NBA, Video / Nov 2, 2010 / 11:15 am

Tony Parker Just Can’t Seem To Stop Getting Blocked

It seems now that Tony Parker signed his lucrative extension, he’s coasting. Literally. First it was Aaron Brooks in the preseason, now it’s rookie Eric Bledsoe. Apparently TP doesn’t listen to Waka Flocka and subscribe to his views.

What do you think?

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  • Chris

    Parker’s vertical makes Barg’s look like he leaps out of the gym. Sheesh.

  • thedoc

    Bledsoe is an athlete… you better come with something stronger than that.

  • Kudabeen

    It is more amazing that over the year parker has been able to get his scoop shots off with out getting blocked more…

    Elton brand and Boozer get more shots blocked than parker…at least it seems that way. I’ll try to find that stat, because I think it is a major indicator.

    Brand has always been horrible with getting his shots of, but he usually hustles to get a second attempt, but that hustle hasn’t been there lately, because his legs are going…

  • control

    Brandon Jennings is the most blocked guy in the NBA, the guy would be shooting like 80% from the field if it wasn’t for his gumby ass getting blocked so often.

    Tony went up weaker than the French went up against Germany in 1939…fool can’t be fucking around w/ that Blitzkrieg shit.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    SMH! My team is always on the bad end of a highlight :(

  • S-SiN

    Look at his wise get all cocky in the beginning of a drive, got his tongue out n shit..

    someone should be putting all his blocks in a youtube mix rite now. snatchin yo people up

  • Ian

    s sin
    he always does the tongue thing so please stop the blind hate.
    goin by the type of shots parker takes he does a hell of a job getting them off and over evberyone. dime this is a joke 2 blocks and all of the sudden all of parker shots get blocked?

  • Bizz

    The worst part about this was the fact he actually tried to use his left arm which should have been called an offensive foul, to shield and push off on Bledsoe. He went up softer than a desperate housewife on that layup lmao

  • rapTOr

    that was a weak take on TP’s part

  • spurs man

    Man, he gets blocked two times, and all of the sudden he’s the most hated player in the league. You guys need to stop hating on someone that’s good and get a life