Smack / Nov 1, 2010 / 2:29 am

Kobe Bryant takes the kids from Golden State to school

You reach, I teach

On a weekend where everyone was dressed up as something they aren’t, Sunday’s late-night game marked a return to reality. The Lakers played basically a perfect first quarter in their all-California matchup with the previously undefeated (what?) Warriors. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom were eating up the glass and Kobe Bryant (20 pts, 7 rebs) was putting Monta Ellis in his post-up chamber. After one quarter, L.A. was up 34-14 and on their way to a 20-piece win, about as easy a W as the champs will get all season … On offense, all the Lakers had to do was get the ball to the rim and Odom (16 pts, 14 rebs) or Gasol (26 pts, 12 rebs) were going to go get it. On defense, they only had to check Ellis, who finished with a team-high 20 points. Without Stephen Curry (ankle), the rest of the Warriors looked like they would’ve struggled to break 55 without Monta … Where was David Lee in all of this carnage? The man brought in to add some beef to Golden State’s interior had all of 3 rebounds and zero points. You’d look at that line, see D-Lee played only 19 minutes, and assume he must have gotten injured, right? No, he was healthy, just invisible … We put the Heat/Nets game on for five minutes and saw LeBron take the ball coast-to-coast for easy layups at least three times. He just blew right past every Net and went through the help D as if they weren’t even there. LeBron finished with 20 points in the rout, Chris Bosh had 18, and D-Wade had 17 while the backups pulled clean-up duty in the fourth quarter … Actual line from Mike Fratello: “Juwan Howard is still very serviceable.” Was that supposed to be a compliment? .. It’s weird watching Joe Smith and Terrence Williams interact on the Nets bench. Pretty sure Joe has kids T-Will’s age … Don’t worry, though, Nets fans: You still have a few days for your guys to stay dressed up as an above-.500 team … For all of the talent and depth that Dallas has, it’s a wonder how Brian Cardinal is on the roster. He looks like he’s 58 years old and really has no business being on an NBA court. In yesterday’s Mavs/Clippers game, Cardinal checked in briefly, and on his first touch he jacked a heinous corner three that sailed two feet past the rim … Other than that, though, any ugliness in this game was due to the Clippers. As the Mavs wrapped up their rout, one of L.A.’s announcers groaned, “This is embarrassing.” Not to kick salt on the wound, but you do work for the Clippers. What do you expect? … Jason Kidd hit the shot of the year (so far) at the end of the first half when he came up with a rebound and splashed a heave from his own free-throw line … Blake Griffin had 16 points and 9 rebounds in the loss, but shot just 4-15 from the floor. Even though Griffin is way too athletic for anyone to handle — Dirk was especially having problems with Blake — he’s still somehow shooting just 41 percent … So which team is the real Utah Jazz? The one who was thoroughly dominated at home by Phoenix on Thursday, or the squad who showed up and delivered a beat-down in Oklahoma City last night? … Paul Millsap helped expose OKC’s largest weakness, its frontcourt, with 30 points and 16 rebounds. It seemed like every time the Thunder threatened with a run — and it happened a lot in the second half — Millsap or Al Jefferson (23 pts, 10 rebs) found some way to get a shot to drop. They had OKC befuddled all night with hooks and flip shots in the paint … Is it safe to throw Russell Westbrook‘s name into the Most Improved Player discussion yet? Despite the loss, Russ (22 pts, 4 stls) matched Deron Williams all night long. The World Championship experience did wonders for his confidence, and he’s playing like a legit All-Star right now. Westbrook still can’t really shoot, but who else is better taking it to the rim and finishing with his off hand? … Cole Aldrich has one of the ugliest free-throw strokes ever. It looks like he’s using a grenade launcher. Texting Bo Outlaw … We’re out like an undefeated Nets season …

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  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Were the Warriors just hungover?

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    Gotta love NBA regular season smack.

  • Hi, Jurg from Denmark

    Hi hi from jurg who not happy to have mr David lee on fantasy team today


    From jurgo

  • OneZero

    I loveee Kobe’s post up, he is basically unstoppable in 2k11

  • QQ

    Thoughts the Warriors will put up more of a fight with their ill jerseys (seriously, whoever brought that back is a genius) and perfect record (which got fools already saying ‘Warriors, PLAYOFFS’. Really? Calm the fuck down.)

    Lakers go with their machine-like flow, though. When they play like that, DAAAAMN.

  • control

    Fuck David Lee, what a fucking prick. Going into the game, I was like…cool, I just need David Lee to have 6 rebounds, and I win this cat…he goes and drops fucking 3. Fucking idiot. Fuck Golden State in general, I hope they don’t win another game this season.

    To the people who were giving me shoutouts this weekend, about my love affair with Rondo. Yeah, he had a good game, good for him. 24 assists is pretty impressive, what is even more impressive is pure garbage like Glenn Davis managing to chuck 7 baskets in. He shot his impressive 4-12 again though…

    Been hooked on 2k11, man that game is addictive. Few random things about the game:

    What the hell is with scrubs tearing me up in that game? Danilio Galanarni (probably spelling his name wrong, but he’s not worth looking up) dropped like 30 points on my face, including dunking on me like 10 times.

    I got drafted to the Magic…and now absolutely hate Vince Carter. Guy is shooting like 28%, and averaging like 1 assist. Never seen a guy in a video game get so fucking personal with me, like…2k11Vince HATES my char with a vengeance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see my guy rolling up in the pregame and get Nancy Kerigan’d by 2k11Vince.

    What does it take to get drafted higher than 27 in the damn game? I dropped 47pts, 8ast, 5rbs on John Wall, while holding him to 8pts on 4-18 shooting, and averaged like 38ppg in the first 3 games(avg A teammate grade).

  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Fantasy league Yahoo
    H2H 7 teams already in. Live draft tonight at 10pm

    League Link:

  • ab40

    if westbrook was gonna win MIP it was last year. and d-will had 15 or 16 assists so not matching stats going on there. And man the clips? What the .. they’ve got pieces they just don’t use em well. BD is amazing but his shot went to the same place his hops went down the drain now he’s just a big body who is an amazing passer but who isn’t willing to give it to some players on that team. Especialy Jordan he doesn’t pass it to him whil that dude is hella athletic and is open a lot on the p&r.

  • That’s What’s Up

    is somebody really bragging about their video game stats?

    Way to D up control – held him to 4-18. Locked that little avatar bitch down, did you…

  • control

    That’s What’s Up

    Wasn’t bragging, I was stating it as a comparative benchmark. I gotta put in those hours and perfect my game so that my next draft…I get more of those guaranteed videogame dollars, so I can feed my videogame family. Shit, if I got drafted over John Wall, my videogame guy would be rich, and I could live my life vicariously through him!

  • That’s What’s Up

    wow. I have no idea what that all means, but best of luck to you and your fam – whether they are real or not

  • Ekstor


    An extra 3 rebounds from David Lee would not have won that game for GS… just sayin.

  • control


    Who the fuck cares about GS? I’m talking my fantasy bball team…

  • Cha-Ching

    Sasha, Luke, and one of the rookies for Rubio.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I was 1 three or 2 FTs from Monta away from winning my matchup, you can’t complain -.-

  • nizzio

    David Lee cannot produce when he is playing against an incredible defensive team. I noticed that the past two seasons. Great numbers, but he chokes against good defenses. Thank God he isn’t the Warriors main offensive weapon

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The Lakers are like a bully in a elementary school, picking on the little kids cause they are bigger.

    And its fucking annoying to watch…

  • http://www.myspace.com/nukkyg Grissy

    Utah played well last night and they deserved the W…KD was off in the first half but that kid scores 25+ easier than anybody in the league so I was just waiting for the big comeback run but Utah was able to hold on (comfortably).

    I like OKC but wasn’t really feelin’ their announcers so I was kinda glad Utah spanked ‘em…


  • UncheckedAggression

    Control–I don’t know about everyone else but that rant about 2k11 had me rollin. Awesome.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise


    you earn yourself a shoe deal yet? I’m about 20 games in averaging 30 a night yet no shoe deal. I got the billboard and sports illustrated covers though.

  • Joe’s Momma

    WOW, Monte ending up with only 20?

    He had 16 at halftime on good percentages. Stopped watching after halftime because horror flicks on Halloween night are so cliche.

    And ab40,

    If you were BoomDizzle, would you pass to Deandre Jordan? The guy misses point blank layups, fumbles passes unless they are lobs, and travels when he gets in the paint. And PRAY he doesn’t get fouled because its basically as bad as a turnover. Always looks like he is half assing out there, even if he is busting his backside. Everything you said is on point though about Baron.

  • control


    I haven’t earned anything yet, I’m averaging like 9ppg right now, about 10 games into the season. That adviser fag was telling me something about shoe companies needing someone to rep them…but 2k11Vince keeps taking my shine and he’s using his influence at Nike to sabotage me!

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chiseng.


    haha.. you a trip, I figured out a cheesy ass way to get my speed up to 99 so that’s the real reason I’m droppin 30 a game, eventually you’ll get signed to Jordan though… I guess you just need Vincanity to get injured or something.

    @Joe’s mamma & ab40

    and about Boom Dizzle, every time I see this dude play it makes me sick. Remembering the Baron Davis on the Hornets/Warriors makes me so angry to see that he just let himself become a fat, careless, wannabe movie director nowadays.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    I dunno why my name says “chiseng.” in that last post.. that’s no good.