NBA, Video / Nov 24, 2010 / 8:30 am

Elton Brand Gets Dunked On By JaVale McGee And Then Kicked Out

Note to future Sixers opponents: Don’t try to dunk on Elton Brand.

What do you think?

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  • davros

    That was a dangerous play from Brand, when a big guy is up in the air like that coming down hard, flat on his back, there could be a serious injury. Brand just simply took the guy out, no attempt to try and block. I know basketball is a mans game but Brand was being a bitch by just shoving the guy – he still got dunked on.

  • superfreak

    honestly, it was a dirty play, but i don’t think brand intended it to go down that way. it was a tight game in the 4th quarter and he didn’t want to give up an easy dunk. of course it ended up happening, but someone clearly lost their man on that sequence.

    didn’t watch the game, but why did philly not have a centre out there guarding mcgee who was having a huge game? holliday, iggy, brand, nocioni, lou will in crunch time without any1 guarding mcgee?

  • QQ

    Brand was like ‘My team is shit, my coach is shit, our 2nd overall pick is shit. Fuck this. I’m going home’ then goes straight to the exit.

  • L

    I am a Wizards fan & I was at the game. The sixers were just pissed off that they gave up a lead of as much as 17 points. One of the players – I forget which one – also stepped to Wall like he was out in the street.
    Dirty is all I can say. I did not see when McGee waved BYE to Brand’s punk behind, but the news did & it was great!

  • JamL

    Ronnie Brewer also had a nice one:


  • http://www.dimemag.com Jesse

    Wow, how long are McGee’s arms?!?

  • NYK


    hey dont forget it was a Flgrant 2 he will probably get another game or two off too!

  • control

    Who was that goofy white guy posing as an NBA center that play? The guy was off in nowhereland just chilling, why is someone with that much of a lapse of attention/absolutely no clue on an NBA court to begin with?

  • Promoman

    That was a dirty play. Elton needs to be suspended for that shit not just ejected.

  • Rangerjohn

    Brand has been pulling this mess more and more, he got a flagrant 1 against the spurs also. I don’t remember him ever being like thus in seasons past

  • http://www.dimemag.com BarbosaSamosa

    Did anyone notice McGee wave at Brand goodbye as he laid on the court?

  • DH

    Total bitch move by Brand. Maybe he just got jealous because he never could jump, but he still got his ass dunked on.

  • Promoman


    Yeah. JaVale may’ve added some Vlade Divac to the foul but that shit was still dangerous.

  • kingralf

    first flagrant foul call in months that actually deserves the name

  • Tha Boddy “Stand By Arenas”

    The Wizards are a young and upcoming team we just need to get Al Thorton out of the starting lineup.Earlier this season he was looking like a solid tough 3 but now he is just looking like a reckless hog.Has any1 seen when he gets the ball it’s like he doesn’t plan on passing even if he has the crappyist chance at a shot in the world.Flip start the 3guard lineup and reap the rewards!!!

  • MTX

    You guys bitching about a hard foul are the same that keep sayin that the league is soft when David stern puts his shitty rules