays like the only reason he’s in the league is because the Make A Wish Foundation hooked him up with an NBA gig.

    Sabas Hibachi

    I said a lot yesterday, you want me to type more? If I wanted to just admire the size of my junk, I’d pull out my cock.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/daddygreenbeats Bruce*Leroy*Green

    No love for Dirk’s 35 and 12? c’mon DIME

    I’m sayin tho….even tho Melo’s shot shouldve went in. We got lucky on that one


  • Kev

    “he plays like the only reason he’s in the league is because the Make A Wish Foundation hooked him up with an NBA gig.”

    @control Dang dude that was cold. Funny as hell…but cold.

  • Jay Thrilla

    I know he hasn’t had much of a pro career, but did I see 2 guys on a basketball blog ask who Charlie V was? Maybe y’all should go to Rachel Rays website or something, I’m not sure Dime is for you. I’m just sayin

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    As much as CV is right about KG being a punk, he handled this the wrong way. Det will play Bos at least 2 more times this year. THATS when CV should have handled his biz. Let KG come down the lane and sit him on his back pockets with a forearm shiver. Kg jumps up acting like he want it, then serve his ass. Otherwise man da fluck up homie. CV had that disease since he was a kid, he has been made fun of plenty of times since then. He cant be that sensitive. Also, while KG was a complete d!ck for saying that, i heard Larry Bird yell to a coach “get this white boy off me” as he was torching some cat back in the 80s and was offended because the opposing coach had a white guy guarding him. And i love it. Its part of the game because it usually stays on the court.

  • Dagger

    No mention of Durant’s horrific night? 0-10 on threes, 25% from the field, with more turnovers than assists . . . honestly one of the worst nights I’ve seen from a superstar. It’s early but the Thunder definitely do not look like a title threat.

  • Jay Thrilla

    And btw I like KG but all that yelling and cussing and tuff guy posturing he does is a front. Charlie V. Said he’s the type that talks but probably has never had a fight. 2 things:

    1. KG has cut all ties with the City of Chicago cuz he has no heart to face the goons that’s been after his ass since he went pro. I’m here in Chicago and trust me this is real.

    2. Anyone remember when KG was talkin shit to West (first name escapes me) or was it Peeler who popped KG in the mouth with an elbow and he DID NOTHING???

  • That’s What’s Up

    So, when DIME writes that someone is a beast (Monta Ellis), does that really mean he’s a jacker like no one has seen in a while? How many of those rebounds were from his 14 missed shots (12-26)? …I’ll give him the assists tho’

    Alf – “gastric distress” is either A) a hangover or B) some bad Schezuan

  • karizmatic

    Ok you guys keep saying Ray Allen is so clutch…how come it seems like he always misses one of two freethrows in the clutch…could we keep a runnig total of how many time Ray Allen could put a game away that he doesn’t? And yes I am aware that he hit a 3 against Miami to basically ice that game, but it seems to me that Ray Allen is pretty streaky in the clutch. Could this be why he never led a team to a championship himself?

  • karizmatic

    Oh and Rondo might just be league MVP. Right now I think it’s a tossup between him and Kobe…he’s definitely the best PG in the game right now and honestly it’s not even close. If he keeps this up he’ll be treading J Kidd, Magic territory.

  • QQ

    Thoughts on Webber saying Rondo is the MVP ryt now?

    Just wait for the haters to say something like he’s the ‘least guarded PG’ or something. Oh shit, someone ALREADY said that.

    ANd watching Robin Lopez is like watching the Lakers with Kwame Brown circa 2006-2007. You see a player so dumb that you just want to scream every missed pass/dunk, ‘RUNNING WITH YOUR HEAD WON’T MAKE YOU GOOD ON THE NEXT POSSESSION’.

    Even the Suns crowd were like ‘NOT AGAIN’ every time Lopez missed a play. Which basically means every time he has the ball.

  • That’s What’s Up

    …that, or Lopez was playing The Spurs.
    Spurs make a lot of players look really bad

  • http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Wow I can’t believe cats are actually trying to DEFEND KG on tihs one. He’s a punk, a jerk, straight up and down, and he crossed the line on this one. And THEN to make it even WORSE, he’s a COWARD for not standing up and admitting what we ALL KNOW he did. Instead, he did some little 1st-grader response, on some “No I didn’t call you a NIGGER, I said…I said…..Arnold Schwarzenegger!!” C’mon man, just man up.

  • control


    What is so bad about calling someone a cancer patient? Are you saying that cancer patients are bad people, or undesirable people in some manner? It’s usually not their fault they have cancer, they can’t control it…and in a lot of instances you have to admire the courage it takes to confront a disease like cancer and live with it.

    I agree with KG being a punk and a jerk. KG is funny, he will only pick on people who are a foot shorter than him, or look like have a (usually) terminal disease. As mentioned above, KG probably has never been in a real fight in his life, and anytime someone pops him in the mouth, he backs down and pisses his pants.

    If KG really wants to insult someone, the worst insult he could say is “you are just like me”.

  • WinDelRoj

    1. Wonder why I keep seeing teams playing D on Rondo so far away from the rim. You would think that you would at least try to get him to shoot.. but instead they pick him up 25-26 feet out and he blows right past them. Common sense would be nice
    2. Bogut would destroy KG in a fight and so would CV.
    3. I think the greater point about KGs comments is that you cant really trivialize cancer. Especially using it as an insult to someone. Millions of people dying of cancer everywhere. Turns out he has a skin disorder which is going to make him take those kind of comments more to heart anyway.

  • Chaos

    Rondo is an absolute beast….lets face facts, he runs that offense up there in Boston….

    Charlie is a B****h…he was that affected by KG comments, maybe you should actually play like u give a damn….btw anyone notice that old ass Ben Wallace is still averging like 10 boards a game?

    It seems like Carmelo still hasnt given up on the team but they definitely need nene and kmart back in the line up.

    Last thing, yall notice the NO is undefeated? CP3 has been playing out of his mind. they still dont have contending team but if he plays the way he is playing all year and David west picks up his scoring, they will make a push for the playoffs. he may not be averaging 10 assists a game but he to me is still the best pg in the L

  • nizzio

    KG always goes after europeans and little guys. I wanna see Charlie V punch him in the face and get suspended for like 10 games

  • sh!tfaced

    Charlie V is a pussy. He couldn’t think of a better comebacker, that’s why he boo-fucking-hoo-ed on twitter…

    While Houston is the best 0-5 team ever, NO just might be the worst 4-0 team…

  • Promoman

    Looks like Baron is taking the Steve Francis trade route: If I have to pass to a player that threatens my shine then trade me.

    I think KG did say that about Villanueva. It’s no secret that Kevin Garnett is one of those players you see that talk shit and get even further out of pocket by getting in your face. With the new tech rules and the NBA’s stance on fighting, you have to check yourself before getting at dudes like that. I think that’s why Charlie went the Twitter route. The kicker is that cats like KG tend to confirm their pussyhood because they do that with guys of who seem like they’ve got a longer fuse before they get to the point of looking to fuck you up or who’re smaller than they are. KG looks even more guilty & weak when you consider the fact that he backpedaled after Charlie said he’d beat that ass off the court. If KG’s as hard as he carries himself to be, then why make excuses and clarification after somebody steps to you after you diss them?

  • JAY

    I share Kermit’s view on this one. I’m confused how most of you in here are defending KG. Villenueva shouldn’t have aired it out like he did, but i’m glad he did. Cancer isn’t something you joke about. or trash talk about.

    @control: “What is so bad about calling someone a cancer patient? Are you saying that cancer patients are bad people, or undesirable people in some manner?”

    It’s distasteful… That’s why it’s bad. That’s like someone in 1992 playing against Magic and saying, “Hey Magic. Buckle up, bud. AIDS is around the corner”. It’s just distasteful as fuck. I’m sure every single one of us knows someone had has or had cancer (for me it’s my moms). Next time you see that person say, “What’s up, cancer patient?” and see how they react. You just don’t make cracks about diseases that have killed millions and million of people worldwide. That’s fucked.

  • JAY

    ^ well it’s not EXACTLY like that Magic crack. Lol. But you get the picture. Diseases that kill are a no-no for trash talking. Herpes, Syphillis and/or little dicks are fair game though.

  • rainman

    not really random…Delfino has been playing great to start this season guys, especially from downtown. He’s been doing it ALL of this short season.

  • QQ

    @ 27:

    But most of the plays he missed were perfect passes from Nash or wide open dunk to the rim. It’s not like he has to post up against Duncan. He just has to stand up in the paint, show a semblance of basketball skill, and score. But, no. He stands there, fumbles the pass, then runs down with his head down with so much mastery that it seems he actually practices that.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Rondo playing with a chip cuz he didn’t make team USA. Yes, he’s MVP so far.

  • Ekstor

    I’m with both Jay and Kermit… even though CV is indeed a cancer patient, making that statement that KG did on the court goes WAY beyond just competitive fun. Why? The fact that KG said it as part of his trash talking is basically saying “you’re crap because you have a disease.”

    We’re 5 years old anymore. You can criticize CV for his response, but the fact that so many here are defending KG for such an asinine comment is just heartless and immature.

  • QQ

    KG is a dumbass. Seriously. IMO he doesn’t even know what cancer is. LOL. He’s that dumb

  • Diego

    KG just is a major league douchebag.

    Detroit just does not look like they have much. I think they are on track for a sacking the season gameplan for lottery purposes before the new year even starts. And McGrady–man, how the mighty have fallen. Hawks even put Bibby to defend him quite a bit. (Hawks are beating up on the lower tier, but that is a big part of the regular season–thump the teams you should thump. Absent injuries and absent trade of Crawford, Hawks are again going to post another great record (no lower than 4th best in East) as everyone is better (Teague markedly so; Zaza so because evidently he hated Woodson) or at least par with last season–JJ, Crawford and Bibby. Now, if they just can avoid Orlando in the playoffs.)

  • JBaller

    Charlie V is soft and may be a punk, but that’s no reason to call him a cancer patient. Though I’m not sure if there it would be a good idea to start making up rules about what kind of trash talk is ok and what’s not. I think a player can say what he wants to, but then he should have to deal with the repercussions, not just make up excuses.

    No body doubts KG called him a cancer patient, I think he looks far worse for trying to excuse himself.

  • control

    I was looking on youtube at videos of KG being a bitch, and found this one of Kobe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kErW-CqoVPU god damn that guy has some amazing footwork.

  • http://www.yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    KG is a fuckin punk. That’s old news. And Boom Dizzle doesn’t care enough to be affective anymore, I think he’d fuck up the whole vibe in Miami. He ain’t lockin’ nobody down on D anymore or differing that many shots to BETTER players on offense. And KG is such a fuckin bitch I can’t get over it.

    Seen this posted video in the other article, had to repost it:


  • JAY

    @control: “I was looking on youtube at videos of KG being a bitch…”
    LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the quote of the day in my books.

  • awks1

    KG is too dumb and ignorant to be putting that type of sentence together. He’s a punk and should just have owned what he truly said, and not have a team pr guy right his smack talk. Lame.

  • mavsgirl75

    I agree with cdubb! I mean how can you mention Melo’s MISSED shot and not Dirk’s 35 and 12? Forget the fact that MELO missed like his first 8 shots, I mean come on.

  • http://www.myspace.com/nukkyg Grissy

    Hypothetical question here:

    If Brand keeps putting up solid digits does he get an all-star nod over Bosh?

    Amare would most likely be the front-runner at the 4 and then it’s a toss-up (imo) between Bosh, KG and Brand (and maybe Boozer if he gets back in time).

    Bosh is putting up a very pedestrian 13/6 vs. Brand’s 18/9 and KG’s 15/10 so who would you give the nod to?

    Obviously it’s way too early to start talking about All-Star selections and Bosh’s stats will most likely increase but I just wanted to throw it out there…

  • K Dizzle

    I laughed when I heard KG’s weak ass “I didn’t call him a cancer patient. I said he was a cancer to his team and the league” LOL. Ain’t that some bull. Why the hell you care if a dude cancerous to his team? You ain’t boys and it makes his team easier to beat.
    I know dudes lovin Rondo right now but I liked the interaction between the announcers at the end of regulation:
    Man 1: “Did you think Rondo was gonna shoot that?”
    Man 2: “Nope. Not with the other guys they had on the floor.”
    Lol. So of course he misses BADLY and Pierce gotta win it for them in ot…like he woulda if he got the rock in regulation.

    One more thing, Kobe is healthy right now and last night’s game was beautiful if you a Laker fan. 8 assists in the FIRST QUARTER? Runnin the break. That knee is fixed. Lamar Odom playin like an all-star, hittin dudes with the hesitation cross, step back 3 in back to back games like it’s nuthin, Fish takin it coast to coast like he 20(had Lamar and Kobe laughin so hard on that one, they eyes were watering), Ron Ron hittin jumper after jumper and the bench just not missin a beat.
    Damn, we good!

  • control


    It’s not too early to talk about All Star selections…some people are talking crazy about the MVP already.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    when I saw rondo going for the game winning jumper I had to laugh. As truly mind numbing as his game has been that j is a huuuge glaring weakness.. He just joined my IF class. This class has coulda been monsters.
    1. Shoq,with kobe’s work ethic
    2. Rondo with a reliabe j
    3. Dwight,with hekeem post moves(hes improved a lot from last season. He needs to build on that)
    4. Lebron with true post up game.
    5.jermaine oneal (coulda been on some bosh level shit if he gava afuck)
    6. Donald sterling. What a miserable excuse of an owner

    monta is a bad mofo. That is a high he doesn’t need to come down from. My boy kobe eating mofos for dinner. Threepeat !!
    sh!tfaced : cosign about NO and Htown.

  • http://High High Release

    Garnett has become that guy on the court who can’t keep up skill-wise, so he compensates by hacking and being super over-aggressive. Winning at all costs is shit, and people recognize that. Winning on merit earns respect.

    I’ve always liked Charlie V. Cool dude.

    That was a great game last night. Glad to see the Bucks getting it together, despite the loss. I thought Maggette got a raw deal on a couple calls at the end, but we had our chances. I hear music when Ilyasova shoots long range.

  • Kev

    What about Blake Griffin’s One-Step Hammer Dunk?!


  • datdood

    if the season is anything like the first week of play
    rondo will be the MVP. and monta is going to win the scoring title.

  • Dave

    isn’t the whole point of trash talking to get in the head of your opponent?

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I’m with QQ. The Spurs didn’t make Lopez look bad.

    The 8 straight touches where he either fumbled a gimmee pass or blew a gimmee layup made him look bad. It probably cost Pheonix that game. Had to feel bad for him though, you could see his confidence just shattering.

  • Ian

    oh whyyyy doesnt kg say that same shit to nene next time they play denver????? why??????

  • Big E

    @sh*tfaced-Give the Hornets and Monty Williams their fucking props man.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    I see alot of you are baggin on KG for his comments. It makes me wonder how much basketball you have actaully played in your life. I’m from Chicago (of course) and we talk PLENTY of ish on the court. Rather in the gym or on the street. Hell we as black people talk ish while playing spades or bid wiz.

    Cancer Patient is bad? But when rapper Drakes says
    “If I was in the mall you know I balled (Bald) Chemo”
    No one gets their panties in a bunch over that. No as a matter of fact that was one of the more popular songs recently over the summer/last winter.

    I admit that KG is a jagoff to play against. But i love it. I loved when he told the Indiana Pacers “to get these rookies the F#$k out my face” when talking about Tyler Hansbrough (one of my fav UNC players ever). I love when he got in Tim Duncans (Tim is one of my fav players also) grill and even took a slap at him for no reason. I especially loved when he made big baby cry (one of the more perfect moments in NBA history) a couple years back. Why? because KG is doing everything in his power to win the game. Just the way all the old players did. The guys KG learned from. Kevin McHale has a lot to do with how KGs oncourt persona is.
    Google Larry Bird. Read some of the transcripts he had during his trash talking days.
    – he kept running his mouth to Dr. J every time he scored telling Dr.J how many points he has and how many Dr. J doesnt. Dr. J eventually snaps and punches Bird.
    – He told Xavier McDaniel “I’m going to hit the game winning shot right here from this spot” then he came out of the huddle and did that exact thing.
    – Yelled to Chuck Person “Merry muthf%king Christmas while Chuck was on the bench.

    and countless others that people laugh off today. And apparently what KG said worked, because he dropped 22pts on the pistons and won the game and CV is still crying about it hours later. Mission Accomplished.

  • Ian

    that fight between bird and dr j was awesome but comon that wasnt fair it was old drj vs in his prime bird. in his prime the dr woulda drop the same 40 on bird. now the “get this white boy off me” was awesome.
    the td flick was from behind td wasnt even looking and it was the admiral that tossed kg aside before that why didnt he go after him?? the other game you mentioned when kg got in tds face kinda backfired cuz duncan got a double double in the first quarter and garnett got tosses a few mns later.

    i dont listen to rap so i have no idea who the rapper you mentioned is but had i known i would feel the same way i do about kgs comment.

    i dont think kg would take so much had he played a couple of decades ago.

  • Ian

    haha you made me google up some trash talking quotes and found one from the admiral. i didnt know he talked during games.

    Nets swingman Kendall Gill recalls the normally taciturn David Robinson of the Spurs telling New Jersey’s Armon Gilliam, after blocking one of his shots, “You can’t bring that into Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.”

  • control


    When I trash talk your mom, I’m only putting one part of me into her head…


    Yeah, I agree, people just blow this shit out of proportion. I sometimes go into shit talk mode when playing ball, I’ve fired up my laptop to get translation in Russian to tell this Russian guy in his native tongue that I was going to fuck his girlfriend that night. I’ve talked shit to a son of a priest in a church league, letting him know that I’d molest him like his dad did to him. I blocked a kid 6 times in a row then told him he was retarded for bring that weak shit my way, I didn’t know he was actually autistic until I noticed the entire gym went silent (almost felt bad for that one).

    I think where it’s appropriate to hate on KG, is because he will NEVER man up after talking that shit. If you are going to run your yap, you gotta accept maybe getting your ass beat, you get too far into someone’s head and it’s going to happen, yet he back pedals faster than Melo does when shit hits the fan. That’s just straight being a puss.

    Side note, Drake was good before he met Lil’ Wayne, now he’s adopted Lil’ Wayne’s quantity over quality view of hiphop. When you can hear 5 songs in a row on the radio, and they all have Drake in it…and each is worse than the last, you know the guy is over-saturated.


    Good call on Nene One Nut (but it’s a big one). He’d completely destroy KG.

  • S.A.C.

    Funny/Great story on Larry Bird Chicagorilla.

    “He was insulted” that he had a white guy guarding him. Lol

  • S.A.C.


    Rondo hit three jumpers yesterday stunner and is hitting 67% from 3 point land this year (albeit with 2 made threes).

    I just wanted to say, that I find Greg Anthony’s addition an excellent move on the NBA channel.

    I never really liked as a play by play guy. But since his first appearance on the NBA channel the first week, I find him funny, sarcastic, very insightful, Gangsta and pragmatic in his discussion of the nuances of the game and it’s players.

    Chris Webber tries to do the same thing. But I think Anthony does it better. He was actually even better the first time I saw him. But he’s very good with Kenny Smith.

    Kudos to them!!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Dr. J and another guy jumped Bird on that one. I think it was planned out too. The other guy held Bird while Dr. J hit his a$$ with a 4 piece combo lol. That’s just part of the game though and I love it.

    I am probably the biggest Larry Bird fan that’s that not a Celtics fan. Loved the way he balled but I especially love the trash talking, mainly because dude backed it up. No way in hell do you see Bird pussing up and putting his hands in the air like the athletes of today. If Birds hands came up, it was to stick you in your jaw or drop another jumper in your eye. either way you were flucked.

    And I’m not supporting KG’s actions after he trash talks. Funny thing is, if you know KG he used to be a humble quite person. Then he met a coach from Chicago (named appropriatly Wolf) that encouraged him to start talking ish. Wolf (and Ronnie Fields) later recruited KG to Chicago when he got into trouble in SC. That’s when the asshole was inserted into his personality. So blame Chicago I guess for his antics. Cant understand why he won’t fight though. So what if you get your a$$ whooped. It happens.


    lmfao@ ish talking an autistic kid. That’s just wrong man. But he shouldn’t have brought his a$$ on the court lol.

    I usually never talked unless someone gave me a reason to. I would use to slightest thing to motivate me, like if the opposing team called out the wrong score. I would immediately go into destroy mode with that on my mind. I have 3 nieces who play HS ball now, and I have instilled that same passion in them. No matter who you are, you start popping off at the mouth, you d@mn sure better be able to back it up both with your game and your fist. Nothing like scaring the ish out of a talented opponent to make their games crumble under the fear. Just a psychological advantage.

  • LakeShow84

    Who really cares about KG talking that shit to Charlie V.. I mean yeah its dirty but it aint dude said something POINTING directly at cancer patients..

    And in any case its all shit talking on the court.. foo’s talk baout mamas, sisters, girls and everything.. shit when i was younger you better not bring ur girl on the court around me and my boys lol

    So like i said.. who careS?? The media.. cuz they need something to talk about..

    I thought his taunting of Calderon was worst because it was WAY MORE obnoxious.. i mean people still dont realize thats how the C’s play defense?? They bump, push and grab you and talk all the shit in the world while doing it TO THROW YOU OFF YOUR GAME..

    Charlie looks like he had his whole month thrown off lol so bet my ticket KG was feeling like MISSION ACCOMPLISHED..

    And bet my meal ticket DeMarcus Cousins will become the next Rasheed Wallace lol hopefully he dont mess with Evans developement tho.. Evans looked like he was still a rookie last night.. cant make some of those fouls when ur the alpha dog..

    @ KDizzle

    Man i cant even turn the channel even when i know its a blowout lol every person on the team is fun to watch.. And we runnin that triangle BEAUTIFULLY..


  • Ian

    you got a point there its the fact the he doesnt back it up that bothers me. i dont know why he doesnt risk it one day and throws a punch i mean whats the worse that could happen?? peeler isnt in the league anymore.

  • S.A.C.

    You guys gotta cut KG a break on “not backing up what he says”.

    KG is a star, is an important player on his team and has a big contract. Why would he get suspended for fighting?

    This is not the old Cabrini Projects in Chicago or the Dusty streets of Detroit. KG is a basketball player and a veteran of the Parquet floors of the NBA. He “aint” fighting no body (unless they hit him in the face first I guess)?

    This is professional basketball. He’s just trying to get an advantage.

    Note: I don’t agree with what he said nor condone it. But I just think that Charlie kinda crossed the line by telling his “followers” on twitter what KG said. That kinda left me miffed. If you gotta problem Call KG, say something to him after the game or get his number and call him. Yeah. KG is a jerk. But it seems Charlie V is soft as well. And all do respect to his skin condition and all of the worlds cancer patients.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    You like Webber? I admit he has toned it down since the pulled G.Payton from the show (those two had me thinking they were coked up with all the bafoonery going on), but CWebb never seems to share an opinion that differs from the masses. Which tells me that he is just saying whatever the network tells him to say. He also has the worst play breakdowns i’ve ever seen. I watched him try and explain why Gasol was so effective in the post with the triangle and the entire time i sat there with a WTF are you talking about look. Then Kevin McHale waited for him to finish making a fool of himself then corrected KG saying “Well Pau usually post from the high block in the triangle”.

    My fav announcers and analyst in the NBA/NCAA are:
    Hubbie Brown, Kevin McHale, Stacy King, Doug Collins, Stormin Normin Van Lier, Bobby Knight.
    These dudes tell it like it is no matter what. they don’t care about hurting feelings or the networks opinion. You can always tell too, because they baffle to other panelist. Especially Bobby Knight. Watching him with Jay Bilas and Digger Phelps is f^king great. He constantly makes fools of them. Same thing with McHale on NBAtv or Hubbie Brown. Stacy King is suprisingly knowledgeable but mostly he’s entertaining.

    Guys I f^king HATE to hear announcing or analyzing:
    Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Charles Barkely, Chris Webber, the NBA tv fantasy guy(cant remember his name but he’s a super faggo), D!ck Vital, Jalen Rose, Jon Barry,

    Each of those guys either show how much knowledge they don’t have towards the game (Barkley, Webber, NBA tv guy), or they piss me off more because they have knowledge but refuse to use it when describing the beloved NBA/NCAA teams (Jon Barry, Mark Jackson, JVG) or they are just lames that are trying to get $$$ by doing whatever the networks say do.

  • Mr. BBall

    chi-town gorilla I agree with ya and guess what I remember when KG came to Farr…whatever you call that H.S. and used to whoop our azz but that was when I was there and before we got the sqaud lead by Q-Rich.

  • control


    Same reason he gets suspended for elbowing people and acting like a douche? You are right though, he’s a basketball player, why the fuck is he acting like he’s going to rip someone’s face off? He ain’t going to fight anyone, and if someone punches him in the face first, he falls down and backs off (check youtube for the pictures of him being knocked on his ass, pretty funny). With everything you said being true, why does he act like that? Other than the fact that he’s just a 7ft piece of shit right now.


    Jeff Van Gundy is actually pretty funny IMO. Don’t know why, but I think he’s pretty good. Rick Kameillia is the name of that fag guy I think. Yeah, he’s an asshole.

  • the cynic

    someone explain to me why Charlie V doesn’t remind you of a cancer patient? I know it can’t be his game

  • Ian

    nba tv guy i think is rick kamla or something like that. thats the only reason i watch that show cuz i hate him.

    thats the thing hes been hit before and when that happens he pulls a melo

  • Ian

    yeah charlie v shouldnt had said anything just do something about it next time they played or stfu.

  • S.A.C.


    Regarding Webber, I kinda look at him the way you do. I really don’t know what he’s trying to say half the time (though I do get to decipher it eventually). Yeah. He’s a little too excited.

    But his breakdowns are still better than most of the clowns in the studio at ESPN, etc. or even worse, the dumb ass sports writers or announcers who can’t tell you anything that happens on the court, but always giving “main stream” opinions your girlfriend can give.

    So I agree with you for the most part on announcers/analyst and writers in Sports. Their either afraid to give an honest opinion or they know shit about the sports they cover. They alway go with the general or so called “consensus” opinion (that you mentioned was generated by the league). As an example, I almost fell on the Floor when I hear Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Steve Kerr say that Kevin Durant was the 1st, 2nd or 3rd best player in the NBA. WTF?

    He may not even be the 4th or 5th best, depending on how Dwight Howard improves his offensive game this year and Melo?

    That was just asinine. All the guys you mentioned have their good and bad points. Mark Jackson, Bream and Van Gundy for example, say a lot of silly things (along with Charles Barkley); but I heard them both recently say that “let’s calm down” on all this Kevin Durant is better than Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Kobe stuff”. Thank God.

    But it still continues. I heard Barkley today on the radio admit that Pau may carry the Lakers for a while and father time is creeping up on Kobe. But he continued with such tid bits as “Lebron’s the Best Player in The League”, “Pau Gasol is the 4th Best Player”, “Kevin Durant is the 2nd or third best player” and that “Lebron should take the last shot cause he’s a pass first player”. WTF? Pass first?

    I thought you were trying to win the game? Secondly; Wade is probably the best player in the league who can make a successful pass, after he’s left his feet or committed to the shot. I don’t think anybody in the NBA does that better than him. I guess that’s why he averages a similar 7 assist to Lebron in his career. And we already know he’s Ninja Assasin to Lebron’s Karate Kid.

    I’m not even going to respond to Pau being the 4th best player in the league (though arguments can be made for any and many).

    We’re all entitled to our opinions. But sometimes I think these guys just make things up to sound good, justify their salaries or like you inferred “they got the memo” from Corporate!

    Bluster and loudness is the most coveted trait in today’s TV-Sports people. And Yes, Hubie Brown is excellent. Been that way for years!

  • S.A.C.

    Oh yeah. Doug Collins used to be excellent to when he was a TV analyst. Never listened to Bobby Knight a lot. But I’m sure he tells the truth. I’ve heard him break down games and give opinions in other arenas.

    As far as play by play guys. The flavor of the year (and in your ear) appears to be Gus Johnson. I didn’t like Gus much when I first heard him (yes it’s true). I kinda like my play by play man straight not overtly cheerful. But I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy his infectious, spirited delivery. Plus the brotha gets a whole lot of Freakin work and is all over the place, so I wish him more success where ever he can get in and fit in!!

  • S.A.C.

    @Control @ Ian.

    I agree with everything you said to Control. Back at you brother. But the reality is (and you know it) that KG is a veteran, makes a lot of money, is important to his team and knows he aint gonna fight no one.

    Is he soft? Probably in street vernacular. Absolutely. But for the fancy ass, Ritz Carlton staying, $100 per diem lunch money, spending, Corporate NBA ball player, I guess he’s not.

    Why he acts like/is a douche? Well, I guess he is, he’s trying to get an advantage, or he really is a freak Wombat/Tasmanian Devil on the Floor. I dunno! Lol.


    Image my Brotha! Ain’t no way in hell a player like Melo is going to get his ass beat (or beat somebody ele’s as for that matter) unless he’s really upset. He’s worth too much money and has an image to maintain. You know that.

    Yeah. The better players are going to always be “punks” by street terms in the NBA. Why? Cause they talk the most shit, but have the most to lose.

    If that was the case, someone should of popped Jordan or Kobe in the face one time and see how they responded?

    Remember when the pitcher (I forgot his name) ran up on Nolan Ryan on the mound and Nolan grabbed that dude in a head lock and punched the shit out of him till his arm got tired. I bet you that guy won’t run up on Nolan again.

    We very rarely get to see those moments from most of our superstars when confronted back!

  • LakeShow84

    “those two had me thinking they were coked up with all the bafoonery going on”

    Me too!!! hahahahahahahahaha

  • LakeShow84

    Speakin of announcers,

    Does anyone know what happened to Greg Anthony??

    I used to like dude and now he acts like he had a nervous breakdown and is on pills or something..


  • S.A.C.

    Yeah. Nolan kicked that dudes ass. But had licence to, cause he ran up on the mound.

    Now that player is a perpetual joke/laugh track, when people wanna talk about baseball players that got their ass kicked on the field. Forgot his name though.

    But those are rare moments in sports. It’s usually just a lot of grappling, but not a lot of connections. But those were two white guys in baseball, years ago. I guess NBA players we’re always warned “don’t go out there and fight. It won’t look good to America”?

    Speaking about that. Did Kermit Washington ever get to play again in the NBA after fracturing Rudy T’s Jaw?

    That one, was just a straight up KO. No fight needed!

  • S.A.C.


    I think Greg Anthony is nervous, cause now he’s on camera and people got to see his big ass nose, jacked up mustache and puffy/sleepy eyes.

    He looks like a damn Wino on camera. Before he could hide.

    Seriously; outside of him picking on the studio guy (I hope that’s contrived) and his sarcasm. I actually thinks he’s funny and gives great insight on how players see other players and rate them and their skill sets and importance.

  • K Dizzle

    LMAO @

    “I think Greg Anthony is nervous, cause now he’s on camera and people got to see his big ass nose, jacked up mustache and puffy/sleepy eyes.

    He looks like a damn Wino on camera. Before he could hide.”

    LOL Oh man. That one had me rollin.
    Line of the day, dime.

  • Ian

    that was robin ventura gettin the smackdown they showed the vid the other day in texas it got a standing ovation from the fans. ventura looks sad even before he got to ryan he prob knew it was a bad idea from the get go.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    The player who ran up on Nolan Ryan was unfortunatley my homeboy Robin Ventura of the Whitesox lol. He got FLucked up! But I love that aspect of baseball. you can hit a homerun on me all you want, but as soon as you start posing or dancing, you better believe you’re getting beamed next time up. At the very least you getting a brushback. Hit my best player with a pitch, and i’m beaming your best player. bench clearing brawl…sometimes. and sometimes it’s nothing. but that’s just how it is.

  • S.A.C.

    Thanks Ian.

    Yeah. It was probably a bad idea by Ventura. Lol.

    @Chicagorilla. Thanks to you to.

    Yeah. I agree with you man. There’s still a certain (or at least they used to be) Wild, Wild West, Frontiersman aspect to baseball (i.e. Brawls, rushing the mound, brushbacks, beanings etc.) I agree indeed.


    And yes; that was a bad ass dunk by Rose!! He popped out of nowhere like he was on a trampoline and surprised the Knicks. Lucky for the Russian he backed away. At first I though he got popped on royally.

    I wonder if they can hold this lead? What did they score; 74 points in the half?

  • ManilaFTW

    HAHAH. I’m one of the guys I think.

    Jay Thrilla says:

    I know he hasn’t had much of a pro career, but did I see 2 guys on a basketball blog ask who Charlie V was? Maybe y’all should go to Rachel Rays website or something, I’m not sure Dime is for you. I’m just sayin

    ^ try this – http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+a+joke%3F