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Matt Bonner: “The Punishment Doesn’t Fit The Crime”

Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner

Whenever you can gain some insight into a player’s mind off the court, there’s nothing better. And when that player is Matt Bonner, it’s the best. Long known for his admiration of sandwiches, the Red Rocket had a dilemma the other night in San Antonio: If he mixed up his shoe game for the fans, he’d be costing himself 700 sandwiches. What am I talking about? Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News has the story.

Spurs center Matt Bonner sat at his locker before a recent game at the AT&T Center, deep in thought and staring at his feet, as if contemplating some key piece of preparation for the night ahead.

Which, in a way, he was.

“Which pair of shoes should I wear?” Bonner finally asked, holding aloft a pair of Converse and a pair of New Balance.

Someone proposed he don one of each, a suggestion Bonner considered a few seconds before an eavesdropping teammate shattered the dream.

A mismatched shoe selection would violate the NBA’s uniform dress code, Manu Ginobili interjected, and could cost Bonner $25,000 in fines.

“Just think of how many sandwiches that is,” Ginobili said, referring to Bonner’s famously favorite form of sustenance.

And so, for the next 10 minutes, the Spurs’ starting guard and backup center set out to quantify exactly that.

Estimating (conservatively, he says) 700 sandwiches per year at $5 a pop, Bonner concludes it would cost seven years’ worth of hoagies to flout the NBA’s uniform rules for one night.

“The punishment doesn’t fit the crime,” he sighed, as the rest of the room disintegrated into laughter.

As one of the few endorsees of New Balance in the NBA, I’m sure his reps were happy that the threat of hoagie haplessness kept him from making a fashion statement.

What do you think?

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  • nizzio

    What a pointless article

  • srb

    Man, i’m with him. There aren’t a whole lot of foods that can be a great sandwich.

  • jryu


    don’t read it then.

    it’s cool to get glimpses into a ball player’s life aside from ONLY the stuff that happens on the court.. like the locker room dynamic of a multiple championship winning team or how down to earth cheap matt bonner is even though he’s pulling in millions of dollars.

    cool article, AP.

  • Colton

    cheap vs not intentionally wasteful .

  • malik

    one of the many reasons matt bonner is my favorite basketball player


    Bonner reps NB???? He’s just gone up in my estimation. New Balance are the shit.

  • chief youngblood

    white people love new balance’s

  • That’s What’s Up

    He should change his nickname to “The Hoagie Hammer”

  • JH

    I don’t know what NB basketball shoes look like…Thank God for Google Image Search.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    matt freaking bonner! spurs need to petition him, his sandwhichs, and his NB basketball shoes to get into the damn 3 point shoot out! mason should have never repped SA in teh 3pso, he made us look bad and bonner is a beast at the set shot. kapono aint got shit on bonner!

    let the white red headed guy shoot the ball damn it!

    and that is a lot of samiches!

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I don’t get it, if he’s sponsored by New Balance why was he contemplating Converse anyway?

  • ConneX

    @Mt. Pleasant: That’s what I was wondering too!

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @Connex – Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn
  • Mt. Pleasant

    Thanks rangerjohn, I had no idea you could have 2 shoe sponsers.