Smack / Nov 17, 2010 / 2:15 am

Kobe Bryant Shears the Deer, Lakers avoid 3-game skid

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

Two things had to happen for the Bucks to extend the Lakers’ losing streak (they have those?) to three games: Brandon Jennings had to take advantage of the biggest weakness in L.A.’s defense drop a big number on Derek Fisher, and Milwaukee had to keep Kobe Bryant from torching them. One happened. One didn’t … Jennings scored 31 points, leaving Fisher wearing cinder block sneakers and playing defense with his hands, but with designated defensive stopper Luc Mbah a Moute in foul trouble most of the night, the Bucks couldn’t prevent Kobe from scoring 31 of his own. Posting up, hitting fadeaways, driving or scoring in transition, Kobe just got way too many easy looks as John Salmons did the innocent bystander thing. The Lakers found a good rhythm, stretched the lead to double-digits in the fourth quarter and secured the W not long before Andrew Bogut had to leave with an elbow injury … OK, NBA teams, it’s been more than 10 games: Stop leaving Shannon Brown open. The kid is a legit three-point threat now, knocking down four triples and scoring 16 of his 21 points in the fourth quarter. Just because Jimmy Jackson became too diesel to shoot back in the day doesn’t mean Shannon can’t hit ‘em from long range … So if Carmelo is “The Bully,” would that make Corey Maggette “The Toadie”? Grover Dill put up 15 points off the bench … Whether it’s Brandon Roy or Wes Matthews or whoever taking on the bulk of the scoring, the Blazers have found a reliable formula: Keep it close going into the fourth quarter, where Andre Miller and Marcus Camby can make enough old-school vet moves to win the game. With B-Roy (knee) sitting out against the Grizzlies, Matthews stepped in and scored 30 points, and in the fourth ‘Dre took over. Along with a couple of steals down the stretch, Miller (19 pts, 9 asts, 5 stls) ran off six straight points in a key stretch midway through the quarter and found Camby (17 rebs) underneath for a bucket to put Portland up three. Rudy Gay tied it with a pull-up jumper and-one (he’s developing a decent go-to guy sneer), then after Nic Batum‘s putback put the Blazers up two, Miller got another steal, walked Mike Conley down into the post and stuck a turnaround J on him that was basically the dagger … Here’s the thing with Marc Gasol: You can see elements of Pau‘s style in his game, it’s just everything is uglier with Marc. It’s like watching a guy on the playground trying to play like Pau Gasol, only Marc is doing it against NBA competition … Speaking of ugly, Zach Randolph and Antawn Jamison definitely lead the League in shots that announcers cannot describe. Jamison may have caused the invention of the term “half-hook” … Kyle Lowry is in the NBA in the first place in large part due to his quickness, athleticism and defensive tenacity at the point guard spot. And last night, Derrick Rose made Lowry look slow, stiff and like he had no idea how to defend anybody. He was that good. Rose scored 33 points, including four three-pointers and a bunch of layups with Lowry snacking on dust, as the Bulls kicked off their annual “circus road trip” with a win … Of course the Rockets would be the team whose sponsored “Above The Rim Replay” was a Kevin Martin layup. When you look at the roster, there’s maybe two guys you’d call dunkers (Chase Budinger and Courtney Lee). Yao Ming doesn’t even have to jump to dunk, and he barely does it … Other notable stat lines from Tuesday: Carmelo Anthony scored 26 points in Denver’s win over New York; Josh Smith posted 25 points, 8 boards and 7 blocks in Atlanta’s win over Indiana; Boobie Gibson had 18 points and 8 assists off the bench to help Cleveland beat Philly; and in his first start of the season, Gilbert Arenas dropped 20 points, 7 boards and 6 dimes to lead the John Wall-less Wizards past Toronto … Allen Iverson made his Turkish League debut, scoring 15 points while his Besiktas Cola Turka squad lost to Hemofarm Stada … Unfortunately, ESPN’s 24-hour college hoops tip-off marathon had to come to an end. Overall impressions: Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger is a BEAST (we told you so), Michigan State and Duke should accept no less than the Final Four this year, Butler should expect no more than the Sweet Sixteen, and Baylor frosh Perry Jones may as well change his middle name to “Potential,” as it’ll be attached to his name about one million times between now and the 2011 Draft … Also, keep an eye on UCLA point guard Lazeric Jones. He goes by the nickname “Zeke,” he’s from Chicago, and he wears No. 11. We fully expect Zeke 2.0 to be ruining one of the NBA’s signature franchises around, say, 2035. Beware, Lakers fans … We’re out like a Rockets dunk contest …

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    Damn Derek, Lakers should put that fool on ice till May/June. Shannon needs to develop a defensive mentality. Or at least step it up a notch!

  • superfreak

    no mention of nene’s dunk over gallo to seal the win??

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    J-Smooth is in beast mode. I wonder if the Hawks will pay him? He is auditioning for a big pay day. I wonder where he’ll end up.

  • neoy

    wtf is up with ROckets, why are they doing so bad

  • FedEx

    Just a small correction, Iverson’s team played against a Serbian team last night in the Euro Challenge cup, which is a second rate continental competition, he hasn’t made his Turkish league debut yet.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    I sed this a while ago:shannons j is a breath of fresh air.teams need to keep leaving him open. My question is, what the fuck is it that sasha’s not getting. Once he starts hitting , it’s gon b a nightmare guarding the lakeshow.

    nene shitting all over the knicks frontline.priceless !!

    Lakers all dizzay!

    oh and by the way the ugliest things in the nba are shawn marion’s shooting form..followed closely by marcus camby’s, then joakims noah’s , dereks defence,kwame brown on offence, Joe johnsons contract, craig sagers suits…lol. Aight imma stop b4 fuckers start catching feelings.

  • K Dizzle

    @ smoove – Shannon Brown’s jumper is officially a thing of beauty. Kid shoots it like he knows it’s goin in. In his 5th season, dude is falsifyin the efforts of any player who been in the league this long and got no jumper. Before last season, dude never played more than 30 games, now he puttin up 52%FG, 51% 3FG and 92% FT…What?!? And we almost lost dude in the offseason….damn

    p.s. 1 more for your All-Ugly List:

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    ladies and gentlemen, for the “ugly revue”, i present…mr michael ruffin.


  • Shep

    I might be among the .001% who get the Grover Dill reference. Send me my royalty check.

  • yoda

    i’ve seen few minutes of that iverson’s game. he doesn’t even bother to guard anyone. in like 4-5 minutes span, guy that iverson guarded scored on layups while AI just watched there and did nothing.
    whats with bogut? that fall over magette was nasty. was it just precaution or he’s hurting bad?

  • Rafa23

    @ D. H.

    Josh Smith is under contract till 2013. they can’t pay him now.

  • Showtime

    @ #9 Iverson hasn’t guarded anyone in years yet people are still whining why he’s not getting a second (or third, fourh, fifth or whatever it is now) chance

  • Wesley
  • karizmatic

    Thanks for keeping us informed of what AI is doing.

  • Chaos

    Its time to take Derek Fisher out the pasture. i respect his leadership and clutch shooting but dude couldnt anybody and is too much of a liability. im not even a Laker fan but i know they need some body else to start at pg. im not saying it has to be blake but they will be a lot better off defensively because half the pgs in the L is super athletic and Derek fisher plays like the old dudes at the Y.

    I say we stick to calling Maggette Bad Porn

    Shannon Brown has been putting in work on his insane shooting numbers. looks like that kobe effect has kicked in on Brown as well. he improve on his ball handling next and then you got someone that can be truly dangerous

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think Houston has gone down the tubes ever since Carl Landry was sent to Sacramento in the “Get-Rid-of-TMac” trade

  • CTP

    LOVE the headline Dime!

  • That’s What’s Up
  • Big Mike

    I see it’s the Annual Derek Fisher Sucks campaign.. Everyone needs to chill on Fish.. He’s 36 trying to chase 22-25 year olds around. In case ya’ll didn’t know, Fish is a playoff performer and legend. LA has him for May through June, not November-April.. He is too clutch so he’s worth a PG getting a big night. What ya’ll are failing to realize is the top PGs do it to everyone anyways. Hate him now and marvel during the playoffs..

    And yes, I’m a Lakers fan..

  • QQ

    got this from Basketbawful:

    Gilbert Arenas regarding the applause he received when he was introduced with the starting lineup:

    “It surprised me, especially when I had a rough summer. All the stuff I’m reading, I thought the fans were just going to murder me — ’cause I was here with Kwame Brown. I was expecting the same thing. They tricked me a little bit,”

    followed by:

    Kwame Brown: Note how, when Gil talked about how he thought the crowd was going to hate on him, Brown sprang immediately to mind. Career fail.


  • KanDMan

    Those ultra quick athletic pg’s have been a problem for a couple of years now..they torch Fish..but guess what none of them have a ring..and Fish contributes in the Ring quest.

    Kupchak will be addressing pg upgrades right after the victory parade..that and the quest to obtain Perry Jones III..

  • http://High High Release

    Bogut’s elbow is still messed up. It doesn’t move properly. And he’s got severe pain on his right hand, so that fall last night was worrying. He’s got to address the free throws, because those become big points.

    Lakers are really really good, but man, they get some serious beneficial Lakerish calls.

  • LakeShow84

    We got Blake and Brown to cover up for Fisher peoples..

    Only problem is get ANY good player hot and they STAY hot..

    But im not mad.. Blake waiting in the wings to take over and hes basically a white Derek Fisher who can pass lol

    Fisher been a part of all 5 rings this decade and brings the UTMOST of leadership to our team.. the ultimate professional..

    Still lovin the shoulder check he gave Scola in the playoffs lol

  • Ian

    big mike
    hes 36 chasing 22 year olds. exactly thats why they need another pg and btw lol at hes a legend. he wouldnt need to be clutch if he could guard anyone.

    parker has 3 rondo has 1 and the reason the others dont have one is because they dont play with kobe , shaq , gasol , artest , odom , bynum , horry and whoever else played on those champ teams.

  • Big Mike

    Regular season doesn’t mean as much to the lakers as it does other teams, that’s why they have Fish. LA focus on playoffs not regular season. Legends are made in the playoffs, that’s why I said Fish is a legend. He is a Lakers Legend for sure. Being clutch has nothing to do with guarding someone, that statement you said makes no sense. Regardless of who he played with, he was vital to them winning those ‘chips…

    He will be retiring soon so I’m sure LA will address that then. Plus they picked up Blake to run around with the fast little PGs.

  • ab40

    I saw the AI game. their opponents couldn’t miss in the final quarter. they were up by 16 and lost because of that. they lost by three. Too bad they’ve got a nice euro team.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Ian:

    still not over the 0.4 huh?

    Could be worse. Jennings coulda put 55 on Fish….just sayin…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Ask the Houston Rocket fans who watched the game. DRose did it with Jumpers from Mid Range and Long Range. Hou clogged the lane so he rarely got layups or even FT attempts.

  • S.A.C.


    Good/Excellent points and counters to Big Mike and Kandman.

  • jdizzle

    @ Smoove Craig Sager’s suits are priceless! One time he wore a suit that looked like the couch from Good Times lol!

    @Kdizzle that Chuck Hayes video(LMAO BTW) made me appreciate Joakim Noah’s form even more! That reminded me of how Anthony Mason used to shoot free throws…lane violations galore!

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    @ k dizzle
    OMG ! It’s an epileptic busting a nut ! That was hilarious !

    @ j dizzle
    did you catch KG telling him to burn it. I cringed for Sager.