Smack / Nov 18, 2010 / 2:07 am

Chris Bosh torches the Suns, throws himself under the bus

How impressive was Chris Bosh‘s 35-point performance in Miami’s 27-point destruction of the Suns last night? It depends on whom you ask. ESPN play-by-play guy Mark Jones asked, “A defining night for Chris Bosh?” Perhaps. Bosh came out aggressive and was seeking out spots on the floor where he was comfortable. And it does help when you’re playing the Suns, whose interior defenders make Bosh look like the Old Spice Guy … But then we got this gem from Bosh after the game: “(Erik Spoelstra) knows he has to meet us halfway. He wants to work, we want to chill, but we’re gonna have to work to get everything down.” Is Bosh actively trying to be a villain now? He’s smart enough to know everybody was going to take that quote the wrong way — cue the “Michael Jordan never wanted to chill” and “What would Kobe do?” criticism — even though there is some truth to what he said, even for the most fierce competitors. Seriously, watch any show like “Inside the NFL” and see what happens when the coach gives his guys an unexpected day off; they all cheer and celebrate. Still, you just can’t say that when the spotlight is on you … Crazy finish in the Big Easy. With under a minute to go, the Hornets were up two on Dallas with Peja Stojakovic at the line. Game over, right? Except Peja missed one of the free throws. So now up by three, the Hornets put Trevor Ariza on Dirk Nowitzki — who’d been bottled up by Marco Belinelli on the previous possession — and Dirk blew right past him for a layup. Jason Kidd then stole the ensuing inbound pass, setting up another chance for the visitors. Dirk of course got the rock, but he tried to lose David West with a behind-the-back dribble and got ripped. West split the free throws, putting Dallas down two. With no timeouts, Tyson Chandler tried the touchdown toss (which never works unless you’re Grant Hill) and West intercepted it, securing the Hornets’ win … God really must not care about sports. If he did, Barry Sanders would’ve never quit at the top of his game, women’s volleyball would be televised regularly, and Greg Oden would not be staring at yet another major knee surgery. Forget being an All-Star or the next Bill Russell or whatever at this point – do you think Oden will ever be a solid starter in the League for an entire season? … Tony Parker could be thankful or extra pissed off that Eva Longoria filed for divorce yesterday. On one hand, Tony did NOT need a road game to coincide with the news, especially a road game in front of a classy crowd like Boston. On the other hand, he did have a national TV game, creating an awkward situation where the ESPN crew didn’t seem to know when or if they should mention the D-word … Parker didn’t seem bothered one way or the other against the Bulls, dropping 21 points and 7 assists in a big comeback win. San Antonio was down 10 at halftime, then the next thing you knew, they were up by 15 in the third quarter … It still cracks us up how the Spurs’ in-house DJ plays DJ Khaled‘s “All I Do is Win” as the final seconds are ticking down in a win. How many people in the San Antonio crowd even know that song? That’s like playing “B.M.F.” in Utah … The John Wall/Rajon Rondo matchup was put on hold until Wall gets out of the walking boot, which instead made the big story of Celtics/Wizards the return of Delonte West. El Mariachi had 12 points off the bench in a Boston blowout win … It would take a pretty beastly performance to overshadow a 26-point, 17-board stat line by Blake Griffin that included a widow-maker dunk on Anthony Tolliver, and Michael Beasley was up to the task. B-Easy dropped 33 points and hit the game-winning jumper from two seconds left to lead Minnesota past the Clippers … Other notables from Wednesday night: Andrea Bargnani scored 30 in Toronto’s win at Philly; Kobe had 33 points as the Lakers rolled in Detroit; the Jazz got 19 and 15 rebounds from Paul Millsap in a win over the Nets; Russell Westbrook went for 21 points and 12 assists in OKC ran Houston; and Amar’e Stoudemire gave the Kings 27 and 10 as the Knicks finally snapped their six-game losing streak … We’re out like Eva …

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  • Steve Nash

    Rumor has it Tony Parker was trying to holler at Barry’s wife…

    So Beasly is starting to come into his own… bringing wins baby…

    Bosh is gonna be forgotten about in about 7 years

  • christian

    San antonios a big enough city to be caught up w shitty mainstream rap


    Bosh is a freaking scrub!

  • Jason
  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    Chicago has no quit in them and that is something to be proud of. Having to have scalabrine on the court in the last 5 mins of a winnable game..not so much.

    Blake griffin’s dunk on tolliver was nuts ! I truly wish blake played for another team.

    The league gotta chill with these calls. Two bs calls on tim  and rip.That being sed Kobe was cooking the pistons ! Bs call or not detroits fate was sealed from jump. What the hell is going on in detroit ?

    David west’s a straight goon ! If NO gets to play dallas in the playoffs,somebodys getting punched literally. Quote me.

    If there ever was a team that needs phoenix’ medical staff right now,its portland. I mean daamn !!

    Dang, parker getting divorced 2 weeks after signing his contract. A woman scorned is truly a dangerous creature. May the Lord keep you safe man.

    Diddy’s new ciroc commercial about the chicks toes hanging outta her shoes? Hella funny !

  • DON

    oh yea bosh is such a scrub…dayum that guy has to be the worst power forward in the league, forget the 5 all star games and leadin the horrible raptors to the playoffs cause that guy is terrible…if he can drop 24 and 10 in the league i know bruce can ha smh and seriously tho the statement will be definitely taken context, which i think hes referring to as not going all out in practice and saving themselves for the long haul of the season since they have a weak and older bench, but since the new trend is to hate chris bosh he will catch major flack for it even tho other than his rebounding numbers hes been a very solid on a team with 2 ball dominate players that are top 4 players in the league …..funny thing is ppl hate bosh but praise brook lopez, a 7 footer whos averaging 5.8 boards a game and shooting under 50 percent

  • Young Gunner

    San Antonio is a big ass city but its boring as hell. Tony Parker still lost though. Bosh got most of his points cause Channing Frye is allergic to paint. I rarely see this dude inside

  • Young Gunner

    On a side note: In my mind, I refered to Delonte West as “El Delonte” lol

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    I feel bad for Oden. Just retire man, before you are unable to walk. He may just need to leave portland. He def needs to lose weight and stay around 230-250 lbs no more no less. He looks about 280lbs now. Derrick Rose nearly brought the Bulls back again with 13pts in the 4th (33pts for the game). Dude may not be a 3pt shooter, but he hits them when he needs to. He went Balls DEEP on the Spurs backcourt but had NO HELP at all. Bulls were out coached and did not have the talent to match SA. Them dudes gone be a problem in the playoffs. DRose reminds me of when Starbury sometimes with the way he plays anyone else see that? Blake Griffin should be nicknamed Tsang Tsung from Mortal Kombat for the way he is constantly taking niggas souls! Because that was a flawless fatality he laid on Tolliver last night. CP3 for MvP. I dont know how he does it with that roster.

  • morgan

    Thank you for not saying “We’re out like Oden…”

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Tony Parker is 8 years younger than Eva. I don’t think that he’s losing out in the chick department.

    Can’t speak to how he feels, though. Love is love, dig

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn. 7 years together with 3 years of marriage and yet no kids… Wonder who among them is shooting blanks…

    Speaking of soft, Chris Bosh and the Suns frontline – that’s like the anti-immovable object vs unstoppable force paradox…

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    they probably both didn’t want kids – you try that one out? some people don’t feel like changing their lives around to deal with infants… crazy idea, I know.

    chris bosh is good, but i wouldn’t stretch and call him a top 10 player in the league. he should be a good fit as a stretch the floor 4 with wade and ‘bron though. eventually, i think that team ends up with around 60 wins.

    does anybody else think LeBron needs to rebound a ton if the Heat are going to be good? as the token PG for most of the game, he ends up outside too often. his rebounding will be huge for that small team.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Parker probably just got tired of pokin’ that little skeleton girl. He’s French…they like to get The Nasty goin’ sometimes. As far as I’m concerned he was only trying to upgrade – http://coedmagazine.com/2010/11/18/is-spurs-wag-erin-barry-tony-parkers-texting-mistress-19-photos/

    Ginobili seems to be healthy for the first time in years and he is playing like a madman. RJ is actually playing well after sitting out last season while playing 30 minutes per game.

    YOUNGFED – Dime did mention that Pistons game.

    I have a feeling the Heat will be “chillin'” in June while watching the Finals

  • common sense

    amare pulling down 10 rebounds is trully stunning. That guy is a bum, wasted Nashs peak years. Always wondered how the suns did not win the chip those great years with Dantoni, but when your big man is a bum who doesnt rebound or play d what can you do.

  • porkpiehat

    They way Miami’s roster is set their best bet is to go small. They should have Bosh and Haslem play they five, Lebron and some more Haslem at the four, Mike Miller and some leftover LeBron at the three, Wade and a little Miller at the two and I think Chalmers needs to take over for Arroyo when he’s healthy, as he’s a much better defender.
    They also need to scrap having a traditional system and just have Lebron or Wade(or better yet, Miller) bring the ball up and initiate the offense.

    1 Chalmers 34/ House 14
    2 Wade 36/ Miller 12
    3 Miller 24/ James 12/ Jones 12
    4 James 24/ Haslem 24
    5 Bosh 34/ Ilgauskas 10/ Haslem 4

    When they get healthy, I expect them to settle on a rotation very similar to the one above. They aren’t going to get any bigger or better in the middle so they’d better get fast and take advantage of their athleticism in transition. I think James especially would benefit from moving to the four, where he would murder other fours off the dribble. Sorry for the long post.

  • porkpiehat

    Also, did anyone else notice Phil Jackson saying the Pistons players aren’t trying very hard? That seems like a real indictment of one coach from another. How much longer before Kuester is on his keister? (yukyukyuk)

  • TJ

    People who say Oden is the new Sam Bowie are doing a disservice to Bowie. Sam averaged 15 and 10 one year and played in 500 games in his career. Oden will be lucky if he makes 100…

  • QQ

    Bosh painting the target on his back. I mean they already are the villains, why not make people hate them even more.

    Beasley really doing his thing right now. Props.

    But bigger props to Blake Griffin. When kid didn’t play last year, I was like ‘Another overhyped bust waiting to happen’. But daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, kid is a monster. SO FREAKING GOOD.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Damn, I really feel bad for Oden dude should just retire, think of your health first man. Its been 4 years and your body just cant cope with it.

    Props to Bargniani for FINALLY showing some form of a killer instinct the other day. Dude became aggressive, attacked the the rim and demanded the ball in crunch time. Raptors may not be too far behind, especially the way Bargs, Weems and DeRozan are coming along.

  • Knicksfan84

    I know players in the league read the comments so let me direct this at my KNICKS:

    Good win last night, now repeat it again and again against the rest of the league:

    2. GALLO – No more than 5 attempts from 3pt per game, drive to the basket, get to the line, LIFT WEIGHTS MAN!

  • Ian

    spurs scored 37 in the third right after van gundy asked how are the spurs gettin 109 a game? nice game by rose tried to get his team back in alone. spurs vs lakers wcf yup.

    yeah bosh sucks

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Wtf happened to Randolf? Thought this was the year he was suppose to show all the haters whats up but now he plays like a 10 year old, passing up o shots and just generally sucking. He had a helluva swagger in Preseason, is one ankle injury that mind boggling to him?

  • yoda

    too bad about oden. he seems like a nice kid, and it sucks when something like this keeps happening to good guys.
    you forgot to mention that kobe had 33 points in 31 minutes? thats nice. plus lakers had plenty of rest, no one played more than 33 minutes (pau i think)
    wtf was that bullshit call on rip? first one is ok-ish but second tech? thats just wrong. and i’m a laker fan

  • karizmatic

    What’s gotten into Beasley lately?

  • King

    What got into beasley was A chance to do his thing.

    He was the best scorer in college a couple of years ago.

  • john

    Drexler and Jordan

    Durant and B-Roy

    Damn Portland …

  • Josh

    like my man chicagorilla said

    blake griffin is tsang tsung he is rippin peoples souls out
    B.T.W nest nickname ever hahaha

  • SWAT

    yea i heard tht about parker and barry’s wife…damn tht is so grizzly to go after ur ex teammates wife. i wld whoop his ass! thts guy code-be sure ur boy is cool with you being his eskimo brother…lol.

  • SWAT

    and not to pull my geek card out, or maybe my gamer card, but its actually spelled SHANG TSUNG-from mortal kombat. LOL…STG…stupid to game lookin ass.

  • Kev

    First order of business…

    If Parker really is messing around with Brent Barry’s wife how’s Brent gonna react? Ex-teammate smashing my wife behind my back?!?

    Next, Really good to see Beasley doing his thing in Minny. He’s still young and can develop into a top 10 talent in the league.

    K.Durant, B.Griffin and M.Beasley are the future, and it’s looking very bright.

  • NTstateOFmind

    aint it shang tsung?

  • Gnasche

    Every time a game features Bonner and Scalabrine, I grab the remote and take the opportunity to adjust the contrast AND the tint.

  • Knicksfan84


    Typical D’Anphony messing up a young player’s confidence. If your last name ain’t Gallinari, he not tryna deal with you.

  • mo.B.bad

    reckon the Wolves would do a Lewis/Beasley swap?

    nah, me neither.

    he looks like elevating himself though. kid really seems determined to make a name for himself and prove the Heat wrong for being so willing to ditch him.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Barry and his wife are divorced; she ‘s back on the market.

    that don’t make it right, just less wrong

  • LakeShow84

    @ Thats Whats UP

    DAAAAAMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN… honestly i cant say id cheat on my wife.. but i dont blame him..

    Back to basketball tho..

    ok wait a minute one more


    Anyhoo good win last night even tho Detroit is garbahge.. im just happy to see we held someone under 100.. But with Detroit probably wouldve been better to hold them UNDER 90.. oh well..

    And someone tell Kobe to quit tryna jack MVP from Gasol lol dude been coming out for the jugular lately..

    And yes people.. Its Shang Tsung..

    And is it me or Blake Griffin posterizing people on a NIGHTLY?? I thought ROY would be close and if Griffin hit the wall i dont think the wall would be left standing hahahaha

  • Big Mike

    Bosh sucks, plain and simple. He’s softer than a Kenny G Christmas CD.. He only have 5/6 rebounds against the Suns. We all could get 10 against that frontline.

  • Ian

    comon you guys cant blame parker its not like hes forcing the bitch shes doing it cuz she wants. barry should be pissed at her. then again parker shouldnt had done that.

  • K Dizzle

    I was ready to discuss my Lakers but it was Detroit and…Tony! Toni! Tone!
    Damn! I was thinkin Eva was out cuz she was goin La La on Melo and wanted Tony in NYC or somethin. Come to find out he been gettin it on the side. This don’t happen in San Antonio so this is either gonna get real interestin or hopefully just resurface right before Lakers play the Spurs in the WCFs lol

  • Kudabeen

    Funny how Parker signs a 50 Million dollar extension and less than a month later Eva files for divorce. Of course I don’t know their business, but I tend to think these celeb marriages are no more about love than arranged marriages. You be pretty arm piece wife and get me more shine and I’ll finance you to be able to make better career decisions and not ask you to do anything like have kids or sacrifice your career, because I’m always gone. We will get plenty of attention, because that’s all we want.

    Ah well Tony, hope you had a prenup. On to the next.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise


    “Speaking of soft, Chris Bosh and the Suns frontline – that’s like the anti-immovable object vs unstoppable force paradox…”

    Front-runner for comment of the year.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    Super-Cool Beas: 2010 Most Improved Player & 2010 Western Conference All-Star

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    Ehhh… I take the All-Star thing back, the West is too deep at Forward.

  • http://www.ClubberLang.com Clubber Lang

    Drago wins

  • LakeShow84


    Has anyone seen Eva Longoria WITHOUT makeup??

    I mean she looks damn near COMPLETELY different.. Erin Berry got a naturally pretty face and is tall with a$$ to boot..

    No brainer :)

  • BostonGuy


    I actually think Chicago has more talent than San Antonio, easy. Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson, etc. (not including Boozer even) is just as talented as Gino, Jefferson, Duncan at this stage and Parker; and their younger. Come on! Wasn’t this the team Van Gundy has said “Chicago is making you ask how does San Antonio score points”, right before they went on a 20-2 run against the Bulls?

    San Antonio is just a well coached, experienced team. And that’s why they win.

    Why is it when Rose scores a lot of points and a few assist like last night, “his team mates can’t score”. But when he gets them “10 assist” Rose is doing his job and can really pass? He can’t have it both ways.

    Rose needs to get his team mates involved and has to make a decision (similar to Lebron in some respects). Is he going to be look to pass first at all times, and take his shot at the last minute; or is he gonna to continue to initiate his offense first. It may be pretty to look at at. But in the long run I’m not sure if it’s going to win them games or championships. I know, I know; Boozer is coming!

    Nonetheless, Chicago better be careful that Rose doesn’t avg 30 points on this road trip, but go 2-5 in the process.

    Yes he reminds many people of Stephon Marbury.

    Yeah. Too bad for Oden.

    I can’t believe we’re discussing Tony Parkers married life on Dime. WTF? I never liked that little midget anyway (Longoria). Lol. I never thought she was all that cute in the first place.

    Be-Easy Still tearing it up!!

    I see the Knicks Got one! What ever!!

    No Celtic Starter played in the 4th quarter at all. Thank You Wizards and Delonte.

  • BostonGuy

    @Lake Show.

    I never seen Erin Barry. But I can agree with you 100%

    Like I said above; I never saw the appeal in that little emaciated midget Eva Longoria. It’s all Hollywood Hype!

    Why is Chris Bosh not grabbing more rebounds with Joel Anthony at Center? I guess that’s a mystery?

    But in fairness to Bosh, Lebron has had some low rebound games as well. Maybe it’s the Mojito’s down there or something.

    Speaking about Anthony. Last night he missed a all alone lay up and dunk (right after the other on the same sequence) last night. Terrible!!

    Blake May be Nasty as Fuzznuts, but he better be careful not to get hurt coming down from such high flying forceful dunks.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Boston Guy

    Check out Thats Whats Up link @ # 13

    Thats her right there..

    And crazy but one could/would/should actually say Beasley is outplaying Bosh right now LOLOLOLOL and they couldve had Beez much cheaper and filled the roster better..


  • Sporty-j

    I bet Spoelstra kids tell him what to do too. THEY WANT TO CHILL??? THEY HAVENT WON SH!T. So Wade wants Spoelstra as coach because he knows he can tell him what to do, when to end practice, and etc. Wade knows Riley wont go for that and i see why he fears Riley as a coach and dont want him bac. Spoelstra better grow a pair and player friendly coachs never last to long and hes going to learn that real soon…

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I’m not sure it matters if TP just signed a 50M contract, he’s better to get out now. Wouldn’t anything she get be based on what he made while they were together not for this contract?

    And hasn’t she been on a pretty successful TV show for like 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made more than he did.

  • Ses

    Bosh is as sharp as a marble!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    If TParker is smart he should have SA renig on that extention and resign it later. That hoe just stuck him for his paper. If he was cheating, she knew that ish before he signed, but like any good hoe (as she plays on TV) she waited until the perfect time to strike back.

    @Boston guy,

    I’m sure most people would agree that quoting a Van Gundy is not a good idea. You do know that JVG was not really a good coach…EVER! He tore apart teams he coached and proved to everyone he was not a knowledgable coach. But somehow we are supposed to listen to his analysis.
    As for Bulls = or > SAS talent? Are you freaking high?

    Taj and Deng are spot up shooters, Noah only scores 5ft from the basket (don’t be fooled by the highlights of him hitting jumpers, he misses way more of those than he hits, that’s why they are HIGHlights). Korver is a shooter who scores off screens and Brewer is a slasher.

    SAS on the other hand has championship caliber players. TP, Duncan, Manu can all score on their own without needing someone to create for them. Even RJefferson can get you 15ppg scoring on his own. GHill too. Blair and Duncan made easy work of Noah under the boards and exposed his inability to grab rebounds in traffic (tap outs are not a rebound and he barely was able to do that). Vs Houston Noah and Gibson feasted on a team that gives up off rebounds, but the Spurs wasn’t having that ish.

    As for Rose, did you watch the game or the Hou game? vs Houston Rose had 17(3/4 3pters) of his 33 in the 4th to lead the team back to a victory. Last night vs the Spurs Rose turned it on again hitting 4 str8 shots (2 of which were 3’s) and willed the team to a comeback to which they were down 7 with the ball. GHill or Parker (can’t remember which one) finally closed out on him so he couldn’t drop another 3, then they doubled him so he hit Scalabrini (who should never play EVER!) who missed a wide open 3. Loul Deng and Taj missed every open shot that Rose hit them for. Korver was off and on, and Noah was getting fouled or stripped or forced into a bad shot.
    So in all, Rose passed and set up those BUMS for the first 3 qtrs and we ended up going down by nearly 20. Then coach Thibedau stuck rose in with 8min left in the 4th and he came out firing and hitting. which is why the game was even remotly close. I would love to see any other young PG in the NBA lead these bulls to a win…any win. With this coach and these players. What Rose does for the Bulls is unbelievable because they rely so much on him. even when Booz joins the team, he will also need Rose to get him buckets as he has no post game at all and relys heavily on pick n roll or pick in pop mis-matches.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Oh and I see now that it’s SHANG Tsung. my bad, didn’t have google at the time

  • BostonGuy



    You really that down on Chicago’s talent and think that all those young guys are that bad?

    So lemme guess, you would of loved the “upgrade” with Carmelo trade that so many Chicago fans seemed to not want?

  • BostonGuy

    @Lake show.

    That’s for the heads up on what’s up.

    I’ll check it out when I can.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @boston Guy

    There’s two types of Chicago fans. Cubs fans and Sox fans. Cubs fans are there for the glitz and glammer and don’t really know the game, Sox fans know the game inside out and will not support their organization if they getting fronted on with weak talent and a giant pocket book.

    I my friend am a Sox fan and a Realist.

    So yes, give me Melo anyday everyday. I’d give up Noah and anyone else not named Rose. All those other parts are replaceable, Rose and Melo would bring us to the next plateau and their games and personalities would fit very well together (unlike Bosh wade James). As of right now we stuck in limbo between 2nd round exits and one Rose injury away from #1 pick lottery status.

  • BostonGuy


    Well Said on the White Sox/Cub fans!

    Though you would be better than a #1 lottery pick if Rose got injured. But I know you’re passionate and trying to illustrate how ordinary the other players/pieces are that weren’t traded for Carmelo.


  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Boston guy,

    Our players are highly overrated. The ones that we traded away or let go as FA’s (Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, John Salmons, Tyrus Thomas, Brad Miller) are the ones who were carrying the team a few years back before Rose came. After Rose came, management knew he would make others around him look better so they shed the extra weight (especially this summer) that was eating up their profits. The Bulls had the #1 attendance last year I believe. With that in mind, and the struggling economy, the Bulls front office made fake pitches at Lebron/Wade/Bosh when they knew they were only going after the 2nd tier players all along. Why spend double (or triple) the amount of money when you know you are going to sell out for the next 5-6 years no matter what as long as Rose is here. Rose is to Chicago what Allen Iverson was to Philly. a tool to get fans to drop buckets of money and increase profit margin without having to produce wins.

    See there are only a few sox-type fans. Most of Chicago is full of Cubs fans who blindly support their team no matter what. how else do you think the bulls have been top 5 in attendance since MJ retired! them boys in the front office are smart at making money, not so much at making winners.

  • the cynic

    Eva and Parker have a prenup. Barry’s ex-wife is hot, go get some Tony; and it’s not breaking any teammate guy code if Brent Barry is done doing his work

  • PN

    It works if you are scott burrell:


  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @the Cynic

    Pre-nup or not, her hoeish a$$ is asking for Spousal compensation or something like that. Even though she makes $500K per episode.

    I mean what did he think was going to happen…he married a chick who was an actress on a show where all the women were ungrateful hoes. It is what it’s supposed to be.

  • the cynic


    Tony Parker doesn’t think, he attacks

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ LOL ^^^^

    Good one..

  • Mr. TKO

    Don’t really care much about Eva or TP to be honest, but here’s my .02

    I read somewhere that Eva makes $12 mill a year (didn’t care enough to check it out) so spousal support is just stupid.

    As far as the new contract, I don’t think she’s entitled to it due to the fact that he won’t touch any of that money until next year after the divorce.

    TP being wrong for smashing his ex teammates wife?
    Just cuz they’re on the same team doesn’t necessarily make her off limits, I look at it as they are co-workers in the same building and not friends whose girls are off limits, and from what I’ve seen from NBA interviews, it’s quiet possible that Brent and tony moved in completely different circles and only got together on the court.

    Personally I won’t smash a chick if I know her dude and don’t have any problems with him, but from talking to my boys the other night, I’m in the minority.

  • joross

    it’s just one of those nights when a player is on fire just like the time bonner sank all 7 3 point shot or kwame scored a career high 30 pts…think bosh will not score higher than that again…just got lucky

  • Ekstor


    Comparing Derrick Rose to Stephon Marbury? The reason Steph didn’t make it in the NBA had nothing to do with his abilities but his attitude. He was a cancer who never committed to making teammates better. He had the talent to be amazing.

    So unless you’re saying Rose is a cancer to his team, the comparison doesn’t make any sense.