Smack / Nov 10, 2010 / 3:20 am

Paul Millsap channels Karl Malone as Utah shocks Miami

Paul Millsap

Last night we saw the best and the worst of the Miami Heat. The best was on display as they built a 22-point first half lead against the Jazz: Nine or 10 Miami players got on the scoreboard, LeBron was collecting rebounds and directing the offense while letting the scoring happen naturally, and D-Wade attacked and put pressure on Utah’s defense. Miami took a 13-point lead into the fourth quarter, but as it slipped away, we saw their worst — namely, poor frontcourt and rotation defense as Paul Millsap was a steroid mix of Karl Malone and Sam Perkins, finishing with 46 points (19-28 FG) and 9 rebounds … Three-pointers by Deron Williams and Millsap (three) in the final minute of the fourth brought Utah within one point, and after Wade split a pair of free throws, Utah had a chance to win it with 3.4 seconds left. C.J. Miles missed a three, but Millsap was there for the putback at the buzzer … Wade (39 pts) took over in overtime, smashing a Varejao-esaque dunk over Kyrylo Fesenko and sticking a cold step-back corner three, scoring all 10 of Miami’s points in the extra frame. But even with D-Will (21 pts, 14 asts) fouled out and Ronnie Price running the point, plus an ineffective Al Jefferson on the bench, the Jazz stayed in it … Tied up in the final seconds, Price drove and found Francisco Elson at the rim, who was fouled by Wade. (Almost unbelievable that an NBA ref would make that call at that time against that player in Miami.) Somewhere, Charles Smith was in disbelief, but that’s what we all wanted: The worst player on the court deciding the game with 0.4 on the clock. Elson made the first free throw, banked in the second while trying to miss on purpose, and all Miami could get was a bad look for Eddie House … LeBron finished with 20 points, 11 rebounds, 14 assists, 3 blocks and 2 turnovers. But he shot 5-for-18 and missed a lot of jumpers, so by the Rajon Rondo Theory of Haterism, he’s still not an elite player. Anybody could have done that playing with two All-Stars … Big night for James Jones. He took his first free-throw attempts of the season, and he tried to dribble a couple of times … Hornets/Clippers was shaping up as the undercover most entertaining game of the night, but instead it got ugly faster than Thugnificent‘s last album. Again, this undefeated run by New Orleans hasn’t been simply Chris Paul dominating for 48 minutes; last night six Hornets scored in double figures, while CP3 chipped in a modest 13 points and 8 dimes … Baron Davis is back (10 mins, 4 pts), and Eric Bledsoe didn’t help his case for keeping BD’s job by turning the ball over five times. Bledsoe did have 6 points, 6 boards and 8 assists, and his effort/athleticism still outshines Baron. At the same time, Bledsoe didn’t come into this season expecting to start. Vinny Del Negro can find a way to start Baron and keep the locker-room peace while still making sure Bledsoe gets some burn … Everybody was getting buckets for the Pacers, as they lit up the Nuggets for FIFTY-FOUR points in the third quarter alone while hitting 20-for-21 from the field. That’s the fourth most all-time. Mike Dunleavy Jr. (31 pts, 6 threes) put on a laser show beyond the arc … In our latest NBA Power Ranking we said the Nuggets are hard to figure out due to their inconsistency. On the second night of a back-to-back, last night it was like the Nuggets didn’t even try to pretend they weren’t dragging … Think the refs need to chill out with the new rules? During Knicks/Bucks, Timofey Mozgov had the wind knocked out of him and was laying on the floor. One ref called for the Knicks’ trainer, and when the trainer stepped onto the court, another ref whistled him for a technical … Bill Walker should have gotten a tech for hurting Andrew Bogut‘s feelings. One time Bill drove baseline, Bogut decided to challenge, and well, you’ve seen what Bill can do. Nasty dunk … Maybe he’s still trying to stick it to the Knicks for not drafting him, but Brandon Jennings was locked in. On his way to 19 points and 8 dimes, he was dropping between-the-legs passes on the break and one-hand lasers to open scorers … Other stat lines from Tuesday: LaMarcus Aldridge posted 19 points and 17 rebounds (seventeen?) in Portland’s rout of Detroit; Kobe dropped 33 points in the Lakers’ surprising non-rout of the Wolves, while Kevin Love had 23 points and 24 boards in the loss; and J.J. Hickson had 18 points and 10 boards to lead Cleveland past New Jersey … We’re out like Indiana missing …

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  • datdood

    i’ve been saying it for years… millsap = beast

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi

    Millsap = ASG

    same for J.Smith, no more snubs please!

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi

    Kevin Love had 23 points and 24 boards (TWENTY-FOUR?!!!)

    did anyone else have a prediction that the Nets will be better and the Cavs would be one of the worse teams this year?

  • K Dizzle

    Aw…somebody at Dime get their feelins hurt cuz some people don’t think Rondo’s an elite point guard.
    It’s called an opinion. Get off the high horse…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @K Dizzle

    After yesterdays response they got for Rondo (like 150 I think) they are probably fishing for cheap heat. I’m one of the biggest Rondo fans but the hate/love is getting out of hand.

    Lets just let it die okay?

    Milsap = beast. Miami Heat = never won a close game.

    I’m still gonna be shocked if the Heat win less than 61, what Cleveland had last year.

  • jdstorm

    the blueprint for beating miami has been established.

    A post banger can get buckets because miami is soft down low. however lebron and wade are so fast on the perimeter that you need a fast PG to get the ball in there.

    Then you just have to hope your Wing defenders can slow Bron and wade down enough that your 2 guys can beat them.

    the only team that might be able to beat them a different way is LA. who can jack 3’s and play keep away on the boards

  • Soopa

    So Miami has still just beat one good team. Looking forward to the rematch vs Boston this week! Gotta be a statement game for Miami.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Stunna

    As long as guys weren’t gettin personal, it’s all just hoop discussion. The formula for beating the Heat is official now “apparently”.
    Good point guard who can create and bigs who can abuse Bosh/Haslem/and-or Anthony.
    Not a good look for the Heat that Al Jefferson basically got benched and DWill fouls out and they can’t do nuthin with the Heat. Lebron and Bosh might as well been on the bench in ot.

    Props to the Pacers for the best quarter of ball anywhere this season and props to Kevin Love and Milsap for bringin that heat to my fantasy team lol

  • OneZero

    “so by the Rajon Rondo Theory of Haterism, he’s still not an elite player”

    wow Dime, that is one fucking cheapshot

    Lebron shot 18 times because he knows he can nail it, only it wasnt falling. Rondo never shoot that much because he knows he cant, and doesnt have to with his role on his team.
    So if MJ shot 10-30 then he is not an elite player?

    Goddammit Dime, Goddamnit, you guys are Rondo dick riders

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I feel you on the “hoops discussion part but those 150 could be shortened to about 20 before guys started repeating themselves.

    The Heat need to move Wade to PG and start James Jones. Arroyo isn’t cutting it and Bron basically initiates the offense now. If all Arroyo’s job is to hit open shots I’m pretty sure House/Jones can do it better.

    Bosh needs to focus on crashing the boards more. Ain’t know excuse for Haslem and Bron to be grabbing more rebounds than him.

    Wtf is up with Al Jefferson? Me and my bro compared it to McNabb with Jerry Sloan pulling him for FESENKO. Damn that’s gotta hurt.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    EXACTLY what I said would happen. DIME are fishing for cheap heat, looking to start another Rondo debate again seeing how successful the last one was. Can we cut this one before it happens again?

  • TripleDouble

    17 boards for LMA is as anomalous as getting a 3-pointer from dj mbenga…


    letting the rondogument die is a good idea, no one is changing opinions anymore and its not as fun as it used to be.

    the heat are still going 79 and 3 right tho? well, except they got boston next, sooo, 78 and 4 for the season… and then thers the Lakers at xmas… the hornets rematch.. the spurs probably….
    From what we’ve seen, the key to beating them, is not to be a really shit team or Orlando, but wins over Philli, Jersey and Sota are good for top 3 in the power rankings aren’t they.

    Can somebody please tell me why the Knicks Drafted Jordan Hill? Not drafting Jennings has got to be close to the top of dumb things the knicks have done in recent memory.

    Did the Lakers just wake up and say, lets see how bad we can play and still beat the wolves, lets see if we can with without rebounding or playing D. then they all joined Ron for a few drinks at half time, had a little nap in the third and then won the 4th.

  • OneZero


    totally agree. I cant resist not to response, but that is one fucking cheapshot, the Celts are not even playing yesterday.

    anyway, props to Millsap and co to become the first team to beat the Heat in their Home, but Miami will actually grow and take the lesson from there, dont count them out. Should they maybe get Erick Dampier?

    Hornets are rolling, when CP only had 13 pt/15 ast game and still win, it’s a good sign. Hope they can sustain it.

    Indiana were awesome, had McRoberts didnt take the last shot, they would be 20-20 on the third quarter

  • lester

    This was by far the most amazing one mans performance so far in this season. Millsap was an absolut beast to make an understatement.

    In the last 30 seconds, when UTAH was down 8, he hit 3-of-3 three pointers and a miracle putback for overtime. Again, 3-OF-3 in the last 30 seconds beyond the arc form a guy, who had shot 2-of-20 in his previous career form downtown. Please tell me what is more clutch than this.

  • Ltron3000

    @all rondo haters, Why doesn’t Dwight get the same shit, until this year all he did was dunk rebound and block shots, his postgame is improved but hes still no elite scorer and still make a free throw to save his life

  • First & Foremost

    Cosign to Lester

    Millsap went straight NBA JAM on the Heat.

    I looked at the line up of games and would have never guessed the night would have turned out like that. The only thing missing was the Wolves getting the upset.

    The Pacers took the D out of Denver. The Knicks got $hit-stomped in the first quarter. Millsap putting on his Reggie Miller Mask. Baron Davis getting playing time again. LMA punishing the smaller Austin Daye as if Detroit didn’t draft Greg Monroe.

  • Sublime

    How pathetic is the Miami crowd? Three potential hall of famers and they cant even fill up the arena?? Damn. This city dont deserve this team.

  • TripleDouble

    oh, yeah, where the fuck is greg monrow when you need him?

  • RC

    UTA vs MIA was amazing. I thought it was gonna be a yawner because in the first half Miami was just simply destroying Utah. Too much firepower and speed in D-Wade and Lebron. But somehow Utah with their excellent system just kept on digging into the lead and Paul Milsap did channel a Karl Malone like performance or even better.

    3 threes and a buzzer beater putback. Great game. Even better because Miami got humbled once again.

    Ok gotta start working! see ya guys

  • ShowKase

    Now Dime, I know yall stay on “Number 6″ payroll, but how have yall not posted this yet? It’s hilarious! If you’re going to post the original. you have to post the response.

    So here it is!


  • JAY

    Squash the Rondo argument. It’s redundant.

    Onto the refs. They suck. Any arguments??


    Fine, we reached a concensus. Moving on.

  • JAY

    On a sidenote… who’s got NBA 2k11 for PS3?? I’m curious about trying an online league but I don’t want to join one with a bunch of Randoms. Anyone interested??

  • http://www.slcdunk.com AllThatAmar

    Happy for the Jazz getting such a win, but this road trip is going to be killer for them. Millsap was a beast, Al Jeff just looked like one (1-7, and benched in favor of Fesenko). That’s not going to cut it in the West playoffs. Props to Kirilekno who was a rebound and a few assists away from a triple double, for making his threes and FTs in OT, and for play just good enough defense to limit LeBron to 20 points.

  • the_don_mega

    that game between the Nuggets and Pacers was crazy… buckets galore during the 3rd… Millsap has been a beast for the Jazz this season… i knew he was a beast down low but i never knew he had that type of range on his j… props to him and the Jazz for the win…

  • DoubleA

    As a Minnesota fan I knew to grab Milsap over Jefferson for my fantasy team, ha! Oh, and you just gotta Love 24 boards!

  • karizmatic

    Rondo at this point is the best point guard in the league…at his point his shooting deficiency should not be a knock. I believe if he keeps up his level of play he will be in at least Jason Kidd territory and Jason Kidd couldn’t shoot until he got older.

  • http://www.dumbshitsdntgetit.com Chicagorilla

    After the first 3pter, I sat there joking with my niece that Millsap was going to get hot and win the game over her beloved LBJ. Then that fool actually did it. Jerry Sloan is a bad muthafluka. Not only did he bench big Al, but Millsap goes off after that by just running the offense. He didnt do anything special(except the 3pters), just made the shots. On anoter note, when is MIA going to fire Spolestra? The guy may be nice but he cant coach his way out of a wet paper bag. At the very least he could run a motion offense or perhaps some mutated version of the triangle. Pat Riley should have gotten Avery or Byron when he had the chance. Maybe he can get Billy Donovan from UF. @Smack writer, lame attempt at gettn hits.

  • WinDelRoj

    Melo had 13 points and 5 rebounds tied for 3rd leading scorer on his team. In a rout no less.

  • OneZero

    @Jay, if you want, I’m up for some 2k11

  • BBfan

    My question for Spolestra is why doesn’t he start Chalmers instead of Arroyo…he’d definitely be a defensive upgrade and can hit the open J, especially since Arroyo doesn’t run the offense anyway…I guess the better question is why does Chalmers only seem to be racking up DNP?…

  • S.A.C.


    Notice all the Rondo Regulars on the hate brigade(you know who you are) get all defensive about Dimes SLAP at them.



    Dimes feelings weren’t hurt (I’m sure they love the board activity dunce). They were just showing you what fools you are and trying to get you started again for more eye balls (i.e. board activity). Why? Did you get your feelings hurt?

    Nahhhh. Leave it alone!


  • Ian

    dont even bother i said the samething yesterday. you can be dominant and elite with holes in your game.

  • JAY

    Bless your soul. Lol.

    PSN: jestik1 <– add me

    And anyone else who wants to play 2K11 ADD ME!!

  • rell

    I know the Hornets are undefeated but why isn’t Thornton getting any PT this year. After the end of January last season he was averaging almost 20ppg. Now he getting a DNP in a blowout. Is he the coach doghouse?

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/11/daily-fantasy-diagnosis-11-10/#respond Mike

    ^ I been wondering the same thing it makes no sense, dude gets buckets & in my OPINION Thorton > Bellenelli

  • QQ

    Saw the Rondo line, and while I’m a Rondo fan, once again we see Dime’s penchant for talking down to its readers.

    The fucking nerve when it is your readers who actually support your big cesspool of Lebron nut huggers and T-Mac ass lickers.

    Stop it, Dime. Seriously.

  • IncendiaryRemarks

    Rajon Rondo is the worst point guard of all time. Who cares if he is a champion! Who cares if he is a veteran! Who cares if he still wins games without shooting! He has a horrible jumpshot! How did he even make it in the NBA! I could play for the Boston Celtics and still win a championship with a bunch of old guys helping me out! Honestly, we all know a basketball player can’t be bad at any one thing if we’re going to anoint them as being great! Man, Rondo is awful! Just look at his stats! Or his playoff resume! Or his contract! The dude sucks!

  • LakeShow84

    I for one am honored..

    I like to think the WHINE shot was directed at me.. So thanks DIME :)

    So where we at 8-0?? YAWWWWWWNNNNNNNn

    I thought the Nuggets were going to be barometer but who knows.. they probably will be tho seeing that Chauncey likes to play against us.. But DAMN 54 points in the QUARTER?? Thats not something u want to experience as a title contender..

    HONESTLY when Millsap hit the first 3 i turned that shit off and went to the gym not even thinking they had a chance and when i got home i was ROLLLLLINNN hahaha and Millsaps 3’s were WET.. i think 2 of them didnt even hit rim..

    So according to ESPN the Miami Heat are the best team in the league sporting a 5-3 record.. Thats almost as bad as DIME and their “we follow the LEADER!!” attitude hahahaha

    So thats 2 games ive watched from the Heat.. and call me a hater but im still not impressed lol that team dont have championship offense or defense..

    Wheres Sporty-J at :)

    Dont disappear now kid

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    I’m not sure how the “blueprint for beating the Heat has been established.” I want to see Millsap hit those three’s again. He’ll do that once every other season, if he’s lucky.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    @ sublime. Cosign like a mofo. Can you imagine that same team in cleveland,utah or okc. Mofos would never leave the arena.

    lakers give us our requisite stinker. Just relieved we won. Denver is about to face a focused,embarrased laker team and I’m off. Good things do happen in threes.

    millsap was bananas. Dude put up soldier of fortune type dissection of the heat. Utah bball is fun to watch period..esp when dudes are hitting shots.lakers threepeat coming soon !!

  • K Dizzle

    @ S.A.C.

    What “fools” we are? But my feelings are hurt? lol
    weak. I had my fun yesterday, and it was fun. Try to move on.

    @ ltron – what Ian said. You can be elite and have some holes. Nobody disputin that Dwight’s the best center in the game. Been so for years now.

    @ Lakeshow – Sporty-J needs to show up and rep his team lol. When you talkin all that 72+ wins in the preseason, you can’t disappear when the losses start addin up.
    Heat offense was terrible in ot. Bosh committed a foul, Lebron had an assist and a rebound, didn’t take a shot. That can’t have been the plan.

    p.s. Let’s get Lamar on that all-star squad this season, Lakerheads. Amare and Booz gone so that’s 2 slots open.

  • control


    You ain’t the only target, haha.

    I’m making a Rondo truce, ain’t going to talk about that lil’ douchebag prick (unless it’s REALLY relevant). It’s pointless pretty much, mostly due to the people who are completely jocking on the guy are SOOO deep into him, it’s impossible to change their minds. Rondo could come over to their houses, rape their significant other, beat their children, and they’d still sit down and jock em. Not to mention the arguments coming back are so insane that it’s stupid (Rondo has more pressure because he’s surrounded by stars, than someone who isn’t. Using that logic, I don’t think PP has more pressure because KG and Rayray are there…which means real stars aren’t feeling pressure being surrounded by real stars, therefore if Rondo was a real star he wouldn’t feel pressure from it…)

    Personally, my opinion of players could change completely, I don’t have any stake or any benefit in hating guys (other than personal amusement), and it’s changed with other players like Ron Artest (used to HATE the guy, but actually like the guy now…) and I could go from liking a guy to hating him (KG is easiest example of that, fucking Rondo probably douched him up).

    So, end of the douchebaggary talk!

    Paul Milsap is a fucking BEAST. Miami and Cleveland are both killing my preseason predictions. Gonna hate if Cleveland actually keeps it’s winning record, or Miami comes up less than 60 wins…I’ll be eating crow, and I hate crow.

    FUCK David Lee! Picked him in my fantasy team…and he’s fucking around.

  • control

    Oh yeah, about that line up there about elite players…if LeBron James shoots 5-18 damn near every night, and it becomes a consistent thing for him…then he wouldn’t be an elite player…just saying. Even if he averaged a trippy-dub, a player who is shooting that low of a percentage on a daily basis would be hurting their team more than helping, regardless of what other areas they contribute.

  • BBfan

    What happened to Chalmers? Coach doghouse or something? THought it was a good thing that he survived the summer purge but now I don’t why they kept him…

  • Mt. Pleasant

    They never get any props but I thought the refs actually did a good job in the second half of last nights heat game. Let em play a bit cut out the superstar calls.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    And I know its early and it obviously won’t end like this but Cleveland took some serious digs (which were funny) from Dime over the summer and this morning they have won 3 in a row, are 4-3 and actually ahead of Miami in the East.

    Show em a little love Dime.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control – you wanna change that prediction on Cleveland gettin less than 20 wins?
    I’m just hopin they do good so heads won’t keep tryin to feed ish like “Lebron played with scrubs and had to leave” lol
    Can you see that dude on this team with the improvements of Hickson and Boobie and the HUGE UPGRADE of Byron over Mike Brown?

  • JAY

    Where are the people who called me retarded after I said the Heat will win less games than LBJ’s Cavs won the last two years?? Specifically, I predicted and I’m sticking with 58 wins. I forget who threw the insults in my direction, but stand the fuck up now!! I realize there’s still a lot of games left but fuck that 72 wins talk. Those bitches aren’t MJ, Scottie, Rodman, and Kukoc. At this rate, and with Miller expected back in January which will probably end up throwing off any chemistry they’ve built to that point, can they even make my prediction of 58??
    Whoever laughed at me is blinded by stars.

  • JAY

    I’m with you Dizzle. I said the Cavs have a chance to make the playoffs and dudes just killed me. Lol.

    and who said the Raps were better than the Cavs??? Bargnani is a real monster, huh? That dude sucks.

  • NYC-Playa


    Great games.

    Saw the Miami game live and went in and out of the Indiana game, that watched the repeat on League Pass.

    The Miami game was just incredible. It was crazy and surreal. What can you say!? A regular season classic!

    I thought the Indiana game was just your normal road blow out, until I heard what the Pacers did in the third quarter. So I had to go back and look at the third quarter.

    That was wild. The dude that missed the shot, should of just held on to the ball. I know they say he and his team mates didn’t know about the record. But how dumb was that? I’m sure the Pacers won’t be in the record books for any other positive team records. Oh well!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Dont trip i wouldnt point it out bruh..

    But we would know wouldnt we hahahaha

    Now DIME on the other hand?? oh yeah we’ll make it known lol AND FOR THE RECORD..

    Lemme point out CLE will most likely fall apart they playing hard out of spite at this point lol but i would like to point out if the team still had Shaq, Big Z and Delonte then they would be solid..

    @ KDizzle

    Hell yeah you know im voting for our boy.. and i have no problem doin it this year lol

    And Sporty is seemingly a fair weather fan lol bet when they heat up (get it??) he’ll back up addressing the “haters” lmao

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY

    That shit was funny how a lot of us were saying that but people seem to think Lebron was a one man 60 win team..

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL i cant laugh so hard tho cuz half of them brainwashed..

    And i still say Mike Brown took TOO MUCH of the blame.. he may not be Jackson or Pop but SVG said it best when he said you cant be a BAD coach and win 60 games 2 years in a row..

    Some peoples bball IQ astounds me lol

  • Bostonguy

    @Ian, Karizmatic, Ltron


    Dominant/Elite players with noticeable holes (mind you Rondo has one compared some of these guys several).

    Moses Malone (turnovers, defense, passing), Shaq (shooting, pick & roll defense), George Gervin (defense, passing), Dwight Howard (shooting, offense), Wilt Chamberlain (shooting), Reggie Miller (ball handling, defense), Larry Bird (defense, slow), Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson and many great point guards (shooting) and many other normal, good to great/dominant NBA players with various holes in their game.

    Note: Shooting includes free throw and/or outside shooting.

  • control


    I’m still going to stick to my 20 win prediction out of spite and pride. The Cavs really do suck, regardless of their record at the moment…

    You are right about the coach change though, Brown was HORRIBLE as a coach, it’s a miracle that the Cavs managed to get 60 wins with him as a coach. The guy kept Hickson glued to the bench why?

    Boobie is a surprise, HUGE surprise actually. I’ll stick to my guns concerning him though, if your main goto guy is named “Boobie” it ain’t a good look.


    I think Miami just needs to put it together, then they really could be kind of beastly. It depends though, their coach is a fucktard. Not sure why James ain’t playing PG for 48 minutes, tripdub FTW. Well, I hope LeBron actually has an accident and is out for the year, due to him being on your team…but that ain’t anything personal.

  • the cynic

    Bosh is way to soft

  • bookkwormmaster

    Not a Heat fan (ATL baby) but I think the BIGGEST problem with them other than the obvious is that Chris Bosh is just not carrying his weight on the team. He’s not scoring much, not rebounding much, pretty much not doing much of anything but taking up space on the court and the payroll. Its been the Wade and LBJ Show with a mix of the role players taking turns making their impacts since the season started.

    Dirk Nowitzki said he would have strongly considered joining up with Wade and LBJ had they pitched the idea to him. Imma go out on a limb and say that if they had Dirk instead of Bosh they would be undefeated right now

  • Bostonguy


    I don’t know why you feel they would of been undefeated with Dirk. Isn’t Dirk just a one inch taller 23 ft jump shooting version of Bosh’s 18-20ft jump shooting?

    Yeah. Maybe they would hit more threes, but the Heat would leave the lane even more open for dominant bigs and point guards to penetrate, create mayhem and grab rebounds. No?

  • K Dizzle

    D-Will just hit a COLDBLOODED jumper, to I think, kill the Magic….cold…

  • bookkwormmaster

    @ BostonGuy

    I was kinda thinking it more from an offensive standpoint especially considering how against the better teams (except Orlando) their offense becomes quite stagnant. With the 3 megastars they have, unless they in that groove, none of them can really score with their jumper consistently. Wade imo is the best of the 3 in that department but he’s more deadly as a slasher. Bosh to me, while a very good talented player, doesn’t spread the floor well enough to give Wade and Bron room to operate because like you said he scores in that 18-20 ft jumper thus making him easier to defend. Dirk’s a hell of a lot more difficult to defend because his jumper is wet all the way out to the 3 point line or he can take you down on the block and score as well effectively. He’s as much a shooter as he is a scorer and he’s one of the few players in the L you can say that about. Plus I feel like Dirk wouldn’t let Wade and Bron faze him out offensively like they’ve done with Bosh

  • Bostonguy


    Mmmhhh. Ok. Interesting thoughts.