• SayItAintSo

    How about the Clippers come to Seattle?

    I think the team would benefit, the city of LA would benefit, the city of Seattle would benefit…

    Myself and my fellow Sonics brethren can stop crying. We’ll continue to HATE Oklahoma City, David Stern and Clay Bennett but at least the move would lessen how immensely butt-hurt we are.

    It totally seems fair. One team on the rise was stolen from us and can now be replaced by one team on the rise. LA can totally handle it since they have another team (the best team, at that) to replace the void.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Hope was only looking for a few free dinners and some free drinks, and the Clippers knew that coming in. It wasn’t gonna go further than that because the Clips are sharing a room with a stud who routinely makes them look bad whenever Hope comes around.

    Hope is that hot chick that is sometimes nice to the nerdy guy, but do we ever believe that the hot girl ever hooks up with the nerdy guy? That only happens after he becomes rich, not before.

    Plus, Hope is probably a minority, and Sterling don’t like minorities.

  • Joe’s Momma

    @ SayItAintSo

    I feel for all Sonics fans, and I am sorry for your loss.

    Its all politics man. The Sonics got stolen because supposedly the city didn’t want to build a new arena for them. I smell something fishy still. Don’t know how true that is, but the Clippers aint gonna leave LA.

    They got a semi-perfect set up. State of the art facility, great market, they can piggy back on the Lakers a little bit, hollywood crowd, greatly talented young team, in the middle of downtown LA. If they ever get rid of that owner, the Clippers are moving up in the NBA.

  • Vinny

    donald sterling pissed hope off a long time ago! read the clipper curse by bill simmons-hilarious!!

  • control

    If the Clips and Hope went out to dinner, you just KNOW Sterling made Hope pay…not just for herself, but for him too.

    Sterling is the worst thing to ever happen to basketball, period. The guy is a living piece of shit, he’s cheaper than a jew, hates minorities worse than a nazi, runs his building developments like a slum lord, plays his employees like he’s a pimp and they are all hoes on the street, and plays with lil’ boys like he’s a greasy priest. He would literally be fine rocking a team of walk ons and paying them all the lowest amount possible, he don’t give a fuck about winning, basketball or people.

    The Clips aren’t going to sniff a winning environment until he is dead and gone. This guy needs to get rid of the Clips instead of making them a HUGE joke.

    That being said, Blake is turning into one of my favorite players, this guy is an absolute beast. His head makes him look like he’s doing the Master/Blaster from Beyond Thunderdome thing with Humpty Dumpty, but damn can the guy play.

  • asmatic asiatic

    I like the young clippers squad and am glad that they are getting national TV time; on that note I think B.diddy is a wash and its time to develop bledsoe and run with that.Bledsoe seems to create better and is running the team better that Davis; Baron seems to have just lost the love of the game…

  • Tino

    I still have hope for my homies…keep the young guns together and either get B Diddy in shape, or trade him while he’s still worth something. For a second, he was starting to resemble a smaller version of Eddy Curry.

  • Big Snacks

    @ control -

    Man, I usually like your posts, but that “cheaper than a Jew” line had me shaking my head. Not cool.

    Btw, Donald Sterling is Jewish. He changed his last name from Tokowitz.