NBA, Video / Nov 19, 2010 / 12:00 pm

The Craziest NBA All-Star Ballot You’ve Ever Seen

What happens when you let Jerry West, James Worthy and the Clippers Spirit Dance Team fill out an NBA All-Star ballot? This. If you don’t have time to watch the video, check out their selections after the jump.

1st: Kobe Bryant
2nd: Pau Gasol
3rd: Kevin Garnett
4th: Dwight Howard
5th: Chris Kaman
6th: Dwyane Wade
7th: Eric Gordon
8th: Ray Allen
9th: Blake Griffin
10th: LeBron James

I guess no one told the dancers that the Clippers are 1-12 on the year so far…

Who are you voting for?

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  • TIP

    lmao…after one of the girls picked Eric Gordon, the host is like “The Clippers, having a great year”


  • Shiptar

    he was probably refering to Gordon’s big year..

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    how do guys like milsap and richard jefferson not even make the ballot? the allstar game is a shame anyway.

    now it will prove to be rigged and a total shame is matt “turkey sub” bonner isnt allowed to shoot in the 3 point shootout!

  • Shrink This

    I would have placed my vote on the forehead of the blonde to the right of the ballot…

  • slickyrickyross

    I think you could argue for Gordon and Griffin’s inclusions onto the all star team considering Gordon is like 7th in scoring, Griffin is a walking double double and theyve had their fair share of exciting dunks and plays

  • Promoman

    @ slickyrickyross

    That’s true. Those two are the only sane feasible picks that the Clippers have on their roster. Baron’s hurt & unmotivated and Chris Kaman has reserve All-Star talent but he’s struggling.

  • Kudabeen

    They don’t make the ballot, because the ballots are created before the season. It is a stupid practice and it is too early for All-star votes anyway…this just shows how silly the process is


    I absolutely love NBA all-star weekend. The best All-star game of all sports. I do wish they do an International vs US game one year just to see it.

    Dirk, Ginobli, Gasol, Nash, Deng, AK47, Ben Gordon, Dalembert, Bargnani, Ibaka, Parker, etc…

    It would be a very prideful, competitive and entertaining watch.

  • NYK

    more like the Los Angeles all stars, you only need to alter 5 names to get this ridiculous list:

    1st: Kobe Bryant
    2nd: Pau Gasol
    3rd: Lamar Odom
    4th: Andrew Bynum
    5th: Chris Kaman
    6th: Shannon Brown
    7th: Eric Gordon
    8th: Baron Davis
    9th: Blake Griffin
    10th: Ron Artest

  • nizzio

    Did anyone notice the lack of great centers in the west?

  • dameh

    ya no centers in west… pretty sad one of those is gona take up space in the game. the west guards are LOADED though