Smack / Nov 3, 2010 / 1:30 am

Kobe Bryant puts Grizzlies on the endangered list; Heat roll again

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Sometimes the mismatch is as clear as the nose on Humpty Hump‘s face. As soon as the Lakers and Grizzlies tipped off last night, L.A.’s announcers noted that O.J. Mayo has traditionally been unable to contain Kobe Bryant. On cue, Kobe went for the kill. It seemed every Lakers possession in the first half started with Kobe posting up his shorter, younger counterpart and figuring out how he could torture him. First it was a quick spin move to draw a foul, then it was a turnaround fadeaway, then a pull-up from the elbow, then a straight blow-by for a layup … Just when you thought O.J. was going to escape this oubliette, Memphis coach Lionel Hollins brought his defensive stopper Tony Allen off the bench and inexplicably stuck him on Ron Artest. So Kobe and O.J. resumed their reenactment of My Soul To Take, as Kobe dropped 23 points in the first half and the Lakers toyed with a 30-piecing before halftime. “Most players have an A, B, maybe a C move,” said Lakers commentator Stu Lantz. “Kobe has the whole alphabet.” … The second half was a formality, a montage of Rudy Gay layups (30 pts), Shannon Brown threes, and Kobe going to the rack, getting bumped and yelling “HEYYYYY!!” as the refs kept the whistles on mute. They probably just wanted to wrap it up ASAP. Kobe actually went scoreless in the second half, but it didn’t matter … The company line says Shannon Brown is playing with more confidence because he spent the offseason working on his shot. We think it also had a lot to do with the fact that dude pulled Monica over the summer and slapped the ring on her. That would make any guy very proud of himself … Discussing Mike Conley‘s $45 million extension — and the fact that Aaron Brooks and Jeff Green didn’t get extended — Joel Meyers said, “You could make a case that (Brooks and Green) have had a stronger first three years in the League than Conley.” You could make a case, or you could make a gigantic understatement … Are the Lakers playing better than any other team in the League? Where do the Celtics, Heat and undefeated Hornets stack up? Check out our first NBA Power Ranking of the new season … By the time Gilbert Arenas makes it back on the court, hopefully Wizards fans remember who he is. John Wall stole the show in Washington’s home opener last night, hanging 29 points, 13 assists and 9 steals on the Sixers in an overtime win. While the open-court speed is the first thing you go to, Wall’s mid-range jumper was looking solid and makes him even more of a threat when defenders have to respect it … Down the stretch, Philly went with their favorite strategy of not having a strategy. With 30 seconds left in OT, they were down one with the ball as Lou Williams (30 pts) dribbled around aimlessly looking for a shot. He finally gave it to Elton Brand, who squeezed off a fadeaway that banked in for the lead. Next possession, Andray Blatche got a 1-on-1 with Brand and skated past him, getting fouled and making the go-ahead free throws. Seven seconds left, another WTF play led to Andre Iguodala taking an awkward fadeaway that never had a chance … Not that we’re into gambling, but we heard Heat/Wolves had some kind of crazy betting line: Something like if you’d put down $3,200 on Miami to win, you got a Double Quarter-Pounder back without cheese … LeBron had 20 points and 12 dimes, D-Wade scored 26, and James Jones hit five triples in a 32-point blowout that everybody saw coming … Michael Beasley made an early impression in his return to Miami with a huge one-hand follow dunk in the first quarter, but he left shortly after with a bruised hip sustained while taking a hard fall … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Brandon Roy had 17 points and 5 steals in Portland’s win at Milwaukee; Rajon Rondo posted 9 points, 17 assists, 4 steals and zero turnovers as Boston routed Detroit; and J.J. Hickson dropped 31 points in Cleveland’s loss to Atlanta, while Joe Johnson led the winners with 22 points … The Dime crew was going to give you an on-site report from Knicks/Magic, but as you’ve probably heard by now, the game was postponed due to asbestos issues in Madison Square Garden. It’s just as well. If we hadn’t put ourselves in danger with the asbestos, we would have been running another extreme risk by venturing near White Chocolate‘s locker … We’re out like going to MSG without a SARS mask …

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  • K Dizzle

    Blowouts by the top 3 squads in the l tonight. Detroit, Minny and Memphis prolly need to be contracted

  • MSL

    I was very disappointed in the LA game. I really wanted to see Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay play. Oh well.

    The Miami game was another Be-heading, where it seemed all the Heat played well and couldn’t miss.

    John Wall is looking good. Watch those 8 turnovers though.
    Phila needs work. They could of/should of won that game.

    Are the Hawks still undefeated? Smart move by the Knicks (though I would of finally got to see a interesting game last night).

    Boston and Rondo (17 assist 0 turnovers), breaks a record for most assist (67) the first 4 games to start an NBA season.

    He’s also the 1st person to pass out 17 assist with zero turn overs in 5 years. The last person to do it was Steve Nash.

  • MSL


    A few days ago you said that Rondo would never get 17 assist again. And you were right. He went out and got 24 instead and won Eastern Conference player of the week.

    Tonight, he actually came back for your prediction and got 17 assist with 0 turnovers and 4 steals. So I guess you were wrong. Ahhhh.

    Any more predictions?

    It’s all good though. I know you out there.

    Peace and enjoy the season!

  • Jason

    Did you mean “Wall’s mid-range set shot was looking solid?!”


    Matt Barnes had more field goal attempts than Kobe.

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    Jerry West, a former Laker, traded his best player (P.Gasol) to his old franchise (for scrubs and an out of shape version of Pau) and immediately made them championship contenders. Kevin McHale, a former Celtic, traded his best player his franchise ever had (Garnett) to his former team the Celtics. Without KG requesting a trade. He at least made out better with Jefferson. When this happened everyone laughed and claimed even though the Grizz and TWolves had been had, it was for the best. No outrage of cheating or good ole boy network foul play. But Lebron, Wade, Bosh all sign to MIA and MFers lose their mind and they are the bad guys all of a sudden. Intresting

  • john

    If James Jones, Eddie House, Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers are money on 3pt there is no way that you can beat Miami. The way that they are playing D and the fact that Bosh, Haslem and Z are good in the mid-range ….

  • S.A.C.

    Excellent Point Chicagorilla.

    I’ve talked about that with others to.

    Basically the New Big 3 saw the handwriting on the wall.

    This has already been reported and discussed already for those that pay attention. But most don’t know (a response to LA and Boston gifts).

    Pat Riley just exacerbated the situation by reminding Lebron, Wade and Bosh that he didn’t have a god father like Jerry West or Kevin Mchale that were going to bequeath him a sweet deal to the Nouveau renegade Heat franchise like LA and Boston received. Riley left the Lakers. He was no longer a Prince.

    So basically these brothers made a power move on their own to battle the Boston/LA god father-hook up contingent.

    Yeah. They banded together so they could win championships by making their own trade to themselves (via free agency of course)!

    But most people don’t understand this or the subtleties of the league, it’s power structure and how it worked (and why they did it). You’re right!

    These brothers were just smart and politically savvy enough (mainly Dwayne Wade with some Lebron) to see the hand writing on the wall, while having the cajones to counter it (which these ball players did).

    None of them were going to beat LA or Boston waiting for their fairy God Father to fall out the sky (though Wade and Bosh, James and Bosh or Wade and James in Miami, of course would of made a hell of a team and gave it a good try)!

    Maybe they could of won with two of them. But who knows, cause they were all friends? Wade got them together and Pat Riley and his team made the money work. So now they got a three some! How appropriate, cause so many people now feel fucked since the engagement of this menage a trois!

    The rest is now league history!

    Will it be an orgy?

  • datdood

    rondo is about to mess around and break scotty skiles record this year.

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    @S.A.C., fairy God fathers i like that lol. I wanted those 3 to get together just so i can see a true dynasty without LA or Bos hype. Unfortunately this is going to be the driving factor in the owners forcing a lockout after the NBA has one of its most exciting years ever. Of course they wont blame themselves for handing out tons of money to undeserving players (hello R.Gay and D.Lee).

  • OneZero

    Kobe is indeed a black mamba.

    nasty, vicious, loves to torture.

    in addition, he can “hear” announcer talking about him and it’s not fun for the opponent.


    The Lakers, Heat and Celtics are quite good aren’t they. Im not gonna say anything about Eddy, Especially when the Knicks didn’t even play. Fucking Asbestos.

  • moochie

    about betting 3200 on miami vs min…remember the 72 win bulls were beaten by the raports back then? so, taking such big risk, for so little return is pointless

  • QQ

    Because conspiracy theory bullshit is in the air, I’m gonna make some:

    1. The Blazers drafted Oden even with the full knowledge that he’s gonna be scrub because they want to be known as the Franchise That Always Messed Up By Drafting Stiffs.

    2. Darko was signed by the T-Wolves not because of his basketball skills but because he is a member of a secret society that controls the worlds oil supply and the supply of robots disguised as skilled European players that tricks GMs into drafting them, before they show their true dumbass forms.

    3. The Dime team is actually aliens which are microscopic in size that are doing their best to penetrate society through writing basketball articles. Their headquarters are strategically located in Lebron James’ ballsac.

  • Josh tha roc

    So Cartier Martin doesn’t even get a mention for hitting thebuzzer beater three sending it to o.t
    that’s cold.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @Josh da Roc

    I agree, where is the Cartier Martin love? He hit maybe the ugliest game tying 3 I have ever seen.

    Philly need to start playing Evan Turner more. They have no chance making the playoffs, might as well try and develop him for the future.

    Rondo is just, I have no idea how to put it. He’s really gunning for that assist title.

    I’m out like Moss in Minnesota…

  • control


    I never said Rondo wouldn’t get 17 again, I said he wouldn’t do it very often and he sure as hell isn’t going to average 17 assists a game for the entire season.

    I was actually at the game last night, about 12ft from Rondo (getting my hate game on, live, thanks to a generous client). If you watched the game, or any Celts game this season, then you will understand what I am about to say. Rondo is the least guarded player in the NBA. The only time his defender game within 10 ft of him, was when Rondo ran towards him, or by accident. The guy wasn’t double teamed even once. He had HUGE amounts of space to operate in, there wasn’t ANY pressure on even one of his passes. As much as I hate Boston, because their players are complete douchebags (and listening to them live, god damn…I wouldn’t take my kid to a Celts game if I had good seats) they are an extremely intelligent play running team. I can admit Rondo is a good passer, I’ve never denied that…but watching the guy, and seeing his face live…he is SCARED to shoot. I think he even traveled twice, because he was so open, he started to shoot, than changed his mind (though, box score says 0 turnovers, so I don’t know what it was called, hard to tell live sometimes). When he sank that 3 at the buzzer, he looked so shocked it went in that he nearly fell.

    Right now, Rondo is like Reggie Evans (cept he grabs other guy’s balls behind closed doors). He is FOCUSED on passing, and only passing. He passed up open layups and open shots consistently, go check game tape if you don’t believe me. His shot is so disrespected in the league, that you can hear the players and coaches yelling “LET HIM SHOOT!” whenever he’s open. He is shook.

    Now, this is what I’m saying, and always have been saying, he’s a good pg for the Celts. He’s surrounded by hall of fame guys who can nail down open shots, shots that are generally created by Boston’s well executed plays. Rondo has HUGE passing lanes because nobody gives a fuck about defending his shot. If Rondo were guarded closely, his passing lanes wouldn’t be so large and his court vision wouldn’t be as clear (though I will admit he does have good vision for his teammates). If a guy like Steve Nash were guarded like Rondo is, he would average 50pts a game, or 25 assists. You could plug nearly any other decent play making guard into that system, and if he were guarded like Rondo is, they would have equal or greater success. When Rondo is forced to be the main threat on offense, he will be exposed, and he will either have to learn how to shoot, or talk to Ron Artest’s therapist to learn how to not piss himself when he’s thinking of shooting, or he’ll have the biggest decline ever seen by a non-injured player.

  • JAY

    Ain’t it funny how people address you even before you get to comment? Lol.

    @Josh tha Roc
    Cosign. That was a big shot. IDK how Dime could not even mention it.

    @QQ: “3. The Dime team is actually aliens which are microscopic in size that are doing their best to penetrate society through writing basketball articles. Their headquarters are strategically located in Lebron James’ ballsac.”

  • Jay Thrilla

    @ Chicagorilla what up my fellow Go City-an. I’ve been saying the EXACT same 2 scenarios you mentioned all summer long. Coach Pop and George Karl were the only 2 who expressed some sort of outrage with that Gasol trade but that’s it.

    Unfortunately the perception is this; Be a good little black boy and do as your told and we’ll all Love you”. Black men aren’t supposed to do what LBJ and crew did which is CHOOSING THERE OWN DESTINY… But the owners and GM’s can do whatever they please and fall back on the excuse of “its a business” what the fuck ever!

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    That was a long essay on Rondo…

    I just go with cause and effect, teams play off him which leads to open lanes for passes and rebounds. Most of this ends in open shots for teammates. Put him on the Trail Blazers or any team that can make open shots and he would still get his 10+ assists. If teams play on him he is quick enough to drive by them just ask Cleavland.

    To counter, why should a PG look for his shot when he has good teammates? When the matchup calls for it Rondo can go get his like the Cleveland series (20.6 Pts 12 Ast 6 Reb averages) but he much rather get his guys set up.

    I would still like to point out this is the same guy who pretty much carried Boston the year KG was out in the playoffs (16.7/9.8/9.7)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BANG OUT

    “Rondo is the least guarded player in the NBA. The only time his defender came within 10 ft of him, was when Rondo ran towards him, or by accident. The guy wasn’t double teamed even once. He had HUGE amounts of space to operate in, there wasn’t ANY pressure on even one of his passes.”

    I SAY:
    They give him space because 1 – his “J” is weak (but he’s still an NBA player), because 2 – he can get into the paint at will, because 3 – teams are trying to defend the intangible ‘correlation’ between 1 and 2, but intangibles are invisible so they’re working off of unproven theory.

    Giving him space allows him to do ANYTHING he wants to do. You wanna talk about pressure??? That’s PRESSURE for any DEFENSE trying to contain the Celtics.

    He literally sits back there and directs a masterpiece almost EVERYTIME in the half-court. That’s all on his vision, his ability to create, his ability to get to the rim…and his ability to hit shots (every now and then).

    Look at like this, you even alluded to it : RONDO was 100% on 3-pointers last night. LOL.

    That’s probably not enough for you though. In your world, a DOMINANT YOUNG GUARD who’s only weakness is his jump shot cannot enter the land of the ELITE due to this perplexing fact.

    And that’s where MOST IMPORTANT YET CONFOUNDING INGREDIENT TO RONDO’S “GOODNESS” comes from. His lankiness, strength, long arm and speed make him like the TIM LINCECUM of Point Guards. He gives you a lil’ bit of everything and he pitches, I meant, PASSES extremely well.

    For this season alone, he’s giving 10pts and 16assists through 4 games. He’s recorded the most assists EVER to start off the season. He gives you so much production, it renders his ‘shooting woes’ damn near moot.

    “As much as I hate Boston…they are an extremely intelligent play running team. I…admit Rondo is a good passer”

    I SAY:
    I love those modifiers Control, ‘extremely’ and ‘intelligent’ —}} So ehhh, who do they run these plays through?
    Yeah, think about it again, who’s EXECUTING “Boston’s well executed plays?”

    YOU SAID: “If Rondo were guarded closely.”

    I SAY:
    If he was guarded closely, he’ll just blow by you or run your ass into run of those “well executed” picks that Boston runs. I’m with MSL…he dished out 17 with no turnovers…I don’t understand where these asinine complaints come from.

    The bottomline is this, he’s ONE HELL OF A POINT GUARD.

  • control


    Yeah, it is funny. Gotta love it.


    Do you dispute anything I was saying? The point of it is that there are A LOT of point guards who would thrive in Boston, and if one of the truly elite point guards were there, it would be disgusting how good Boston would be. Of course Rondo tore Cleveland up, he was going against Mo Williams. Is there a point guard in the league that COULDN’T get his against Mo Williams? You also are quoting stats from a play off series where Boston bowed out, Rondo shot like 40/25/60 and got more rebounds than usual…because KG WAS OUT! How much is he helping his team when he’s shooting 40%?

    I’m not saying a PG should LOOK for his shot, but he definitely has to be able to MAKE a shot when he needs to be able to. Or for fuck, be able to make a god damn free throw. He’s the only PG in the league who a hack-a-shaq strategy would work on him. Boston probably lost the finals because they have a point guard who can barely even touch the ball in the last two minutes because if he goes to the line…it’s game over (also, Jesus lost his shot, probably due to Rondo’s bad shot rubbing off on him).

    I’m not saying Rondo ain’t a good passer, or even a decent point guard. I’m saying that his hype is 100x more than it should be, and that he isn’t a top 5 point guard in the league because of his massive weaknesses. Nash, Billups, Deron, Parker, Chris Paul or even Jason Kidd on the Celtics would have much better stats, and give the team a better chance to succeed, because they are as good or better at what Rondo does good, and don’t have his major weaknesses. Point guards like Rose, Westbrook, Tyreke, Jennings, maybe Wall, Curry, and maybe Brooks are probably better than him overall. Guys like Rose and Westbrook get beat up on for their bad shooting, but they are like 10x better at hitting open shots than Rondo, and just as quick (as well as being MUCH more athletic).

    I just hate seeing the guy propped up as the best point guard in the league and overhyped to disgusting proportions when he really isn’t that special at all. Just because he got a ring riding the train with some hall of famers. Not to mention his personality is just soooo rancid, go read one of his interviews. Honestly, he wouldn’t even have a ring if he was good enough to be traded to Minny in the KG trade…but Minny didn’t even want him (I think they wanted Green or Telfair instead).

  • control


    I addressed most of those points in my last post.

    According to your logic, right now Reggie Evans is one of the best power forwards in the NBA. He’s getting MAD rebounds and playing good defense, can’t score worth a shit and looks like a greasy rapist (which is a touch better than looking like a crackhead douchebag IMO), but he’s doing what you want your power forward to do when you have a scoring center (which is all that Bargs can do).

    I don’t see people on here hyping up Reggie…

  • JAY

    Rondo is sick. Period. Can he shoot? Fuck no. But he does everything else very well. Defend on the ball and off the ball. Steals. Rebounds. Pass.

    @control: it’s funny you bring up Nash. nash has more holes in his complete game than Rondo does. Yes Nash is a much better shooter than Rondo. But Rondo rebounds, defends, and is just more physical than Nash is. Fuck scoring. That’s not the point guard’s job. It’s a plus, but a point guard’s job is to run the team. How many other point guards in the league run their teams better than Rondo?

  • JAY

    @control: Re Reggie Evans
    Reggie Evans is a one-tool player. Rebounds. He’s barely an average defender. He doesn’t block shots. Doesn’t drive. Doesn’t steal. Rondo does more than just hand out assists. That being said, Evans’ presence for the Raptors is priceless. He’s the only dude who rebounds on that team and he wears that badge proudly.

    As to why nobody is hyping up Evans compared to Rondo… It’s Evans contract year. If he continues to grab 15+rebs/gm passed this year, then we’ll jump on the wagon. For now, at least for me, he just trying to earn a cheque for next year.

  • Chris

    Good point man! And why are the black berries always under the white grapes in the produce section?

  • DNice

    The starting East All stars this year will be all Celtics and Heat

    PG- Rondo
    SG- Wade
    SF- LeBron
    PF- Garnett
    C-Who cares

  • control


    Steve Nash runs his team better than Rondo does. What weaknesses does Nash have in his offensive game? He’s the purest point guard in the league, has the best court vision, is one of the best shooters, clutch as fuck, one of the best dribblers, the guy IS his team’s offense. There is no way you can honestly say that if Nash and Rondo traded places straight up, the Suns would win more than 40 games, or Boston would win less than 60. Nash has amazing quickness, his lateral movement is completely fucked due to his back being ganked though. We are also comparing a guy who is 24 to a guy who is 36.

    It’s WELL documented how much Nash elevates damn near any of his teammates and gets them paid…there’s no disputing that fact. It can be argued that Rondo’s team elevates him. His teammates were hall of fame players before the Rondo bandwagon started up. The only way this discussion can be proved one way or the other is when the big 3 retire/die/go away and Rondo has to carry the team alone. We’ll see what happens when he’s a focus of a defense.

  • That’s What’s Up

    DIME – even a 2500 character limit would help out with these long-winded, wussy-ass rants from the “readers”.

    Consolidated examples from above:
    “Rondo has a vagina….”
    “No, he just plays with balls in the locker room…

    Sum that shit up succinctly !!!

  • S.A.C.


    So you wanted to see a dynasty at the expense of your beloved Chicago Bulls? Really? Ok.

    Yeah, the owners in basketball are like the owners in baseball. They can’t control themselves (spending money like drunken sailors) with out blowing up the whole damn season to protect their free spending assess!

    Stern is acting like he’s a Mafia Don now, with the stuff coming out of his mouth.

    But hey! He’s got to protect his business and the syndicate!

  • deacon

    @Chicagorilla – It wasn’t the fact that the Miami 3 got together that makes people hate them, it really had to do with all LeBron’s hype and how he handled “The Decision”.

    From a basketball perspective, they are getting the same hate, “gotta take them down” as both the Celts and the Lakers got when they made their trades. They get the bullseye regardless of who was champions last year. It always happens when that much power congregates in one place.

    Remember when the Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton? They INSTANTLY became hated.

    Like I said, I think the extra ire is not from the big three getting together, I think it’s because of LeBron’s “Decision”.

  • QQ

    Can’t really stand the Rondo hater anymore. Just fucking admit that yall are wrong.

    It’s like imma Bron hater, but I’ll never fucking hate his game cause kid is a beast. He can fucking play.

    It’s the same with you Rondo haters. Hate the attitude, hate the jumpshot, but when he takes control of a game (which is every game of the season so far), shut the hell up.

    ‘The least guarded PG in the nba’….. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMN just shut the hell up.

  • MSL


    I see you still hating and couldn’t resist. Lol.

    Instead of ignoring my post or giving the brother credit; you still coming up with your lame excuses. Gotta love you man. Lol.

    The brother hits a three pointer, and you say he was surprised (though I think he’s hitting close to 50% from three so far this year). Rondo’s just kool. He wasn’t surprised! Stop editorializing.

    You say he’s playing with hall of famer’s, though Rondo regularly spreads the love and passes to everybody. Check the stats. He passes to Grissom, Big Baby, O’Neal; and the Big three get wide open shots and lay ups from him.

    You say they play off of him, though it’s well known that all quick guards with suspect shots (or not) are played off of.

    You say he’s always left alone, though I always see him constantly double teamed when he penetrates or post up (that’s how he gets the assist).

    And you talk about his scoring the night he scores 9 points (by the 1st half by the way) in a 23 point blow out, that’s a first game of a back to back.

    I can tell you kool peeps Control. But give it up man; or you just not going to change. Lol.

    It’s all good though. I know you starting to like him! Lol

    PS: If he played with out the big three he’d average 18 pts, 10-11 assist and 3 steals a game.

    The guy gets to the lane at will, when ever he wants. Everyone in the NBA says that.

    If he needed to score, he would score more. Remember he shoots 51% from the field for his career.

  • JAY

    @control: Re Nash…
    I said COMPLETE game. Not offensive game.
    As well documented as Nash’s offensive prowess is, his defensive deficiencies are equally as well-documented.

    Rondo’s weakness is his shooting… from the field and the line. Other than shooting, what else does he lack that hurts his team??
    Nash’s weaknesses –> defense, and everything about defense. ie. Steals, rebounding, and staying with his man. The last one is by far the worst because that effects his whole team. When a guy beats him, his teammates have to shift to give him a hand. Against teams who have chemistry, they will pick the Suns defence apart because of Nash allowing guys to blow past him almost everytime up the floor. He’s a great point guard, and I agree he’s one of the best ever at running his team on the offensive end, but defense wins championships. Rondo doesn’t need help on that end of the floor.

  • control

    I don’t even know how I am “hating” on Rondo. I’m just saying he’s not a top 5 point guard because I’m annoyed at the people who keep saying he’s the best point guard in the league. I used to think he was garbage, and sucked (he did his first year in the league, even his second maybe), but now I can’t even say he’s garbage.

    I don’t rate him as highly as most the people here, but fucking Rondo fans are getting worse than Kobe fans, where if you say he’s anything but the best, they jump all over your ass. Saying someone is a top 10 PG in the best league in the world isn’t fucking hating, ain’t no one ever said that about me, or anyone else spending their time typing on this site. Saying someone is a top 5 worst shooter in the league, when it’s obviously true, ain’t hating. Saying someone is a complete and utter douchebag, when he is, ain’t hating either. It’s just on spot analysis.

    I would say that I am helping him out by pointing out his flaws, and creating a conflict concerning him. He’s got more defenders on this website, more people who are sticking up for him and more people on his jock, because of me. There are fools here who wouldn’t give this asshole a second thought, but because they see the need to defend him…they are actively becoming one of his fans and hyping him up in an international medium.


    “The brother hits a three pointer, and you say he was surprised (though I think he’s hitting close to 50% from three so far this year). Rondo’s just kool. He wasn’t surprised! Stop editorializing. ”

    I was 20 feet away from him, he was surprised.

    That’s Whats Up

    If these long rants/discussions/jocking/hatefests are too much for you, just scroll by em. If for some reason your scrolling methods are broken on your computer, let me know and maybe I can make a firefox plug in for you that will do it automatically, because I am such a nice guy.

  • MSL

    @QQ & Control

    It’s funny. Me and Control must see two completely different games.

    Don’t every time we watch an NBA and a great penetrator/driver is hitting their suspect or semi-suspect outside shot. What do the announcers always say. They say “well if I’m xx coach, I’ll give Player O that shot all game”. They would continue “xx Coach is happy to let Mr. Driver Penetrator have that shot instead of driving to the hole and getting assist or getting his big men in foul trouble”? Right? Don’t they always say that?

    So how is Rondo so special when people play off of him (even if he had a great shot)?

    As far as double teams, doesn’t he constantly get double teamed when he penetrates or is in the paint? That’s how he gets his assist. But why would you double team Rondo 22 ft from the basket? That doesn’t make sense. Come on Control.

    I think Rondo is every bit the passer of Steve Nash (some would argue Rondo’s better) and he rebounds, plays better defense and runs his team just as well so far.

    Lastly. No point guard could come on that Boston and just jack up shots, not run the offense right or score a lot with those three guys there. Not going to happen. They would run that guard right off of the team! It’s actually not easy to play with those guys for most guards. Them guys want perfection and their touches!

    But maybe it’s just me! Lol.


    PS: Both Ray Allen and KG said Rondo would be an MVP or the best point guard in the league back in 2007 when they got to Boston. And it’s on on You Tube if you don’t believe it. So the talent was always there. This is not a fluke, accident or mirage that some don’t want to believe.

  • MSL


    I just read your last post (No I didn’t scroll). And I see you sticking to your guns and editorializing on Rondo’s internal emotional-performance condition’s, his rankings, shot and everything else. Yeah. The hate is deep.

    You kool. I actually think you’re funny and entertaining. I don’t think you believe everything you write deep down inside anyway. But you know some things you say are just down right ludicrous.

    And the brother is not one of the worst shooters in the league. He falls into a group with several others. But we don’t have to debate that. I know how you feel. Lol.

    Now you’ll never hear me say your not entitled to your opinion or that your not amusing.

    Keep talking Bro!! It’s a free internet board!

  • QQ

    Rondo of course has his weaknesses. A guard should have at least a decent jumpshot. Rondo doesn’t have one. A young player should typically be humble. Rondo is arrogant.

    But the things he can do, he can do those BRILLIANTLY. Passing, penetrating, running the whole system, defense. And he plays hard,too.. Something that most stars are forgetting.

    We are saying that he’s a top 5 point guard because HE IS. There’s no other bullshit about that. It’s that simple.

    I hate the Celtics. Been hating since they all yap like they’re the greatest team ever when they won a title. Been hatin since Pierce said he’s the best player in the world. Been hatin since KG keeps targeting players half his size. Been hating since Rondo acted like a bitch.


  • control


    Why would you double team Rondo 22ft from the basket when teams don’t even single team him from 22ft from the basket? The guy is quick, who has ever said differently? When he gets by his man, a big guy is going to get on him…that’s not a double team, that’s help defense. Well, unless Amare is the big man, then he wouldn’t bother, he’d just start running to the other end.

    When did I say a PG should come to Boston (or any team) and start jacking up shots, not running offense right, or scoring a lot? All I’ve said concerning that is that a PG should be able to hit open shots to keep defenses honest, hit their free throws (and not be an obvious liability at the line, fucking primary ball handler being worse at the line than a below average center…) and make the right passes. Rondo does one of those, he’s a good passer.

    About his teammates hyping him up…what do you expect them to do, go to the press and completely destroy him? Especially Boston, that’s the one thing that is very admirable about their team…despite them all acting like douchebags, they got each other’s back. There are several well documented incidents of locker room trouble with Rondo, even to the point where the Celts were trying to trade him over the summer (last off season I believe) and they couldn’t even get someone to take him off their hands. When you are watching the games, watch the chemistry between Rondo and the other teammates on the bench. Rondo sits alone, and barely talks to other teammates when he’s near them. When I was there last night, there were several times that PP and KG would have Rondo in between them, and would be talking over him like he was an ignored child. I ain’t making this shit up.

  • Ekstor

    Two things I’ve learned from these comments:

    1) The secret to putting up huge assist numbers is to have no jump shot so that the opposition stops guarding you!

    2) Jerry West is able to control the thoughts and actions of his former employers… they would rather please him even (if he’s no longer employed with them) than to make their own decisions regarding their own franchises… makes PERFECT sense!!

  • MSL


    Funny! Though some people still won’t get it.

    @ Control.

    I know you didn’t post on a public site not expecting a response (when you could of kept your thoughts to yourself and not posted)?

    Now I know you like the attention.


  • MSL


    Funny! Though some people still won’t get it.

    @ Control.

    I know you didn’t post on a public site not expecting a response (when you could of kept your thoughts to yourself and not posted)?

    Now I know you like the attention.


  • control


    Fuck attention, if I wanted attention I’d be running up and down the street naked (instead of wearing a trench coat). I love a good debate, keeps shit interesting. Shit, interaction with other basketball fans, and the differences of opinion that they bring is what makes this site appealing.

  • Claw

    Not to get off the love/hate relationship with the little leprechaun but how in the hell does a 6’8″ 240 lb forward not get one board in over 30 minutes?

    When is the last time Lebron didn’t get at least one board in a game, seriously doesn’t he even get one on a missed FT?

    Dude is killing my fantasy squad, doubles my hate for him.

  • LakeShow84


    Watching Matt Barnes and Steve Blake out there makes me laugh.. im lovin this under the radar treatment, might be what we need to reach that 70 win plateau.. anyone realize we are WAY BETTER/TOUGHER/ORGANIZED than last year and we dont even have our starting big body C out there??

    If Mitch dont get executive of the year this year they smokin crack.. But lemme guess.. Riley gonna get it lol

    And look out for Shannon Brown on that sixth man cuz he looked mighty nice inside and out.. Kids coming around BEAUTIFULLY..

    I wasnt even going to go for League pass this year but DAMN lol

    @ Everyone getting on Control and trying to convince him otherwise;

    Good luck with that lol

  • the antoine

    jerry west wasnt even with the grizzlies anymore when they traded for pau, it was all GM wallace and Owner Heisley.. same dudes that gave connely that extension..

  • MSL

    @ Claw.

    I guess cause he was happy playing point guard yesterday (I know, even the aforementioned little Leprechaun gets at least one rebound a game). Lol.

    Lebron had 12 assist. Shoot he wasn’t trying to get dirty.
    Plus they didn’t miss Claw. The Heat shot 58%!

    And yes. The last time Lebron didn’t get a rebound was during his rookie season. It happened twice then.

    I think the numbers will even out as they play more games and get to know each other more.

  • MSL


    You never stop to slip your point in do you. But you didn’t have to tell me you like the discourse. I know.

    Now! Why would Ray Allen and KG sincerely say out the blue, that Rondo would be an MVP or the Best Point guard in the league just to hype him up. That doesn’t make sense. That was based off of what they saw and talent.

    Carlos Boozer boosted up DRose for the same thing/reason your saying. But it was based off of talent. If Drose couldn’t produce, then Carlos Boozer would like a fool, and his Management would never come and ask him for talent acquisition advice. Right? Come again!

    I see you still trying to cope/rationalize. Lol.

    When I say double team; I’m saying as soon as he touches the ball near the paint he’s double teamed. If he was double teamed with out the ball; there’s a name for that sort of thing. And it’s called ILLEGAL DEFENSE. Help defense is double teaming Control. C’mon Man! Stop joshing!

    You keep citing shooting. This has been said before. But Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson, Maurice Cheeks and many others were all very good to great point guards that couldn’t shoot a lick. Those guys were much worser outside shooters than Rondo. At least Rondo’s got some form. Those guys shots (Magic and Kidd in particular were FUGLY as hell). Right or wrong?

    Shooting is not a pre-requisite for the position (though it’s nice to have). Plus he’s young. Who’s to say he wouldn’t develop into a great three point/outside shooter, or take more smooth shots. Why you writing the kid off?

    PS: I’m not a Celtic or Rondo fan. Like many others here, I watched him torch MY and other teams during the playoffs when I got to see him play a lot and the games really counted, and I was very very impressed. And I don’t overrate or coddle AVERAGE or POSER ball players. Ever!!

    So I guess you gonna rationalize why Magic Johnson called him the best all around point guard in the NBA (and don’t tell me about Magic’s vacillation between Kobe and Lebron last year) in the 2010 playoffs? What his reason? To make Rondo feel good and stick up for the Point Guards across America?

    The kid is just Nasty and has great impact on the game!!

    “Now he’s all grown up” (From Janet Jackson’s Control Album)!

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – sssshhhhhhhhhh. Under the radar all year hopefully. See the crowd lose it when Barnes went behind the back for the Blake baseline fadeaway, lookin like Bernard King? And Ebanks alleyoop slam was bananas. We ridiculously deep this season and it won’t even be fair if Bynum comes back at anything over 70%.

    @ Control
    tell em how you feel kid. I don’t know why dudes act like you gotta like a player cuz he got game. Let a man hate who he wanna hate. Rondo’ll look good all season till Kobe makes him invisible in the Finals again lol.

    I agree with Control tho. Rondo’s gaudy assists numbers make you ignore the fact that he WILL NOT SHOOT wide open jumpers. He put up numbers against DET, NYK and CLE n even tho he got 17 assists against MIA, he shot 2-9. Averages of 42% from the field and 50% from the FT line don’t scare me. You’ll see how effective Rondo is when Ray, Pierce and KG ain’t hittin their shots and they’ll need buckets from him. If you forgot, just watch the tape from the Finals. Dude shot 5-19 from the free throw line when it counted lol.
    I just hope it goes down like I hope and we get Boston-Miami in the ECF n see if Bron or Wade figure him out. Lakers already showed you the formula lol. Rondo don’t look so hot not shootin open shots when Ray’s goin 1-18 from 3 to finish the series

  • K Dizzle

    @ dude who posted this

    “But Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson, Maurice Cheeks and many others were all very good to great point guards that couldn’t shoot a lick. Those guys were much worser outside shooters than Rondo.”

    slow down….

  • TD


    or you’d be in the 5th row dodging Howard swats

  • JAY

    Cosign K Dizzle @ #50

    That shit is dumb right there. And the belittling statements you are trying to make, make you look as mature as Lebron is.

    If you’re wondering “what statements”?

    “I see you still trying to cope/rationalize. Lol.”
    “I actually think you’re funny and entertaining. ”

    Weak dawg. State your points. Move on.

    And this, “At least Rondo’s got some form.”… really?? His “form” looks as consistent as a snowflake. between jumpshot to jumpshot, it’s different every single time. Sometimes there’s arc, sometimes it’s straight. Sometimes his elbow is pointed to the basket, and other times it’s pointed outward. Sometimes his off hand is below the ball, other times it’s on the side.
    Magic’s jumper looked awkward but it was consistent. That’s why he could put the ball through the hoop from range. If you a player shoots differently everytime he shoots, how can he shoot with consistency??

    Because your posts have become more belittling, I’m starting to side with control. Slow your roll, kid. We all have opinions. Regardless if you disagree, respect a next man’s opinion.

  • NYC

    @ Kdizzle

    You’re comparing Rondo’s Finals as representative of his game? So why don’t you make Kobe’s finals as representative his overall game also?

    Kobe shot 35% for the entire finals and got bailed out by Gasol and Artest. If the Lakers lost. Who you think would of been the Goat of that series?

    Against Phoenix, Kobe got bailed out by Artest (shot 35% in that series to).

    Kobe sucked in the finals and vs Phoenix. So I guess that makes his game/career to? Calm down Dizzle.

    Rondo didn’t cost them the finals. He was the Celtics best player (though he didn’t play as well as he did in prior series). Everyone shot terrible in that series and Rondo had one of the best shooting percentages and overall play in that entire series. Check it.

    Rondo didn’t shoot, cause his job is to get his offensive players involved. He had too much faith in them. What I fault him for is not penetrating and going to the hole, as he did up until that point in the prior series. He can blow by anybody anytime he wants (that’s the real reason why Kobe won’t guard him close. Kobe knows he can’t guard Rondo) and create for himself or his team mates.

    I bet you it won’t happen again (him not taking that shot and or being aggressive)if they meet the Lakers again?

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe sucked against Phoenix??

    I guess he just hit those last shots of game 6 and that was it..

    News to me lol

    LIke i said u gotta better chance of punching throw the ground cement and all than convincing Control about Rondo.. And in anycase its dudes opinion so who cares.. i dont pay attention lol

  • MSL


    Huh? Whooooa.

    Did you actually read my post with Control. We kool.

    Secondly, who made you the web protector on this site?

    Also, how can you actually defend control and accuse some one of belittling him in the same post. Who are you? Is this his Pseudonym?

    Can’t he/wouldn’t he defend himself?


    And you’re going to honestly write here and tell me that Magic Johnson had a good Jumpshot? First of all, it wasn’t even a jumpshot. It was a ugly ass, tipping forward, long ass-protracted set shot from the top of the Key.

    Rondo never had a shot that ugly, regardless of what ever alterations. Magic Jump shot was the Point guard equivalent of a Chris Dudley free throw. Did he win by the way?

    Magic’s shot was plain ugly and it wasn’t a very good jump shooter or consistent. As a matter of fact. He wasn’t a jump shooter at all. It was a set shot and excruciating as hell to look at every time he shot it.

    Are you that blinded by your current Knight in Shining Armour, Rondo bashing act? I really don’t care. He’s not the point guard for my team. I can see it clearly.

    But I see you all worked up man. You slow down!

    Show some CONTROL yourself!

    It’s a free access board and just basketball!

  • control


    I have already changed my opinion about Rondo. It went from hating the guy because he looks like a female crackhead, to hating him because he’s a douchebag, to disliking modestly, but respecting some of his skills (passing, quickness) but hating on him because he can’t shoot worth shit. It’s an evolving hate, and if the idiot develops a jumpshot then I’ll eat crow and change my opinion of the guy.


    Dizzle is right about the finals…other than Rayray going DEAD cold (from Rondo’s bad shooting rubbing off on him probably), Rondo’s play was the main reason why the Celts lost the finals. Rondo couldn’t touch the ball in the last two minutes of any game, and there were a few times when Rondo had the ball in the final 15 seconds, and airballed a 3 with no one within 15ft of him. He DID hit one clutch 3 the entire series though, I guess that makes up for the 5-6 he missed.

  • http://www.yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    lol yo… the Lakers are amazing. And nobody gives a fuck. That’s gonna be real interesting come June. I’m just sayin…

  • NYC


    Rondo won the Celtics the games they won and he would of been the finals MVP if the Celtics won.

    I don’t re-call him shooting many air balls in the finals, but I do re-call him hitting them and winning games for the Celtics and posting triple doubles or near triple doubles.

    Rondo actually had one of the best shooting percentages in that finals and a better one than either Garnett, Pierce, Kobe and Ray Allen. Check the statistics.

    You guys are writing revisionist history and forgetting Kobe’s, Pierce, GArnett and Allen’s performance to all hate on Rondo, when he was the guy that got them there and help win their 3 NBA finals games in the first place.


    Let it go. Give it up. It’s only basketball Man. Lol.

    It’s a new season!

    PS: Rondo was also hurt in the finals with back spasms, after being clobbered by Dwight Howard and leaving the game to never come back.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I watched the Boston game last night and couldn’t wait to read Control’s comments and the subsequent debate. Thanks for not disappointing.

    The best part is Control says how he couln’t wait to go to the game to “hate” Rondo in person, then spends multiple 8 paragraph posts calling him an ugly, whiney douche who is only good because of his team but then posts this:

    “I don’t even know how I am “hating” on Rondo. I’m just saying he’s not a top 5 point guard because I’m annoyed at the people who keep saying he’s the best point guard in the league. I used to think he was garbage, and sucked (he did his first year in the league, even his second maybe), but now I can’t even say he’s garbage.”


  • QQ

    LOL at cats saying everyone has opinions, then lecturing a kid bout HIS opinions. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Perfect logic right there.

  • K Dizzle

    @NYC – Kobe averaged 33, 9 and 8 vs Phoenix on 55%FG, 50%3FG and 88%FT so I don’t know what series you saw. Kobe’s handprint still on Gentry’s ass.
    If you wanna discuss Rondo’s Finals numbers, I can bring up the fact that when Kobe was playin with a Hall of Famer named Shaq, he still put up ridiculous numbers. Dude avgd 30, 8, 7 vs the Pacers or Sixers and heads still had the nerve to say he needed Shaq like Shaq didn’t need Kobe. Get it straight. No matter who Kobe played with, when it was crunchtime, it wasn’t Shaq or Pau, it’s Kobe makin the plays.
    Rondo shot 5-19 from the FT line. I can’t say that shit enough. How can I depend on you at crunchtime when I can bring any clown off the bench to run a point guard version of Hack-a-Shaq. U can’t do that shit to CP3, DWill, Nash, Billups, Kidd, Rose, Westbrook, Jennings, Baron, Curry, Conley, Fish. I can do this all day. Point is, a point guard who can’t make free throws is like a shooting guard who can’t shoot. Useless.
    I’m not gettin into the hype just cuz Rondo torched Cle, Det and the Knicks. You really think he’d dice Miami up like he did in their first game together? Doubt it.

    @ MSL

    what Jay is sayin is your condescending posts rub dudes the wrong way. this ain’t some uppity ass lecture circuit. You like Rondo? That’s on you. Don’t mean any other man got to. As it is, comparing Rondo to Magic and sayin Rondo has a better jumper than anybody in league history loses you instant credibility around here.

  • K Dizzle

    Damn! KG called Charlie V a cancer patient?
    Lol. I shouldn’t be laughin, I know this. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BANG OUT

    Just Some Tidbits for the Blind

    Rondo has passed these guys breaking some major records : Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, John Stockton, Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Cousy

    Rondo has the endorsement of Boston’s “Big 3″

    Phil Jackson always gives props to Rondo.

    Maybe Boston never had ONLY 3 future hall of famers in the first place.

    Maybe they had 4 but we kept chirping about his jump shot.

    With Shaq, maybe they have 5.

    Just saying.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Kdizzle

    Man its lookin real nice..

    we look the best we’ve looked out of these past 3 years and no one gives a fuck.. Its gonna be beautiful lol and im lovin Blake.. Man when he gets the reigns its OVER..

    We got damn near the best starting 5 in basketball and we actually UPGRADE when our bench gets in the game lol..

    But dont mind us peoples.. hows Miami doing??? lol

  • LakeShow84


    Wait a minute..

    Did i catch someone say Rondo wouldve been Finals MVP if the Celtics won it??


    Did i really see that?? i aint even gonna acknowledge some goofy shit like that LOL

  • s.bucketz

    yayyy waaahjon waaahndo broke some arbitrary ass record..i wonder if he’ll get some bs elaborate award ceremony to boost his ego???the celts should jus get him a ipad w/ dime set to the homepage for that purpose..i think even sasha grey would b disgusted by the amount slurpage in here

  • NYC

    This is becoming a dead subject.

    @Kdizzle, etc.

    Everyone knows Kobe shot 35% for two playoff series and 45% for two other playoff series. You’re trying to say that’s not true?

    Shoot! There have been numerous articles written on why Kobe shouldn’t of been the MVP and how poorly he shot through out the playoffs and the finals (Though Laker and Kobe lovers try to pretend that it was only game 7 of the finals) and how Gasol should of been MVP.

    Shit, Michael Jordan’s son even tweeted from court side during last years finals “how can anyone try to compare Kobe to my father when he can’t hit a shot all game in a game 7 of a finals.”. Look it up! But you guys conveniently ignore that, while continuing to kill Rondo on his free throw shooting? Funny. Like I said. I’m not even a Boston fan. Straight up!

    As far as arguing this Rondo stuff it’s getting old. You guys going to believe what you believe and really do seem to hate a ball player, call him names, make fun of him, even talk about how he looks etc. (what’s up with that), then try to lecture other people on internet etiquette? What is this a parallel universe? It’s really not that serious dudes. And it’s all conversation and discourse to me. It’s never personal or insulting (to a player or any poster).

    Just enjoy the games. I’m done on this subject (like you guys are on Rondo).

  • K Dizzle

    @ NYC
    “Everyone knows Kobe shot 35% for two playoff series and 45% for two other playoff series. You’re trying to say that’s not true?”

    Stop embarrassin yourself,playa.
    You incorrectly stated that “Against Phoenix, Kobe got bailed out by Artest (shot 35% in that series to).
    Kobe sucked in the finals and vs Phoenix. So I guess that makes his game/career to?”

    How the hell Ron bail him out when I just told you that he AVERAGED 33,7 and 8 on 55% from the field and 50% from 3? You give the credit to Artest on a putback? Good analysis.
    Apart from game 3(10-29)aka the Fish game and game 7, the other 5 game games saw Kobe shoot over 45% so why is it you only remember the games he struggled shooting?
    That Finals MVP shit is gettin old. Yeah, Gasol coulda got the mvp, but look at their playoff numbers and tell me Kobe didn’t deserve it.

    Kobe Bryant played 40:07 mins per, shot 46%FG, 37.4%3FG, 84.2FT% 29.2 PPG, 6.0 RB 5.5 AS
    Pau Gasol played 39:42 mins per, shot 53.9%FG, 76%FT
    19.6 PPG, 11 RB 3.5 AS 2 BLKS

    Michael Jordan’s son tweeted? And? Is that supposed to mean something?
    I’m not your 12 yr old lil cousin. If you wanna argue numbers, make sure you come with stats.

  • LakeShow84

    “Apart from game 3(10-29)aka the Fish game and game 7, the other 5 game games saw Kobe shoot over 45% so why is it you only remember the games he struggled shooting?”

    Because hes a hater lol

    Kinda sums its up perfectly.. all haters make up they own shit otherwise??

    You wouldnt really be a hater.. lmao @ Kobe shooting under 40% against the Suns.. Cats really do need to do they homework..

    And another point?? We wouldnt even have made it out the first round possibly if Kobe didnt D up Westbrook.. i mean seriously tho..

    Haters wanted Gasol to be Finals MVP JUST to take that away from Kobe and this was based off of what games 3 & 7 of the Finals?? lol chumps

    Real peoples know not to say shit because the man basically carried us all the way to the Finals.. i guess those 30 point games he dropped on EVERYONE leading upto Boston werent even needed right??

    What is popular sentiment to run with?? Oh yeah ‘plug tracy McGrady in there and they still win the Finals’..

    You haters keep it up.. you got a couple more championships and a lot more historic marks and “Fuck you’s” coming your way.. be strong lololololololol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXWABBp_Ys0 Sabas Hibachi


    stop talking out of ur behind*
    your logic on Rondo, his stats, “passing lanes” <–lol, is just so so flawed! talking in circler just cause you like reading what you wrote and the size of it…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I your initial post explained it all. There was no need to go any further. It’s really that simple to understand.