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Hedo Turkoglu’s Trash Talk: “It’s like mumble, mumble, mumble”

Hedo Turkoglu's Trash Talk:

Hedo Turkoglu

Other than Kevin Garnett, most NBA players would tell you Hedo Turkoglu is one of the League’s most notorious trash talkers. Only the biggest difference between his smack and KG’s is that people can’t understand what he says. Thanks to Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel, Hedo’s former teammates Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis weigh in.

Hedo Turkoglu is a player known for his constant trash talk — only because of his thick Turkish accent and mumbling voice, his opponents don’t know what he’s saying.

On Thursday night when the Magic played the Suns, Rashard Lewis found himself opposite Turkoglu and his constantly moving mouth.

“He was talking noise, talking a little smack,” Lewis said. “You can barely understand what he’s saying, but he’s saying something.”

Turk’s trash talk is a mix of English, Turkish and jibberish. Dwight Howard said it’s difficult to keep a straight face when Turkoglu gets going, especially in a game like Thursday.

“It’s like mumble, mumble, mumble basket, mumble, mumble, mumble ball,” Howard said, sort of. “It kind of confuses you as much as anything.”

Talking trash was about all Turkoglu did on Thursday. He finished 0-for-8 from the field and scored only two points.

Who do you think would be the NBA’s best trash talker?

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  • Jon


  • yoda

    does trash talking really affects players?

  • Chris

    Another difference?
    KG actually gets work done.

  • Promoman

    @ yoda

    It depends on the player. Usually, trash talkers are either complete shit from a skill & athletic standpoint or are limited players. Just go to any park, YMCA, gym and you’ll guys, age regardless, you’ll always find lots of guys who fit the mold. In Hedo’s case, his weaknesses are simple: He’s a subpar defender and he’s only at his best when he’s hot or when he’s on a team (like Orlando) where you have play other guys that’re more dangerous so he can get daylight.

    @ Chris

    That’s true and KG knows to try that shit with smaller players or players who’ll hesistate on fucking him up because of the rules.

  • Taj

    Fcuk I cant stand Turkuglo…

    He’s turrible, thinks he’s the shit and should be named “Teabag” Turk after that “… Ball” comment last year!

  • LakeShow84

    Shit yeah trash talkin works..

    Im personally a HUGE smack talker and it does take people out they games.. people get mad and try to do things outside of they bubble..

    And i personally love being the most hated man on the court.. makes for bomb ass pickup games lol

  • NYK

    he wasn’t trash talking. Hedo was trying to ask what it would take for Orlando to take him back.

    mumble mumble mumble…. im sorry i left… mumble mumble mumble toronto too cold… mumble arizona too hot… mumble mumble i luv u coach van gundy…. whimper whimper mumble mumble sniff sniff

  • Ian

    another one is that hedo will talk shit to player over 6’3

  • the cynic

    Turk has game when the ball is in his hands, but he is one of the worst off-the-ball players in the league

  • jzsmoove

    piece of feces, last time i checked nothing good came out of Turkey. cant think of one either huh?

  • assjzsmoove


    it doesnt about turkey you dipshit… haters…

  • mike

    LakeShow84 says

    you’re a pussy…i’ll stop your face in if you DONT talk trash..liar!

  • RC

    Turkgolu is piece of crap as usual. No good news about the guy.

  • northern lights

    @no.1 “BALL” – haha
    Turk sucks Ball(s)