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Kill Bill: Vol. 3 – The NBA’s Top Revenge Games Of The Week

Al Harrington

Al Harrington

The NBA is all business – both literally and figuratively. Players are shipped around from team to team and sometimes viewed more as commodities than human beings. With that unchangeable fact, players have to be all business with their play on the court, and are forced to become heartless go-getters in order to keep their jobs.

A lot of the times emotions are rattled, forcing players and organizations to develop animosity towards one another. For example, Dan Gilbert‘s slaying of LeBron James will add extra anticipation to the Cavs/Heat game on Dec. 2, and in David Lee‘s return to the Garden he dropped 28 points and 10 rebounds. If there’s anyone that knows about getting even with a former employer, it’s Al Harrington.

After Denver’s 120-118 victory over the Knicks last night, Harrington told The New York Times, “The sweetest way to get revenge is a win.”

Looking at the schedule for the next week, there are a few players who can get even the same way Harrington did. Here are some revenge games to look forward to:

Utah vs. Portland (11/20)
Wesley Matthews was a restricted free agent over the summer. He initially planned to re-sign with the Jazz, but was offered a lot of money to take his game to Portland. While Matthews expected Utah to match it, for whatever reason it didn’t happen. On Saturday, Matthews gets a chance to show Utah what they missed out on.

New Jersey vs. Sacramento (11/19)
This game will be very interesting, as DeMarcus Cousins has openly said he is out for revenge on the teams that did not draft him. Naturally, the Nets are one of those teams. The fact that New Jersey selected another big man in Derrick Favors with their pick instead of Cousins, will add more fuel to the fire. Also, you couldn’t help but notice that Brook Lopez and Cousins had a nice little back-and-forth battle with each other the last time these two teams met.

L.A. Clippers vs. Indiana (11/18)
The Clippers and Mike Dunleavy Sr. had a bad break up last season when Dunleavy relinquished his head coaching duties to focus solely on being GM and then was fired from that. Mike Dunleavy Jr. gets a chance to avenge his father’s dismissal as he and the Pacers host the Clippers on Thursday night.

Cleveland vs. San Antonio (11/20)
In his famous letter, Gilbert promised that Cleveland would win it all before Miami will. On Saturday, Cleveland gets a chance at redemption against the team that swept them during the franchise’s only NBA Finals appearance. A win here would be a nice baby step towards validating Gilbert’s claim.

What do you think? Who will win in these revenge battles?

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  • k to the mart


  • jryu

    good premise for an article..

    however, there’s no way jazz were gonna match that inflated offer for matthews. he’s nice, but not $33M nice after an undrafted rookie year. maybe matthews feels a little slighted but i guarantee you whatever anger he feels is tempered by his fat payday.

    cavs vs spurs is kind of reaching.. that’s not really a revenge game in any way..

  • JBaller

    There can be only ONE revenge game for Cleveland, and I think you know what team I’m talking about, though I don’t think the Cavs are gonna come out on top in south beach. I gotta agree with #2 that Cavs/Spurs is a reach.

  • Mr. TKO

    Well damn, JRYU took the words right out of my mouth, now I have nothing left to contribute.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Uf. Casey, great idea for an article. All 4 of your points are a bit bunk, though, not even counting the fact that Al Harrington has been on 5 (5!) teams in his career, including two different stints on the Pacers. So does he hate a full 6th of the League?

    Wesley Matthews should feel lucky that Utah took a flyer on him, and also realize that no one would have paid as much as Portland did. Is he pissed at the rest of the league that they didn’t also offer him a foolishly large contract after ONE year of production?

    DeMarcus Cousins will be lucky to play 20 minutes in that game – he needs to worry about his own locker room not disliking him more than he needs to worry about bickering with a well-established player like Lopez, or a bench player (for now) like Favors.

    I sincerely doubt that Junior cares about Senior’s dismissal. Does he get up for Lakers, Blazers, and Bucks games as well? How about Sr. – did he change his plan for Warriors games after they traded his son?

    Cleveland vs. SA. Wow. Does anyone in Cleveland even remember that series after this summer? Oh wait, how about the rematch from the ’02 series between the X and the Y? Or the rematch from the 09 series between A and B?

    Again, Casey, great idea, but I feel you could’ve done better here!