• http://www.TheProductBand.com Kermit The Washington

    Only 2 out of 11 cats put Kobe on their list??? We’re done, Dime…we’re DONE!

  • Showtime

    I stopped after reading that Lebron James is the best defensive player in the league. I actually threw up a little

    I mean those chase-down blocks are really nice but that’s only a small part of playing defense. He gets beat off the dribble rather easily so stop that shit right now. Dwight should win DPOY every year he’s head and shoulders above everyone else.

    You better prepare to get a lot of heat for that one

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    Nice to see Carmelo on a few lists..

  • PWarrior

    1. kobe
    2. flash
    3. kevin garnett
    4. kevin durant
    5. joe johnson

  • drew

    nice to see that alot of the dime crew drinks the kool-aid the general media feeds us. esp jaimie canterbury’s explanation for why he slurps on lbj LOL.

  • http://www.onthent.biz Khalvin

    @ ALI DANOIS (Bounce), a.k.a. “Do It All,” a.k.a. “The Champ,” a.k.a. “The Gorilla,” a.k.a. “Smallie Biggs”

    His descriptive masterpieces just put him at the top of my must read peeps on Dime. GREAT JOB!!

  • drew

    and while we’re at it.. how does joe johnson NOT force shots? the atl system up til this year was alot of jj isolations, i dont understand for the life of me how someone at dime is oblivious to this.

  • control

    “Kevin Garnett — He is simply what a professional athlete should be”. There ain’t a god damn thing professional about KG anymore. That is like saying “The Situation is exactly what a professional actor should be”.

    I’ve already bashed AB on the Zach Randolph man-crush enough…it’s harsh but understandable I guess.

    LeBron as best defensive player in the league? Really? Wow…

    I don’t understand how anyone who isn’t from Boston, or a HUGE fan of the Celts can actually like any of the players on the roster at this time.


    Putting KG on your favorites list makes you a douchebag by association.

  • Kevin

    Surprised to not see any love for Iverson

  • nizzio

    Austin I respect you for having T-Mac on ur list.
    Fav 5;
    David Lee
    Monta Ellis
    Derrick Rose
    Kobe bean Bryant

  • alex “robocop” murphy

    They should make a team somewhat like the movie “The Expendables” (old guys who can still get work against the worst team in the league (Raptors? T-Wolves?).

    G- Kidd
    G- Nash
    F- Hill
    F- Juwan Howard
    F- Shaq

    Kurt Thomas
    Theo Ratliff

  • karizmatic

    Austin you know you are supposed to have Vince Carter higher on your list that honorable mention.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ Kevin

    We all love Iverson. He was on our first cover. But unfortunately, he’s not in the League.

  • karizmatic

    Deron Williams

    honorable mention: eww I hate Boston but Rondo, and Delonte West if he ever gets on the court again.

  • b

    surprised not to see d howard or roy anywhere


    kyle lowry, josh smith, rip hamilton, granger, t-mac, pops mensah-bonsu

    and chris lofton if he makes it out of the d-league

  • ENEW

    @ control

    It is amazing how little you know about pro basketball and what being a competitor and a great teammate is all about. You actually have no idea. It would be great to hear what you thought about KG if he was on your team, which I am not even sure of since all you do is rip on everyone else on the site.

    @ Kermit Washingto

    The list wasn’t best, it was favorite. Kobe is the BEST player on the planet, he’s just not my favorite.

  • mo.B.bad

    1. Shaq – the undisputed trash-talkin’ backboard-breakin’ slam-dunkin’ bad mother f&*@er of the NBA (well, he was anyway) took over my fave player status from Hakeem, and although he’s a shadow of his former self now, still gotta rep the Shaq Attack.

    2. Dwight Howard – his defensive beastlyness is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen (he’s Motumbo with hops) – especially as a Magic fan – and with his physical skillset he could be so much better on Offense too, that potential excites me.

    3. Ray Allen – what’s not to like about Jesus Shuttlesworth? model pro, model shooter, model, uh, man?

    4. K.G. – loved this guy ever since I first saw him play. so much intensity and versatility, and his antics off the court may be douchebaggery, but to me that’s just part of the entertainment value. dude is the NBA’s Magnificent Bastard.

    5. Pau Gasol – I’m a big fan of FC Barcelona’s football (soccer) team, so I got into the basketball team too – so I’ve got nothin’ but love for Pau. glad to see him represent for Barca in the NBA – shoulda won the 2009 finals MVP, too.

  • Brown

    Brandon Roy
    Dwyane Wade
    Russell Westbrook
    Monta Ellis
    Tyreke Evans

  • control


    It’s amazing how little you know about people and what being a good person in general is all about. If you think the way KG conducts himself is “professional” or acceptable for a normal person, then you have a pretty twisted view of the world. He is a professional basketball player, so you can expect his passion and desire to win to be very strong and obvious, and while he was in Minny, he demonstrated this in a very productive way.

    Since he has arrived in Boston, he has crossed the line from being “passionate” into being a complete and utter douchebag. In which area of your life do you think it’s acceptable to start fights then run away, crawl around barking like a dog at people, wearing a suit while not even being in the game and still running his yap and getting in people’s faces, throwing elbows randomly into people then tossing hands in the air like “wasn’t me!”, and dropping some pretty vicious language all over little kids at games.

    How can you justify his behavior in the last few years? I couldn’t imagine myself supporting a guy who acted like that, teammate or not.

    I don’t rip on everyone on the site, I rip on the players who play like idiots (not good team players, AI for example), squander their talent because they are stupid (Darius Miles), act like fucking douchebags (anyone on Boston), are from NY or play for NY, are named Manu, are professional athletes but fat fucks (Eddy Curry, Glenn Davis), guys who wear sunglasses indoors (LeBron), and guys who act like fake ass thugs (Larry Hughes). That list doesn’t include everyone does it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden BANG OUT


    LBJ – Young Greatness. I’ma witness.

    WADE – His ‘The Man’ Demeanor at all times and His Fearlessness is Nutz. Plus his veins got ICE COLD DEER PARK running thru them. I saw the ’06 Finals. Dirk n them would agree.

    DELONTE – Rugged, Fearless, Defensive-Minded Basketball Player. Jack of all trades, Master of none. Can create his own shot. His mid-range game is ALL THAT. And that’s a lost art.

    RONDO – EPITOME of a floor general. He’s sooooo smart on the floor. Ball distributor, board grabber, shot-blocker, pass interceptor, track star on the hardwood. Tim Lincecum of point guards. (I rate CP and Deron higher though)

    CURRY = The reason most fans of the game watch basketball. He’s flat out FUN to watch play.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Aaron Brooks, D Rose, Kobe, KG, Blake Griffin, Deron, Big Al, Millsap

  • stillanetsfan

    brook lopez
    devin harris
    dwight howard
    eric gordon
    eddie house(Pre-heat)
    Honorable mention: Sean williams, Derrick Favors, Jr smith, john wall,nate robinson, Terrence Williams


    @Jamie aka the “Cook”,Did u really just say; “Stephen Curry — His game is similar to mine” Uuuuuuummmmm NO! ROTHLMAO if it was u would be in the NBA. What a Douche’

  • S.A.C.


    The list was “favorite” player Bro. You don’t need explanations for that.

    @Aron Phillips.

    Agree with Dwade being the best player in the NBA

    @Jaimie Cantebury.

    Lebron is not a point guard (or plays like one); though he displays those skills. Check Magic Johnson videos if you don’t believe this. Lebron is a point forward at best.

    Lebron is also not the “best defensive player in the NBA”.

    Kevin Durant is not better than DWayne Wade (unless you have Kobe below Dwayne Wade and K.Durant). Durant’s handle and athleticism while good; is not spectacular or top notch as you described.

    @Ali Danois

    Kevin Durant is 22
    Shout out to you for mentioning Chris Jackson.

    @Casey Mack.

    Kevin Durant revolutionized the game?

    Have you ever heard of Bob McKadoo, Dirk Nowitzki, Ralph Sampson, Larry Nance, George Gervin, Larry Bird (who was 6’9″)? I’m sure a forgot a few.

    Durant is a great player. But he’s not totally unique. The most unique aspect of his game, is that he shoots so well from three point land for his height (and compared to bird he’s more athletic).

    @Arie Stark
    Yeah Reke is the Real Deal

    @Sean Couch

    Pau Gasol is soft. Even Phil Jackson has said (compared to his Brother Gasol), and the fact that he can’t face a team like the Celtics with out Bynum.

    Remember, all Centers that play power forward (and insist on playing it), are naturally soft.

    I didn’t get to read everything. But all in all nice list guys. Of course a lot of people are going to disagree or criticize you for your list. But you gave your favorite players and if that’s what/who you like, then that’s what you like? Nothing wrong with that. If someone would of asked you tommorow, maybe yall would of had some different players.


    Does Allridge from Portland get some love?
    I like Steph Curry and Monta to.


    Youngfed aka “The Best” aka “Yeah those are your ankles I just broke” aka “Im ya Huckleberry”

    The List:
    1.) Kobe
    2.) Howard
    3.) D-Rose
    4.) Blake Griffin
    5.) D-Wade

    Nuff Said!!!

  • http://www.jjredickfanboy.net Josh

    Hey Jack, J.J. is my favorite player…….for me to POOP ON!!!!

  • S.A.C.


    PS: Iverson is not playing.

    This is a current and not all time favorites list.

  • S.A.C.

    @ Pat Kennedy.

    “Kevin Durant is one of the best players in all of Sports”?

    Really? Not yet!

    Can we calm down the hype machine? I would never tell you who to like Pat. But can we let Durant let this year play out after shooting 35% during last years playoffs against LA and OKC having kind of a rocky start this year with higher expectations?

  • M3

    My fav 5, for what it’s worth:

    1. Kobe
    2. LeBron
    3. Wade
    4. Carmelo
    5. D-Will

  • Ian

    hey the cook
    u must be talking about regular season smooth with joe johnson right?

    tmac crossed that line a couple of seasons ago.

    the situation is awesome bro comon.
    “are named manu” lol

    bang out
    people should start using first names with curry i was scared for a moment there i thought u meant eddie curry.

    like the scola love here shit i can still imagine him in black and silver.

    comon gasol is not soft he was arguably the mvp of the finals vs the celts how can u say thats soft?? now compared to his brother most centers and pfs are soft so that isnt kinda fair.

  • Ian

    top 5

    manu duh

    the admiral
    reggie tied with brent barry

  • ENEW


    Now we are getting somewhere, good stuff. KG’s passion for the game definitely takes him to places of intensity and behavior that yes, most people do not display. And while he does instigate some situations I don’t think it is because he is a bad guy. While I do not know him personally it is pretty obvious that he cares greatly about his teammates, winning and has a respect for the game and those that paved the way before him. He conducts himself properly when dealing with the media and has not done anything that we know of to tarnish his name off the court.

    As far as my view on the world in comparison to how I view KG as an athlete, one really has nothing to do with the other. Bad language on the court has been happening for decades involving some of the all time greats so I can’t really criticize it, I guess that’s why they call it trash talking.

    To bad you are so negative on EVERYONE from New York, there are many great people here.

    I enjoy debating, especially when both sides are both passionate and knowledgeable on the subject.

    Here is a question to think about regarding KG: Does the fact that he has gotten more media coverage as a Celtic because they have been one of the top teams put his intensity and behavior in the spotlight in a more negative fashion than when he was in Minnesota and rarely in the national spotlight compared to the last three years?

  • johnsacrimoni

    Favorites: Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, LeBron, Andrew Bogut, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, OJ Mayo
    Dislike: Kobe, KG, Derrick Rose, Baron Davis

  • control


    You could be right that he isn’t instigating those situations because he is a “bad guy”, but you can also be a “good guy” and still act like a dick. Has there ever been a player who consistently goes after people who he has a pretty big size advantage over, but will always back down from someone who isn’t a foot smaller than him? He’s always confrontational with people who he sees himself having a size advantage against. This is basketball, so it’s not like there is going to be a real fight or anything…so why the tough guy act against lil’ guys (by NBA standards)?

    The media coverage question is a good point, because Boston does get at least 100x more media coverage than Minny ever did. KG DID win an MVP though, which does take considerable media exposure, so he was in the spotlight quite a bit. The weird thing is though, KG never acted like a supreme dick until AFTER the Celts won the championship in 2008. I admired the guy when he played in Minny, the way he went to battle every single night without complaint even though the management was dicking around and not building him a good team. The way he never demanded a trade, though there were at least 3-4 years where media was saying that he SHOULD demand a trade.

    He did it the right way in Minny, but then he won a championship and everything changed. Guy just started crossing the line into douchebaggary. Maybe hanging around Rondo rubbed off on him or something, but his entire personality turned rancid. The whole Boston team’s did, suddenly they are talking like they are the best basketball players in the world, no one can touch them, they are invincible, etc. I can understand them being the champs, etc…but I didn’t see the Spurs, Pistons or Lakers acting like that when they got their chips. Watch the videos of NBA confrontations each year after 2008, 60-70% of them involved the Celtics. They just completely started acting like pricks…and to be honest, I was cheering for them in 2008 and LOVED seeing KG get that ring he deserved, but since then I’ve completely changed my mind about the entire organization.

    I went from being if not a fan, then a supporter of the Celtics, to being a person who just despises how they act now. It’s the contrast between how I felt before, and how I feel now that makes it more intense. Throw in me being bored at work, and how much jocking there is for the Celts (specially Rondo) and it just means I’m going to talk me some shit.

    As for New York…I’ve a lot of time there. The first reason I dislike that place is superficial and I’ll admit it: I hate the way most the people there talk. Other than southern hicks, it’s the stupidest sounding shit I’ve ever heard. The MAIN reason I dislike New York isn’t superficial: Everyone in New York, from the media, to the big cat wall street fucks, to the street sweeping flunkies, to the stank pussy selling hoes in that city all think they are the BEST in the world. EVERYONE in that city has the attitude that New York is the center of the universe, and if you ain’t New York, you ain’t shit. They are SOOOO condescending to anything outside of New York that it is disgusting. Even shows and movies about the stupid place have that attitude, like Sex in the City (I understand I mentioned Sex in the City on this…I WAS married so I had to make some sacrifices), etc. Is it a good enough reason to “hate” on NY? Sure, why not? I’ve “hated” on people for much less than where they were from ;)

  • S.A.C.

    @ Ali

    Very well written with overzealous hyperbole.

    Not to sure Kevin Durant had such a great series against the lakers though. Didn’t he shoot 35%, have high turnovers, brick at lot of god awful bad shots off the backboard and had little assist?

    KD is/will be a great player. But let’s not give him stuff yet that he actually haven’t achieved.

    Remember Hakeem Olajuwon led his team to the NBA finals during his second season, beating the 86 Lakers (who had been to the finals the past 7 seasons in a row) and meeting the all time great 86 Boston Celtic team.

    And didn’t Dwayne Wade win a title during his third season and went nuts in the finals series? KD is young. But he hasn’t done what those two guys have done at a young age, as far as performance and playoff success.

    On Lebron James.

    Lebron has neither the hang time or body control of DR. J or the Hops of Dominique Wilkens. He also doesn’t play anything like Jordan. He may score like Jordan. But he’s more Magic, then Jordan.

    Also, how can Lebron be the best young player in NBA history, when Magic Johnson won a championship as a Rookie, and Played Center to lead his team to a title, scoring 40+ points to boot (revolutionizing basketball by being a 6’9″, 240lb legitimate point guard)?

    Also see above two guys (which can be argued). But Lebron best young player over Magic?

    Come on guys! Too much to read. I’m out for now.

  • AZ

    T Evans

  • AZ

    most hated

    Kevin Martin
    B. Easy…lol
    Mike Miller

  • Ian

    4 finals in a row
    81 i think it was your rockets again vs boston

  • S.A.C.



    Good memory (“Your Rockets”) from our Hakeem/T.Duncan post. Lol.

    It’s funny, I saw some show the other day, that had said when the Rockets beat the Lakers in that series, the lakers had went to the finals 8 yrs in a row (and I thought that was suspect), so I said 7 in a row and still was wrong? Lol.

    Thanks again.

  • S.A.C.


    Hey! You bring up some good points. Gasol definitely did his thing. I have this to offer though.

    I’m know it’s been bandied about a lot; but if Perkins would of played against the Lakers, I’m not so sure Gasol would of been very happy not having Bynum (Though Wallace probably roughed him up a little) to play with. That’s why the Lakers lost the first time in 2008. He couldn’t deal with the physicality of Boston.

    But I hear ya!

  • S.A.C.

    @Casey Mack

    If Kevin Garnett “revolutionized the game by being 6’11″ (he’s really 7 Ft, just doesn’t like to list himself that way), having a handle and jumping straight from high school to the pros; then what does that Make 7’4″ face up Power Forward, Ralph Sampson in 1984 (playing with Hakeem) and 6’10 high schooler Moses Malone, who went straight from high school to the pros in 1974 do? Shoot! And Malone wasn’t even the first to do it. He was the 5th.

    So was Garnett really a revolution, progression, addition or just a variation?

    I know you guys work hard to express your thoughts then Wise asses like me got to point out stuff or give my opinions. Lol.

    Thanks for your opinions.

  • S.A.C.

    @Casey Mack

    Sorry! I should of asked/said above “So was Garnett really a revolution, progression, addition, re-occurrence or variation to you?

  • Ali

    @ S.A.C.

    just checking in on the debate. love it. i’m on the run right now, but look out for my response soon.

  • crimewave

    1. Kobe
    2. Melo
    3. Brandon Jennings
    4. Amar’e
    5. Fisher/Odom/Artest/Pau

  • S.A.C.


    Ali, you are a GREAT WRITER (Tried to tell you that before on your Shamgod piece). But unfortunately it did’t go through, and I was too lazy to re-write it). Lol.

    Take your time. I look forward to your opinion/response. I’m sure you’ll be watching Bulls vs Boston, LA Clip vs Denver, etc. tonight.


  • MrFreezy

    only TWO people put Wade on their list!?! Not to mention one of them was by default…wat’s good DIME, no love for the Flash!?! Anyways, my favorite 5 are:

    1)Dwyane Wade
    (self explanantory)
    2)Derrick Rose
    (a reincarnation of Wade if you will but has more of a PG game compared to Wade who’s more of a SG)
    3)Tyreke Evans
    (handles are insane and can will get better at doing it all)
    4)Chris Paul
    (the definition of a PG, i love his competitiveness and speed)
    5)Baron Davis
    (i love his game, when he’s motivated of course)
    5a)Steph Curry
    (that shot and his PG skills r just ridiculous)
    5b) Ray Allen
    (best. pure shooter. ever.)

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    couple things:
    AP: where is OJ? You are cut off

    2nd: I figured Newman would have Kobe Bean at #1 and Gasol at 2…he loves those guys lol

  • bookkwormmaster

    My Fav 5:

    1. Dwyane Wade
    2. Brandon Roy
    3. Deron Williams
    4. Rajon Rondo
    5. Tim Duncan

    Honorable Mention: Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Russell Westbrook

  • Ian

    well u didnt say but i cant imagine u been fan for another team ha. well at least they have in common being the only two stars two win a chip without another allstar 94 and 03 or that i can remember.

    now if perkins plays yeah i most def think they win the series not because of his d on gasol but because the celts couldnt get a rebound when it counted. gasol doesnt like to get banged up his game is not a power game but i dont think that makes him soft cuz he gets the job done now if the man disappeared or something and the lakers had lost the three finals because of him thats a diff story. i just really really doubt u can make 3 straight finals and win 2 with a soft player as your second best man. many people pick him as the best pf right now in the league and hey who knows they might be right.

    most hated

    the machine
    k malone
    kobe and fisher

  • KB8toSG8

    Pau Gasol

  • B-Ball


    I’m a Miami fan now. I also like Boston.

    I never liked my local team growing up. They sucked.

    When I was very young I liked Dr. J and the 76′s, Then Hakeem and the Rockets, then Dwayne Wade and the Heat. And now I’m digging the Celtics and Rondo to.

    And except for Dr. J, I started liking all those players because of how they played during the playoffs (of course I saw those games with my own eyes).

    Dr. J was just a legend that we all heard of, emulated and wanted to be on the court around my very early youth (I was precocious).

  • S.A.C.


    I’m not really trying to say that Gasol is soft. What I’m saying is, he doesn’t like physical play. But he’s a good player. Yes! Is he the best power forward? I guess. But I think Chris Bosh and some others got something to say about that to. But he can be played physically.

    I’m a Miami fan believe or not (like the Guy above). I also like Boston to.

    Yeah. The Celts had a hard time getting rebounds in that final. They got killed on the boards. That sunk em!

  • Ian


    i never watched the 70s doctor i saw the old one getting torched by bird :( and never really liked hakeem this one i dont even know why cuz i know why i hate malone kobe shaq and the others but i have no reason to hate on hakeem i just do.


    but miami fan before the bron and bosh deals?? hehe.

    now on gasol when they play him physical does he lose any effectiveness?? cuz the only series i saw him be so so was the 08 finals and bryant was even worse.

  • S.A.C.

    Yeah. Miami fan before the Big Three. Lol.

    Absolutely. Yeah.

    It’s hard to say/prove that now, right? Lol.

    Been a Dwade fan (like others) for a long time.

  • Ali

    ayo khelvin, thanks for love. you’re far too kind. and S.A.C., i appreciate the props and the nod toward the shammgod piece.

    here’s my response S.A.C., to what you wrote regarding durant and lebron –

    1. Kevin Durant not only had a great series against the Lakers, it was remarkable. Fast don’t lie, but sometimes stats do. Yeah, he only shot 35%, forced some shots and had some turnovers, but he was a singular force of nature, the elixir that set the table for the OKC’s great season and muscular playoff showing. They went toe to toe with the eventual world champs and had Ron Artest waking up at 3am in cold sweats, calling his therapist and hysterically mumbling incoherently. In that series, in the span of 12 days, Durant did this against an excellent defensive team as a whole and artest, one of the greatest individual and toughest defenders of all time: he dropped 24, 32, 29, 22, 17 and 26! That’s whoa. He kept his foot on the Lakers’ collective necks and was the big dog who had his crew bringing it like the Wu-Tang clan. Now take Durant off that team for the sake of argument and the Lakers mop the floor with the Thunder as if they were playing Alcorn State. Yo, OKC almost won that series! Think about that. And the only other team to give the Lakers that type of run was the Celtics, who had four potential Hall of Famers making major contributions – Rondo, Sugar Ray, Pierce and KG. That’s what made Durant’s series so Paula Patton-esque and breathtaking, regardless of the poor shooting percentage. He almost led his team to one of the more monumental upsets in the history of modern sport.

    Now, you bring up Olajuwon. Man, I loved Hakeem’s game and you will not find many people who have more of an appreciation for how dope he was as a player (http://www.bouncemag.com/2009/01/21/the-playground-gave-us-the-dream-part-ii-of-the-playground-gave-us-moses/) With that said, do you know how ill that ’86 Rockets team was? Ralph Sampson, before the knee injuries reduced him to Dwayne Schintzius, was getting’ it in!!! Hakeem and big Ralph caused a huge panic around the league. And they had long, athletic wings that ate the Lakers up in Rodney McCray, Lewis Lloyd and Robert Reid. And let’s not forget Mitchell Wiggins, who was putting in work as well. Yeah, L.A. had been to the finals every year from ’80 to ’85, winning three times, but Houston was Taylor-made to wax that ass. L.A.’s achilles heel was rebounds and having an old Kareem guarding rugged, crafty, elite practitioners in the post. (Wouldn’t it have been orgasmic to see a young Hakeem go against an equally youthful Kareem?) In ’86, Kareem had no answers for The Dream in the post, then had problems when big Ralph pulled him away from the paint, opening things up for the supporting cast. That Rockets team was no joke and was light years ahead of Durant’s OKC team. The only reason people sleep on that Rockets team was because they didn’t sustain that brilliance for years. But for that year, that team had the Lakers number. And had they stayed together and not imploded, they would have ate them up for years.

    And Wade had the Shaq factor. To have one of the greatest big men of all time in the paint is a huge advantage that Durant did not have in that Laker series. So there’s no way you can truly compare what Wade and Hakeem did with Durant did in last year’s playoffs.

    2. Now onto LeBron. If he wasn’t so marvelous in so many facets of the game and was simply a guy who filled the lane and dunked, people would truly appreciate the utter ridiculousness of his slam game. What other player in the league throws it down with the force and ferocity of LeBron? No one! Hasn’t been seen since ‘Nique. Have you seen how he soars to toss other dudes weak stuff into the stands? Next time you watch him, really watch and pay attention to him in the air on the break and I’ll bet my bottom food stamp that you see strands of ‘Nique, Doc and MJ in his flight game.
    He is unequivocally the best young player ever. When Magic was taking breaks from panty raids as a freshman at Michigan State, he put up about 17 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists in college. When LeBron SHOULD HAVE BEEN a college freshman, he was doing this – 21 points, 6 dimes, 6 boards and 2 steals against the biggest and best athletes in the world. Now don’t get it confused, I loved Magic’s game and was nursed at the nipple of his greatness. Yes, he won the chip as a rookie and put up that phenomenal game 6 against the 76′ers with 42 points, 15 rebounds and 7 dimes. But people forget that my man, the great Jamaal Wilkes (http://bouncemagazine.epubxpress.com/link/bounce/2009/iss20/46?s=0), aka Silk aka Cornbread, put up 37 and grabbed 10 boards while Norm Nixon got Bizmark as well in that game. Magic did not win that title singlehandedly, he had Kareem, Silk, Norm, Jim Chones, Spencer Haywood and Coop, one of the greatest perimeter defenders ever, on his crew, a phenomenal advantage over LeBron.
    Magic played in a league where guys like Kiki Vandeweghe and Kelly Tripuka were excellent players, where guys like Paul Mokeski were serviceable. If those guys were around today, Mokeski would never have made a roster in the SWAC, let alone the NBA and Kiki and Kelly would be strictly role players, if that. The athleticism of today’s game is light years ahead of the league that Magic played in. Magic toughest defender was DJ, then guys like Robert Reid and Paul Pressey and that’s basically it. LeBron plays four positions at an All-Star level, much like Magic, but here’s the deciding factor. Magic’s defense was about as strong as Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety. Yo, again, I loved Magic’s game more than mostly anyone roaming the eart, but let’s call a spade a spade. His defense sucked! Bronnie is a first-team, All-NBA defensive performer.
    Hakeem could play two positions. Wade, maybe three if he swings out to the small forward, but he’d be overmatched at the 3 against the elite guys. Who can overmatch Lebron at any position? No one! We all saw how effective Wade was as the lead Dog when Shaq was no longer around. He was great, but he wasn’t leading a team of bozo’s to the finals, was he?. And Hakeem had plenty of 40-odd win seasons as a young player in Houston. And he played with, other than the guys I mentioned before, excellent role players in Otis Thorpe, Kenny Smith, Buck Johnson, Vernon Maxwell, Sleepy Floyd, Robert Horry, etc. Over the last two years, LeBron’s Cleveland team won 66 and 61 games, and he was playing with BUMS!
    LeBron is the modern day version of The Big O, Oscar Robertson, AND Magic. He’s as big as Karl Malone, dominating as a point guard, shooting guard, small forward and power forward. He’s the best young player ever!

  • KB8toSG8

    Just want to put it there: Bosh and best PF in the L should never go in the same sentence. Ever. His interior D is atrocious.


    1. Kevin Druant-does anyone think mathias murphy is like mars blackmon.
    2. Tyreke Evans
    3. Derrick Rose
    4. John Wall
    5. Brandon Jennings

  • WhiteSnoop

    Taj Gibson
    All Time:
    Nick Van Quick