Smack / Nov 9, 2010 / 2:45 am

“Don’t beat around the bush: This is the Joakim Noah Show!”

On the same night when college basketball officially tipped off, Bulls/Nuggets had all the unpredictability and entertaining sloppiness of an NCAA game, with a slew of former college superstars deciding the outcome. Derrick Rose (Final Four, Memphis) and Arron Afflalo (Pac-10 P.O.Y., two Final Fours, UCLA) traded clutch buckets for a minute, but the game really turned on turnovers — like one sequence when Ty Lawson (ACC P.O.Y., national champion, North Carolina) coughed it up twice in a row, one of which led to a steal by Keith Bogans (All-American, Kentucky), who flipped a no-look pass over his shoulder to Luol Deng (Final Four, Duke) for a dunk that put Chicago up four with two minutes left … Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony (national champ, Syracuse) was bottled up in the fourth quarter in part by Joakim Noah (two-time national champ, Florida) blocking his shots at the rim and Deng denying him the ball … Joakim was all over the place, finishing with 13 points, 19 rebounds and 4 blocks. As Bulls announcer Stacey King shrieked, “Don’t beat around the bush: This is the Joakim Noah Show!” … Stacey’s best understatement came after a play where ‘Melo (32 pts, 8 rebs, 4 stls) lost Kyle Korver on a crossover and converted a layup. “Kyle’s gotta do a better job of keeping him in front,” Stacey said. Apparently he didn’t catch many Utah games when Korver was over there … Down three with eight seconds left, Denver inbounded to Chauncey Billups, but he couldn’t get Bogans to bite on his pump fakes, and ‘Melo couldn’t separate himself from Deng. Billups ended up passing to Afflalfo open in the corner, but he threw up a brick. Deng’s free throw with one second left effectively ended it, so when George Karl called a timeout anyway to draw up a four-point play, Carmelo’s body language spoke volumes. Something along the lines of, “Can we just go to the airport now?” … Rajon Rondo‘s jumper giveth, and his jumper taketh way, due to the fact that said jumper is broketh. With two minutes left in Celtics/Mavs, Rondo put the C’s up three when he calmly stepped into an 18-footer. Paul Pierce‘s pull-up J a little later could’ve been the dagger, except Dirk Nowitzki was too busy making bratwurst out of Kevin Garnett … Tied up with 30 seconds left, Dirk (25 pts) got the ball on the wing and looked up to see Big Baby in front of him. After dealing with KG’s height time after time, Dirk simply measured the shorter defender and buried the go-ahead jumper in his eye. But after being slapped, pushed, poked and taunted all night by Garnett, Dirk was too tired even to make one of his silly dagger faces … Next possession, the Mavs packed in the defense and literally left Rondo (11 pts, 15 asts, 5 stls) alone to where he had no choice but to try a three. He missed, and Boston lost …

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Last time we saw Vince Carter all bearded-up and sneering for a big game, he lasted a little longer than one quarter before he was writhing on the floor holding his back in Miami. Home for the Hawks last night, Evil Twin Vince was back and playing through a hip flexor injury and showed that crunch-time closer ability the Magic are paying him for … Vince (19 pts) was even clutch in the first quarter. Atlanta jumped out to a big lead early, but VC kept Orlando from letting the game get away by getting to the rack for and-ones and knocking down threes. Fast-forward to the fourth, when Vince got a tough driving layup to put Orlando up four with about a minute to go. Vince added a free throw, but then Joe Johnson stuck a triple with 34 seconds left. On the game’s most important possession, Vince took the rock up top, and Al Horford ended up guarding him on a switch. Vince took Al left and powered through a hard foul for another and-one that took ATL’s heart … Other big stat lines from Monday: Zach Randolph posted 23 points and 20 rebounds (8 offensive) as Memphis knocked off Phoenix; Stephen Curry had 34 points and 3 steals in Golden State’s win at Toronto; and Manu Ginobili scored 26 to lead San Antonio past Charlotte … On the college scene, Pitt is a popular pick to win the Big East this year, but they got all they could handle from A-10 upstart Rhode Island last night. Rhode Island’s full-court press and knack for hitting crazy threes had Pitt on the ropes for a while, but eventually Ashton Gibbs (22 pts) and Brad Wanamaker (24 pts) began breaking the press and getting easy transition buckets as Pitt took the lead with a 9-0 run to end the first half and tightened up the D to get a win … Rhode Island had two 7-footers, one of them a 7-3 freshman. The shorter, older one had a little offensive game; the taller kid was like a White Keith Closs … Texas didn’t have such a hard time with Navy, 30-piecing them behind Jordan Hamilton‘s 26 points and 10 boards … When Stu Scott was reporting from the Bengals’ sideline during the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football, was anybody else waiting for him to stop, turn his head and catch a football that was thrown by some intern off-camera? And was anybody else hoping Stu would get separated from that ball by James Harrison? … We’re out like Keith Closs …

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  • Jade

    Noah is a shoein for DPY if the planatr shpanter doesn’t derail his feet !!! Plus, I caught the game and Melo’s pout during the timeout was hilarious…”Seriously coach…SERIOUSLY!” :D

  • Showtime

    While Dirk is kinda soft he’s still taller than KG so you can bet your house the little b*tch didn’t do a lot of taunting last night

    He might go at Barea or Baubois but he’s not messing with a taller dude even if it’s Dirk

  • QQ

    Carmelo’s body language is always that, silly. The ‘I dont really care, fuck you bitches who think I could actually carry a team and be a leader’. Seriously, when did Carmelo’s demeanor ever change?

    And watched the BOS-DAL game, and Dirk eating KG’s heart in the clutch right there. I know Dirk get’s lost in the shuffle of newer stars out there, but cat is STILL one of the best player in in L. Respect.

  • Soopa

    Dirk owned the 4th. He was attacking the rim with power and KG couldnt stay infront and every Boston help defender was out. When they tried Davis on Dirk with KG as the help he just shot it right in Baby’s eye.

    He really doesnt get the props he deserves. Closing in on the top 20 all time scoring list and he is always clutch. He rebounds and leads. Had he been american he would have been a much bigger deal in the media. Can we put him on the Barkley/Malone-level yet? If not what does he need?

    Doesnt he always seem more aggressive when he loses the mane and goes with the buss cut?

  • wait a minute

    @ showtime – ‘Dirk soft?’ Are people still doing this? The guy’s been YTOP 10 every year over the last decade and is one of the coldest & most clutch players in the league and you want to call him soft? Sit your arse down.

    Also, FAO of people who’re riding Rondo as the best PG in the league, when opposition defences sit off you repeatedly to make jumpers in the clutch and you don’t, you can’t be the best anything. Good PG, 2nd maybe, possibly 3rd but CP3 still holds that title

  • TripleDouble

    @ jade

    so noah has plantar faciaitis… no wonder, he’s using those cheap ass cock shoes featured here (le coq or le foq was that?)… looks like a stiff walking boot

    too bad, classic tale of not listening to charley barkley (see grant hill and those cheap-ass fila kicks)…

  • Showtime

    @ #5

    I actually like Dirk and I agree that he’s underrated and definitely one of the better clutch performers but that’s not what I’m talking about. His rebounding is pretty good but every other aspect of defense is decent at best.

    If you’re not playing D you are soft in my book. I don’t care if your name is Bosh, Amare, Rashard Lewis, Melo, ….. if you are getting payed big-time and only performing on one end of the floor you’re getting the soft label from me

  • Showtime

    * ‘paid’ of course

    Only thinking of these primadonnas like RuPaul is fucking up my english

  • OneZero

    Dirk with a buzzcut actually looked more baddass and intimidating. But with a hair like this, he’s more like an WNBA superstar..


    @Wait a minute

    “Good PG, 2nd maybe, possibly 3rd but CP3 still holds that title” that is an insult to Deron, Nash,Kidd,Westbrook,Rose, even Curry and Jennings. heck, throw in Wall.

    Rondo is good in passing,steals,and playmaking,I agree. But that is all he does, not exactly an elite PG.


    Last nights game was one for both sides of the Rondo argument, his fans are gonna point to the 15 assists and his haters are gonna point to the fact that your main ball handler NEEDs to hit that shot.

    An Dirk isn’t soft. Hes no defensive specialist but he stays in position and rarely gets made to look foolish. Then on the the other end, he’s getting double teamed for 100 games per season, plays through injuries and is as clutch as they come. He aint soft.

  • yoda

    difference between dirk and amar’e is that dirk maybe isn’t best defender out there, but at least he tries to guard his man. amar’e doesn’t bother at all.
    and to call dirk soft is stupid

  • QQ

    I’m on the Rondo is a beast side of the argument. And about that shot. I gotta admit, that’s a bad decision by Rondo. He knows he can’t hit that shot, he should’ve just drove and kick to an open shooter. But then again, it was just chaos out there during the waning seconds, with everyone scrambling for the ball. But still, fact: it’s a BAD decision by Rondo.

    Can’t wait for the fucking haters to claim their ‘win’ that Rondo is the worst PG EVER.

  • Zeitgeist

    “Rajon Rondo’s jumper giveth, and his jumper taketh way, due to the fact that said jumper is broketh….”


    Shakespeare would be proud….

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi

    Joakim Noah going to the line for a pair of freebies…
    “Parents hide your children!” – Jeff Van Gundy

    this is the best season ever in the NBA.
    its the present!

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I’m tired of this argument, people just talk out their asses now and its getting fing annoying. He missed one clutch 3 and now everyone is going to be chirping his ass, forgetting it was him that actually kept us in the game in the fourth (the and one and 18 footer) and overall (11/15/5). Can we move on to something else.

    Dirk being “soft” is pretty repetitive if you ask me. He has constantly taken it to the hole and he come up big when need be.

    Noah is actually playing like a man possessed, maybe the Bulls where right to keep him.


  • Rafa23

    @ Showtime
    Thats’ ur definition of soft, but I hope u know that’s not what is usually meant with soft.
    and by ur definition, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird are/were soft?

  • JAY

    “Rondo is good in passing,steals,and playmaking,I agree. But that is all he does, not exactly an elite PG.”

    Of the 3 categories you listed, Rondo is one of the best players in the game at doing that. Throw in his ability to defend his position without help, his rebounding (both of which is he the best at his position) and I’ll argue that he is an elite point guard. The only knock in his game is his shooting ability.

    I’ve argue this before and I’ll argue again, Nash has more holes in his game than Rondo. He doesn’t rebound, he doesn’t steal the ball as well as Rondo, and he can’t stay with his man defensively. IMO, Rondo makes the Celtics defence tick because his teammates don’t have to rotate when his man beats him…. because that doesn’t happen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of Rondo. I just respect game. I’m sick of people saying the kid isn’t an elite point guard. Look, you go as far as putting John Wall ahead of Rondo. That’s fucking retarded. Wall has more turnovers than a bakery, and Rondo recently had a game with 17 assists and ZERO turnovers. Ridiculous.

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi



  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @One Zero

    NASH, J-Kid and WALL.


    Both of them couldn’t defend my grandma, and Nash does nothing of note besides his work on the offensive end.

    To me it goes


    It all depends on what you need, if you need a PG to score then Rose, if you need one to run your team then Rondo.

    Throwing in Wall (the T.O show) and Jennings (the shooting 37% show) just proves your an inept hater.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    Too bad you bandwagon riding chumps will never apologize for hating on Noah a few seasons ago. Now you’re riding his dick harder than a drunk cowgirl on a mechanical bull. GTFOH!

  • Nigel

    This is why you don’t trade Joahkim Noah for Carmelo Anthony.

  • King

    Other than cp3 and DWill everyother young PGs jumpsuit is a little broke. If your being honest we are just talking about levels of brokeness then with Rose , Westbrook and Rondo,

  • control

    It’s funny how people are “hating” when they are just pointing out something that is absolute FACT. Rondo can not shoot, and teams are catching onto this FACT and playing him accordingly. Other team’s coaches are pretty much taking end game situations, and GLADLY rolling the dice on Rondo’s jumper winning the game, they figure that having one of the top 5 worst outside shooting players in the NBA trying to win the game with a weak ass shot from the outside is a good chance to take.

    Rondo is quick as fuck, can make things happen when he drives, and is a better passer than I thought I’d ever admit…but he just isn’t an elite basketball player if other teams will make bets on him missing WIDE open shots, and if other teams really don’t see a need to guard him. Can anyone name ONE other player who teams will absolutely NOT guard in a game winning situation, because they know there’s only a 20% chance of him actually winning the game from outside of 15ft? Someone name ONE player, please!

    Big Freeze

    Apologize for what? The guy is still isn’t really that skilled, but he’s using what he has pretty decently right now. He’s still not an “elite” center, but he fills a role good in Chicago. He’s over paid quite a bit (but A LOT of big guys in the NBA are) and he’s the ugliest guy in the NBA, without doubt. What is there to apologize about?

  • K Dizzle

    That was the F-U game from Noah to Melo. Great defense beats great offense everytime. Bulls execs had to be upstairs hi-fivin on not makin that trade.

    Rondo fans gettin all salty cuz “haters” rip on dude after bad games need to just deal with it. Your man quit the World Championship team when it looked like he was the odd man out then came out this season on fire assists-wise. If you gonna give him props for his playmaking and defense, understand that he gotta catch some flak for his absolute lack of a j.

    Read this from the Boston Globe:
    “The scouting report on Rondo is brutally honest. Leave him alone on the perimeter. If he hits three in a row, leave him alone. If he hits five, leave him alone.

    It won’t change for a while, regardless of how much Rondo works on his most glaring weakness — his jump shot. In the waning seconds of the Celtics’ 89-87 loss last night at American Airlines Center, Rondo was left alone for a jump shot, the Mavericks using five defenders to check four Celtics.

    Trailing by 2, Rondo held the ball standing at the 3-point line, his teammates staring at him. The Mavericks waited for his dribble penetration but realized he didn’t have enough time for an acrobatic shot.”

    I’m not a hater. Rondo is a solid point guard. Unfortunately, what people forgot when they were insulting Stockton cuz Rondo was breakin 4 game assist records was that you weren’t ever leaving Stockton open.

    How can you be the best point guard in the league when you have no confidence in a wide open jumper? That’s a shot that teams run plays to get and teams just give it to you cuz they KNOW you won’t or can’t make it?
    You think CP3, DWill, Nash or Billups hesitates with 5 feet of space? You think Nate Robinson hesitates on that? You think any of those 5 shoot 52.5% from the FREE THROW line? Rondo is a great point guard for 47.5 minutes a games. At crunchtime tho, he’s not there yet.

    ps: Ginobili is stupid clutch….and Dirk ain’t soft.

  • mr bitches

    seth currys jumper aint broken

  • mr bitches


  • mo.B.bad

    Noah is a beast, but Howard is still rockin’ shit defensively. it’s not showing up in the statline as it is with Noah, but D12 was immense against Atlanta last night – they were scared to even try and go inside.

  • Ian

    “Rondo is good in passing,steals,and playmaking,I agree. But that is all he does, not exactly an elite PG”
    yeah but he does those things so well that you can consider him the best without the other things.
    its just like with in his prime shaq he only did 2 3 things but they were so above avg that he was considered the best c.

  • Ian

    gotta love when people but pgs like rose and westbrook in their top 3-5 pgs list. those players have accomplished nothing how about we give em a few more seasons before doing that.

  • Ian

    sorry my first post was to one zero

  • Ian

    and those damn random 4 game records are stupid. thats like sayin big baby is the best scorer in the nba for 3 straight saturday games from mn 8:02 to mn 8:00.

  • control


    Which point guard would you take? Parker or Rondo?

  • Cash


    Dirk as Steve Martin in The Dirk (The Jerk)

  • Ian

    parker any day if my pg cant make a j a dont want him thats why i never liked kidd. im just rondo does other things so well that you can make a case for him being elite.

  • OneZero

    Rondo average about 11ppg, do I need to point out that Shaq scores about 27 per night when he was on the Lakers? are you going to compare that?

    15 assists/game is a great stat, but it also indicates that you need teammates that can make shot, and who do they have on the Celtics?

    take away 1-2 of his teammates, then he needs to shoulder the scoring, but how do you do it with a broken j? you’re a guard for God’s sake!

    I mentioned Wall, Jennings, Kidd because they have a better J than Rondo, and you guys know that. Dude even average 50% on ft line, are you serious?

    when the big 3 leaves, and Rondo has to be the franchise, and he start dominating, I will keep my mouth shut

    hating doesnt mean I disrespect his game, but right now, he aint that elite.

  • control


    That’s where I disagree. I think that his passing, rebounding and penetration is actually benefiting from his horrible jumpshot. I’ve debated this before, but it’s plain to see that Rondo might be the least guarded player in the NBA. The guy rarely has a defender closer than 5-10 ft to him when he is outside the key (am I wrong about that?), and anyone who says that doesn’t help him see passing lanes and let him take advantage of that has never played a minute of basketball before. If you don’t have anyone near you, because no one really cares about you outside of 15ft, you aren’t getting boxed out at all, which leads to easy rebounds as well.

    I’ve changed my opinion of the guy quite a bit over the last year. I don’t think he’s garbage, but I really don’t think he’s as good as he’s hyped up to be. If the guy were in Minny, I don’t think he’d even be a household name as he is now. He’s a product of the environment, in addition to taking advantage of the unique way he is guarded. He is effective on the Celts, but I don’t believe he would really be effective on any other team.

    He’s also a flaming bag of douchebaggary.

  • Rome

    Rondo, Kidd, Noah and Dwight Howard are the only players that have Huge impacts on games without scoring a point, just too many intangibles.Also to Ian’s point about the top point guards, Dwill nor Cp3 have accomplished much as far as playoff success in fact the last time I saw Cp3 in the playoffs his team suffered a 50 plus point defeat to the nuggets.The only elite point guard at this present moment that has a chip is Rondo so I feel like they’re all even until they can prove that they can lead their teams to the big prize. Fuck the numbers, winning separates the men from the boys.

  • cb4

    Noah is the MVP of the bulls. The way he’s playing, they would be better off trading Rose for Carmelo. hahah. just joking.

    Everyone hating on Rondo’s shooting stroke is delusional. Yes, I agree that he rarely shoots perimeter shots, and that he is no Ray Allen. But that’s only because he is so good at getting in the paint to score, and focuses more on keeping his teammates involved like a true PG should. If you really watch the Celtics play, you’ll notice that Rondo only basically takes long distance (2s and 3s) when the shot clock is about to expire after someone like big baby doesn’t take a shot they were supposed to, which forces Rondo to jack up a prayer.

    Again, speaking of no jumpshots anyone with the audacity to hate on Rondo’s stroke needs to take a better look at Rose. Now that dude, really can’t shoot. The only difference is that Rose actually believes he can, so he attempts far more jumpshots and 3s (making very few of them). If you analyze his shot selection, you will see that his mid-range to long distance game is terrible.

    Improved 3pt shot, dream on. 24% may be improved for him, but for anyone else in the league that’s pitiful.

    The difference between the two, is that Rose claims to be able to shoot, whereas Rondo knows his limitations so he doesn’t bother. I think that if Rose stopped trying to be something he isn’t he would be far more effective and the bulls would be much more dangerous.

    Finally, who really cares if either Rondo or Rose aren’t great shooters. There have been plenty of other really good PG’s who couldn’t shoot either. Why don’t people instead focus on what they can do, and give them credit for it. Both are very good players, who play completely different styles of bball and help their teams win ball games.

  • Ian

    you missed the point about the shaq comparison but since u brought up numbers wouldnt the 15 assists equal the pts from shaq?

    im not comparing shaq and rondo im comparing rondo vs pgs with his strengths and shaq vs centers with his strengths. lets say rondo cant make a j and shaq cant guard the pick n roll those are weaknesses in their games another they cant make freethrows but just like shaq with the holes can be considered an elite center why cant rondo with his cant be considered and elite pg?

  • Ian

    “I’ve changed my opinion of the guy quite a bit over the last year. I don’t think he’s garbage, but I really don’t think he’s as good as he’s hyped up to be. If the guy were in Minny, I don’t think he’d even be a household name as he is now. He’s a product of the environment, in addition to taking advantage of the unique way he is guarded. He is effective on the Celts, but I don’t believe he would really be effective on any other team.”

    wow thats how i feel about derek jeter.

    i get your point i just think he gets more hate than normal.

  • OneZero

    “lets say rondo cant make a j and shaq cant guard the pick n roll those are weaknesses in their games another they cant make freethrows but just like shaq with the holes can be considered an elite center why cant rondo with his cant be considered and elite pg?”

    sorry man I cant decipher what you’re saying, use punctuation next time maybe.

    look, I never said Rondo is a sucky basketball player, but like Control said, he is a product of hype and IMO the greatest beneficiary from the Celts big 3, but other PGs has more turnovers and less assists cause they have to put the their own teams on their back far more. also, Rondo does his defensive duties well cause his teammates are very discipline on their own.

    again, I respect his game, but it’s hard to put him as an elite PG


    aside from Kidd, they all average more points than Rondo. heck Noah is putting 15ppg and 76% freethrow.

  • Ian

    deron has been to the conference finals at least. you dont have to win but deep playoff runs will do it for me. hell westbrook has 2 wins under his playoff resume wtf is that??? and now hes elite?? im sorry but parker is still a top 5 pg he just got injured last year and he has 3 rings. nash has made how many conf finals?? and people want to put westbrook and rose over them??? already??

  • Ian

    its simple of the alltime elite centers who has the most holes in his game? shaq right? but hes still elite because hes so dominant on the things he does well. thats what im sayin about rondo (again just in case compared to other pgs not shaq). lets just drop this after this post.

  • OneZero


    but his hole is not scoring, and elite players scores basket

    if not, then you are Rodman.

  • control


    Your whole argument and point is derailed by one FACT: 50% free throw shooting. If he were a good shooter who just didn’t shoot because he doesn’t feel like it, or is playing within a system…then he’d hit those free throws when he has to, because he would be a good shooter. People bang on LeBron for not hitting free throws…he’s 77%. People say that Dwight needs to improve his free throw game before he can even be considered a great center, he shoots 55%, which is higher than Rondo.

    He isn’t a good shooter, in fact, he is top 5 worst shooter in the NBA. You can’t really defend that honestly and not look like a fucking idiot. The only shooting he does that is accurate is the shooting coming off his jock into his jock rider’s mouths.

  • Ian

    well russell wasnt a good scorer

  • K Dizzle


    Did someone actually post this?

    “Yes, I agree that he rarely shoots perimeter shots, and that he is no Ray Allen. But that’s only because he is so good at getting in the paint to score”
    “The difference between the two, is that Rose claims to be able to shoot, whereas Rondo knows his limitations so he doesn’t bother.”
    So it’s a good thing that he can’t shoot?
    and “why bother cuz I’m probably gonna miss?”
    Dude, that is the worse defense of a player I’ve ever read. LOL. That one will keep me goin all day.
    You fail to mention that even when Rondo attacks the rim, he doesn’t make you pay for fouling him since he shoots freebies worse than Shaq at 52% whereas Rose is a solid 75%.

    @ Rome
    That’s beautiful that Rondo has a ring “only” playing with 3 future HOFers.
    Here’s one for you to chew on: You think my Lakers beat the Celts in the Finals last season if CP3 or DWill running the Celts’ point?

  • OneZero

    putting CP3 or Dwill on Celts in the Final is too extreme of an example. Put Stephen Curry on that roster for just game 7, and I bet the Celt will win. Kobe will never leave him open.

  • OneZero

    nah, sorry, bad example, Curry’s J is too darn good.

  • QQ

    Damn, it seems the Rondo argument will never cease. Oh well, it’s what makes these forums interesting.

    My take: Rondo has a glaring weakness (shooting), but he IS elite. Cats who drop 24 assists one night then 17asts (and 0 TOS) on another is elite, whichever way you look at it. He is a point guard. And right now no one is doing what he’s doing at his position, except CP3. That’s elite right there.

  • control

    Well, Rondo arguing aside, I think we can all agree here that Joakim Noah is one ugly motherfucker, and we should all petition Dime to NEVER post another pic of him again. Just stick with posting that pic of that lion from Narnia. Joakim is like the ultimate cock blocker, if your girl is kind enough to sit down and catch a game with you, and it just happens to be Chicago, and in HD…one look at him will kill any libido she has for a solid 24 hours. Trying to get laid after exposing a woman to Noah is a near impossibility, unless the woman is some sort of sadist, or you are planing on raping her.

  • JAY

    Rondo can’t shoot and Nash can’t do SHIT defensively. Nash hurts his team defensively as much as Rondo’s broken shot hurts the Celts offensively.
    Shooting is ONE ASPECT OF THE GAME.
    Nash is one of the best shooters in the game so a lot of people think he’s still an Elite PG despite his lack of defense. Rondo, offensively, does everything else just as good as Nash does, and is also an absolute nuisance defensively. He can take over a game defensively but there’s guys in here who consider themselves “ballers” who give Nash the respect and not Rondo, ONLY because Nash is a shooter. Time to wake up boys. There’s more to basketball than shooting.

    someone posted: “It’s funny how people are “hating” when they are just pointing out something that is absolute FACT. Rondo can not shoot, and teams are catching onto this FACT and playing him accordingly.”
    I agree 100%. Conversely, Nash can’t keep in guy in front of him, and teams play him accordingly also. What’s the difference?? Sure Rondo can’t hit an open J. and Nash can’t guard Derek Fisher. What’s the difference?? Oh yeah, shooting is a more esthetic part of the game so Nash gets more love.

    As I said earlier, I’m not a huge Rondo fan. I’m only trying to point out that if Nash is an Elite pg, then Rondo is too. He does more on the court on both ends of the court than Nash does.

  • MSL


    That wasn’t a bad shot by Rondo. That was the only shot available, and plus they gave it to him. So he took it.

    He’s been hitting his jump shots this year. If he didn’t take it, you guys would criticize him for not taking it.

    I think this is all part of the evolution of Rondo and his shot. Soon he’ll be making these shots to win games. But everything happens in steps. The fact that he took it is a positive.

    Rondo didn’t even cost the Celtics that game. They had many other times to take the lead with blown shots by KG, Paul Pierce and Kg after. Ray Allen also had a poor game.

    I notice with Rondo, haters have a tendency to point out anything bad about him (while making grandiose declarations) and make excuses for anything good he does (especially scoring). Let’s not make it more than it is.

    Yesterday Derrick Rose shot 7/21 and is shooting 43% for the year so far (and declining), and couldn’t by a jump shot. By I’m not ready to declare that the first six games has made his season.

    Now I’m sure if Rondo scores 25-15-8-5 against Miami, we’ll here a bunch of excuses on why it doesn’t matter.

  • DH

    What, no link to the video of Z-Bo saying they played hard the entire game…for all 42 minutes? Come on Dime, I know you got a couple guys who sweat him (and he put in work last night), but you gotta call him out for not knowing how many minutes are in a game.

  • QQ

    @ 53:

    You have a point. As I see it, it’s a bad decision (not a bad shot), because he could’ve drive and kick instead. The things is, everyone was scrambling during the last few seconds, so it’s really chaos out there. And really, out of the really good decisions he made, that may be the only weak one all night.

    Really, what I’m trying to do is how that we Rondo supporters CAN actually see the mistakes that he’s doing. So fucking tired of cats who gonna argue here saying ‘Rondo is shit’, but when he drops an amazing line, they’ll STILL say rondo is shit.

  • control


    The major difference between Nash’s offensive game, and Rondo’s, in my opinion, is that Nash does A LOT more to make his teammates better. Rondo executes a set play, Nash creates the play. Rondo fits into the Celt’s system perfectly, Nash IS the system.

    Boston is top 5 in the league as far as having a disciplined and well ran team, both offensively and defensively, in Boston’s system, Rondo is just a role player. You can argue that Rondo isn’t making his teammates better, they were amazing before Rondo was around, each of the 4 HOFers on the team now have carried teams to the playoffs by themselves.

    Look at the players that Nash has carried to the play offs, look at the players Nash has made into All Stars, and look at the players that Nash has got PAID. Teams have wasted millions of dollars on guys, all because Nash made them look amazing. Nash elevates his teammates MUCH more than Rondo can. Nash’s defense is hard to defend though, the guy’s back problems have completely killed his lateral quickness. He’s stronger than Rondo and much better in the post, but he does have problems keeping guys in front of him.

    If you were to switch Rondo and Nash straight out…there’s no doubt that Boston would be completely butcher teams (also having a starting line up that are all first ballot HOF). Boston’s team defense can hide Nash very well, and Nash would have teammates that can hit more of the shots he sets up. The Suns, with Rondo instead of Nash, would probably be one of the worst teams in the league, sure as fuck ain’t making play offs in the West.

  • MSL


    Beautifully and sensibly said.

    Rondo knows his game, despite the fact that he’s hit his jump shots at or near 50% this year. Look it up haters. Someone like Rose doesn’t. You’re right!

    And to just think that all this came, cause the Dime writer decided to mention Rondo (when he shouldn’t; that was an equally opportunity blame game for the Celts), cause Dime knew it would bring more haters out.

    Jeff Van Gundy said it perfectly last week.

    Rondo does 3/4 things at a elite level for a point guard; pass, defend and rebound. He said most point guards don’t excel out of 3/4 like Rondo and when they do, it’s not at an elite level like him.

    He said that’s what makes him a special player.

    I think all this Rondo hate, is (1)just from people who don’t like him. (2)They act like a Jump shot only is what makes a point guard, (3)that Rondo won’t can’t improve in that area, and(4) that he was the only Point guard with out a consistent jumper (or who lacked confidence)?

    This is so old and premature. Plus, we’re only 8 games into the season for Boston.

    Next subject!

  • LakeShow84

    Ok i want to throw in my 2 cents..

    Rondo is (to a certain extent) a product of THE PLAYERS he is playing with..

    The 3 HOF’s he shares to court with are all past their put their heads down and take it to the rack days (Except Pierce, SOMETIMES).. those 3 (once again) HOF’s are all basically perimeter oriented.. And Ray Allen one of the best perimeter players IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA..

    Just saying watch their offense.. They all get to their spots and even they are guarded they shoot OVER their defenders and Rondo gets the assist..

    Dont get me wrong i see he penetrates BUT i think his #’s are inflated by the fact he is playing with a veteran team who is perimeter oriented.. Dont get it twisted the C’s have GREAT post D but great post offense?? Nah.. KG is a fadeaway guy, Shaq aint played and while Perk was comin around offensively hes been out.. Only player who is down there doin dirt on O is big Baby.. who also shoots J’s..

    i give it to Rondo he has great vision and if u get open he wil find you BUT as far as 17 assists?? hes playing with veterans out there.. he aint

    DRose with Noah, Gibson and shit even Deng plays green most the time lol

    Paul with whoever they lining him up with.. only vet hes got is Okafor (NO OFFENSE) and West (OVERRATED)

    Williams probably got the closest cast as far veterans go and dude has never really played with an All-Star.. and Booz dont count.. and the only perimeter player hes really had was Korver.. YAWN..

    If u put Rondo on ANY OTHER team.. he avg about 15&8.. which aint bad.. but it aint Elite #’s.. his scoring would go up cuz he’d be EXPECTED to drop points which he aint asked right now..

    Shit Chris Paul said it best when he said Rondo is lucky he gets to play with those guys.. and he was right..

  • sh!tfaced

    Rondo’s could be great if not for his “brokenth” jumper.
    Dirk would be a great player if he weren’t soft.
    Joakim Noah is a monster off the boards but he’s as ugly as shit.
    Carmelo could be great if he gave a shit.

    This is again… UGH

    Fuck… so what else is new…?

  • LakeShow84

    And give it 2-3 years..

    Stephen Curry will be top 2-3 in the PG arguement..

  • NYC


    Also Deron plays in a very point guard friendly offense.

    It’s like the West Coast Offense for Point Guards.

    Also. I really don’t feel most people here really care about Rondo or watch him play. They just don’t like him.

    I was never a Rondo or Boston fan, but I’ve watched him play a lot and I think the kid is great.

    His defense alone this year would be reason why you’d want him on your team. All the guys here using this bogus excuse about him not hitting a jumpshot, should watch Rondo at the end of games frustrate Jennings, Westbrook, Rose, etc., when every one knows these guys are getting the ball.

    His ball pressure and roaming/help defenses is one of the key reasons why Boston’s defense is so good. I’ve seen him take many teams completely out of their offense, because of what Rondo does at the top of the key. By the time the oppositions busted play/offense comes into the paint, it’s easy for KG, etc. to help. But it all starts with rondo (that’s one of the reasons why Dallas was dumping the ball into Nowitski; their guards were having trouble trying to run offense up top).

    Now you combine that defense with an elite passer, ball handler, rebounder, decision maker, length and quickness at the position, and you have a special player. No doubt!

    I’m sure once Rondo starts taking more jump shots and hitting them (he’s hitting them so far this year), the haters will come up with another excuse. It’ll never end.

  • MSL

    @ Control & CB4

    You see.

    This is the reactionary garbage/bullshit by people like Control I’m talking about.

    Because Rondo is shooting 50% so far this year at the foul line, all of a sudden Dwight Howard is a better free throw shooter (than a career 64% free throw shooter like Rondo to a 50+% one like Howard). Ohhhhhhhhh, K.

    Also, control makes it seems like, you didn’t have shooters in the past who were poor/poorer free throw shooters. Of course you had. How many times have you heard an announcer say “he’s such a good shooter, you would think he’d be a better free throw shooter”? That’s nothing new/special (just like Point guards, who weren’t great shooters). But if I bring up Those great point guards who couldn’t shoot, or good shooters, who were poor free throw shooters, than I’ll be accused of directly comparing Rondo to them. See the silliness with his logic?

    The season is 8 games into the year and now Rondo is a career 50% shooter? Well if that’s the case, then Rondo is a 40% 3 point shooter and 50% midrange shooter, if we gonna go by his free throws up until this point. Cause that’s what he’s shooting in those areas from the floor!

    Does the man actually follow Rondo’s team beginning to end to end of game/current season?

    Control’s argument is a joke and the logic of a reactionary fool! Can we just watch the games please.

  • S.A.C.

    @ All Rondo Haters.

    Whew! I see we got another barn burner here today.

    Last night during the Bulls game where Derrick Rose (I’m sure the Rondo Hating Brigade like him, with all his shooting and defensive flaws/holes) was shooting the lights out at 7/21 from the field last night, the DENVER BROADCAST did a viewer poll of the Best Point guards in the East.

    Here were the selections.

    Derrick Rose 24%
    Rajon Rondo 56%
    John Wall Don’t remember but minor
    Brandon Jennings. Don’t remember but minor.

    I hope none of the math challenged Rondo haters ask me “hey where’s the numbers for Jennings and Wall; maybe they could of topped Rondo”?

    Man it must drive you guys insane to know that people out west who don’t have a dog in the fight, Love Rondo to like that. He’ll be the starting point guard for the east this year by the way.

  • OneZero

    because those great players who shot bad free throws are not ball handlers like Rondo:


    and yes, he will hover 50%-60% on his ft this season, because that is what he averages in his past seasons, nothing changed.

  • cb4

    @ Lakeshow

    I disagree completely, and who better than you as a Lakers fan to know your argument makes no sense.

    If Rondo is only averaging 14.8 assists because he is playing with 3 HOF players how come Gary Payton (arguably HOF himself and one of the pest PG’s of all time) or Derrick Fisher didn’t average 20 assists playing with the most dominant center ever in Shaq, the second leading scorer of all time Malone and MR 81 points, Kobe Bryant. In 2004, Payton averaged a measly 5.5 assists and Fisher was even worse with 2.3.

    Your argument failed.

    In fact, I think Rondo has a harder job controlling egos, than any PG on a team full of nobodies. The point is, Rondo looks to pass, to create for his teammates, and to make the right play, before looking for his own offense. The players he’s always being compared to who only get their assists because they dribble the ball for 20 seconds of every possession and give whoever they pass to no choice but to shoot the ball.

    Want evidence, NBA players themselves appreciate Rondo’s game. OJ Mayo came out in an interview on Saturday and said he would rather play with Rondo than Conley because he is the best at running the point properly, like a true PG should.

  • NYK

    no mention of Monta Ellis’ hard fall and how he was a beast before exiting the game?

  • sh!tfaced

    oh yeah… lol… how come derrick fucking fisher ain’t getting assists…

  • S.A.C.

    I see Control is still talking out of his ass,regarding Rondo and Nash.

    The man proves everyday he doesn’t actually watch Rondo, Celtic or Suns games (though I’m sure he’ll claim he will).

    It doesn’t even deserve a response.

    Rondo doesn’t fit into the Celtics offensive system Bro. He is the Celtics offensive system dope! Now I know I can’t take you seriously. Rondo has free reign to call any play he wants offensively and defensively when he’s on the floor. You can see it when they play and Coach Rivers had said this many times. It’s only a few times when Doc will actually call a play from the side lines.

    Also, Rondo has one of the highest % of the offense or assist running through him for his team in recent NBA history. Look it up.

    Can we just stop the foolish hate Control, etc.? Give it up!?

    I’m not even a Celtic Fan. You guys are too funny though. lol

  • sh!tfaced

    but hey, old fish does best what rondo doesn’t. and vice versa.

  • control


    Your understanding of my argument is the only joke here. First off, I’ve never accused you of directly comparing Rondo to any shooters, that was another one of the many Rondo haters on here. There are so many haters here for a reason, if I were the only one than you’d probably be able to disregard me based on that alone…but the fact that there are so many people on here who “hate” on the guy says that there is something legit to hate (other than his personality being completely rancid and full of douchebaggary).

    As you said, the season is only 8 games in…think Rondo is still going to be averaging 14apg at the end of the year? He has a higher chance of averaging 52% ft% than he does 14apg. You are the one basing his greatness off of the short amount of games played, while I’ve been saying the entire time that once the season is done, the numbers will be leveled out and settled down.

    There have been good shooters who have been poor free throw shooters. Of course, those same guys were knocking off 70-80% from the line instead of their expected 85-90% considering their shooting abilities. Now, I’m sure you can dig up some obscure guy somewhere who doesn’t fit that mold, but don’t even bother, it isn’t an occurrence that is frequent enough to place any merit on.

    Rondo and Dwight are pretty much on the same level as far as free throw shooting goes, are you going to dispute that? Except Dwight is bad for a center, and Rondo is probably the worst point guard in the league at the line.

    Yeah, just watch the games, you’ll see exactly what I am saying. The guy is barely defended, other teams not only don’t respect his shot, they straight out DISrespect it (with a good reason, it fucking sucks). Just watch the guy and see how many rebounds he gets, and how many passes he makes while he is completely unguarded, and see how much of an impact it makes. Watch how many tough shots his very skilled teammates are making to get him that assist, and ask yourself if these old guys can keep pulling that shit off to get Rondo his numbers.

    Fucking calling me a fool, when I’ve actually avoided talking about this douchebag idiot since we had our last lil’ “discussion” last week. You jocking on this guy so much that you aren’t on his cock, you are IN his cock. Change your name to “Rondo’s Sperm” cause that what you are, you are either going to find yourself an egg and grow into his lovechild, or find yourself dripping out of some other guy’s taint after he squirts ya out.

  • control


    “It doesn’t even deserve a response. ” then you go in and type up a few paragraphs as a response. You do see the irony there eh?

  • MSL


    I find this all humorous.

    Lakeshow fails twice though.

    He reveals his sublime lack of basketball knowledge by saying, “Rondo excels cause he’s passing to shooters”.

    Well, first of all, don’t low post players shoot higher % shots and it’s the perimeter guys that generally shoot the lower percentage? So that’s actually a disadvantage for Rondo right there. Cause if he played with a prime Shaq/Hakeem, he’d say “oh that’s easy when you can just walk it up and dump it to Shaq”. I never saw Kenny Smith, Derick Fisher, Penny Hardaway, etc. lead the league in assist though, cause of this.

    Secondly. Lake show only reinforces Rondo’s argument. Cause those guys are old and can’t shoot with a hand in their face (and generally can’t consistently create their own shot at their age). Rondo gets them clean, easy looks with an assortment of diversion, mis-direction, ball/head fakes, quickness, craftiness and penetration. It’s not easy. And guys that think it is obviously don’t know basketball or watch the the games.

    Rondo gets assist and everyone involved,no matter who’s on the court (Big Baby, Daniels, J, Shaq O’Neal, etc.). It doesn’t matter. Just really watch the Celtics play, instead of talking out of yall tight asses.

    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ CB4


    You pointed out a washed up GP and Derek Fisher as examples??


    And im the idiot cuz ima Laker fan.. Inbreds.. i swear lol

    Heres a taste of basketball knowledge for you.. What system did those 2 play in when they came to LA?? THE TRIANGLE kid.. The Triple Post offense.. The same system in which you only need a SHOOTER to man the point with a trickle of ball handling..

    Choose a better example douche.. The triangle aint a PG friendly offense.. and LMAO at bringing up the old washed up GP who came to LA.. didnt he have a case of the heebie jeebies that same year?? Yeah great example dip..

    But to point it out..

    im neutral in this arguement..

    I say hes still young so give him time to address his GLARING weakness.. In the meantime be happy he has the vision, defense and ability to put the ball where it needs to be..

    He aint bad in any sense.. He stays within himself, locks down his position and runs the offense.. i just say hes rackin up assists because of who he plays FOR/WITH.. Doc was a PG too dont forget that..

    But that still dont account for his D, steals and tenacity..

    So everyone quit bitching.. id say there are 3-4 more talented PG’s in the league but Rondo is in the best situation while being a top 10 PG.. and that in turn makes him look like a top 5 PG..

    Damnnear ANY top 15 PG in the league would/could flourish while running the point being asked to only pass and defend..

    Paul, Williams, Rose, Wall, Brooks and even JKidd are asked to be scoring options..

    Rondo’s scoring is a bonus he isnt asked for..

  • cb4

    hahahah, @Control accusing others of dickriding. This guy would trade him own mom for Derrick Rose. He probably fantasizes about hanging out with him, working out together, and walking hand in hand to their beginner English classes.

    And whats with all the talk about sperm. Are you a little child who gets upset when he loses an argument, so you have to resort to juvenile insults and talk of semen. POO POO CACA. Grow up pee wee.

    I swear that you just go on NBA.com to check the boxscores praying that Rondo has had a bad game so you can come on here to discredit him. So immature.

    On your next reply please try to make sense. Bring something new to the table, something rational, something reasonable, or something you can provide supportive evidence for. Quit with your Rhetoric.

  • S.A.C.


    Didn’t Rondo avg 14 points a game last year and shot around 65% from free throw land (and isn’t his career FT shooting in the sixties so far)? Mmmmhhh. Ok.

    I find it quite amusing how you continue to dog this guy on his shooting.

    The guy is 6’2″ and has bigger hands than Yao Ming. He has the same problem most big men have (foul and outside shooting), and he’s working on it. You act like their isn’t a reason why he addresses shooting (mind you those long arms and huge hands also give him big benefits as well). He’s a freak!

    But you continue to lie and hate. Okay?

    Now I will tell you what I think about what you wrote and give it the appropriate response below.

    Yeah. That’s about it! Blank!

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ MSL

    damn people

    Im not just saying hes “passing to shooters”

    IM saying the way their system is set up.. Ray Allen runs through the screens and since hes so good at it hes open just needing a pass in the right spot..

    IM saying KG sets up on the post does his shoulder shimmies and shoots fadeaways.. all he needs is a pass on the block.. shit his post game is so vanilla sometimes he gets free on spins because his defender aint even expecting.. Also credit Rondo’s reflexes for always hittin him off that spin..

    Pierce is probably the only player who still creates his own shot and even still dude is a SPOT up 3 pt shooter who knows how to get himself LOST on D and get open..

    I mean do all the people whining about Rondo even watch the other players?? Is it all just Rondo waving magic wands?? GTFOH.. some of you guys actin like female puppies i swear..

    I said the kid would still avg close 7-8 assists a game with a regular team.. and that aint bad.. but hes in the perfect situation right now and eating..

    Who cares?? Control knows whats up he aint stupid you just wont get him to admit it.. SO GET THE FUCK OVER IT lol this arguement is old..

  • LakeShow84

    But on a sidenote

    Still unexcuseable for PG to shoot UNDER 70% from the line..

    I mean seriously Rondo lovers..

    How did Rondo do in the Finals when it all counted??

    Cricket cricket motherfuckers LMAO

  • control


    I haven’t mentioned Derek Rose’s name at all, what the fuck are you talking about? I’m not even a Chicago fan. I do think he’s better than Rondo though. I also responded to some fool calling me a fool, so really, what the fuck are you talking about? Actually, WHY are you talking? Just shut the fuck up.


    Hate? Yeah, maybe. Lies? What am I lying about? I’m not the only one dogging this guy about his shooting, did you read the Smack up there that caused all of this shit? The guy is a broke ass jumper, it’s a fucking fact. You think other teams are planning their defense around NOT covering the guy outside because he’s a fucking hawkeye? I don’t give a fuck about the guy’s hands, why should I? Just because he has big hands doesn’t mean that the form on his broke ass jumper has to change each and everytime he decides to shoot one.

    “You act like their isn’t a reason why he addresses shooting (mind you those long arms and huge hands also give him big benefits as well)” I don’t even understand what you are trying to say there, are you trying to say that he intentionally doesn’t work on his shooting or something? Or are you just hinting that he might have a big cock because he has huge hands, I dont know what the fuck you are trying to say.

  • JAY

    Fair enough. But Nash is as bad a defender as there is at the point. The two most important defensive positions on the court are the center and the point guard. and as I’ve said earlier, as good as Nash is on offense, he sucks just as bad at the defensive end.
    And Nash’s ability to change plays and free-lance was gained through experience. I agree Rondo is not at Nash’s level as far as orchestrating the offense but he’s a young dude. I think he has the vision and desire to get very close to that level. There have been some points of games where Rondo will move guys around, he just doesn’t do it as often as Nash.

    And regarding those “inflated numbers”. I don’t see them as inflated. Rondo finds THEM shots. The future HOFers aren’t creating those shots for themselves. If Rondo’s assists were directly tied to the “Old 3″, his numbers over the last 3 years should have decreased as the HOFers bodies break down. His assists numbers are increasing; from 8, to almost 10, to +14 this year. Rondo just needs guys who can put the ball in the basket, not necessarily HOFers. Put a bunch of shooters around Rondo and he’d average the same numbers. Just my opinion.

  • sh!tfaced

    hahahaha… nice one on the megan fox bit…

  • LakeShow84

    We almost hit 100!!!!

    The good ol days are back..

    Too bad its about a Boston douche tho..

  • MSL

    @Lake Show, CB4

    I see you still Rhapsodizing?

    You’re one of those fools, that no matter what I say about Rondo, you’ll have an excuse. Right?

    What point guard would play with Legitimate Scorers, and then try to lead the team in scoring himself? That’s just stupid. Rondo is smart for that? But you criticize him for that? WTF?

    So Rondo’s good now, cause he coached by Doc Rivers? Is that the new secret, excuse? LMFAO. You guys kill me!

    What did that do to (and please tell) Sebastian Telfair, Eddie House, Delonte West, Nate etc.? i don’t think they got the memo! Are you for real man?

    Now if I tell you, when KG, etc. was hurt last year; Rondo’s scoring increased, what are you gonna say? When I tell you in the playoffs, Rondo’s scoring increased, what you gonna say?

    It’s very simple. When the Celtics need Rondo to score, he scores. No one can stay in front of him or keep him out the paint. Someone mentioned Van Gundy earlier. Here’s what he also said about Rondo “he could score any time he want’s with his quickness, leaping ability and ball handling, but the fact that he chooses to pass to his team mates is admirable)”. Amen Jeff!

    Do you realize, if Rondo wasn’t playing with the Celtics, he’d average 18-21 points a game (and still pop 10 assist)? Those guys actually slow him down. They could speed up the offense with younger players and he could score more points and assist on lay ups. Duuuuh!!!!?

    Why? You act like you talking about a small, slow guard, with no leaping ability, craftiness or ball handling. Rondo’s the opposite. He’s got great physical and basketball skills and IQ. Take of the blinders!

    Stop hating and making a fool out of yourself lake show.

    And outside of CP3 (and maybe Dwill), who would be more talented than Rondo, All around? Who has a better combination of athletic/Basketball/offense and defensive skills?

    Stop making excuses and making a fool out of yourself man.

    Just watch the actual games (Get League pass or something) before you make your foolish, incomplete analysis.

  • JAY

    Get to work you fucking slackers……..

    *looks in mirror*

    Shit, me too…

  • NYC


    Wow! Still going on, huh? Lol.

    Oh. Great point, on the inverse relationship to Rondo’s assist (they keep going up) s the Celtic HOF’s bodies keep breaking down. Brilliant counter point!!

    Now, I know you said Rondo orchestrates the Celtic offense sometimes. But I think he does it all the time. He’s always yelling, pointing, barking and telling those guys what to do and where to go, cause he’s got the green light to see the defense and call his own plays.

    Actually, unless the offense is in motion or in transition, that’s all Rondo does when he crosses half court.

    And it’s like you said; he’s young and will get better (though the Unabomber/haters will never admit that).

    Thanks for your points.

  • LakeShow84



    Ur dickriding too hard..

    Do you even realize im saying your boy is good??

    I mean seriously get out of argument mode for one second..

    Im only pointing out factors which have led him to become what he has.. He has no pressure on him to succeed.. If Boston fails it all falls on the big 3.. it wont fall on Rondo’s anything..

    Im not saying Doc Rivers has MADE Rondo good.. he was good at Kentucky right?? Im saying it doesnt HURT that your head coach was also a good PG himself..

    Im not saying the big 3 made Rondo quick and fast but they allow to play to his strength which is why he doesnt have to go out and player scorer.. which regardless of what JVG says (who will say anything thats the company line) Rondo is not.. And please dont tell me if he wanted to Rondo could be a scorer with that broken shot..

    Be real..

    If anything im pointing out factors in his DEVELOPEMENT.. Im not dissin dude but at the same time to say hes better than CP3 or DWill is retarded..

    Hes still got a ways to go and dude is not the best thing since the television..

    I understand some of you aint winnin the aruguement at home but quit with “IM RIGHT IM RIGHT” shit lol there is a gray area..

    And as a Laker fan i could give a shit hahahahaha

    We laughin all the way to the bank with

  • LakeShow84

    with all the bullshit lol woops

  • NYC

    @ Jay.

    Yeah. Time to get back to work! Lol.

  • LakeShow84

    Try being Cp3, DWill or Rose and have to be playmaker AND scorer..

    Thats pressure.. and if those teams fail?? who stock falls?? oh yeah THEIR stock falls.. Rondo can do whatever he wants out there and doesnt get much of criticism..

    Thats probably what pissed Control off so bad lol

  • JAY

    “Ur dickriding too hard..
    Do you even realize im saying your boy is good??”


    Dude A: “Megan Fox is sweet as fuck. I’d love to dig into that. She has funny looking thumbs though.”
    Dude B: “What are you talking about??? She’s awesome!! She’s so sexy!!”
    Dude A: “Yeah, she’s fine as hell. It’s just her thumbs are jacked.”
    Dude B: “You’re a freakin idiot. She’s hot, I don’t care what you say.”
    Dude A: “Uhhhhhh…. yeah…. i’m agreeing with you, dumb-ass but the bitch ain’t perfect.”
    Dude B: “Fuck you. Don’t make fun of my Megan!!”

  • control

    It’s funny how when it comes to some people, you can’t even mention one of their faults without being a “hater”. Rondo, Kobe, Manu, etc, all of their fanboys just come out the woodworks to whiteknight their bff if you happen to say a completely honest thing that isn’t good about them. Steve Nash is my favorite player, but if someone says he has bad defense, I’m not going to get all up into his jock saying otherwise.

    It’s funny, some people are so delusional, they’d even say KG doesn’t act like a douchebag, or Wade doesn’t get help from refs, or LeBron doesn’t travel with a crab dribble, or Kobe doesn’t go into ball hog mode. You jocking motherfuckers need to get a grip and take realistic looks at your bffs.


    I’m only typing this much because I AM at work. I sure as fuck ain’t going to whine about this shit if I weren’t getting paid for it. As it is, I’ve managed to get my “hate game” on for half the day, and made a pretty damn good chunk of cash doing it.

  • cb4

    @ Lakeshow,

    How was Payton washed up when he just came off a season averaging 20.4 ppg, 4.2 rb, 8.3 assists and 1.7 steals? Please clarify. Because to me, those numbers are better than anything your boy Rose has put up for a season, yet you anoint him the next MJ.

    As for Fish, he’s 36. In 2004 he was 30 and in his prime. WTF are you talking about washed up?

    The way those two PGs struggled only shows how difficult it is to run a team full of stars. For this, Rondo should be given even more credit for the brilliant job he has done so far.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Yeah i feel you but Kobes fundamentals are top flight lol

    @ JAY

    LMAO that does basically sum up my arguement with dude..

  • control


    His boy Rose? You see his name? His boy is Derek Fisher. According to Lakeshow Derek Fisher is the next MJ…at least get it right man when you are spittin ignorance man.

    Rondo would be useless in the triangle. Guy can’t shoot for shit (which is one of the main keys), and you don’t even need a true point guard in the triangle. Rondo would probably kick ass using his good penetration skills in a triple post system…are you on crack?

  • LakeShow84

    @ CB4

    “For this, Rondo should be given even more credit for the brilliant job he has done so far.”


    First off.. in case you didnt read.. They played in a NON PG friendly system which is the Triangle..

    Second off.. GP is washed up the same way Bosh is this year.. If u dont understand that then i dont know what to tell you pumpkin..

    Third off.. i NEVER said Fisher was washed up that year but FOR HIS WHOLE CAREER Fish has NEVER been a passing PG.. he is a shooter and a defender who has enough ball handling/IQ skills to run OUR point so any comparisons to him ill take as moronic..

    Lol be real u just went and ran and dug up those stats and had/have NO IDEA how Payton blended in with us that year.. If u want further proof check his stats in Miami the followin year stat man lol

    LMAO i hope MSL is brighter than u..

  • control

    I’m pretty much just posting now to see this shit hit 100 before I leave work…it’s funny how many posts jockers are willing to hoist up for their boy. Almost as much as ‘haters’ are willing to throw down on their antimancrushes.

  • sh!tfaced

    WTF?! i comment @ JAY on post 89 and mine ends up at post no. 80?!

  • LakeShow84

    Ninety seven??

  • sh!tfaced


  • LakeShow84

    NINA NINA!!!

  • MSL

    @ Lake show

    You’re being a little daft, and not realizing I recognized your argument and said compliments indeed. I just responded to the negatives and overall analysis you provided. I know what you said. Once again, please try to pay attention next time yourself.

    My arguments very clear. So if I’m dick riding, then you must be dick grinding? Come on now son!

    On Point guard coaches:

    I would say the #1 position for NBA coaches come from the point guard position Lakeshow. So what?

    Is Nate McMillian, making Andre Miller any better? Also keep in mind that even if the Head coach isn’t a point guard, almost every team has an assistant coach that’s a point guard. For example; not only was Scott Brooks of OKC a point guard himself, but one of his assistants is Mo Cheeks (Remember him, great point guard with no jump shot like Rondo). I’m sure he’s working with Westbrook. So I still don’t get your point? I know what you meant. But all NBA teams have point guards work with their Point guards. It’s like a quarterback coach in football. Keep in mind. Mo cheeks, was a better point guard than Doc Rivers to boot (if that matters to you).

    By your logic, why didn’t Magic Johnson make any great point guards in LA before and after Phil and the Triangle (which your going to tell me is not conducive for points). I’m sure he worked with many of them over the years, or was asked before Phil.

    On scoring; did you see Rondo score during last two playoff seasons Lake Show (2009 Chi series where he averaged 19-9.8-10 and the Cleveland series with the 29pt, 13assist, 10reb game on the road)? Did you watch him during the regular season after KG got hurt last year?

    Rondo can score. He just picks his spots like most great point guards.

    Lastly, I wasn’t directly comparing Rondo to Dwill and CP3 (if anything I was excusing them). You said their were 10 more talented point guards that Rondo; but Rondo was top 3-4, cause of his situation. Well, I asked you (with maybe the exception of CP3 and maybe Dwill), who’s more talented than Rondo, when you combine Size, Speed, Quickness, ball handling, passing, decisions, defense, steals and rebounding? I think it’s quite clear when you look at it that way. That’s what I asked you.

    Your arguments are fruitless. Like I said; Rondo is not Emmit Smith. Emmitt, was a small, slow guy, with out great moves, that played with a totally stacked team and great coach in their prime. That’s not him. Rondo is a very physically and skilled ball player, playing with a group of great guys, who know how to win, but are past their primes. They need him more than he needs them at this point

    Watch a Celtic game when Rondo comes out? Take notice at how the offense falls apart, unless their getting easy shots or scores off of their defense. It’s like a bull in the proverbial china shop offense.

    Doc can’t take Rondo out comfortably, unless there’s a 12+ point cushion.

    That’s just the reality (Lake) Show!

  • JAY

    You can comment on future posts?!?! That’s gangster.
    If you post this next, we should all kiss your feet….


  • MSL


    You the only one I’m reading, that’s making sense, logic and dropping numbers and science.

    Damn you just blasted Lake show with your Gary Payton statistics and Derick Fisher analysis, like a Baketball Boozaka! Damn!

    Yeah. I think what people like Lake Show and control don’t realize is; those guys in Boston are a surly bunch.

    If D.Rose, etc., walked into Boston trying to jack up shots or didn’t pass it to them when they were open, they would of ran the guy out of Boston.

    Rondo is under extreme pressure to keep those guys happy. Actually he’s under a whole lot more pressure than Rose, etc. is; cause Rose, etc. have nobody to answer to on the court. Their allowed to make mistakes, cause nobody expected much from them (or plays with a player his equal or better) up until this year maybe. He (and Brandon Jennings, John Wall, etc.) doesn’t have the pressure of winning. Noticed how Durant is shooting 37% this year and OKC is struggling with the weight of added expectations? It’s easy.

    Well, this is the weight that Rondo has shouldered ever since the big 3 got to Boston. And if he couldn’t produce and/or get along with them, he would be out! Their a crazy ass bunch up their. Shit I know you guys know that, cause most of yall always hating on KG and PP being the worst Punk muthafuckas in the NBA.

    Those guys would not put up with a poor decision making/passing, shot jacking point guard ever!!!

    Look what happened to all the other point guards there (and almost to Rondo). You got to earn their admiration (including the coaches) and respect with your play, decisions and leadership.

    Make no mistake, despite their diminished skills, those guys still want their touches and wanna win another Championship now.

    Chicago fans just hope to see Rose get out of the first round. It’s not easy!

  • LakeShow84

    Comparing old ass Andre Miller who met McMillan as his 18th coach


    Rajon Rondo being basically drafted and mentored under Doc Rivers

    isnt really a valid comparison.. Rajon Rondo is AT the coaching stage in his young NBA career.. Miller aint really givin a shit about what McMillan tells him..

    And you really mean to tell me the Celtics need him more than he needs them?? I DOUBT IT bruh..

    The Celtics are organized on both sides of the court and each of their marquee players has plays called for them on a daily.. Compare that to certain teams who let certain superstars languish because they dont know how to use them and you can see why the C’s make the most of what they got.. which is also great coaching..

    And that make the most of what youve got trickles to Rondo..

    He can score i dont doubt it but hes still doing it under wraps.. When KG got injured they still had Pierce and Allen to keep the perimeter open.. I mean seriously how often does Rondo face doubles??

    HE DOSNT..

    and if he was the #1 scoring option it would get DOWN RIGHT UGLY at this point in his career.. Stop his drive game and if need be clobber him and send him to the line.. given teams try to do this now they just cant commit an actual SCHEME or extra bodies to do so because you got Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett out there..

    And call me crazy but the C’s bench has looked solid so far this year..

  • LakeShow84

    DOESNT >>>> DAMN!!!

  • Ian

    you do that before starting long posts
    -not going to waste my time
    -doesnt even deserve a response

    cant blame control for post 71

  • LakeShow84

    “Damn you just blasted Lake show with your Gary Payton statistics and Derick Fisher analysis, like a Baketball Boozaka! Damn!”

    Those were the weakest points in his arguement lololololololol

  • MSL

    @ Control.

    I’m not going to comment on Noah’s looks. But I’m imma co-sign a little with Chicagorilla on Noah.

    Obviously, he’s doing great work, so I’m not going to touch that. But you ever notice, when ever he runs to a rebound or makes an offensive move, it looks like he’s stumbling or falling down? WTF! Is he really that awkward? And why does he always have to yell for a tap or a rebound (can he at least wait till he grabs the rebound first)? Does he feel special or something? Isn’t that his fucking job since he lacks offensive skills or moves? Im just saying!

    Maybe I missed something? Lol.

  • Ian

    why u gotta bring manu into this?

  • control


    You just called the one guy who isn’t making any sense at all, is on possibly on drugs, and has misquoted every single person here, the one guy who you are feeling the most…does that really make sense? Who do you think is more foolish, the fool or the one who follows the fool?

    You are also saying that because Rondo has hall of famers surrounding him, protecting him, and coddling him, he has more pressure than a guy who is carrying a team on his back by himself? That logic isn’t that logical. I guess Rondo does have to worry about KG being a tough guy with him, since he’s smaller than KG, but other than that, what pressure does Rondo have?

    Who is saying that ANY point guard would want to come on to the Celtics and start jacking shots? You keep bringing that up as some mighty point you have, but there’s absolutely no one here saying that any point guard should sit around jacking shots on any team. It’s like you are saying that someone is saying Rondo should play like Allen Iverson, when no one is even suggesting such a thing (in fact I probably hate AI’s game more than Rondos…at least Rondo plays PG the right way).

  • JAY

    You write some long ass posts man. Lol! I’m not dissing the posts, just curious what office you work at?? They hiring??

  • LakeShow84

    “You are also saying that because Rondo has hall of famers surrounding him, protecting him, and coddling him, he has more pressure than a guy who is carrying a team on his back by himself? That logic isn’t that logical”

    I didnt want to point that out hahahaha

    i think its just blind love lol

  • MSL

    @Lake Show.

    You made some good/valid points on your last post.

    You know I don’t have a problem with people criticizing Rondo. It’s a free board. My problem is, when people criticize every thing he does, make bold projections based off of nothing or don’t give him the same excuses as any other player would get.

    Yes. The big 3 need Rondo more than he needs them. They have sets run for them, but they would have to work a lot harder or have broken plays to score even when they were run. You have to see the mis-direction Rondo applies to get the ball to his team mates on many of these plays.

    Like I said, watch the Celtic offense when Rondo is not in the game. It’s not always pretty.

    Also, if those guys weren’t there, Rondo would have to concentrate on different aspects of his game, like outside shooting and free throw shooting. It’s that simple. And I’m not going to bet against him, that if that’s what was required from him that he would get the job done (because he’s got the job done in the areas that hey require) if alone.

    If Those guys wasn’t there, Rondo would be like Wall or any other guard of that ilk, with out proven stars. He would up tempo the ball more to score, penetrate in the half court and kick when the lane was full.

    To make it easier for Rondo, all the Celtics would do is spread the floor or pick and roll; which is what they do with Rondo now when they want him to score or decide/lead the play.

    Think about it? At the end of the year, Wall is going to put up some nice statistics and be praised for it, regardless of the fact that he’s going to shoot a poor % and have a boat load of turnovers for a last place team. Right?

    What’s the difference (on your question on Rondo alone)?

    Rondo would still put up good numbers! It’s not hard, when you’re a point guard, controlling the offense and jacking up shots!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    man, Joakim Noah is a funny lookin’ fresh prince mutha fukka.

    I almost couldn’t click on today’s Smack because of the pick.

    So, where is Steve Nash gooing to wind up? …as long as it’s not the Lakers I hope he goes to a team poised for a deep playoff run

  • JAY

    Re: #111
    I was gonna point that out too but figured someone else will. Good job control.

    Btw, what’s the argument again?? It got lost somewhere between Derek Fisher and Megan Fox’s thumbs.

  • MSL


    Cute/funny question.

    Short enough for you now? It’s kool. Lol.

  • JAY

    Re: Nash
    Captain Canada should come to Canada. That’s where all the non-defensive caucasians come to play ball.

  • MSL

    @Lakeshow and Jay.

    What pressure does Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings and John Wall have?

    No one is expecting them to win. Rose may have a little more pressure with Boozer; cause now more people expect them to win and possibly go further. But they are free to make mistakes and lose and nobody cares. It would just be considered their development.

    Tell me what’s so hard about that to understand? People on TV talk about that all the time with coaches and players.

    Yes. Rondo’s under more pressure, cause if he couldn’t produce with those guys; they would get rid of him.

    Just to illustrate that point; who do you think is the most maligned point guard in the NBA now? It’s Carlos Arroyo. Why? Cause he sticks out like a sore thumb, cause he can’t produce with three big time players. He’s not holding his weight. Joel Anthony, would be the most maligned Center at the moment as well?

    Arroyo and Anthony are under constant pressure of losing their jobs everyday. If you don’t believe that, just ask a Miami fan.

  • K Dizzle

    @ JAY and Lakeshow

    I think it’s pretty obvious that MSL and CB4 are the same dude. How you rep a dude (CB4) who keeps thinkin Rose is everybody’s favorite point guard and can’t figure out why Rondo wouldn’t succeed in the triangle…
    Shit is basic basketball knowledge. Who’s the Lakers leading assist man this season? Pau Gasol. If that don’t tell you, nothin will.

    @ JAY – the only part of saying Nash’s weakness is defense is that his back belongs to a 60 yr old man and he’s 36. Who you take for your squad? 25 yr old Nash or 25 yr old Rondo? See how that look?

  • JBOI15


  • MSL

    @lakeshow and Jay.

    Keep in mind, that Arroyo and Anthony are under extreme pressure, though their not the 3 big stars that everyone talks and knows about. They feel it constantly.

    The casual basketball fan may not care or know about them, but the Miami fans talk about them and Spoelstra every day to each other and on their message boards.

    By the logic of you guys, Arroyo and Anthony, should of magically turned into great players! Well their not!

    But they get killed every night by their fans with each successive torching.

    Yes. Rondo is under a lot of pressure, cause his team is expected to win and he’s expected to lead them there a certain way. Absolutely!

  • MSL


    I never said Lake show mentioned anything about Rose.

    I just brought up Rose (and Brandon Jennings, Wall, etc.) to illustrate several different points.

    And no we’re not the same person.

    But I guess I could say the same for you?

    Don’t give up your day job though. You make a poor Kreskin & swami.

  • control


    Yeah, Rondo is really getting that pressure…he has more media on his nutsack right now than LeBron James. He started getting insane MVP talk 5 games into the season, I am sure he’s worried about Nate taking his starting job…or of overzealous Boston fans pipebombing him.

    I really do understand the point you are trying to make right now, but I just think you are straight out wrong. Joel Anthony is only under pressure because he knows that he’s just a warm body they picked up to hang out with the big 3. All he has to do is play good enough to not be a complete negative to the team, and he has his job secured and his family is eating. He ain’t going to be taking any last second shots, he ain’t going to be doing any heavy lifting. If that is pressure, hook me up with that.

    Arrayo might be under pressure, who knows with that guy, he’s kind of fucked in the head. Better example though, MIke Miller. When Mikey gets back, he knows what he’s gotta do…knock down shots when he needs to, and don’t fuck up. That shit ain’t pressure, that’s being a role player, which is exactly what Rondo is for the most part (though it IS an important role).

  • K Dizzle

    LOL Kreskin?….ok

    Here’s some free advice:
    When someone throws up a post that makes no sense logically or basketball wise don’t reply with:

    ” @CB4
    You the only one I’m reading, that’s making sense, logic and dropping numbers and science.
    Damn you just blasted Lake show with your Gary Payton statistics and Derick Fisher analysis, like a Baketball Boozaka! Damn!
    Yeah. I think what people like Lake Show and control don’t realize is; those guys in Boston are a surly bunch.
    If D.Rose, etc., walked into Boston trying to jack up shots or didn’t pass it to them when they were open, they would of ran the guy out of Boston.”

    That one was free. Enjoy your day

  • B-Ball

    Wow! Over 100 post.

    To Piggy Back on MSL

    Rose and John Wall are expected to entertain (wall more so than Rose this year).

    Rondo is expected to win!!!

    I can see his point clearly.

    There’s less pressure on the guy that people just wanna see play well. But there’s a whole lot of pressure on a guy that people wanna see play well, that’s also running a team with title aspirations.

    Nobody expects Chicago to make it to the conference finals, or Wall to even make the playoffs. Of course, there’s less pressure in those situations, though you’re playing relatively by yourself. You’re allowed to make more mistakes.

  • LakeShow84

    @ MSL

    Nah Arroyo and Anthony just on a NATIONALLY watched team and are shit..

    But it aint like they gettin torched.. everyone knew they were shit from the jump..

    Thats where the pressure comes from..

    You take a player top 20 and that player is EXPECTEd to make a difference in a positive way.. You dont think theres pressure on Jennings, Rose and Wall being the FACE OF THEIR FRANCHISE?? we may not here but the Chicago beat writers make it known to they public when shit is going south.. same with Milwaukee and whoever else..

    Rondo was just told “dont fuck this up”

    and he hasnt.. which is kudos but dont get it twisted Rose, Jennings and Wall are expected to win and if they dont in the next 2-3 years then they will lynched in the public papers as over priced and a waste of a pick..

    And thats fact..

  • LakeShow84

    How u people saying no ones expects Chicago to win this year??

    Same with Milwaukee???

    smh.. no one expects WASHINGTON to win this year..

    If u expected the make the playoffs you expected to win BOTTOMLINE..

  • control

    How can people say that being a role player is more pressure than carrying a franchise? We are talking PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL. These guys are being paid millions to WIN, and every franchise expects their players to be pressured into fucking winning (cept the Clips, Donald Sterling don’t give a shit about anything but ROI, sexually harassing women and discriminating against minorities).

    Some no name guy who comes in with absolutely no expectations, and gets to learn the system with 3 hall of famers doing the heavy lifting and holding his hand has more pressure than a guy who is a top 5 draft pick and is expected to completely turn around a franchise and has a team built around THEM? Yeah fucking right…I don’t understand how that can be the logical conclusion…that shit don’t make sense.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I haven’t see this many posts since rangerjohn started bashing Obama around election time

  • Ian

    Control lakeshow
    Comon there’s no way guys like let’s say tyreke evans have more pressure than rondo.

  • LakeShow84

    Almost reminiscent of the great Blog Down in the playoffs of 08′

  • s.bucketz

    lol @ rondo fans wit sand in their vaginas anytime someone takes the given name of God’s gift to the NBA in vein

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    No because his team is rebuilding.. and they’ve ANNOUNCED they rebuilding..

    Chicago and Milwaukee expected to make the playoffs..

    And if Evans was in the East he probably would have that same playoff pressure but seeing his division lies with the Lakers and the West has 50 win teams in the playoffs he aint expected to do much.. YET

    Bet if Milwaukee flops this year and doesnt make a playoff seeding the local media will take jabs at Jennings.. next year they’ll throw uppercuts if the same follows.. in 2 years and nothin poppin?? they’ll KO the kid and deem him a loser..


  • LakeShow84

    “And if Evans was in the East he probably would have that same playoff pressure”

    actually i cant say that lol

  • Ian

    The celts have championship pressure. Jennings (who isnt the best buck) has pressure just to make the playoffs??? Comon is that the same or even close to the same??

    Btw I don’t like rondo but comon

  • Mt. Pleasant

    With all this talk about Rondo only being good because of his team, if you could take anyone off the Celts for your team for just this year (cause the others are old), would anyone take anyone other than Rondo?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    And if the Celts dont win it all nothing will fall back on Rondo..

    People will just say the big 3 are too old..

    Seriously when they lose who has ever pointed the finger at Rondo??

  • Ian

    But if the bucks or chicago lose no one cares. I’m outta this one I don’t care for rondo to be writin all this bs in his favor.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    WE dont care lol

    Ask a native ChiTowner how they feel if the Bulls dont make the playoffs and who they blame.. i imagine some would start to turn on Rose a bit..

    Now ask a Boston fan how they feel and who they blame for them missing the playoffs.. i imagine Rondo would NOT come out of they mouth..

    WE dont care about Chicago or Milwaukee but they fan base certainly does..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Mt Pleasant..

    Id take Garnett in a second.. he completely changed the culture in Boston when he got there.. dude ANCHORS they defense with his communication, toughness and douchebaggery..

    someone already pointed out that Rondo wouldnt cut it in the Triangle and i whole heartedly agree.. given thats what you were getting at..

    2nd?? Shit id start Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce ANYDAY..

  • LakeShow84

    Dont get me wrong id like rondo on the Lakers just because i hate seeing opposing PG’s torch our team but we wouldnt have won our back2backs if we didnt have a clutch offensive PG..

  • bookkwormmaster

    Shout out to Dirk Nowitzki!!

    Love that posters on here are finally laying off the soft label and recognizing that the man is and has always been clutch. The Diggler is a beast and if he can ever get that Robin to his Batman while he can still dump 25 on an NBA defense the Lakeshow had better watch it (because the West DEF runs through L.A.)

    Top 5 PF in the game! Book It!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Too many post for me to read but just wanted to know if you pointed out this

    Scott Skiles in 1990 17ppg and 8.4apg 3.4rpg 44%Fg 41%3pt 90%ft and threw a NBA record 30ast in one game that year.

    Muggsy Bogues in 1993-94 avg 11ppg 10apg, 4rpg, 1.7spg 47%fg 16%3pt 80%ft and had a 5 to 1 asst/To ratio.

    Yet no one has or ever will speak about them as “elite pg’s”

    It’s really that simple. Plus I’d take Muggsy allday-errr-day over Rondo and I guarantee my team beats your team.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @Lakeshow – Good point, though the Lakers are one of the few teams I wouldn’t take Rondo. The triangle devalues the PG and puts a premium on a PG that can shoot. Plus Shannon Brown looks greatly improved this year, Fisher is too clutch and Blake looks like a good fit.

    However, though all three would help any team, I think most teams would be better off with Rondo. I think KG is not the player he was a couple years ago (all jumpshots, not as intimidating defensively) and even though I like Pierce as a fan way more than Rondo I also don’t think he can create his own shot as consistently as 2 years ago.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Lakeshow – are you saying KG’s douchebaggery is a greater asset than Rondo’s douchebaggery? Probably,LOL though.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Dirk lovers

    You niccas are dilusional. That nicca is as soft as baby $h!t. It don’t mean he can’t play or he’s not skilled. He’s SofftttttttTTTT! His game hasn’t changed since his 2nd yr in the NBA. People are just getting used to it. Hell even the softest of players have taken it to the hole a couple times. get of it

  • CoolBreeze

    I noticed how Chicagorilla conveniently left out all Rondo’s records that passed John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson and Isaih Thomas?

    I’m not a fan, but you showed you true colors there bud.

    And you’d take Mugsy Bogues over Rondo? Ok. I guess I’ll take Spud Web over Derrick Rose any day of the week as well!

    End of discussion.

    Why even bother to post. What a joke! Get off slurpin the crack pipe man!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Mt Pleasant

    Id take KG because he would be the perfect compliment to Gasol as far as night and day on the defensive end..

    And starting Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce?? The truth is still a 20ppg player even with old age..

    And hell yeah KG’s baffoonery is a greater asset than Rondos lol KG baffoonery has made the whole Celtic team baffoons.. except for Ray Ray and hes still a douche lol

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    What records? doing something for a 5 game stretch ain’t a real record you flucking idiot lmao. Oh oh, he had the most asst by a guard to start the season!!! OMG let me jerk one to that. Do you know that John Stockton avg 14 ast a game for an entire season….TWICE!!! Or that Magic avg 11ast per over an 13yr career!!!

    shake the cum off your brain and get some knowledge. Stop relying on other people to tell you what to think.

    again just in case you still looking sideways at the screen trying to figure it out.

    Skiles threw 30ast in a game in the same season he avg 17ppg and 8ast. yet he didn’t make the all-star team or come close to sniffing elite status. And that was with less PG talent and tougher rules.

    5’3 Muggsy put up 11ppg and 10apg 4rpg 2stls and shot 47%FG 80% ft 16%3pt 35mpg 5:1 ast/to ratio. Nearly identical stats to Rondo’s last season 13.7ppg 10apg 2stls 4.5rpg 50%fg 21%3pt 62%ft 36mpg 3:1 asst/to ratio

    Not once did anyone call Muggsy a GREAT rebounder (he also grabbed 10rebs in a game at 5’3)or a Elite PG (with his 5:1 asst/TO ratio.

    Muggsy, like Rondo, was not a good shooter. But Muggsy managed to hit that 15ft jumper enough to were you had to at least guard him from there. Muggsy also harassed PGs full court to the point of frustration. with his low center of gravity he made it nearly impossible to move him in the post or get good postion.

    So in all, Muggsy is the exact same PG as Rondo, yet no one ever in their life even came close to mentioning him as a top 5 pg….and that was in the years when the talent level at PG isn’t what it is today. I guess Muggsy needed to have 3 Allstar(slow down on the HOF crap, only KG is a HOFer and now Shaq) teammates to get that same amount of hype. Muggsy never competed for a championship, because he was always on mediocre or bad teams. Not his fault. Perhaps he should have played with Bos or LA.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ Paul Pierce & Ray Allen aint in the Chitown HOF?? ^^^

  • LakeShow84

    Fuck it.. 150 lol

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Lakeshow – Like I said, I’ll give you the Lakers and there are other exceptions too, but I think most teams would improve more with a stat filling PG who plays defence than the Truth’s 20ppg (and clutch), or KG’s defensive presence (I’m not sure if KG’s culture change would do that much on a mediocre team).

  • K Dizzle

    Damn! I thought Utah would give Miami problems cuz they got the “ELITE” point guard and a solid post player but Miami tossin em around early.

    @ Lakeshow – Pierce and Ray goin to the Hall. And I’d love Ray Allen off the pine in LA. Even in 2 years, he’d still give you value in the triangle off the pine.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Is Mitch Richmond in the Hall of Fame? How about Reggie Miller (not yet at least). As much as I like Ray allen and respect Paul Pierce, I think it’s crazy to assume they are in the HOF. I’m not ruling out the possibilty, but neither of them are a shoe in. Ray allen is the better of the two throughout their careers and even he is on the fence.

    On a side note.

    If a guy like (former Celtic) KC Jones can be in the HOF then I guess those two aren’t too far off. Of course KC Jones also won 8(2 as a coach) NBA championships. But his time coincided with that of Bill Russell (he also played with bill in college). why is that a big deal? Well KC Jones avg 7PPG 4ASST FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER!!!! Are those really HOF numbers? Wasn’t he just a role player? Or maybe it’s the fact that he rocked that Celtic Green????hmmmmmm.

  • K Dizzle

    WTF is happenin with Indiana vs Denver right now? Indiana is 20-21 from the field in the 3rd quarter and up 113-75. 54 point quarter. DAMN!!!

  • OneZero

    lol,I didnt check Dime for a whole day, and this article gets 150+ comments? amazing,hahaha

    and props to Deron and Millsap to become the first team to bring down Miami on their home.

  • MSL


    I can’t believe you still talking to yourself about this Mugsy Bogues-ish.

    This is truly not worth responding to. Do you any shame?

    You’re a man on your own web bouges island.